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When it comes to environmental quality and greenhouse gases, especially methane, the USA is lagging while the developing world takes their their wellness and pollution seriously. The developing world is making new in roads to things like manure management. They are learning from the ground up there are ways of managing livestock that is conducive to a responsible country.

In the 1970s when so much legislation as developed, written and passed into law, the environment we live in was important. That has waned since Ronald Regan and his demand for an economy at any cost. Then "W" followed in his footsteps and fully expect Trump to do the same thing.

The USA doesn't have the conscience it used to have. That is unfortunate because our children will be deprived of their understanding of the natural world and where they live in an envelope of safety and away from harm. 

The troposphere is becoming more and more dangerous, including unimaginable outcomes we are seeing in Syria. The global community has attempted to come together in many ways to end the dangers greenhouse gases produce. The USA and it's huge consumer market place reeks havoc on the mission of many other countries to rein in their abuses. The troposphere has no boundaries.

I would expect the American people to try to reclaim their morality and return to being a moral leader on Earth. With that is the hope a better government can be achieved in 2018. A government that actually governs to overcome it's problems and not add to them.
This is an interesting chart (click here).

China likes meat products for consumption. I will remind "The East" or sometimes stated "The Orient;" of the dangers of fat in meat. While meat can be good protein, it can also contain too much fat. Fat contains toxins and brings with it obesity and heart concerns.

Interestingly, India does not like to consume meat. They instead seek to use more milk in their diets. There are sincere culture differences between China and India and it shows in their diets.

As of this report in 2008, the developing world has not found an appetite for meat compared to the amount consumed by the developed world. That means all the management of greenhouse gases affiliated with farming is more intense in the developed world. And who has the worst record for containing agricultural environmental pollution, including greenhouse gases? Yep, the USA. It's feedlot which are not necessarily as abundant as they used to be are still a real concern in poor manure management.

It is perfect. Balancing all the factors it is perfect.

These two paragraphs begin the hard work of the IAEA and the RCA countries. They are absolutely no different than any traditional USA document. It is exactly what a USA scientist would have written. What is included in these documents is the responsibility for greenhouse gases and strategies to defeat them.

1. INTRODUCTION (click here)

Livestock manures represent a valuable resource that, if used appropriately, can replace significant amounts of chemical fertilizers [1, 2]. However, unless animal manure is managed carefully to minimize odour, nutrient losses and emissions, it becomes a source of pollution and a threat to aquifers and surface waters [3]. It can also be a direct threat to human and livestock health. Animal production is developing rapidly in Asia and the impact of mismanaging manure could be detrimental. There is an urgent need to review and assess current manure management practices and develop manure management guidelines that are appropriate for adoption by local animal producers.

Mismanagement of manure often leads to direct discharge of liquid manure to waterways. This causes serious eutrophication of rivers and lakes, characterized by a high concentration of nutrients that creates an ecological imbalance in the water system because it supports abnormally high levels of growth of algae and aquatic plants, e.g. water hyacinths. This decreases oxygen levels in the water and has serious implications on the survival of other organisms in the system and, consequently, on food supply and biodiversity. Furthermore, surface- and ground-waters can be polluted by leaching and run-off of manure nutrients and this increases the need for water purification treatment to provide safe drinking water....

The documents produced under President Obama are the last trustworthy USA documents.

The 2011 RCA Appraisal (click here) provides an overview of land use and the U.S. agricultural sector; of the status, condition, and trends of natural resources on non-Federal lands; and of USDA’s program for soil and water resources conservation. Looking ahead, it examines interrelated issues that have implications for U.S. agriculture and forestry: climate change, biofuels production, and the quality and availability of water.

I would not trust anything written under Trump. There is no reliable, trustworthy or expertise in most of the Secretary positions in the current White House.

There is too much 'odd' paradigms within the Trump White House to consider it legitimate in it's authority. Appointments, resignations, investigations, tampering from outside governments and the plutocracy without restraint. There is nothing within those descriptors that tells me any information being brought forth is worthwhile.

Let's take a look at the 2005 report about New York State's Finger Lakes including Otisco Lake.

...The 2005 report (click here) summarizes the current understanding of the limnology and water quality of these lakes. An initial water quality evaluation of Otisco Lake was added to the Finger Lakes comparison program in 2008. The watersheds of these lakes have a diversity of land use activities and bedrock geologies . The lakes contain 98% of the water in the Finger Lakes. The water quality ranks were based on monthly surface water samples, CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth water column profiles and secchi disk readings from at least two mid-lake, deep-water sites in each lake. Water samples were analyzed for total coliform and E.coli bacteria, algae concentrations (chlorophyll-a), nutrient concentrations (dissolved phosphates, nitrates and silica), and suspended sediment concentrations.

The data indicated that Seneca, Owasco, and Honeoye Lakes had the worst water quality. Skaneateles, Canandaigua and Keuka Lakes had the best water quality. Cayuga Lake fell in between. None of them revealed significant health threats.

The 2005 preliminary report noted a strong correlation between the water quality ranking and a first order, qualitative assessment of water quality protection legislation. Water quality was better in lakes with more stringent and, more importantly, more active water quality protection activities. The goal is to provide scientific data and concrete evidence so that state, county and local policy makers, residents, farmers, engineers, and all the other stakeholders understand the current situation and probable water quality trends into the future because everyone has to work together to preserve, protect and in some cases improve water quality in the Finger Lakes....

While the moron running the EPA is all about throwing away the regulations, there are historic documents in many states indicating the importance of regulation and it's correlation between legislated protections and actual results and outcomes that benefit citizens. 

Got that?

Regulations Work. Just that simple. When scientists apply their knowledge and legislators respect that knowledge, really good things happen for the citizen that supported through their taxes universities and colleges. 

This is not tree hugging or any of those defaming names or concepts, this is real results proven to protect the interest of the public. This is NOT a political agenda, it is real and it is life!

Americans tend to be arrogant about the perfection of their country. Not true.

FAO Publication (click here) 

The global community works on their own problems and is not waiting for the rescue of the USA. We do not hold power over decision making in their science. They is vast expertise in the world and it is not all in the USA. The narcissism that exists in the 'mind speak' of the media is way off base. Rather than giving the USA real measure of it's disrupting politics, the media plays to people to hold their attention as it blows smoke of the citizen's skirts.

2 September 2016
A new and interactive tool released by FAO allows farmers, (click here) policy makers and scientists to calculate meat, milk and eggs production as well as greenhouse-gas emissions from livestock to make the sector more productive and more climate-friendly.  
GLEAM-i, the Global Livestock Environmental Assessment Model interactive, provides answers to a wide range of questions. For example, as a small livestock keeper or a pastoralist, how can you get your animals to produce more milk, meat or eggs? If you’re a policy maker, what practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock should you support?...
A computer tool for farmers to help them regulate their costs including greenhouse gas production. A computer program and the USA thinks it's farmers are doing a superior job to everyone else? When Kansas burns it's winter wheat production it is time to "Wake up, America! You ain't all that anymore." 

Just as a note on Syria.

The Syrian civil war began March 15, 2011. These are the agricultural assessments in 2012 (click here). They were more optimistic and had real plans regarding crops and expectations.

This was the assessment by 20 June 2014. (click here) It is drastically different. The desertification was taking a toll on the land and there was little to no hope in sight.

Desertification still provides the vehicle that results in more aggression by Assad and more victims of citizens. If the land were arable (suitable for growing crops) the people would be moving to land they could survive and even potentially thrive.

This is a map from the "Washington Post." (click here)

Daesh, in 2015, controlled major water resources in Syria. What does anyone expect? If the people don't have water and arable land, Daesh can keep this up forever.

The report by the IAEA was written in 2008.

When a United Nations' body addresses any problem it tends to be comprehensive and with specific goals to achieve.

This is a beginning paragraph and is better written than anything in the USA legislature when addressing pressing issues.

...The specific objectives of this project were: (a) to improve animal productivity and decrease discharges of selected greenhouse gases, (methane and carbon dioxide) and selected nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) into the environment; and (b) to identify and adopt better breeding strategies to improve animal productivity through the use of better selection criteria for offspring from cross-breeding programmes, optimum utilization of appropriate indigenous cows, benchmarking for growth and reproduction, and improving procedures for management, nutrition and healthcare programmes in dairy farms....

Why is it important to identify the GOALS in their entirety at the beginning of a document? It allows those writing the document a chance to work in all the end goals into every aspect of the document.

The reason this doesn't work in the USA is because of toxic politics of one party always undermining the other. Why??? Because the Republicans want to protect Wall Street while the Democrats want to protect the people. There is complete dysfunction in the USA democratic process because of the extremes of the country's politics.

The USA is completely unable to effect legislation as good as that of the United Nations in the completeness of thought. Part of the reason, besides the constant extremist views, is the dire needs of the global community in effectively addressing issues.

Here is a magnificent example:

The date is November of 2017, it is a recent publication dated April 11, 2017:

11/04/2017 -
Herders’ representatives (click here) and development organizations from around the world have agreed to promote sustainable pastoralism and coordinate their advocacy work. Over 14 partners of the Pastoralist Knowledge Hub, a FAO initiative launched in 2015, met in Rome on April 3, 2017, to discuss how to support pastoralism. The participants included representatives of pastoralists’ groups, research and development organizations, and governments.
Better coordination will strengthen the presentation of pastoral concerns at international policy forums, the partners concluded. They will work together to raise awareness on the benefits of pastoralism and press for pastoralist-friendly legislation.
Past successes have included a resolution on ‘Combating desertification, land degradation and drought and promoting sustainable pastoralism and rangelands’, adopted by the United Nations Environment Assembly in May 2016, and the Cancun statement on ‘Promoting sustainable pastoralism and livestock production for the conservation of biodiversity in grasslands and rangeland’ at the Convention on Biological Diversity in December 2016....
Desertification is the process by which fertile land becomes desert, typically as a result of drought, deforestation, or inappropriate agriculture.
The most stark reality haunting the world is the desertification of Syria that lead to civil war.
I think global leaders outside of the West actually are more sensitive to the climate and it's effect on their people. The West insulates itself from it to some extent, although I think the climate systems over the USA is impacting it in the way of danger to life. The incidents of death because of natural disaster is rising in the USA.

There was an editorial following the New York State article and Vito seems to think a return to past practices are best.

The image to the left are the Finger Lakes. Otisco Lake is in the same region.

May 5, 2017
By Your Letter

Regarding "The No.1 issue with No. 2," about farmers building pits to store cow manure:

The story brings back memories of my days as the public works commissioner of Syracuse when we struggled to find out what to do with the mountains of yard waste we were collecting in the city -- you know, the piles that accumulate this time of year, causing a mad scramble by the DPW to pick up in a timely fashion. Cow manure application was causing a problem in the Otisco Lake Watershed. Oh, yes, that happens to be a drinking water supply in the county. It was a huge regional issue in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, as well.

The basic chemistry that was at play regarding composting is mixing a carbon source with a nitrogen source. The city had the carbon (yard waste) and the dairy farms had the nitrogen (cow manure). By the way, cow manure is not the only problem. We had visited a large poultry operation in Pompey that was having an issue applying chicken manure to the land because of complaints from residents in Pompey who had built mansions as part of our urban sprawl. We had also visited the Revere Ware company to look at the possibility of creating in-vessel composting operations decentralized and located right on the farms. The carbon and nitrogen, when first composted, produces a lot of heat, heat that could be used to supply hot water which the dairy farmers used. It could also produce a liquid fertilizer that the Grace Co. was experimenting with....   

Otisco Lake is valued by the community it serves. It is more than drinking water, it is a place where people meet for events that are recreational.             
I said to myself, "Self, if New York State can't get it's act together then maybe the greater world might have some ideas to share.

And, yes, this is a publication by the IAEA, the same folks that brought you the Iran Deal (click here).

"Guidelines for Sustainable Manure Management..." (click here)

This particular publication is written for the RCA countries, Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Palau, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Viet Nam.

Granted New York State of the USA has little in common with many of these countries, but, looking at their ideas might produce ways to adapt better ways of protecting water sources while still growing livestock.
April 24, 2017
By Glenn Coin

This 3-million gallon manure pit takes in waste from cows on an Onondaga County dairy farm. It is similar to one planned for Markland Road in Lafayette, which neighbors oppose.

Lafayette, N.Y. -- Here's a statistic to start your day. (click here) A dairy farm with 200 cows produces as much manure as the city of Albany and its 98,000 residents produces sewage, according to a leading environmental group.

No ... fooling.

Communities have experience with managing human waste, but as the state's dairy industry has grown in recent years to meet the needs of yogurt, cheese and milk lovers, so has the problem of manure that poses an environmental threat to waterways and residents.

Manure management has become controversial, and farms in Central New York are at the center of the debate.
  • In LaFayette, residents are fighting a plan to build 2.4-million gallon manure pit at the top of sparsely populated Markland Road, fearing they'll be subject to odors, flies and contamination of their wells.
  • In the nearby Tully Valley, citizens groups along the Kettle Lakes have filed legal action against the state, charging that Department of Environmental Conservation's latest regulations for large dairy farms are "toothless" and won't adequately protect the environment from manure spills.
Both cases revolve around how to regulate the waste produced by large industrial farms known as concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs....

Next on Annex A is "Manure management"

Managing waste products (click here) is a necessary activity of our existence as a society.  How well this job is accomplished is reflected in the quality of the surroundings in which we live.  Water, soil, vegetation, air, fish, animals, and humans, literally all natural things are the resources of our planet that need to be considered when deciding what to do with wastes generated by human activities.  In the past, waste management needs were not so critical.  Today, the growing world population demands more and more products, which results in more and more waste by-products that must be managed.

The agricultural industry, livestock production in particular, is a producer of waste materials that need management.  These wastes include manure from a large number of different animals, wastewater from sanitizing operation, unused pesticide mixes and pesticide containers, and residue from food processing operations.  Wastewater and sludge from municipal treatment plants, which are often applied on agricultural land, must also be managed.

Farmers and ranchers around the world have managed excess agricultural residue since they began production for the marketplace.  The lessons learned from the beginning are still applied today.  The character of agriculture has changed markedly in the last few decades.  Herd sizes have been increased to meet demands for animal products.  Large equipment and a broad array of agrichemicals are now used to increase production.  The rapidly expanding population, along with increased consumption of animal products creates a higher awareness and a higher level of need for waste management....
It's Sunday Night

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The country has a lot of problems, the least of them racism.

The country has to solve the problems of the people. There is already talk of protests and more to bring attention to the PROBLEMS of the people and racism. These are problems that won't be solved in DC, although it should. These problems are going to be solved by communities, their leaders and local legislation that changes the paradigm of hate.

It has to happen. Issues such as Flint need to be held in example of the dire circumstances of the people due to racism. Political leaders have to have answers, not imagery or hubris. Answers to the country's problems. Real answers, not based in ideology.

Real answers build consensus and the answers for the poor are not going to be the same as the answers for the wealthy. The poor have every right to good quality health care as the wealthiest 0.10 percent. 

April 25, 2017
By Michael Gerstein

Lansing — A commission with Civil Rights (click here) to urge the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a challenge against the state’s emergency manager law that Snyder signed into law in 2012.

The state’s Civil Rights Commission voted Tuesday with one member abstaining Tuesday in Detroit to ask the state Department of Civil Rights to file an amicus brief for a case that the nation’s highest court has not yet taken up – Bellant v. Snyder.

The commission argues that the state’s emergency manager law – which allows the governor to appoint a leader that usurps control from locally elected leaders in financially distressed areas – should be subject to review under the U.S. Voting Rights Act.

The commission has directed the department to submit the amicus brief and any motions or supporting documents in the commission’s name. Civil Rights Department spokeswoman Vicki Levengood said the brief is due May 8.

Levengood said the commission is urging a review of Snyder’s emergency manager law “for the reasons outlined” in a February report that said racism played a role in the Flint water contamination crisis and called for changes to the state’s emergency manager law....

President Trump states he is willing to look at Glass Steagall again.

He needs someone to work with and US Senator Bill Cassidy isn't one of them. Put people in the Congress that cares about the people and not the conglomerate banks and insurance companies.

May 1, 2017
By Jennifer Jacobs and Margaret Talev

President Donald Trump (click here) said he’s actively considering a breakup of giant Wall Street banks, giving a push to efforts to revive a Depression-era law separating consumer and investment banking.

“I’m looking at that right now,” Trump said of breaking up banks in a 30-minute Oval Office interview with Bloomberg News. “There’s some people that want to go back to the old system, right? So we’re going to look at that.”

Trump also said he’s open to increasing the U.S. gas tax to fund infrastructure development, in a further sign that policies unpopular with the Republican establishment are under consideration in the White House. He described higher gas taxes as acceptable to truckers -- “I have one friend who’s a big trucker,” he said -- as long as the proceeds are dedicated to improving U.S. highways.

US Senator Bill Cassidy's election funding.

Top 5 Contributors, 2013 - 2016, Campaign Cmte

Elliott Management$82,300$82,300$0
Edison Chouest Offshore$48,100$48,100$0
Gilead Sciences$47,600$27,600$20,000
Cajun Industries$46,800$46,800$0
Koch Industries$46,200$31,200$15,000

Elliot Management is a hedge fund. (Click here for Cassidy's financial accounting.) It is amazing the level of deceit their is in campaign funding. Elliot Management doesn't contribute as a citizen as the Supreme Court stipulates companies as citizens, too. Elliot Management has each individual contribute to the campaign finance of US Senator Bill Cassidy, YET, it is noted as a single entity in his accounting. It is to keep his cronies straight and not let smaller individual contributions interfere with his corruption.

See we already know private insurance companies can't handle health care. They can't. The merger after merger is to bring more and more capital under one umbrella to better carry the COSTS. But, they can't do it. The big companies have to violate anti-trust laws in order to insure the American public OR simply rook them out of health care. The denied benefits are because they can't conduct mergers forever to make for COSTS. 

There is no private industry solution to health care. There just isn't.

It is no different than privatizing Social Security. It can't be done. Private industries cannot generate enough income to pay Social Security on a regular basis. When they run out of liquid assets Wall Street will go bankrupt and the USA won't even have the baseline of support to the financial markets noted in 2001 and 2008. The entire market place will collapse. The Republicans want to deregulate everything. It is to pad their cronies for awhile, but, it all ends up in the upper 0.01 percent's bank accounts and the world is left in squalor.

Private industry cannot do what government can do and never will. All they can do is beg for more government money in the way of lies to the public.

Local economies and local solutions without Wall Street drooling with desire over the viability and ingenuity of people and their communities. That is the reason for no trade agreements. The agreements remove individual rights from propagating an economy.

The Social Security Trust Funds lost a lot of money in 2008. There is no trusting Wall Street with the monies of the entire country. If the entitlements have to be fixed that is an issue for the country to decide, but, to put it in the back pockets of Wall Street, especially without regulation, only prolongs their agony of the next financial melt down.

Top 5 Industries, 2013 - 2016, Campaign Cmte

Health Professionals$1,191,165$849,065$342,100
Securities & Investment$961,276$952,776$8,500
Oil & Gas$837,170$705,670$131,500
Leadership PACs$602,794$0$602,794s 

US Senator Cassidy wants to give health care to the big banks.

To improve patient choice (click here) by allowing States to adopt market-based alternatives to the Affordable Care Act that increase access to affordable health insurance and reduce costs while ensuring important consumer protections and improving patient care...

He has a bill which he believes will solve all ills. It is the portability issue again. He thinks if states can open up their markets to all insurance companies across the country it will solve the problems.

It is the same Republican 'mind speak' for every problem the country has; Wall Street will solve everything.

The facts about portability is that if all insurance companies had to compete with each other we would have the same "Big Bank Syndrome" that exists in the markets. They would throw any smaller (that was smaller and not small) insurance company off the market and buy them up or let them go bankrupt and consumers would be trapped AGAIN without competition.

The Republicans like to sell the idea that Wall Street solves all problems. That is a lie. Wall Street carries out merger after merger after merger until there are very few choices. We nearly have that now, especially in the California Market. 

Republicans want to dissolve choice and place it in the category of "Paid Crony."

The Affordable Care Act was based on the Massachusetts law. It works and is reliable. 

June 25, 2012
By Phil Hirschkorn and Jeff Glor

(CBS News) Boston - Six years ago, (click here) when Mitt Romney was still governor of Massachusetts, he called his health care reform promising health insurance to all residents of his state "a giant leap forward."

His goal, articulated at the bill signing ceremony at Faneuil Hall on April 12, 2006, was "every citizen with affordable, comprehensive health insurance."

The trigger to achieving that was imposing an individual mandate that requires every citizen of Massachusetts to obtain coverage or face fines.

As a result, the state went from 90 percent of its residents insured to 98 percent, the highest rate in the nation.

While two percent of Massachusetts residents are still not covered, that compares favorably to the national average of 16 percent uninsured....

The Republicans are nothing but hubris and lies. They have no real answers, so they lie to the public and make it sound good.

In checking out Republican Senators websites they don't have their face on the website, for the most part. Senator Strange even has his back in his pictures more than his face. Go figure.

Cassidy so much doesn't understand science he calls it hubris. I wonder if he has satellite television for his sports and entertainment. I haven't seen a television satellite fall to Earth yet in the middle of the Superbowl. Dahhhhhhhhhhh...

Albinism is not a crime, nor should it be a death sentence.

There should be an open policy to accept refugees suffering under social and governmental hate of albinism. It is a matter of life and death. Protections can begin at the nearest American military base where they can wait, without the benefit of weapons, for clearance to come to the USA.

There must be some stupid taboo that goes along with the hatred of albinos OR it is just a way to make money. It is easy to pick out a particular genetic trait that is different than the norm and market it. If that is the reason, I would expect someone to be encouraging the genetics. Body parts are big business. Why not find a country impoverished enough and dummied down enough to allow the breeding of people that are used for body parts? Western companies have been trying out medicines in experiments for decades among the African people. The leaders of the country are paid off by donations to the treasury.

There needs to be investigations to any corruption at any level of authority that allows such an economy of human flesh and there needs to be prosecutions at the Hague. There also needs to be a dispelling of the MYTH regarding albinism. It is not a disease or an evil spirit, it is stupidity and the people need to be educated with an understanding it is grossly immoral to bargain a living at the cost of another's life. The next life to be bargained could be their own under different voodoo rules.

There is nothing wrong with a USA military base protecting a class of citizen known to be in danger for reasons beyond their control. I think the USA military helped out with the Ebola effort under President Obama. This is similar and can be handled similarly, except, there is no known deadly disease involved, HOWEVER, there are issues with health within Africa. So, quarantine is appropriate until cleared. If they are receiving food and shelter they will consent to quarantine and medical examinations. Their health will improve, too.

The albino refugees can spend their time learning to read and write English and how to do math.

May 5, 2017
By Daniel Rodrigues 

Maputo, Mozambique — One day in October 2015,  (click here) Electerio João’s brother-in-law called him up and asked him to come “work and earn money.” Mr. João, who was 22 at the time, welcomed the opportunity. He was living with his mother in a small mud-brick house in the village of Namina in northern Mozambique. He needed the cash.

But he quickly realized that he was going to be the source of cash, not labor. His brother-in-law, working with three of his friends, tied up Mr. João with a rope and took him to the side of a main road, where they planned to sell him for his body parts....