Friday, June 23, 2017

CYA by Governor Snyder. He should be next.

Drink that Governor.

Snyder's Emergency Manager program was ended by the people of Michigan in a referendum vote and he ignored them.

This is not a man that should be forgiven, he is guilty as sin and everyone knows it. The Flint River could never support a city's demand for water. It is not physically possible for the Flint River to support the city of Flint, yet, without any consultation from any agency in the state or federal government, Snyder pulled the plug on death and brain damage.

The man is one of the most cruel governors Michigan has ever seen and the country for that matter.

Where does the carnage of Americans stop? Never? 

It has to stop with this Governor! Justice demands this Governor "Does not walk!"

June 17, 2017
By David Eggert

An apologetic Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (click here) was largely silent last year when criminal charges were brought against state officials over Flint's man-made drinking water crisis, except to say some "bureaucrats" had failed residents and that he was focused on the city's recovery.

Now, with two of his own cabinet members facing unprecedented manslaughter or other charges related to a deadly Legionnaires' disease outbreak that some experts have linked to the municipal water, a more defiant Snyder is keeping them on the job and publicly and privately defending their names despite calls for their removal. He referred to Health and Human Services Director Nick Lyon as a "strong leader." He said Lyon and Chief Medical Executive Eden Wells have his "full faith and confidence" and have been instrumental in Flint's rehabilitation.

They are the highest-ranking officials to be charged in Attorney General Bill Schuette's investigation of the city's lead contamination. And unlike the other 10 state officials who were previously charged — five environmental regulators, three health experts and two former emergency managers whom Snyder appointed to address the city's budget deficits — they are closer to his immediate orbit and report directly to him....

It is impossible to have a space program of any kind of the people of the country continue to elect those that destroy the USA brain trust.

The past two Republican administrations has a constituency that demands removal of science from any curriculum and demands at the same time the teaching of the Christian Bible, probably the King James edition.

They don't recognize the K-T Extinction and demand history reflect a timeline of 8000 years showing no such extinction occurred by meteorite. Now either we live up to the politics that repeatedly demands defunding of our public school education and refunding of charter schools that have no interest in reality or there simply isn't an interest in science by the USA.

22 June 2017

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala., (click here) believes the Air Force is getting in its own way when it comes to advancing space operations.

During the House Armed Services Committee markup hearing of the fiscal 2018 National Defense Authorization Act on Thursday, Rogers lamented that the service doesn't expect to stand up a U.S. Space Corps to better prepare against space threats from Russia and China.

"When I see arguments that we are actually going to set back efforts to respond to adversaries and space threats -- well, I'm outraged," he said....

For those of us how KNOW there were dinosaurs and five past extinctions and are now watching the six extinction, NASA is going to have to come up with a "Meteor Killer" and preferably not rely on myth or cross fingers to achieve it.

The science needs to be talking truth to power and in any depositions or testimony or otherwise the IDEOLOGY of anti-science and anti-history and anti-public education has to be included in the dialogue. These falsehoods exist as a political dynamic that is based in ignorance and stupidity.

I am tired of Late Night Comics being the only ones standing up for science, technology and public education in the USA. 

It was 2003 and "W" had just invaded Iraq. The New Source Review was taking testimony that year and I provided a 21 page testimony and a 5 minute live testimony on Carbon Dioxide. That testimony helped Barbara Boxer introduce the first CO2 legislative bills in the country's history. For as important as that was and I wanted as many documents and statements to support my testimony, I took the last 60 seconds of to state, "I and my colleagues strong object to the use of dolphins for military use." I did that to register a protest against a populous viewpoint that invited the idea that Flipper was a soldier. Bottlenose dolphins were and continue to be endangered. For the life of me I can't imagine why, can you?


No more excuses!

What were they thinking? Were they thinking?

The company that sold the panels without conscience about who would be exposed to danger and death should be prosecuted. This is an outrage with global implications.

This is the problem in too many instances the global community faces. Each country, each construction project is another opportunity to exploit innocent people by Plutocrats.

June 23, 2017
By Lucy Pasha-Robinson

Tens of thousands of people (click here) could be living in potentially lethal tower blocks as it emerged at least 11 council-owned high rises are fitted with similar combustible cladding to that used on Grenfell Tower.

Tests revealed blocks in eight areas across the UK were fitted with flammable panels after a "small number" of samples were analysed, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) said.

A further nine blocks in Salford, that were recently refurbished, have similar cladding, a city council spokesperson confirmed, but have yet to be checked by DCLG....

It is no different than countries such as China, India and Bangladesh exploited for cheap labor only to face tragedy among it's people in the face of corporate profits. It is unconscionable. But, it occurs anyway. Human life is not valued by the profiteers of the world.

Those that play the stock markets want to turn quick profits and move on in many instances and that is the profound problem facing governments looking for opportunity for their people.

The opportunity for employment and economic growth requires a focus of building a middle class in every country on Earth. It requires conscience for protecting Earth from those that exploit resources and pollute, including greenhouse gases, with abandon. None of these businesses are naive. They know exactly the harm they carry in their products and processes.

A biotic Earth is necessary for human life and I reject the ideas that Earth will someday be hit by a meteor again and all will be lost so space exploration is the only answer. That is completely stupid thinking. Space travel and space colonization is not perfected and those ideologues are simply painting Disneyland dreams for the imagination while having no profound facts or reality. The human race does not know what it faces with space colonization and we need Earth to be our salvation.

Clean water, clean air, normal weather patterns, plentiful crops and a vision for our children of an Earth full of life and promise. 

Enough. We are witnessing some of the most reckless policies ever written in the USA. These are fools pressing forward to enrich themselves while abandoning the future generations of the countries they call home. They are no more Americans than the US dollar bill they love.

The tragedy in Dubai was of a building under construction. The reality of what could have happened if the Dubai tower were completed has now played out in London. This is a global tragedy and should bring countries together to share standards and adverse companies. It is time we united under common goals to uphold the dignity of human life and the joy each of us experience when life has quality and longevity.

Great Britain needs to consider offering temporary housing to occupants of buildings that could be facing a similar fate. The facts have to be collected and actions taken to protect life.