Thursday, May 05, 2016

Good 'Ole Boy McCrory will be ecstatic if the University of North Carolina bankrupts because of the lack of federal funding.

He and Pope don't want public universities and colleges anymore. They have cronies that need to be feed.

The University of North Carolina has provided invaluable people to the brain trust of the USA. All UNC has to do is note the importance of it's educational system as a national security issue to stand against the political paradigm in Raleigh that enforces religion over government, hence civil rights violations.

There are a lot of issues within the UNC system since McCrory took office. It is their favorite game.'

March 19, 2016
By Jedediah Purdy

...In response to a series of questions, (click here) Fennebresque insisted that the decision was not about politics, at least not “to the best of my knowledge.” Few observers believed that there was not some political motivation. Ross, a former judge, once headed the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, a major funder of progressive causes in North Carolina. Since Republicans, many of them affiliated with the Tea Party movement, took over the North Carolina General Assembly in 2010, the board of governors has become a Republican redoubt. Ross, in an answer to one question, did allude to the elephant in the room, observing, “There’s been a dramatic change in the state’s leadership, in policymakers.”...

There has been a lot of administrative turbulence in most of the public universities.

It is called corruption of the public trust.

January 26, 2015
By Jesse Saffron  The Benedictine monks (click here) who founded Belmont Abbey College 138 years ago are better known for peacefulness than for trend-setting. But the Gaston County campus is the scene of a bold experiment watched by other private liberal-arts colleges in North Carolina. Belmont Abbey cut its annual tuition and required fees by a third in 2013 to $18,500 and didn’t raise the price this year, putting the college well below the $25,000 to $33,000 a year that many of its peers charge. William Peace University in Raleigh cut its tuition by nearly $2,000, to $23,700, in 2012. So far no other private or public university in the state has made a similar decision. Tuition at North Carolina’s public colleges is much lower, ranging from about $4,500 per year at Elizabeth City State University to $8,100 at N.C. State and UNC Chapel Hill. Belmont Abbey wants to make the school more accessible to students from low- and middle-income families and to narrow its academic focus, President William Thierfelder says. Along with the tuition cuts, Belmont Abbey eliminated 16 of 85 administrative employees in April, cutting $1 million from its $26 million annual budget. The lower costs should help push enrollment from almost 900 traditional students this year to 1,000 over the next few years, college spokesman Rolando Rivas says. (The school offers a separate program for older adults.)...

The McCrory administration is breeding hate because of their religious push in North Carolina. I blame that hubris that created attitudes that lead to the death of there Muslims students.

February 11, 2015
By Saeed Ahmed and Catherine E. Shoichet
Was it a dispute (click here) lover a parking space or something more sinister that prompted the shooting death of three students in an apartment near the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus?
Police said "an ongoing neighbor dispute over parking" might have been a factor in the shootings Tuesday evening but said they weren't dismissing the possibility of a hate crime.
The victims -- a newlywed couple and the bride's younger sister -- were shot in the head,sources told CNN affiliate WRAL.
Their families say the gunman had threatened the victims before, and they believe the shootings were a hate crime....

There are many reasons for UNC to stand up to Raleigh's Hate Culture that would destroy its educational excellence.

The plutocratic presidential movement.

Merriam Webster has no definition of presidential. It begins with president and then presidential government, but, there is no such definition in the language.

What is the definition of Presidential?

Presidential means the person wears a suit, with shoes that are shiny. The person has good posture. It is unclear whether or not the person actually is personable or more robotic. That aspect needs clarity.

I suppose presidential means not stating Mexico will pay for the wall. I guess a presidential person would automatically assume the USA's ego over rides any policy that saves money for a treasury filled by taxpayers.

Let's see. Presidential. Hm. An American President usually has a dog. At least one. The Bill Clinton Presidential luster was with a cat named Sox.

Presidential means riding in a big, black car with a gas engine that doesn't run if one puts diesel fuel in it. It also means a person rarely drives themselves. Then there is the presidential jet. Hm. Presidential???? 

It means having a second White House. The original is never good enough, except, for President Obama. "W" had a ranch, his father had "The Fidelity 3" motor boat in Maine. He and Romney had big boats with big engines in common. The Kennedys had Hyannis Port. That was family time. Jackie liked horses in New Jersey and Caroline had Macaroni the pony.

What else is presidential? Hm????

The First Lady has fancy clothes. Nancy Reagan borrowed hers. Oh, yeah, they have their Christmas tree delivered by horse drawn wagon.

Presidential????????? I suppose that could be talking about policies that matter like realizing Ryan is afraid of being completely embarrassed by his economic/tax plan. That might be presidential. Actually knowing what the economy needs, instead of hyperbolic bullshit.

Then there is the issue of foreign policy. Golf courses are economic and add GDP to any country that has one. Golf courses are good will gestures. I don't know if Russia has any.

It's not the Masters, but, Russia has golf. It is funny, I don't recall any American president being presidential on Russian golf courses.

More tycoons (click here) are launching beautiful golf courses in Russia. Now they need some players.

The prestigious Caesarea Golf Club, (click here) established in the 1960s by the Baron de Rothschild Family, is the only international golf course in Israel.

I don't think Americans know there are golf courses all over the world. Really. Golf is a big thing. How come Americans don't know more about this?

I suppose being brash is unbecoming a USA President. There were presidents in the history of the USA that were from among the people. Yes, there were brash Presidents, too. Those weren't all that long ago.

To be completely honest, American Presidents of the past were real people and not DISTANT from the people. There was a change in the POSTURE of American Presidents beginning with Woodrow Wilson.

Woodrow Wilson is WWI. It was a time when the Industrial Revolution was seeing it's first philanthropists. Not just inventors, but, those people that were amassing enormous wealth. The President became a focus of SOCIETY as well as governing. President Wilson was very much 'The Gentleman." He would not follow the activities of one of his predecessors charging up this hill or that hill.

It was Woodrow Wilson that changed the 'character' of the USA President and it was based in social status and wealth. It was the beginning of "The Wall Street President."

If that is what the critics of Donald Trump are stating as unpresidential, "viva la differance."

The Tea Party had it's beginnings in 2008. Donald Trump is very much a representative sample of them.

People are going to get sick from Flint River water. The city of Flint needs to connect to Detroit.


Why is Flint River water more corrosive compared to Detroit water? Flint River water has about 8 times more chloride (Cl) in it than Detroit water. Chloride is generally considered to be very corrosive to iron. For instance, chloride present in road salts (sodium chloride = NaCl = Na+ Cl-) applied in the winter causes iron (Fe^3+) in cars and bridges to rust. Detroit also adds a corrosion inhibitor chemical (orthophosphate) (click here) to their water that helps to reduce corrosion of metals such as iron and lead. So, current Flint water is not only more corrosive, but there is also no corrosion inhibitor present....

The problem is not ONLY the lead!

...To illustrate how iron corrosion is problematic for maintaining a chlorine residual, we collected a sample of Flint water. We put some of that sample into a clean glass container, (the glass does not interact with the water's contents, so whatever reaction is occurring is ONLY between the water and the piece of iron) and some more of it into an identical container with a piece of iron to simulate the effect of water on iron pipes in Flint. We then measured the decay of chlorine over time (Figure 1). The initial level of chlorine was 1.15 milligrams per liter (mg/L), and it stayed pretty high when it was in a glass container. It only dropped to 0.95 mg/L over 12 hours (blue line). Thus, if Flint had a glass (or plastic or concrete) pipe system, chlorine would stay high as it was transported to homes. But when we did the same test with iron present, the chlorine dropped faster due to the corrosion, and was all gone after only 12 hours (red line). After 6 days of doing the test, the chlorine dropped even faster, and was below the minimum required chlorine residual of 0.2 mg/L in just about 1 hour in our test system (green line). The key point is that Flint River water is corroding iron pipes, and that will cause the chlorine to disappear very quickly....

The lead contamination is too high to treat effectively. The Flint River water is so densely contaminated it removes the chlorine 100% and the water is vulnerable to other contamination that chlorine would normally defeat. 

...Conclusion: The high rates of iron corrosion from using Flint River water as a drinking water source are damaging the Flint distribution system. The corrosion is also causing chlorine to disappear quickly, which may make it more likely for harmful bacteria to grow in the water. Furthermore, it is possible that with the existing unlined iron pipe system in Flint, and the relatively low water demand (due to declining population, loss of GM – which used a lot of water – as a water customer, and high rates), that it will very difficult to meet Federal standards for minimum chlorine levels no matter what is done to treat the water.

Primary Author: Dr. Marc A. Edwards

The Flint River is so contaminated it is IMPOSSIBLE to make safe for human consumption. In Michigan, the Department of Environmental Quality (click here)
FREQUENTLY uses FLUSHING of rivers and tributaries to remove contaminates. The contaminates are not necessarily removed from the water, but, the flushing DILUTES the contamination to CREATE a water supply that falls into legal levels of contaminants.

The largest user of the Detroit water was GM. The large volume of water used by GM created a form of flushing that created legal or better water quality. The Flint River will be absent of that form of large flushing on a regular basis and will never be absolutely clear enough with legal levels of chlorine that PROVES the potential contaminates are all DEFEATED in sustaining levels that will make people sick.

One of the reasons people don't trust government is because the government does what is convenient to THEIR BUDGET. The Flint River will NEVER be safe to drink or bath in even after the new pipes are put in place. The pipes still have to be changed out, but, the source of water has to go back to Detroit.

This is a prime example of the failure of government while still cooperating with Snyder's Financial Manager economic plan for Flint. The Emergency Manager under Snyder is still ineffective. The Flint River is PERMANENTLY contaminated. PERMANENTLY CONTAMINATED. The sediment in the Flint River contains the contamination as well. The contents of the Flint River REACTIONS with the pipes will never end because the river is permanently contaminated. It will never be clean enough. It is impossible to achieve drinkable quality water from a cesspool. 

The PREMISE of the idea the Flint River can be made clean is "W"rong!

Cooper pipes are the safest.

...Ductile iron, vinyl and reinforced concrete represent the bulk of pipelines currently being used in the U.S. and Canada to deliver safe drinking water. However, cast iron and ductile iron distribution pipes are the most susceptible to corrosion and breakage. In fact, each year, thousands of water lines are removed for replacement -- most suffering from severe deterioration caused by corrosion....

...These problems are ever-present, costly and health-threatening. According to a recent survey conducted by the Canadian National Research Council, cast iron pipes are rupturing at a rate of 35.9 breaks for every 100 kilometers of pipe in service. And newer ductile iron pipes are averaging about 9.5 breaks per 100 kilometers. These numbers are significant because they translate into over 200,000 breaks every year in the U.S. and Canada....

...The threat of excessive microbial growth along the interior walls of drinking water distribution pipes is another health concern of water distribution officials. Biofouling -- the development of an organic bacterial community, also commonly known as biofilm -- is composed of microorganisms and their secretions. It is present in almost every water distribution system, and when uncontrolled may present a threat to public health....

The biofouling has to be defeated with legal levels of chlorine that remains in the water for this purpose alone. There is no type of pipe that is exempt from biofouling. It happens, but, it is defeated when legal levels of chlorine are present.

Concrete Pipes are certified and safe to use.

...Most state agencies (click here) require mortar and concrete products used in drinking water systems to be certified. Producers of these products may in turn require their materials, such as cement, to be certified. It is often advantageous for cement producers to have their cement certified since certified cement is effectively “pre-qualified”, meaning product manufacturers can switch among brands and types of certified cements and still maintain end product certification.

Some states also regulate the cement itself, depending on its particular use in the drinking water system. Certified cement producers have the benefit of the “NSF” (NSF International) or “UL” (Underwriters Laboratories) mark on the product, indicating the cement has passed rigorous testing and is safe for use in drinking water systems. The product will be also be listed in the NSF or UL directory of approved products, which can be viewed at their websites: and The cement certification process is summarized below. For further information on Standard 61 background and certification process, see References 1, 2, 3, and 4....