Wednesday, August 17, 2011

See the Petroleum Industry and Murdoch's FOX News wants to call the USA government liars.

It always looked like a woodpecker to me.

Megan What's Her Name never bothered to present a 'counter point' to the FOX exclusive.  No other media service is covering lies the way FOX does.

...The recent placing of three Colorado wildflowers on the federal endangered and threatened species  lists will make it harder to exploit untapped fuel resources in the Rocky Mountain State, a group representing the energy industry tells Fox News, an assertion the government denies.

“What we're seeing here is the federal government coming in and adding another layer of regulation,” says Kathleen Sgamma, director of government and public affairs at Western Energy Alliance. Regulators are “saying we don't care about ... what the states are doing and what industry and nonprofit groups are doing to protect those species.”...

The article below about the coneflower was also featured on 


Flower Once Thought Extinct Will Come off Endangered List

The point is that Murdoch's FOX is always the 'poisoned pill' media without sincerely BALANCING anything.  The federal government is not lying.  The FOX network treats the Federal AUTHORITY as if it were some kind of SINISTER PLOT against every business enterprise in the country.  The truth of the matter is there is federal legislation that dictates the actions of its agencies requiring them to protect Threatened and Endangered Species.

The lies of FOX in this instance is nothing more than GREED.  Plain and simple.

During the "Bush Era" at FOX it was important to set up a plan for "The Lord God Bird."  

Evidently, even species for protections have to be Religious Icons or they don't matter to the Right Wing Nut Jobs in the country.

No Longer on the "Endangered Species List."

The Tennessee purple coneflower (click title to entry for video about the come back of this Tennessee flower) that was among the first group of plants ever listed as endangered has rebounded to a healthy status after three decades.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife plans to officially remove the wildflower by Sept. 2, from its list of plants that are near extinction.
“The Tennessee coneflower’s recovery is an example of what can be achieved through the combined efforts of dedicated partners,” said Cindy Dohner, the Service’s Southeast Regional Director, in an emailed announcement.
Long-term recovery efforts of multiple agencies and groups made it possible, she said. They include the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, The Nature Conservancy, the Tennessee Division of Forestry, the National Park Service and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers….
Who knew, huh, Megan?

Mrudoch's Allan West is an Uncle Tom.

When is the FCC going to remove Murdoch's license?  This is blatant racism whereby innocent African Americans had their words twisted for political fodder.  There is no respect for the African American at Murdoch's Media services.  We don't need it in the USA.  

In this exchange alone he exhibits hatred for military members serving openly as gay. Then he akins the removal of DADT with Hassan and the violence at Fort Bragg and how ? INMIDATED ? subordinate officers were in dealing with Hassan's reality. He portrays a man afraid of the hierarchy of THE COMMAND when it comes to any ? problem ? due to repealing DADT as ? existed ? with Hassan and his actions at Fort Hood.  Hell, I didn't know Hassan was gay.  Oh, yeah, he wasn't.  

All day today the Murdoch Manufacturing Media went all to far and Allen West was a willing participant at the end of the day regarding 'The Black Man in the Black Bus."

Perhaps, unlike other Murdoch Superstars West didn't realize that his GOP was campaigning in Iowa and it was there that President Obama saw it best to discuss the fact Washington, DC's GOP is grossly dysfunctional.  Seems logical to me.  If one wants to make an impression on his opposition take to their neighborhood.  YA KNOW?

The MYTHOLOGY of Murdoch and his blond bombshells were attempting to enlist high profile members of the American Black Community in condemning President Obama in riding around the country in his Black Bus without going into Black Neighborhoods.

Hello? But, ah, did any of the GOP do that?   I mean Uncle Tom wouldn't be caught dead in a Black Bus now would he?  Or she depending on whether one is discussing Palin or not.  Oh, I forgot, she is one of those White Women again.

Not only that but the idiocy that is MURDOCH's Media where a white woman named Laura Ingram fills in for a White Man named Bill O'Reilly then conducts ? news commentary ? regarding the deeply troubled rumblings of the American Black Community while Uncle Tom Allen West simply serves his TEA BAGGER Masters on FOX by agreeing with every aspect of this hideous conversation is too outrageous to ignore. Maybe that was the purpose as they are trying to start a political dialogue that will be a wedge issue and serve to 'DIVERT' the attention of SOMEONE from the issues of the day.

I find Allen West unworthy to serve anywhere near Generals, as his comments at the committee level of condescending as if Generals can't think for themselves.  I find him unworthy to serve in the US House of Representatives as he is a religious bigot where it serves his political ambitions and a homophobe that is dangerous to our nation's security as he continues to attempt to find fault where there is none in regard to the removal of DADT.  I mean for real already, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" sounds like a Kindergarten allegiance.

So, the Uncle Tom's at FOX need to realize the stupidity outweighs any of their ? commentary ? and they are outragously out of line.  President Obama left Harvard Law School and served as a community organizer and then was elected to the Senate.  Hello?  He worked within the community on the South Side of Chicago once referred to a "The Black Belt."  I do believe he knows something about racism, oppression and the strife and suffering of the American Black Community.

Allen West should return to Military RETIREMENT where he can play with his guns all day long without hurting anyone.

Conducting leadership training in the 1980s. (click title to entry - thank you)
(Obama for America)

Which country will win the 2011 Rugby World Cup? (click title to entry - thank you)

Let the games begin !

I happen to believe the Eurozone is correct in their decisions regarding their current economies.

Australia has finally given the green light for accepting New Zealand apples. File photo / NZ Herald

The Global Plutocrats have gotten too big for their britches.  They need the governments more than the governments ever needed them.

The global governments did not cause the problems faced in today's economies.  We need to remember whom EXACTLY caused this disaster in the first place and it wasn't any government that did.  It was unregulated and out of control private sectors that turned homes into commodities.

One has to realize the 'so called' power thee Plutocratic Organizations believe they have.  They wanted and may have downgraded New Zealand's financial structure because of earthquakes.  I believe Japan is receiving the same 'once over.'  This is hideous unless the Plutocrats live in "Cloud City."

LONDON | Wed Aug 17, 2011 7:44am EDT
(Reuters) - German government bonds (click title to entry - thank you) rallied on Wednesday and were likely to remain supported as French and German plans for closer fiscal integration in the euro zone did little to soothe concerns that the regional debt crisis could still spread.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel unveiled plans for economic governance, seen as essential first steps to the eventual fiscal integration within the single currency area many in markets say is needed.
But the meeting revealed no concrete measures to tackle the region's immediate concern: funding for weaker euro zone states.
"Investors are a bit disappointed…
Gee, what a shame they are disappointed.  Wow.   No free money for Wall Street today.  I guess they’ll actually have to stop sitting on gold and actually invest in expanding economic growth and INVESTING their money instead of counting it.  Oh.  My.  God.  They might loss a dollar or two to make a buck in a decade.  

6:22 PM Wednesday Aug 17, 201
Greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation are at their lowest in a decade, the Government said today.
Acting Energy Minister Hekia Parata said a report from the Ministry of Economic Development showed that last year 74 per cent of New Zealand's electricity came from renewable sources.
Greenhouse gas emissions declined 11 per cent on the previous year.
It would seem as though New Zealand and its citizens are thriving and achieving goals anyway.  And Wall Street should be grateful for that unless they want to sit on top of gold bars forever that will stagnate over time anyway.  Since when are sovereign countries less important than Plutocrats?  Since the USA Republicans sold their souls?  I don't think so.

NZ apples cleared for importation into Australia (click here)

5:55 PM Wednesday Aug 17, 2011
The way has been cleared for the importation of New Zealand apples to Australia after 90 years of waiting.
Australia today gave the green light for accepting New Zealand apples although growers will have limits placed on them to prevent the spread of diseases such as fire blight and European canker.
Only commercially-mature fruit will be allowed to be imported, under guidelines proposed by the Australian director of Animal and Plant Quarantine.
Fruit will need to be washed by high-pressure water spraying and brushed in the packing house to remove surface contamination of pests and trash such as leaf litter.
The import conditions require that NZ growers be registered to export to Australia and apply in-orchard controls for fire blight, European canker and apple leaf curling midge, including ongoing targeted monitoring, spraying and pruning…

Why isn't there more research into these obscure viruses? Hendra. Nipah.

These viruses effect livestock, but, also take human lives.  In this case there is a very vital thoroughbred race horse industry.  It would seem as though some of them are being becoming very ill and being destroyed from the Hendra virus.

The index case, (click title to entry - thank you) a mare, was housed with 23 other horses after falling ill and died two days later. Subsequently, 19 of the remaining horses succumbed with 13 dying. Both the trainer and a stable hand were involved in nursing the index case and both fell ill within one week of the horse’s death with an influenza-like illness. The stable hand recovered while the trainer died of respiratory and renal failure. The source of virus was most likely frothy nasal discharge from the index case....

Rarely do Americans experience Australian Thoroughbred Horse Racing.  They are beautiful animals.  Valuable animals.  But, what appears to be benign negligence of research on the surface into these 'modern day' viruses (Hendra was first realized in 1994, I believe.) really is a collapse of a research institution I once worked for.  This is exactly the kind of work we did, successfully and profitably.

The research institution was the Agricultural Division of American-Cyanamid  in West Windsor, New Jersey.  It was a fascinating place to work.  Very exotic.  Very engaging.  There was never a challenge to great and its activities were backed by the international community.  

I was there two summers ago after decades of absence and the place was shuttered and abandoned.  It was a damn shame.  When I pulled up to the guard house there were a couple of people inside and when I told them I once worked there they could not get enough of me.  We went on a tour of the place while I was there.  They wanted to know more about what occurred there.  So I told them.  I also told them American Cyanamid got a bad rap for being a chemical company.  Not that they were saints, their Bound Brook plant was a huge disaster with its chemical pools, but, the research that went on including their Lederle Lab division did really vital work.

I think a German concern bought them out and then closed it down for whatever reason they did.  But, the place is enormous.  The labs are still there unless the township did something with them.  The greenhouses must be worth at least a million or more a piece.  They were state of the art and I am not sure they still aren't.

What the Ag Division did was to act a 'a global research and development' lab.  Literally.  The scientists there would bring 'problems' of any kind from around the world for research and cures.  Heck, there was a time we even had India's cows there for research into a disease they were ailing from.  The animals were isolated.  We never had a case of a disease entity that escaped into the USA population of any animal or plant.  Besides, we had the cure anyway.

It was a great place.  The main research building had three wings, animal, plant and chemical.  It was very productive.  The American Cyanamid Hannibal, Missouri plant was built because of the work from the Ag Division.  We had some incredible stories to tell.  As a matte of fact, I believe our beagles were among the first to be free of heartworm.

I took one of them home after he was cured.  He lived a long time afterward.  He was a great dog.

That was in the mid-to late 70s.  It was unfortunate all the divisions of American Cyanamid were sold to the highest bidder to allow such valuable people, facilities and activities to end.  It is a tragedy actually.  Then people wonder what happened to the economies around the world.  

That complex was part of a 'culture' in the Princeton area.  We had a Princeton address.  But, in New Jersey there were other companies in the area, Squibb was one of them.  We really enjoyed the 'juice' of investigative disease research.  I think there was a company in Somerset County called "Boroughs Wellcome" and I am probably misspelling that.  And of course, Johnson and Johnson is still around.  We were in research when J&J built their Baby Products Division in Skillman, New Jersey.

Its a darn shame.  The WHO should obtain that old American Cyanamid facility if it is still available.  They could find some real value in that property and its research complex in West Windsor.  If it is still there.  It was still there in the summer of 2009.

But, these new viruses need that kind of intense attention.  They mutate quickly and cause human death.  There is absolutely nothing saying they will remained contained in an international venue where transport by plane and ship is nothing.  Currently there is a big argument about the mistreatment of live cattle from Australia to Indonesia.  The humanitarian focus is interesting, but, more to realize the 'ease' in which disease processes can be exported with entities that take a month or more to manifest symptoms.

There needs to be more than record keeping and tracking by the WHO.  They need an active research staff that actually finds cures.  This research of such entities to end their impact both on life and economies is mostly abandoned by the Plutocrats.  They don't find it profitable the way they LIKE to make vast amounts of money.  This research is vital and MORAL.  Those 'qualities' are not valued in the modern day market place and the world shows it.

...Right now on the east coast of Australia where I live, (click here) we have an outbreak of the deadly Hendra Virus (HeV) which kills horses and humans and even infects dogs and I have to admit that I’m scared, especially as I own 3 horses and 3 dogs. Over the last month of July 2011, 14 horses have died and have potentially infected 55 people who are being tested for HeV and remain under observation along with any horses, dogs and cats that also came into contact with the sick horses. This is required even when that contact occurred before the infected horses started to exhibit any symptoms of the virus, as they were potentially infectious for at least 2 days beforehand while they were still outwardly symptom free....

August 17, 2011 - 1:34PM
A sixth horse has died from the Hendra virus in NSW, the NSW Department of Primary Industries has confirmed.
The horse died at a property near Ballina, on the far NSW North Coast, on Monday.
"The property has been quarantined and the infected horse has been euthanised and buried on the property," NSW Chief Veterinary Officer Ian Roth said in a statement today.
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Dr Roth said the horse was noticeably ill late on Sunday, and deteriorated rapidly during the night and into Monday.
Two other horses on the property were at risk, he added.
"These horses will be closely monitored and, following an initial test, further laboratory testing will be carried out 16 and 32 days following the last contact with the infected horse," he said….