Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Antarctica Ozone Hole. Not really good news, but, NASA did pick up a 'La Nina' over the Pacific.

...So far in 2010, (click title to entry - thank you) the size and depth of the ozone hole has been slightly below the average for 1979 to 2009,...

NASA goes on to heal the wound of bad news in their article that as the season closes there may be improvement.

Either one measures the ozone depletion accurately at its minimum of you don't.  So the statement above, besides the actual numbers, is all I needed to know.

I think NASA is doing a good job of tracking this depletion.  I wish governments were just as good at stopping the emissions.

A Growing La Niña Chills Out the Pacific  (click here)

..."This La Niña has strengthened for the past four months, is strong now and is still building," said Climatologist Bill Patzert of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. "It will surely impact this coming winter's weather and climate.
"After more than a decade of mostly dry years on the Colorado River watershed and in the American Southwest, and only one normal rain year in the past five years in Southern California, water supplies are dangerously low," Patzert added. "This La Niña could deepen the drought in the already parched Southwest and could also worsen conditions that have fueled Southern California's recent deadly wildfires."
NASA will continue to track this change in Pacific climate....

Over the past decade the 'heating cycle' of El Nino have been dominating the Pacific.  A strong La Nina might actually be an interesting development.  The 'shift' in the location of El Nino is of serious concern.  It is still yet ANOTHER hall mark of a very hot troposphere and the Climate Crisis.

Deviations from normal sea surface temperatures (left) and sea surface heights (right) at the peak of the 2009-2010 central Pacific El Niño, as measured by NOAA polar orbiting satellites and NASA's Jason-1 spacecraft, respectively. The warmest temperatures and highest sea levels were located in the central equatorial Pacific. Image credit: NASA/JPL-NOAA

August 25, 2010
PASADENA, Calif. - A relatively new type of El Niño, (cick here) which has its warmest waters in the central-equatorial Pacific Ocean, rather than in the eastern-equatorial Pacific, is becoming more common and progressively stronger, according to a new study by NASA and NOAA. The research may improve our understanding of the relationship between El Niños and climate change, and has potentially significant implications for long-term weather forecasting....

There is a problem with 'aquaculture' fish when they do not have a 'natural' diet available to them. I waiting for prions, actually.

This is a 'controlled' environment to raise fish with aquaculture.  They are tanks.  There is little to no natural diet for the fish raised in these tanks.

This is akin to growing beef cows in stockyards or chickens on growth hormones or in unsanitary conditions where an e-coli.  

...Consumption of aquaculture-bred fish (click title to entry - thank you)  is raising serious human health and food safety concerns as well (almost all the catfish and trout, and close to half the salmon and shrimp sold in the U.S. are raised in aquaculture facilities). Farmed fish often receive large doses of antibiotics to protect them from disease and are exposed to a variety of pesticides used to kill parasites and body fungi--all of which accumulate in the fish's tissues....

 This is more or less an open tank.  The fish live in their natural waters and are exposed to a natural food supply.

The problem with aquaculture, whether it is a marine or fresh water environment,  is the 'artificial' food source that grows the fish.

The unnatural diet 'tank' fish eat has yet to be linked to prions, as the ones that appear in beef that have received a diet with things like bone meal and other 'meat by-products' in their diet.  Same thing here.  The fish receive a diet 'formulated' from other fish.  It is supplemented with artificial minerals and vitamins and possibly food sources, but, there is NO 20-year study to indicate whether 'prions' are an issue with aquaculture.

Genetically engineered foods need to be banned and the United Nations should lead the way.  Why?  Because they become 'INVASIVE SPECIES' in a natural environment.  Literally, with fish, when the 'super fish' get into the wild they will destroy natives species either by eating them or over grazing their feeding grounds.

The sorriest aspect of OVER FISHING in natural environments is that this is the result.  Now, because of the Climate Crisis, people are looking for 'new food sources.'  Why not just make Earth into a Man-Made Environment and eliminate all that is natural and native about the planet.

People that want to make money off anything that is 'genetically altered' will maliciously 'INTRODUCE' genetically engineering individuals in to the wild for the sole purpose of destroying 'natural and native stocks' in order for consumers to be grateful and dependent on their aquaculture PRODUCT.

So much for a good day at the trout stream.

There is all sorts of stuff put into aquaculture food including other dead and processed fish.  So, there really isn't any solid way to knowing 'at this point' if tank fish are safe for consumption.  Open aquaculture 'pens' are dangerous from the standpoint they can release genetically engineered fish into the wild and then we are in real trouble.

It is very different to raise 'open penned' fish in the wild if they are not genetically engineered.  If they escape into the wild they simply add to the genetic pool of wild stock, but, if they aren't a 'native species' when they should not be raised in 'open pens' that connect to natural waterways AT ALL. 

Why not just turn the ASIAN CARP lose in the Great Lakes if that is going to be the practice of aquaculture in the USA?  Same thing. 

People can take action to protect their fisheries.  There is a bill they can ask their legislators to vote into law.

S.3417 -- Research in Aquaculture Opportunity and Responsibility Act of 2010 (Introduced in Senate - IS) (click here)
To prohibit offshore aquaculture until 3 years after the submission of a report on the impacts of offshore aquaculture, and for other purposes. 

 What it comes down to is a prohibition on RECKLESSNESS and provides scientists a 'window of opportunity' to study and write about the BEST PRACTICES of aquaculture.  Write to your Congressman and Senator today.  I think it is going to take longer then three years to actually 'set standards' for this industry, but, at least it is a beginning.

Looks like a new shipment of Stinger Missiles have made it to Afghanistan.

According to C.O.I.N. this is suppose to be an insurgency and not a well armed military in Afghanistan.

So, like, what gives already?

Because if I recall, the helicopter downings were also a huge issue in Iraq.  So.  I am left to assume the criminals from Iraq have finally found their footing in Afghanistan again?


Nine NATO troops are killed in copter crash in Afghanistan  (click title to entry - thank you) 

By Ernesto Londono

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

KABUL - Nine NATO soldiers were killed Tuesday morning in a helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan, military officials said.
Two NATO soldiers, an Afghan soldier and an American civilian were wounded in the crash, the military said in a statement.
The statement said the cause of the crash is under investigation, but noted there were "no reports of enemy fire in the area."
Officials did not immediately disclose the nationalities of the fallen troops...

Originally published June 9, 2010 at 10:05 PM
Page modified June 10, 2010 at 9:32 AM 
4 U.S. soldiers die as NATO helicopter is downed in Afghanistan
Four U.S. soldiers were killed in southern Afghanistan on Wednesday when their helicopter was shot down, officials said, and a fifth member of the military from the NATO coalition was killed in a roadside bombing. Hours later, an explosion in southern Afghanistan killed 39 people and wounded dozens.
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Four U.S. soldiers were killed in southern Afghanistan on Wednesday when their helicopter was shot down, officials said, and a fifth member of the military from the NATO coalition was killed in a roadside bombing. Hours later, an explosion in southern Afghanistan killed 39 people and wounded dozens.
The blast Wednesday night ripped through a wedding party in Kandahar province, killing 39 people and wounding more than 70, according to the provincial executive director Mohammad Annus....

On a cold and blustery Dec. 3, 2006, at Haditha Dam, Iraq, Air Force Office of Special Investigations Special Agent Jim Collins witnessed a Marine CH-46 Sea Knight crash into the chilling, 50-degree, 300' deep, cholera-filled water of Lake Quadisiya. Aboard the helicopter were 16 troops--14 passengers including a mix of Airmen, Soldiers, Marines and two Marine pilots.
During liftoff, the CH-46's front end cleared the 4' wall in front of the helipad, but as the helicopter moved forward it lost power, its rear landing gear striking the wall of the dam. The helicopter pitched forward and nosed over the wall headed for the cold water of the lake 40' below. The pilots managed to bring the helicopter level as it hit the water.

"Murphy, Z (then Tech. Sgt. Noel Murphy and Senior Airman Eduardo Zamora) and I ran over to the wall. When we got to the wall we saw the CH-46 with the belly in the water and people bailing out in full battle rattle," said Collins.....

Attack Has Ominous Implications, Marking First Time Insurgents Shoot Down U.S. Aircraft With Missile

Attacks Leave 11 Dead in Pakistan, Afghanistan  (click here)

Ayaz Gul | Islamabad 
09 June 2010

An attack on a NATO helicopter in neighboring Afghanistan and a militant raid in neighboring Pakistan that targeted a convoy carrying supplies for the NATO forces have left at least 11 people dead, including four international troops.

NATO officials say that one of their military helicopters was brought down by insurgent fire in Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan, where Taliban militants have a strong presence.  The four soldiers died in the attack are identified as Americans.

Afghan officials say the aircraft was flying at low altitude to give air support to ground troops in the Sangin district when a rocket-propelled grenade hit it....

6-6-6. The devil made her do it.

That was Palin's dance score.  


The Number of the Beast is a concept from the Book of Revelation of the New Testament of the Christian Bible. 

I also understand that is the Bank Balance for Christine O'Donnell.

What is it with that pose?  Not everyone can lift their leg that high or what?

Lack of star power in fall television line-up leads viewer to question casts' credentials  (click here)

...But again, maybe that kind of casting is just good business to attract viewers for "Dancing with the Stars." People like seeing the faces of members of other shows, even if those shows were terrible.

This begs another question: Is television too saturated with the same faces? In some cases, I think so. I'm just saying maybe it should be called something else, like "Dancing with the Stars and Really Lucky but Not Talented People."

Either way, it's the casting of "stars" like this that make me happy that I don't own a television.

No one recognizes the 'Texas Gravity' influence in the USA?  The dummying down of America.  You don't see it?
"OH, but, Big Daddy I want to do that, too?" 

Don't tell me people don't 'Get that either.' 

No talent bums living out their fantasy.  Don't 'get it?'  Well, Big Oil can buy any kind of happiness.  Don't you know that?  Even the Presidency of the USA.  Now, I know you know that.  Why not everything else.  Everyone distracted enough and having fun yet? 

I mean, even an amateur spot on the Today Show after all.  Hello?

When are Americans going to "Get It." The Republicans DESTROYED the Middle Class.

There is no relationship between the Middle Class and Wall Street.  The Wall Street recovery occurred, but, that doesn't mean American jobs are back.
Wall Street surges as US recession declared over
NEW YORK — US stock markets jumped to four-month highs Monday, propelled by news that the world's biggest economy exited recession in June 2009.
The markets began their upward drive in late morning trade after the National Bureau of Economic Research said the US economy had ended the most sustained downturn since World War II.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 145.77 points (1.37 percent) to finish at 10,753.62, while the tech-rich Nasdaq composite index gained 40.22 points (1.74 percent) to 2,355.83.
The broader S&P 500 index rose 17.12 points (1.52 percent) to reach 1,142.71 points.
The drive came on the back of a strong multi-session rally spurred by a brighter economic outlook....

Stop looking at President Obama as if he has two heads and six eyes.  He has never lied or deceived anyone.  This is a very slow recovery for the Middle Class.  I knew that the minute Wall Street tanked and I've been saying it every since.

The ONLY mistake President Obama has ever made regarding the REPORTING of the greatest scam to rob the USA Treasury in history, is that he is too CIVIL to say what actually occurred under Bush and Cheney.  

The Republicans don't know what an economy is.  They only understand that 'handing over' their personal wealth to Wall Street works for them.  There is no direct correlation between Wall Street and the Unemployed.  There was at one time, but, that isn't the case anymore.

American jobs have to be CREATED.  The jobs that were LOST after the CRASH of 2008 were supported by a housing BUBBLE created by Wall Street and a hapless Republican administration in DC..  All one has to do is look at the CHARACTER of the collapse and the fact more men's jobs were lost than women.

What occurred under the Bush White House which began with a multi-billion dollar bill in 2001 to place Americans in homes rather than apartments was a SYSTEMIC emptying of the 'fiscal' reserves of every aspect of the American and global economies.  Everyone was in on it.

A fiscal collapse resulted because the Bush / Cheney economy was supported by EXPLOITATION of the American Dream.  The price of Real Estate is NOT returning anytime soon and I am referring to AT LEAST a generation.

Wow, people believe Murdoch's Mad Cap News Service?  Why?  Because it gives one that 'feel good feeling.'  I mean why REALLY understand what occurred when it feels soooooooo much better to be angry and FEEL powerful.  Oh, the QUICK FIX.

Look, the Bush Dynasty as exported USA jobs to China and India.  And that was before the collapse.  When "W" could not FIND an economy for his administration because of the actions of 30 years of EXCORIATION of the American landscape by Republicans he simply allowed the Republican majority to LEGISLATE the economy through jobs bill after jobs bill after jobs bill.  How was that done?  BY BUILDING STUFF and financing the poor into the houses that were being built.  The number of houses that exist in the market today, far exceeds the people in 'fiscal condition' to purchase them.  There is a housing glut.  

What were people doing under the Bush / Cheney White House?  What was the 'AVERAGE' American doing with their money during those hideous years of illegal war and outrageous economic growth supported by ever increasing USA debt?

They were 'playing millionaire.'  That is what they were doing.  They were seeking to purchase house after house.  They had a shore house.  They had a mountain house.  They had investment houses.  They were collecting rent and racking up NET WORTH.  Well.  Now that your jobs are gone after being STUPID enough to BUY INTO IT, where does anyone believe the jobs are coming from?  THIN AIR?  GOOD WILL?  Perhaps A THOUSAND POINTS OF LIGHT will give people enough purpose in their lives to feel FULFILLED.

Reducing government only does TWO things.  It decreases the EFFECTIVENESS of ENFORCEMENT of laws and provides a clear path for corruption.  AND.  It gets rid of UNIONS.  See the government is about 50% if not more of all memberships in UNIONS.  So, why not rant on about reducing government and get rid of the unions at the same time?  Right?  I mean why not allow corruption after all the current DRUG CARTELS in Mexico carry their own 'economy of violence.'  Yes?  After all the only thing Wall Street is interested in is 'cash flow.'  So, Wall Street doesn't care if they are supported by corruption and crime so long as they are making money.  After all, some of the so called 'Best and Brightest' of Wall Street have very healthy drug addictions.  

Don't start looking at President Obama as if he descended from a cloud to SAVE THE WORLD.  To the extent his office allows that he is doing his level best to make PEACE and security from NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION  happen..  Bush and Cheney should be able to say that.  They did nothing but escalate global tensions and EXPAND the capacity for nuclear confrontation.  Why would they do that by the way?  Oh, yeah.  To propagate more OPPORTUNITY for war and Wall Street profits.  That's it, huh?  I mean anyone prefers conventional warfare than nuclear encounter, so citizens would be more than willing to 'give their first born' to death on the battlefield so long as they aren't vaporized after all.

I don't want to hear how President Obama is responsible for the 'sorry state' of the economy today.  He DID NOT create this mess and make no mistake it is a complete and abject mess.  We are DAMN lucky the economy isn't worse than it is and houses are still worth anything at all.

The American people NEED TO LEARN a lesson alright, but, it AIN'T about George Washington and the USA Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  It is about how LOUSY Republicans are at economic development of the country.  And believing that SOMEHOW voting in Social Conservatives will turn the corner on economic demise is nothing but pure unadulterated 'faith based' voting.

I want to know what SCOTT BROWN has proposed to BOOST economic growth in the USA since being elected.  I want to know what the Whiz Kid from Massachusetts has proposed to the legislature to TURN THIS ECONOMY around.  NOTHING.  His complete focus on proposing legislation is focused on 'Social Issues' of 'fear based voting.'

NOTHING !!!!!!!!!

Scott Brown reconsidering support of financial regulation bill  (click here)

Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, June 29, 2010  

...The freshman senator has bristled at a proposed assessment, included by the House-Senate committee, to pay for the cost of the legislation using a fee on financial firms with more than $50 billion in assets, and hedge funds exceeding $10 billion. The Congressional Budget Office estimated the cost of the legislation at nearly $20 billion over the next decade.
Brown said in a statement Monday that he was "surprised and extremely disappointed" by the proposed assessment. "While I'm still reviewing the bill's details, these provisions were not in the Senate version of the bill which I previously supported," he said. "My fear is that these costs would be passed onto consumers in the form of higher bank, ATM and credit card fees and put a strain on lending at the worst possible time for our economy. I've said repeatedly that I cannot support any bill that raises taxes."...

Well, if he didn't like the bill then what is he proposing INSTEAD?  NOTHING.  He is just like the rest of the Republicans in COMPLAINT of every form of legislation that comes to the floor for a vote.  They don't have answers, they DO however HAVE COMPLAINTS, because their 'wealth' might be diminished by future profit taking.  Let's have a PITY PARTY for them.  "AHHHhhhhhhhh.."...

Here is the Glamour Boy's Claim to Fame.  A bill that is basically UNCONSTITUTIONAL

Brown wants citizenship revoked for terror ties

Critics question legality of bill

WASHINGTON — Senator Scott Brown responded to the attempted Times Square bombing yesterday by cosponsoring a bill that would allow the United States to strip Americans of citizenship if the government determines that an individual supported or joined a terrorist group.
But a host of scholars and fellow lawmakers, including the House Republican leader, Representative John Boehner of Ohio, immediately questioned the constitutionality of the proposal, saying it was at odds with a half-century of Supreme Court precedents that ruled that citizenship can be relinquished only voluntarily. The legislation would affect US citizens whether they are native-born or naturalized....

WHEN, are Americans going to realize they are about to make the biggest mistakes of their lives by putting Social Conservatives BACK into the legislature.  Government is not about what happens in the PEWS of the country.  Maybe they forgot about that !