Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To some extent I have to feel bad for the GOP. They have extremist candidates due to angry Republicans. This is a protest vote.

I love the title of the article.  I feel even worse for the country.  The salary of a Senator is being squandered on a faux agenda for office.  This is terrible.  Shameful even that people are this irrationally angry.  This woman is not prepared for any leadership.  Has anyone noticed that most of the candidates backed by Palin exhibit the same characteristic she exuded as a VP candidate?  Ever notice that?  It is pretty sad stuff ;what a 'jilted' female candidate for VP can do out of revenge and anger.  Seriously.  It is all about money.  There is no legitimate choice for these candidates.  They have no experience and one has to wonder if Christine here knows she can see Russia from Sarah's house.

Sarah's 'money grab' after not being elected and having presented herself as an extremist religious freak and a completely naive woman in attempting a run for VP has turned against her country for personal satisfaction of populism and wealth.  Amazing.  I don't believe Sarah gives a damn about the USA.  She does care a great deal about her own bank accounts though.  I never thought I'd see the day when running for office was a 'toy' to populism.  I always thought the people of the USA would take their government seriously. 

Sad.  Christine what's her name here, O'Donnell is not qualified as a candidate for USA Senate in the year 2010.  She just isn't.  She should have more respect for the office than this.

Insurgent Republican Wins in Delaware  (click here)

...Mr. Castle, a moderate Republican who served two terms as governor and has been reliably winning elections for the last four decades, became the latest establishment Republican casualty of the primary election season. Republican leaders said the victory by Ms. O’Donnell complicated the party’s chances of winning control of the Senate....

Not that she isn't going to seriously by the opposition, try to compete and have plenty money thrown behind her candidacy adding polish to a bizarre choice for a USA Senator.

The claim to fame by Ms. O'Donnell is the movement to "Stop Touching Yourself !" while professing poverty as if a vow.

She is a Right Wing Christian Wing Nut and the GOP is sincerely going to pander to her candidacy no different than they did Palin.

This is so sad.  The country really isn't even interested in good government.  A prospective Senator has absolutely no experience in government.  There is every indication she cannot balance a check book.  Does anyone know if she is married?  She's really afraid of touching herself?  Seriously.  This is actually this kind of wacko?  This is not 1776 when people were electing their first government, it is 2010 with a very complicated and compromised global environment.  Wow.  Okay then. 

It is going to be interesting to see if other countries actually seek qualifications other than elected office to allow any of these hostile candidates entry and influence to their country.  I just don't see these extremists being accepted in an international community.  It is no different than having an Anti-Semite elected to office.  A homophobic, xenophobic as a USA Senator?  What happens to the Middle East peace process when these idiots actually make it into federal office?  I am worried for the USA.  Sincerely worried.

...Christine O'Donnell, a former marketing consultant who has never held elected office, (click title to entry - thank you) sprinted to prominence in the Delaware race after receiving support from the Tea Party Express and an endorsement from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

But there's been increased scrutiny of O'Donnell's personal financial history, which her opponents say precludes her from effectively overseeing public finances, and complaints about alleged illegal campaign fundraising.
O'Donnell has returned fire, saying on CBS' The Early Show" that her opponent, nine-term Congressman Mike Castle, has received the majority of his campaign funds from an "out-of-state corporate special-interest tax."

Attack ads claim O'Donnell didn't receive her college degree for 12 years because of what she owed in outstanding bills to the school, and question unpaid campaign debts from her previous runs for office.
A complaint was also lodged with the Federal Election Commission against O'Donnell, her campaign organization and the Tea Party Express over alleged illegal fundraising activities.

The "Bush Tax Cuts" were draconian from the beginning.

They were never 'funded.'  They drained the surplus and never took into account the 'current nature' of Social Security and Medicare.  It completely disregarded the 'needs' of the elderly in our society.  Never once.  The new perscription drug program could have easily been paid for by the surplus and there would never have been a need for a 'donut hole.'   That has been ended as of next year by the new Health Care Reform Bill that President Obama and the Democratic legislature worked so hard for last year. 

But, McConnell showed his disdain for the Middle Class by holding their tax cuts hostage to 'fiscal responsibility' and demanding that tax relief for even the wealthiest citizens should be made permanent. 

McConnell's President bankrupt the country and now he has no intention of paying for it, but, simply to continue unfunded tax cuts for the wealthy.

One look at the disproportionate amount of tax cuts for the wealthy and is it any surprise they want to make it permanent, regardless, of the 'fiscal responsibility' they should all be honoring !  Permanent tax cuts aren't even CONSTITUTIONAL.

What do these two women have in common?

They both feeling like victims right now.  Gaga is a woman's advocate from her first huge hit that addressed the 'Burning Bed.'  And Ines Sainz is the latest victim of "The Jock Strap Media."
Ines legally and morally went into the "Jets" locker room to 'land an interview' with the Jets' Quaterback.  She was innocent and quite potentially a virgin although that question has not been asked as if its anyone's business anyway.  She stood without harassing anyone and was approached by a peer to apologize for the 'animal behavior' of BASICALLY natked men.

The Jock Strap media did what it always does to preserve the 'virginity' of men that behave badly, including rapists like Kobe Bryant.  They started attacking Ines for her attire. Well, you'll excuse me, but, the lady has a 'bod' to die for.  She has a Brazilian Butt that women all over the USA pay thousands of dollars to a plastic surgeon to mimic and 'if you got it' and it earns you a paycheck then flaunt it.

The ? men ? that were 'cat calling' to her and provided an embarrassing moment in front of a peer need to focus on 'their game' on the field and not in someone's panties.  The Jets' players were carrying on with 'passes' that would bring the players within short distance of her.  There is NOTHING moral or profession about the behavior of the Jets' players, on or off the field.

Ines may be known for her cleavage, but, she is also now known for her 'lady like' behavior while football players are showing off the ';cracks in their ass' among other things.

This is typical, typical behavior by American media that ALWAYS puts the blame on women and chronically victimizes the victim while men are provided a path to 'innocense.'

The last time there was an issue like this it wasn't Lady Gaga making a 'statement of sanity' it was the President of "Virgin Atlantic" that came to the rescue.  I congratulate Ines for getting the interview and being the lady she 'naturally is'; and I thank Gaga for standing up for women's rights in a country where 'Boys are STILL boys and not men."

..."I volunteered to talk to them," Ryan said (click title to entry - thank you) at a press conference to discuss the Jets' 10-9 loss to the Baltimore Ravens Monday night. "We want to have an environment here where everybody's comfortable. I don't know all the specifics of what's going on. The NFL is here today. They're here investigating. We're open. Whoever the NFL wants to talk to – I'm not sure who it is – but we'll let that play out. We're here to cooperate."...

Kobe Bryant, by the way, may have been forgiven by his wife, but, he ain't forgiven by the fans.  I mean for real already.  Major League sports players can't handle 'star quality' and distance themselves from exploitation of the innocent?  Did Kobe see the 'lady' naked?  You betcha.  And to think he managed it with a telephone call at the play she worked.

Tue Sep 14 11:35am PDT
Kobe Bryant is still more unlikeable than LeBron James

By Trey Kerby

For a long time, people loved LeBron James(notes). Totally loved him in a non-platonic way (for the most part). At the same time, Kobe Bryant(notes) has been one of the most hated players in the NBA for the past few seasons. But it is funny how a summer can change things.
Now, after LeBron's decision and "The Decision," more and more people dislike LeBron James. Whether they think he's a coward, a jerk or just has a bad beard, the LeBron James train has less and less people enjoying its complimentary peanuts. And while LeBron has been busy making people angry, Kobe has been enjoying a great run that has seen him win an Olympic gold medal and two straight titles while staying out of headlines for anything bad. The tables have turned....


For the male of the species that can't seem to handle their own testosterone, the suggestion is to have a 'real lady' with a ring on her finger 'in tow.'