Sunday, August 04, 2013

Daddy was a founding member of the John Birch Society.

By Lee Fang on June 10, 2011 at 6:00 pm

...Fred not only founded (click here) the company now known as Koch Industries, he also was a founding member of the John Birch Society. As a founding board member, Fred helped engineer a hysterical wave of attacks on labor, intellectuals, public education, liberal clergy members, and other pillars of society he viewed as a threat. Birchers decried everyone from former President Eisenhower to water utility administrators as pawns in a global communist conspiracy. In the last two years, as the Koch name has become synonymous with right-wing plutocracy in the United States, the Koch family has played down its relation to the Birchers... 

These are very old values that only serve Koch industries. HBO should pick this up. "Citizen Koch" is the second film produced that has illustrated how artificial USA elections have become. The first one was "Game Change." I never saw the movie about Palin as anything but a loss of integrity to American elections. She was not qualified and now the Koch Brothers are bringing back the past in a way even Pro-Lifers can't relate without extensive soul searching and prayer.

The John Birch Society is an American political advocacy group that supports anti-communism, limited government, a constitutional republic and personal freedom. It has been described by some of its opponents as radical right-wing.

It is all there. I didn't know where their roots were until this film. It makes complete sense. The value structure within the Koch Political Machine is ancient.

The brother's Daddy was a founding member of the John Birch Society in 1958. The Birth Control Pill wasn't marketed until 1960. Hello? This political machine the Koch's have set up is void of any modern concepts. They have played with their fantasies of taking over the world for so long they have been predatory on people such as John Roberts. Yes, our Chief Justice. If anyone wants to know why he is blind to his own lack of Constitutional values, realize the Koch Family has been seeking out candidates to usher in their power for decades.

The Tea Party is not a new game, it has been around since 1958. It was what was left after the RNC imploded in 2008. There is no Republican Party. This is it. The reason the Tea Party exists is because of Koch Industries. There is other noble cause. Koch Industries has it's own political puppets and have been harassing people into a brain trust to exploit later.  

We threw these guys out with the political bathwater a long time ago, they just floated to the top of the scum because they still had money after 2008. That is all this is. The list of puppets are long and distinguished. 

The film is really well done. The dedication to making the film is all to obvious. PBS had originally funded the film with $150,000. That wasn't their only funding, but, $150,000 is significant to any independent filmmaker. The PBS funding was pulled because of the Kochs stated he was about to make a sizable contribution to PBS, but, not with their name in THIS film. So, the $150,000 was recalled by PBS. See, David Koch is on the board of several interesting news outlets. PBS is one of them. He doesn't just donate, he pulls strings and wheels power.

The lost monies have been made up. The filmmakers can now pay their bills that were paid until the Kochs decided to make the First Amendment disappear. 


A Koch that doesn't believe in the USA Constitution? 

Is there any other kind? 

One of the Founding Principles of The John Birch Society is "Preserving Individual Rights and National Independence." (click here)


When a political 'agency for the wealthy' puts conditions on Public Broadcasting there is absolutely no preservation of individual rights, yet alone the First Amendment.

Right down the line, the values of the Tea Party mimic completely that of the John Birch Society. I am fairly confident the brothers are doing this for Daddy. 

Senator Elizabeth Warren is perfectly qualified to run for President. 

I think her potential is undiscovered and almost eliminated based on preferences for others. If nothing else she is a prime choice for Vice President.

She has a great deal of potential as an expect on economic growth of the Middle Class.

The Chinese Business Model

"Live at your own risk."

Where have I heard that before?

Think on that, I'll discuss it later. There won't be a "It's Sunday Night" today.

The community of Sea World has no idea what they are doing. Pro or Con they have not got the correct information.

SeaWorld is a circus performance and needs to be treated as one. They are not at all noble about their purpose. They do nothing valuable in regard to marine mammal research.

Sea World victimizes its trainers and the public. They lie a lot. The Orcas at Sea World known as Killer Whales are not as aggressive as they are believed to be by the trainers or the public, but, they are huge and strong and can dive very deep for long periods of time. 

The so called "Killing Behaviors" of the whales are being done in 'relationship' holds. If the Orcas wanted to kill the trainers it would not be difficult and would not need diving to the bottom of the pool to do it. The animals are simply being who they are in a domesticated and controlled environment. They are dangerous. It is that simple. 

These marine mammals are endangered species (click here). They are endangered because the Japanese have hunted them mercilessly as they have all the other species of whale that are now endangered. The Japanese have hunted every species of whale to the point of extinction. If it weren't for the policies of the USA there would be no individuals left.

But, the so called "Killing Behaviors" are behaviors, but, there is no psychosis involved and they are not deliberately killing anyone. They are simply whales in the wrong environment. The Orcas are too dangerous to have in this environment. They are simply too dangerous and cannot be domesticated into pet fish. It is their natural behaviors that are the problem, but, those behaviors cannot be modified. It just won't happen. Human beings have successfully bred Orcas in captivity; it doesn't mean they have created "My Pet Fish."

As far as the whales eating trainers, "Well, hell, Sea World is starving them and/or limiting their food intake and what does anyone expect?" They don't LOVE their trainers, they bond with them as in the wild when they bond with their pod mates, but, Marine Mammals have been known to kill their young. Hello? 

There is a myth that exists and needs to be dispelled right now. Supposedly the Orcas have been domesticated and can't be released to the oceans again. That is lie. Human beings have bonded to an incredibly beautiful Marine Mammal and are projecting their own beliefs about the Orcas. 

I am sure everyone heard about how Free Willy died in the wild in an undignified death in a Norway Fjord. He died of pneumonia. He didn't die of starvation. He was hunting just fine. He was swimming the oceans without regard to danger. He was killer whale for god sake. There was no necropsy done either because it might be that Orcas born and kept in captivity might be able to live in the wild successfully.

The fact of the matter is captive Orcas bond with humans. Just that simple. They might come into coves and fjords and get into trouble once in the wild, but, that doesn't mean they should not be returned back to the wild. As a matter of fact, the gene pool needs them if they can find a way of acceptance into an existing pod or create one themselves. 

Tilikum. He is a large male. Humans PARTICIPATE in the collection of sperm. There are no females even used as 'teaser' as in stallion collection. So, what does anyone expect?

Death at SeaWorld: Inside the Abduction of Tilikum, the Whale That’s Killed Three Times (click here)

The Orcas at Sea World are marketed as Killer Whales and are a real ego trip for all those considering themselves a superior species to be able to capture them and so called understand them. No one at Sea World understands those mammals and the public does not have a PhD educating them to what an Orca is and what an Orca is not. As a matter of fact, the PhDs that carry out sincere research in regard to these mammals could never do what Sea World does. They could never capture one alive and bring it to a tank to study and probe because of the lack of funding and the high ethical standards they hold. 

The folks in this documentary believe "the scientists" side with Sea World. I know for a fact that is not the case. Their ethics would not provide that platform for Sea World. These are precious animals that belong in their native environment. No scientist involved with the study of marine mammals would consent to what Sea World does. Simply ask the USA representatives to the International Whaling Commission. Ask Dr. Reid at Duke, a southern university with conservative infrastructure. He'll tell you.

OSHA is correct. These animals are far too dangerous to have in captivity and in the presence of human trainers. The breeding program at Sea World should stop as well as people are the masters of the most dangerous whale in the Sea World industrial complex when it comes to collecting seaman and inseminating females. It is a hideous activity. If the males are not allowed to inseminate the females then it should not be conducted. 

OSHA has to consider this as a circus, nothing more and nothing less. Dangerous animals are captured to perform tricks for an audience. OSHA needs to handle this because Sea World won't. This is a very, very dangerous work environment where people are injured or killed on a regular basis because the animal cannot be domesticated.

The best outcome for Sea World at this point is to become a zoo where they display their animals and do not interact with them. The animals can be returned to the wild with success, but, will at times have problems because of their once captured status. Some will be successful, some may not. There is not enough known about these marine mammals because scientists involved with them do not seek to interact with them so much as study them. The scientists involved in the study of the Marine Mammals do not treat them as pets and would find it highly insulting to be asked to do so.

From the stand point of the Marine Biologists at the PhD level, there are many aspects of Orcas that humans may never understand because all of what comprises their world is beyond 'observation.' There is absolutely no reason to understand the intimate knowledge of whales as they have no application to human benevolence. There is every indication otherwise because the only 'use' of these beautiful animals at the most is military. Why go there with an endangered species that will only endanger them further?

Wall Street Beekeeping imported and mismanaged is spreading "Colony Collapse Disorder." Evidently, he was being punched out by his wife. Wicked woman.

"I just need to move on." otherwise, the Wall Street profit margin might disappear. This foreign film which took five years to make explores the reasons for the dangerous "Colony Collapse Disorder." The film would never have been made in the USA. The practices of corporate America prohibit prevention and the end of the disorder. It is the truth and here again LOCAL economy wins out. 

Bees, by species and preference alone, should be local. Interstate transportation of mites, viruses and bacteria has spread the syndrome.

This film is the best news I've ever heard. It is a thoughtful assembly of facts to identity the problem and treat it seriously. The commercial answer to the disorder is to treat the symptoms and not eliminate the cause. Very Wall Street and very stupid. 

Beekeeping is actually an art. It requires a methodology no different than farming. The commercial venture into this art has literally caused the problems the USA now faces. The insect, mite if you will, came from China. It was imported and naturally the commercial bee operation that carries this BUG around the country spends a great deal of time in Southern California in almond groves. So, when the mite was imported it found a real wealth of new victims.

Now, add to the immune absent resistence to bacteria and virus. The then dying bees contract all these nasty illnesses and the colony collapses into death. Where the hive goes so does the Queen Bee of the hive. No more honey. 

Europe just banned a pesticide. It is neonicotinoids. These chemicals were being sprayed on crops with very adverse results.

...Like nicotine, (click here) the neonicotinoids act on certain kinds of receptors in the nerve synapse.  They are much more toxic to invertebrates, like insects, than they are to mammals, birds and other higher organisms....

Neonicotiniods kills birds and other wildlife. It is stated to be far worse then DDT. It enters a plants root system and when the bug eats the plant it dies. It remains in the vegetable, fruit or nut and literally on the dinner plate of human consumption.

First introduced in the 1990s in response to widespread pest resistance as well as health objections to older pesticides, the neonicotinoid insecticides quickly sailed to the top slot in global pesticide markets. Now the most widely-used insecticides in the
world, it is difficult to find pest control commodities that do not contain one or several of the neonicotinoid insecticides. California alone has registered nearly 300 neonicotinoid products. 

Neonicotinoids’ toxicity to bees and other insects has brought them the most attention so far and has dominated recent concerns of regulatory institutions worldwide. In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency’s registration review of the neonicotinoids is focused on the threat to insect pollinators. The seriousness of this issue should not be underestimated, as one-third of the U.S. diet depends on these
insect pollinators...
...This report reviews the effects on avian species and concludes that neonicotinoids are lethal to birds as well as to the aquatic systems on which they depend. A single corn kernel coated with a neonicotinoid can kill a songbird....

When it is found that birds are dying of an insecticide it is no longer invertebrates effected. Now, it is mammals effected as well. It is time to heed the warning and start looking to the possibility of residual build up of toxins in the human body over time. 

It is a very potent neurological toxin no different than many other insecticides. Whether or not it is a dangerous a chemical as PCBs is a possibility. 

May 29, 2012 — There is a correlation (click here) between high levels of the environmental toxin PCB and the distribution of body fat to the abdomen. This is shown in a new study published May 29 in the scientific journal Obesity. Abdominal fat is already known to increase the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, among other conditions...

We already know that PCBs are stored in body fat. This isn't a matter of saving a commercial industry, it is a matter of preserving the dignity of our 
American pride in protecting our people and eliminating dangerous chemicals 
from their diet, air and water.

The USA is at an interesting crossroads and I am pleased I am witnessing the
destruction of the will of the environmental movement in the USA. It only proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the GOP's Wall Street agenda has finally destroyed the will of the American people. The USA is becoming China and it is far further along than anyone ever wants to admit. 

Duzguner, V., Edogaan, S. Acute oxidant and inflammatory effects ofimidacloprid on the mammalian central nervous system and liver in rats. Pest. Biochem. Physiol. 97, 13 - 18 (2010). This shows that imidacloprid 
has acute oxidant and inflammatory effects on the mammalian CNS and liver....

This problem in the USA is global. When a problem is global there are huge problems facing all nations than simply the loss of bees as pollinators. There are large issues now at hand in the USA and in the global community and if the Climate Crisis doesn't kill us all, then the invasive Chinese business culture will.

Beyond the problem with importation of mites and the propagation of virus and bacteria there is the issue that ALL COMMODITIES can't be canned by Wall Street. Beekeeping is one of them. The growth of bacteria and viruses in a bee community also goes beyond the simple introduction of this highly destructive trend, it involves the Climate Crisis.

The world is far warmer in the year 2013 than in any other year and/or decade in the human record. We are facing may of these issues because of 'extended seasonal temperatures.' The collapse is happening as the warm seasons lengthen. The height of loss occurs in the extended months at the end of autumn. However, the activity of the hive in an earlier Spring also provides the early environment for the predatory nature of the microbes and mites. 

Basically, the bee colony is exposed to these problems for a far longer period of time and they succumb to them. The bee colonies/communities don't have an immune system to fight off the invasion first of insects that bore into their exoskeleton/skin (click here) and then provide the OPPORTUNITY for bacteria and virus.

The Climate Crisis definitely factors into this problem, but, it is the vast movement of freight carrying INVASIVE species of all these components that needs to be addressed. The USA is capable of limiting the import and the domestic spread of all this. We have done it before and we need to do it again. The primary problem is to recognize the 'element' within our environment causing the AGRICULTURAL LOSS of this commodity and then address it. We can do this and we need to do this. We can provide a model to the global community to reverse this trend and it can be done.

There are STILL some WISE MEN like the filmmaker with family dating back decades of successful beekeeping. Currently, his daughter still carries on the practice. So, all is not lost. Beekeeping is local. Seriously. It should remain local to prevent such global tragedies again.