Thursday, January 17, 2013

Algeria had every right to act to stop terrorists within their borders.

I have no idea whom the Americans or Europeans were, but, I can guess.

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People working in dangers areas of the world accept the fact they are in dangerous areas of the world. My sympathies to the familes of those that perished at the hand of those seeking power over civilization.

There is a very good chance the identities of the individuals taken hostage that would never have survived anyway will never be known.

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Michelle Malkin IS child abuse.

Senator Rand Paul intends to nullify the actions of the Executive Branch?

Who has the "King Complex" now?

He is a prime example of what is wrong with the Tea Party. They over reach, they don't know how to govern and they don't care about the people as they pretend to care about the USA Constitution. 

The Tea Party treats the USA Constitution as it was originally written as if the current society is suppose to live in the times of the 13 colonies.

Perhaps, he has not noticed, there are now fifty states and the USA has possessions besides. I am fairly certain things have changed since 1776.

Senator Paul needs to legislate and he needs the other Senators to vote in consent of his bill.

Mr. Te'o was ashamed of his gullibility and his family was scared for his career.

I wish him the very best in his career. Congratulations. Notre Dame never betrayed their dedication, values and standards. They need to go back to being who they are and put this experience in the past. Everyone was victimized and the law needs to prosecute. The game ball went to Mr. Te'o in the spirit of sportsmanship and dedication. He is all that. I have no problem with it. I am glad he played and this episode didn't effect his ability.

..."They enjoyed the joke," (click here) Swarbrick said, comparing the ruse to the popular film "Catfish," in which filmmakers revealed a person at the other end of an online relationship was not who they said they were....

SPEEA proposes contract extension (click title for union website - thank you)

I am very pleased to see the union is in the trenches with the CEO's problems. 

What has to occur here is for the Board to bring a meeting to the assembly floor in Seattle to find out the the heck is going on. 

The business model is a disaster for any quality assurance. There is no reason to believe Boeing can continue this business model. Aircraft have to be 'on spec' and 'safe.' Get over it.

One thing the American people don't realize and why the NLRB is necessary in these circumstances is unions are required in institutions that receive a significant part of their income from government (any level of government). By significant I mean a third or more of their income.

There is a reason for that which should seem obvious to me, but, I'll explain.

Contracts to private companies are vital to the USA economy. They should never be toys for politicians. The only way to assure contracts are NOT played with in producing quality work for government contracts is to have a union involved to check and double check any change to a citizen's employ.

Unions have two focus. The primary focus is the employee and that employee's rights. The other is to be sure the employees are doing their job and provide a quality product to the manufacturer. Other than that 'the contract' is where everything comes together. With SPEEA having a difficulty settling their contract, I am suspicious the members are screaming about a quality product. These are aircraft. There are USA contracts. The employees know who they are. They are going to take quality control very seriously. 

There obviously is quality control problems. The employees will speak their minds. I guarantee it. I am fairly sure the inability to settle the contract is about working conditions, more so than financial considerations. Working conditions include, especially for professional unions, the quality of the product they are involved with. 

I would bet real money on the fact the employees could tell the board they knew this was going to be a problem and they could tell them exactly why.

If Boeing had PROPERLY built their Dreamliner in the USA nothing would be an issue now.

The Boeing Dreamliner is assembled in the USA, but, it is outsourced in the manufacturing of its COMPONENTS.

Boeing needs a new CEO, preferably one that USED TO DO IT RIGHT. If nothing else the Board at Boeing needs to bring in their retired CEOs as consultants. At the very least.

The USA needs to examine its contracts with Boeing to find out how many of the orders with Boeing are actually oversees contracts. 

The COMPONENTS don't fit together. I'll speculate there is more than lithium batteries that are a problem. It is my guess the assembly of components are actually causing structural issues and is SHOWING UP in electrical problems.

At one time, Boeing actually 'did it right.' They have highly qualified personnel in their northwest USA plant that can build these planes from the ground up. What does that mean? It means the entire plane is built in one facility and trouble shooting is done as the assembly is completed. Everything fits, engineers on site and quality assurance throughout.

The lousy CEO is seeking to cut costs by piecing an advanced aircraft together. So, ahhhh, tell us, how is the bonus coming along this year?

I betcha Airbus is lovin' this stuff.

Meet James McNerney (click here). The CEO with the better mouse trap or so he thinks. 

Subcontracted assemblies include:

Wing manufacture - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan, Central wing box 

Horizontal stabilizers - Alenia Aeronautica, Italy and Korea Aerospace Industries, South Korea

Fuselage sections - Global Aeronautica, Italy and Boeing, North Charleston, USA and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Japan and Spirit AeroSystemsWichita, USA anb Korean Air, South Korea

Passenger doors - Latécoère, France

Cargo doors, access doors, and crew escape door - Saab AB, Sweden

Software development - HCL Enterprise India

Floor beams - TAL Manufacturing Solutions Limited, India

Wiring - Labinal, France

Wing-tips, flap support fairings, wheel well bulkhead, and longerons - Korean Air, South Korea

Landing gear - Messier-Dowty, UK/France

Power distribution and management systems, air conditioning packs - Hamilton Sundstrand,Connecticut, USA

Boeing is considering bringing construction of the 787-9 tail in house; the tail of the 787-8 is currently made by Alenia

Speaking of vulture capitalists. When is Congress going to act to stop the oppression of the US Postal Service creating an unfair advantage for Wall Street firms?

Coca-Cola Day on HSN (click title to entry for a cultural understanding)

"Coca-Cola" is one of THOSE companies. It is entrenched in the American culture. It is like the big three car companies, it is like Crayola Crayons, it has always been there and it isn't going anywhere. At least so long as Vulture Capitalists don't have it under their radar like "Hostess."

In realizing it is one of THOSE companies the leadership at Coca-Cola has made a huge leap to participate in the wellness directive in the USA. Now, the message is good to the extent it is valid and brings about a new cultural focus, but, there are issues. I have issues with some of the message. These are children and the message children receive in 'their greater world' is important.

I'm going to depart from the subject at hand for a reference point. If I may?

My youngest son has educational issues and while that might seem like a specialized issue and one food manufacturers should not have to deal with that is not the case. Today, at the age of 31, he is an independent businessman dealing with the public. We had the best learning plans for him. He is fine and he is entitle to be fine. My son's education was based in 'being like everyone else.' His dietary needs were examined as well for allergies and the like. Chemicals in the environment was even looked at. 


There are also issues with elements within the adult and child society that  may cause cancer. In the past saccharin was a horror causing brain cancers.

Low calorie substitutes carry chemicals that may not be natural and/or processed by the body well and that is a problem when exposing children to them. If we are asking children to watch their calories we have to ask whether that is a burden they are capable of understanding and whether they should be carrying that burden at all. Sometimes preparing for the Spelling Bee is all they can cope with. Okay? Children are under stress these days and that stress level has to be understood and dealt with, so, to ask them to deal with chemical content of a food manufacturer in their daily activities is unfair and in my opinion completely unrealistic.

Not really separate from that understanding is the fact parents should not have to worry about chemicals in their children's environment either, so WARNINGS is a hideous idea.

This is a dialogue the country has to have. It has to be complete and not exclusive to a Wall Street Steering Committee.

Do I think Coke is protecting itself from lawsuits? Yeah, sure. They have a right to do that because this is a burgeoning culture and they don't know where they are headed. Do I think Coke is negligent in their 'protectionism?' No. I don't. I think Coke, with these commercials, is cutting edge, brave and honors the people of this nation.

Now. Do I think they are late to the game? You betcha, but, at least they're here now.

The Southeast USA will be in need of these helpful hints tomorrow.

Those folks rarely have these demands on their talents. On those occasions when there is snow on the roads in the southeast, the greatest danger is the other driver on the road. Schools close and it gets ugly. They don't how to drive in snow.

What’s the best way to wear a wool scarf? (click here)

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