Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The West Coast polls will be closing soon. There is only one CLEAR majority in the House and Senate.

If Palin is the spokersperson for the Tea Party it is very, very clear they are not simply a 'Caucus' of Republicans.  Their methodologies are very different.  The Republicans and Tea Party are both ideologues.  Their goals are completely different.  Whomever the Republicans believe is the leader of the House will never be able to deliver. 

There is still only one clear majority and those people are Democrats.

Palin should run for President  Absolutely.

The biggest hypocrits are Murdoch's Media Circus.  They played the Tea Party for fools.  The entire day they have been stating the House will be taken back by Republicans.  Really?  They aren't all Repuiblicans, but, it is interesting Murdoch's service has handed them over thouigh.
November 02, 2010 4:36 PM

ABC News' Mary Bruce reports:

Sarah Palin warned the GOP establishment (click title to entry - thank you) today that conservative candidates, if elected,  are not being sent to Washington to work with Democrats. “The GOP has to understand, that machine has to understand, we are not sending Republicans, common sense conservatives, to D.C. to sing kumbaya with Obama, we’re sending them to stop Obama!” the former Alaska governor told Laura Ingraham this afternoon.

“Anyone in the GOP who thinks that they can cut a little bill here or there with Obama or Pelosi to maybe raise taxes… they are going to find themselves without a job in 2012. We’ve got to remind these folks in the next couple of years, we put you in, we can take you out,” Palin said on Ingraham’s radio show.

Palin was adamant that Republican victories in the midterms will not represent a mandate for bipartisanship. “No, the left blew it. Barack Obama blew it. And we’re going to find out tonight, how badly he blew it. It’s not a time to compromise our principles and start kowtowing to that leftist extremist agenda that was thrown down our throat the last two years. No, now is the time finally for common sense conservatives to start implementing the solutions that will make sense,” she said....

The "Bob Dutko Show" was doing nothing but stating Christians have an obligation to vote for Republicans.  Not Tea Party people, but, Republicans.  Why?  Because they reflected all the 'correct' social values that can be converted into legislation.  He was telling everyone who to vote for if they were Christians.  It was amazing to listen to, especially the homophobic ranting.

New Zealand realigns with the USA, Canada and Britain on Afghanistan.

The white paper recommends that New Zealand's armed forces be reconfigured to make a more effective contribution to American-led military operations in world trouble spots. Photo / Patrick Gower

...The big question is whether Clinton will restore joint military exercises - axed by Washington after New Zealand's adoption of its anti-nuclear policy in the 1980s.

There are indications that the Wellington Declaration marking Clinton's two-day stopover will not contain any such official assurances that normal business has resumed.

Even so, Clinton will find it hard to ignore the white paper's sentiment.

It is the clearest and strongest statement of the Government's intention to realign foreign and defence policies more closely to traditional allies such as the United States, Britain and Canada....

...The Army will get more front-line soldiers. The number of SAS troops will be boosted. The Anzac frigates will be upgraded.

All this is about "credible combat capacity" so - as Defence Minister Wayne Mapp puts it - New Zealand can contribute "meaningfully" in regional matters and well away from our immediate sphere of interest....

Interesting election year, isn't it?

There will a lot to talk about tomorrow morning.  Voters are still polling in the Midwest and on the West  Coast so commenting isn't appropriate for me.