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Greedy is another adjective, too. I mean either get out of the company and stop salivating or admit what it was all about.

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Syria conflict: Reports of heavy fighting in Damascus (click title to entry - thank you)

Turn them loose again? Who are you going to trust?

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — An unidentified employee of U.K. bank Barclays PLC told the New York Federal Reserve Bank more than four years ago that the bank was filing false reports on a key interest rate, according to documents released by the regional bank on Friday.
The documents show that a summary of this admission was quickly circulated throughout the U.S. government, including the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department, in 2008. The London rate for interbank lending, known as Libor, is now at the center of a sweeping industry-wide, cross-border investigation into the setting of interbank-lending rates....

Within in two days after our first troops were killed, Halliburton was at work in the Iraqi oil fields.

I don't want another one that is just like the two that left four years ago. 

Romney is shady, secretive and manipulative. 


Romney has a character and credibility problem and that isn't going to change.

Let's add, ruthlessness to the adjectives while I'm at it.

...Given all the taxpayer money (click title to entry - thank you) involved, you might think the process for awarding those contracts would be open and competitive. 

But, as 60 Minutes reported last spring, the earliest contracts were given to a few favored companies. And some of the biggest winners in the sweepstakes to rebuild Iraq have one thing in common: lots of very close friends in very high places. Correspondent Steve Kroft reports.

One is Halliburton, the Houston-based energy services and construction giant whose former CEO, Dick Cheney, is now vice president of the United States. 

Even before the first shots were fired in Iraq, the Pentagon had secretly awarded Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root a two-year, no-bid contract to put out oil well fires and to handle other unspecified duties involving war damage to the country's petroleum industry. It is worth up to $7 billion....

It is too late after they are in office to investigate the truth. All he wanted was to be out of the company, too.

"In light of the facts uncovered, it would be difficult to establish that, even assuming (Mr.) Bush possessed material nonpublic information, he acted with sentience or intent to defraud".

" would be difficult to establish that..."

That means the SEC didn't have enough EVIDENCE to prosecute. It doesn't mean he wasn't guilty.

"W" was known to have consulted with officers inside the company and people outside the company when he sold the stock, but, it didn't add up to enough for prosecution.

GST Steel in Kansas City knew less than nothing about Bain Capital.

As CEO of GST Steel receiving an offer for the company I would take all that to the Board of Trustees, owners, etc. in order to provide as much information as possible to make decisions.

I'd look at past records of Bain Capital, whom its leadership was and what could be the possible outcomes for everyone including labor, their pensions and the unions. It would be my duty to report as accurately as possible what I believed would be the result of any sale of the company to Bain Capital.

I would turn to financial records and SEC records to assist in that knowledge base. Remember, GST Steel knows nothing except there is an offer from Bain. It doesn't even know the viability of such an offer. We are talking about a company with employees with years of employment and plans for retirement. GST Steel had to formulate a knowledge base and outcome scenarios. GST Steel was NOT worthless. It had not declared bankruptcy until Bain Capital took over the company. GST Steel had a client base. It had value. So the company did not have to accept any offer, it was not at The Sheriff's Sale, if you will?

In my reading I run across a disclosure statement saying the sole owner, CEO and President is not engaging in management. SO WHAT? 

Romney misrepresented the activities and standing of Bain Capital, pushed for substantial amounts of money to close the deal on leaving and never bothered to come to terms with the 'final deal' until he was ready to take the Massachusetts Governor seat.

He was just as responsible for what occurred with GST Steel as any of the management committee HE PUT IN PLACE to do his dirty work and get all the money he could squeeze out of the deal. 

End of discussion and the SEC needs to examine the brevity of these activities.

Romeny did and does profit from a company he built that put Americans out of work and cheated them out of pensions

Were these people ever told Willard Mitt Romney was CEO, owner and President in name only?

Were they?

No. They weren't. 

How much of the treasury and bailout went to the 'payoff' of Romeny the Greed Merchant?

The documents with the SEC never clarified the entity they were dealing with it. People have a right to know whom they were dealing with and they did not. That is FRAUD, plain and simple. The documents of the SEC are suppose to uphold the dignity of the market and they failed.

Romney is a fraud. He signed documents indicating he was CEO and President of Bain Capital.

The Cinderella Syndrome.
He deceived the SEC while holding the ultimate control of the company hostage for the wealth he wanted. He could have changed his mind completely from any of that status and told the Olympic Committee to find another CEO. He wasn't about to give up control. The election for Governor turned the corner for those at Bain that would take over the company.
He has been lying about this for so long all those close to him are willing to play along. Romney pointing to a committee making day to day decisions is like saying, "But little sister did it." 
As sole owner, CEO and President of Bain Capital he wasn't about to take his finger off the pulse of that company and to believe for one minute all activities and employees were ostracized out of his life is outrageous. He needs to stop trying to blame anyone else but himself.
The SEC needs to investigate the brevity of these activities. I haven't changed my mind about anything and the discussion is closed. More than ever.
...Conard contended that, despite Romney’s legal status as CEO and sole owner of Bain Capital on federal regulatory documents filed with the SEC, a “management committee” oversaw the company’s day-to-day operations after Romney left in 1999. According to former Securities and Exchange Commission officials, however, representing Romney as the CEO of the company when he was no longer in charge would have been misleading to both federal regulators and investors.
“If the information is not correct then investors are potentially being materially misled,” Edward Siedle, a securities lawyer formerly with the SEC’s Division of Investment Management, said in a telephone interview Saturday. “The filings are supposed to require material disclosure. I mean, these aren’t pointless forms.”
Siedle added that both investors and federal regulators rely on timely and accurate filings for up-to-date information about a financial company’s operations, and that the officers listed on the filings should be considered responsible for the company’s actions. “All those designations indicate that he had significant responsibility at the firm,” Siedle said of Romney. “There’s a reason he was listed as president and CEO all those years.”

The USA military needs to back off the adrenalin.

There are brain chemical imbalances at work. Adrenalin is an enemy to the psychi. We know that from PTSD from soldiers as well as rape victims.

Adrenalin is fight or flight, it comes into play with rape victims trying to save their lives through escape and it effects soldiers fighting to keep their lives. Adrenalin is extremely powerful and permanently. The word was PERMANENTLY imprints on the psychi. We know that for a fact. It is part of the mysterious 'animous' of the human being.

Those committing suicide are not NECESSARILY seeing battle. They are not specifically deployed to any specific site or from any specific base. I don't know what the Basic Training is like these days, but, there were not these issues before 2001. The Urban Warfare model is hideously insidious on the psychi. It is as though shadows are stalking soldiers resulting in hyper-vigilance and adrenalin imprinting on emotions. Once the emotions are that imprinted on the 'survival mechanisms' that are body chemistry there is no removing them, there is disability and medication to keep them in the world.

ARE THESE SOLDIERS ALSO EXPERIENCING PAIN? If the neural system is over loaded with chemicals pain can result. If these folks are not getting rest/sleep/REMs they should be observed on a unit somewhere, heck even sleep centers properly staffed, to find out what helps them sleep. REMs are necessary, I don't care what anyone says otherwise. REMs are necessary to reset those neuro-receptors. 

If it were me, I would throw a major tranquilizer KNOWN TO WORK, like Thorazine at them. Give them enough by BODY WEIGHT to sit them on their butts and then through therapy and repeated visits to MD and psychiatrists start to reduce their amounts of medication to find out what works. Sometimes a major dose of valium can disorient enough through sedation to bring a new reality to the mind, but, the 'rest' from the emotional strain should reset the neuro-respectors with valium. It relieves the nervous system for a period of time and might very well allow sanity to grow.

There was that medication recently, Paxil I think it was, that is being used successfully with some coma victims. It uses DIFFERENT pathways to reignite cognition and awareness and finally a conscious state. That is always a possibility, but, that is a drug research study.

You gotta keep them alive in order to make it better. They have to understand that. They have to have hope for tomorrow. Certainly, the lethargy of an overworked patient load at the VA does not provide hope until a human voice is at the other end of the phone, but, families can provide hope through offering comfort in whatever manner it occurs. Keep trying to reach professionals that can help. Don't give up. Everyone needs to believe these people and DON'T TRY SUGAR PILLS, okay? These folks are our veterans, our soldiers, they aren't lying; they want help. They should get it without question. The details can be sorted out later, but, ya gotta keep 'em alive.

Adrenalin is like a psychological scar. Most of the time it is a good thing and creates long term skills for survival, but, there are those times when it simply imprints survival on the mind and it sticks like glue. Neural glue.

Ya know the idea that a 'temporary disability for our soldiers' is a great idea that needs to be floated here. The AFLAC commericals with the duck filling that gap to help a family through needs to be available while soldiers are being triaged. By triage I mean evaluated for permanent disability. 

In years gone by it was not unusual to have soldiers with existing mental problems become part of the corp. There is that percentage of people that make it through and are in the ranks. They usually show up under stress of Base Training and are discharged, but, they were soldiers for a short time and they are treated by the VA. The military is not exclusive in the idea there are people with mental health problems within the ranks. Mental illness manifests the way it manifests and there is no rhythm or reason to the events sparking it or the outcomes. But, these people are important. They need our help and they need to receive it.

Perhaps, General Shinseki can ask for a special fund for providing emergency psychological services on base and off for soldiers and veterans. Recruit professionals to staff the emergency centers if the VA doesn't have any to spare. Bring them in. They served our country and we need to accept that responsibility and give them hope. If the households where they live are considered to be problematic, then treat the household in therapy with the soldier manifesting symptoms. Get the facts, sort out the details, apply permanent disability where it applies, provide long term therapy and/or support groups to increase opportunity for work and a life they are proud of and save lives.

There also needs to be an ORIENTATION process to mental health with the soldiers. Seeking help is not a disease, it prevents it. The people in our military needs to appreciate that reality. They are no good to us, their families or to our work force if they can't function. Mental health is a part of health. Soldiers need to appreciate they are human beings and not simply an extension of a gun.

When researchers asked 72 soldiers at Fort Carson, Colo., (click title to entry - thank you) why they tried to kill themselves, out of the 33 reasons they had to choose from, all of the soldiers included one in particular — a desire to end intense....

Weather defeats ambition. Check flight path before launch and use more balloons.

Iraqi adventurer Fareed Lafta, right, and Bend, Ore., gas station owner Kent Couch lift off Saturday, July 14, 2012, from Couch's gas station in Bend, Ore., as they attempt to fly some 360 miles to Montana. The flight is a warm-up for a future flight planned in Iraq. (AP Photo/Jeff Barnard)

Weather stops tandem lawn chair balloon flight (click title to entry - thank you)

Published: Sunday, July 15, 2012 at 4:55 a.m.
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...Kent Couch and Fareed Lafta were about seven hours into their flight Saturday when they descended, coming down near the community of Post, about 30 miles east of their starting point. But after they scrambled out of the contraption, it floated away, flight organizer Mark Knowles said....