Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where is Karzai's military Imams?

I don't believe anyone should be accepting this as status quo.  The 'entrance' to the Afghan Forces should be a priviledge met with great honor.

Why aren't the Afghan troops not attending 'deprogramming' religious training for six months and continuing during their service? 

The USA military has ministers/priests and all denominations of soldier to council and pray with during their deployments.  I would think the Afghan Forces would realize how there are radical elements in their villages.  In realizing that I would hope any recruits would attend religious training with a distinguished Imam able to instill 'the truth' to the troops rather than extremism.  When troops leave the Afghan military after enlisting for their agreed time, they can then return to their lives and know a truth their villages can begin to appreciate. 

Why isn't this a priority considering the Taliban are absolutely extremists set on destroying the people and government of Afghanistan?  It should be and a high priority at that.

Sympathies to all the families of the dead.  Why is this still continuing?  I thought the Taliban were being accepted as peaceful people in Afghanistan?  If not, then why not?

...Officials say at least five NATO service members and four Afghan soldiers (click title to entry - thank you) were killed and another eight people , including four translators, were wounded in the attack.
The attack coincides with a number of efforts on the diplomatic front to bring a close to the nearly 10 year old conflict.

In what is one of the worst attacks on NATO forces in months a man reportedly wearing an Afghan uniform infiltrated security at the base outside Jalalabad in the early morning hours Saturday.

The attack comes just a day after another bomber claimed the life of the Police Chief of Kandahar in Southern Afghanistan....

The is the latest 'unreality' floating around the internet and people are attracked to it.

That is how I received the 'new' that the UK and the USA and every other "Western" country needs to heed the call of treason.

This is nothing but junk.  If there is a wrongful death in the police system in Dubai then the appropriate State Department and Embassy needs to be noticed.  One of the first things military personnel are taught about their deployment in the Middle East, is that the laws, customs and culture is very, very different than that of their 'homeland.'

This is discriminatory in its context and completely outrageous to believe there will be a 'conversion' of the USA Constitution when there are elections and not a dictatorship that governs the land.

This current POLITICAL FEAR is about as hideous as it comes. 

The laws of the USA were CLEARLY developed to be separate from that of religion.  It is why there is NO method of law that can be adapted to reflect a singular religious preference.

If anyone in the electorate wants to understand why there are clear dividing lines between church and state and why elected representatives should have a separate personal life from their RESPONSIBLITY as a representative, senator or president, this is a PRIME example of poor judgement in the electorate and their ability to be deceived into understanding of their own rights.  Sometimes their hatred is choice as well.

SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE is necessary in any multi-national country where freedom of choice is required.  I don't approve of Faith Based Funding and I never will.

What is Sharia Law? Why it threatens America. Wafa Sultan explains

We are NOT the world's police. 

I suppose this is a good reason why the women are so intent on being involved in the demonstrations currently in the Middle East.

God help them.

The "fear mongering" that exists within the states are due to the Regressive Right Wing and have no measure i constitutional law.  It is politicking to INFLUENCE the elections where ballot provisions regarding outlawing Sharia Law from any government 'rule of law' is taking place.

It is a dangerous trend.  It could lead to oppression of cultural practices within the Muslim faith, which could be extrapolitated to a 'right to control' religious practice of any faith.

Burning of any religious symbol that defines a religion, regardless of a Bible, Koran or otherwise should be viewed as an expression of a 'hate crime.' 

I realize burning a flag is sometimes exampled as a reason why burning a Koran is nothing more than an expression of freedom of speech, however, the American flag is backed up by a miliitary and national guard and a constitution while Muslims are human beings with the ability to die without notice due to hatred of others.

Burning a religious symbol in a country where the practice of freedom of religion is a freedom the entire can enjoy or not; should be seriously viewed as a "Hate Crime."  There are real people, including young people and children that can fall victim to these bigots and it needs to stop. 

Religion is a 'core belief' of a person and should never be met with an expression of hate, so much as tolerarnce from others.

This mess of turning religion into a 'choice' for victimization is actually choosing whether or not human beings can be a victim as well.  When will people learn the lessons of the Holocaust?  The 'idea' that a civilied society could never turn into a land of hatred and victimization is a sincere myth.  Diveristy is more than a 'word' it is recognition of tolerance and tolerance is not an 'exercise' but a method of civil discourse.

I find these videos very offensive, presented in a way to control and victimize and not empower.  Very sad.  Very, very sad.

One other thing:

This not only validates hate by the Right Wing, but, also raises the question as to why they are so intent on controlling other faiths besides Christianity and demanding Charter Schools replace public schools?

The Proposition of the Maine North Woods National Park is under attack by the Tea Baggers.

In this Jan. 28, 2011 file photo, the East Branch of the Penobscot River is seen near land owned by conservationist Roxanne Quimby, the founder of Burt's Bees cosmetics company. The river flows through some of the thousands of acres that Quimby wants to donate to the federal government for the creation of a North Woods National Park. Members of Maine's congressional delegation have reacted cooly to Quimby's proposal. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

Roxanne Quimby is attempting to set aside acreage in Maine's wildness to create a National Park to honor the conservation efforts, including a visitor center dedicated to Henry David Thoreau. 

Oddly, Thoreau was a revolutionary.  His works regarding the power of the citizen were inspiration to many others.  The Tea Baggers, the extremists of the Republican Party, are now revealing their agenda for change, excoriate decency and exploit all that is tolerated.

The Tea Baggers are capitalists that have been unbale to gain control  of substantial power to 'have their way' or have support from businesses that are unsuccessful in their own right, but, make money to go bankrupt later.  Sort of like "W" and his multiple tries at being an oil barron or Cheney and his failing Halliburton in need of a war to reverse their ill fortunes. 

The extremist Governor in Maine and his legislature are now giving a reason to Mr. Quimby's efforts by attempting to destroy the very wilderness she is proposing to save.  Looks like there are legal battles ahead as Ms. Quimby has already approached the National Park Service for a 'special status' to these lands.

...Weeks after he was sworn in as governor of Maine (click here), Paul LePage, a Tea Party favorite, announced a 63-point plan to cut environmental regulations, including opening three million acres of the North Woods for development and suspending a law meant to monitor toxic chemicals that could be found in children’s products....

This form of 'deregulation' is familiar to those that follow conservation and protection of our nation's lands and waterways.  See, there aren't real 'ideas' with Republicans, there is only deregulation to stimulate TEMPORARY jobs.  After all, when the trees are all gone there won't be any more to cut.

A few decades ago, the American fisheries were awesome.  They could feed the nation and then some.  But, due to Republcian deregulation that allows failing business people to have 'at it' the fisheries of the country are no longer strongly viable.  There is stress throughout the entire three coasts of the USA, the latest being the "BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster."

When the fisheries were deregulated before there was a significant increase in the number of fishing vessels allowed to take fish everyday.  That increased numbers CAUSED the crash of several species of fish that were favorites in the American diet.  Eventually, as the fish wane the people that were bad business people before the deregulation went bankrupt walking away with whatever monies they managed to take and the number of sincere fisherman (Families in the business for decades) returned to normal.

This is the same thing that is going on now with the Republican Governors.  They have no 'ideas' for jobs.  They aren't pounding the pavement for businesses to come into their state that will provide sustainable jobs with longevity.  We saw all this during the Bush years when construction was funded by the Republican majorities with every legislative measure passed.  The Bush White House and their majority legislature spent monies on illegal wars and they spent monies on infrastructure construction at every turn.  They funded housing construction to the point of market collapse for the over abundance of homes and commercial buildings.

This is the 'same ole,' 'same ole' being seen by a different name.  The Bush White House offered businesses perks they didn't know what to do with and wasn't interesting to them in the first place.  That is all the Regressive Republicans have to offer.  The same old failing economic infrastructure with the same sad scenario over and over and over again.  Americans never learn. they will fund economic collapse after economic collapse after economic collapse at the hand of bad government forever.