Monday, March 18, 2013

The drone assembly line.

If a citizen wants regular mail it will have to be addressed to a privately held tractor trailer where shipments come in every day and are ready for pickup.

You can have that Hurricane Sandy feeling all the time.

When the people are replaced by machines, then the Republicans will complain the government can't possibly afford Medicare, Medicaid, SSI or Food Stamps.

And the Bubble and Bust economy will overtake any profit structure and the entire mess will be worse than the Great Depression.

See, when this mess actually happens in the USA, China can forget about exports because the people that purchase their products at Walmart won't have money to do so anymore.

Enough of the silliness. The good ole boys are still in full swing.

They do not care about the people of the USA. They plans are to make America automated, get rid of human labor and have enormous corporate profits. Get rid of the labor and human error and everything will be right for CEOs. I cannot believe after 2008's global economic implosion the Republicans, especially Jeb Bush is 'still there.'

I knew I was missing from good old fashion flag waving that makes no sense to anyone except the wealthy.

...This conclusion is wrong. America could be on the threshold of its greatest century.
With new drilling technologies, the United States will soon have an energy surplus. This means trillions of dollars in new wealth and a foreign policy not dominated by oil....

Right. And where exactly are people going to work to make a living? They have not learned a darn thing. They are still sipping their delusional realities while toasting their lack of ideas or appreciation of the people of this country. Jeb Bush was talking to CPAC to attract the crazy people seeking more wealth, more power to power his campaign. Oh, it isn't just campaign money, he intends to deliver to his pledges.

How Fracking Disposal Wells Are Causing Earthquakes in Dallas-Fort Worth (click here)

So instead of a US Postal Service we will have The Drone Trucks.

...Technological innovation (click here) means that in the coming decades, driverless vehicles will flawlessly move people and products on our highways, never getting lost, never having accidents. The development of 3D printing machines is racing ahead—and they will be down-scaled for home use, so that consumers can instantly create thousands of objects at the touch of a button.

I hate to clue in the Republican Party, but, all this mess is exactly that. Georgie promised to do something about global warming. He did nothing. He started wars. I suppose Jeb could send the USA to war with drone aircraft and drone trucks and drone tanks and the people will be overjoyed at the concept. I doubt seriously, especially after this, that the Republicans have a clue about the condition of Earth and the huge damage carbon emissions have done to the future of our children. But, hey, ya know if a political party wants to close the Department of Education who expects children to be needed in a world of drones.

I would expect DRONE TRUCKS on the highway would be powered by Cylinder Natural Gas. Why not? We could have no worries with drilling to create liquefaction of land where people will have to live if they have the water and food to live. The country would cheer beyond imagination to have a military to run water wars. Right?

The Bushs are still the Bushs and they will never have the answers for the USA. For China? Sure. India? Absolutely, but, India comes in a close second to China. But, for the USA? Never will happen. They hate people. They hate to pay people, they hate to manage people, they hate unions and most of all they hate to cater to the electorate.

I once heard a psychiatric speak once stating politicians are anti-social. She was discussing personality disorders. Her primary example was Richard Nixon. That was before the Bushs made it to power.

Oh, by all means let Jeb run. Absolutely. If the GOP thinks they have problems now, they won't believe the problems they will have with the next Presidential elections of 2016. Anthropologists can't fix this. This is completely wayward values and have no moral content.

There is no future for the USA if Jeb Bush ever makes it to the Oval Office. Promise. Forget it, they haven't got a clue. They wish drone trucks were the answer. They wish bioengineering can deliver them from the hell they created. They wish natural gas was the future. 


Start the conversation now. Keep it real and educate the country. Start and keep right on going.

They don't care people. They sincerely don't care. 30,000 child deaths a year rolls of their backs like water off a duck. They don't care. 30,000 child deaths for more than THIRTY YEARS ! Thirty years of domination of Republican priorities. 30,000 children deaths for 30 years. You mean to tell me no Republican bothered to know this was the outcome of their affiliation with the NRA? Give me a break.

How did the USA get to this place? 


No, by crony profits.
I can't believe FOX propagandized the outrage. But, that is the tabloid journalism to Murdoch. It is sort of like the head of "W" on a pole in another series.

Look, if there is any kind of resemblance it should not be tolerated. 

It is the President and President Obama is a wonderful man and leader of this country. 

While there is definitely a physical resembles there is not resemblance otherwise.

I think this is one of those 'paid for' ads that are inserted into a program. I guess anything goes on these days. I think it is political and intended. Whoever is responsible should be ashamed of the entire scandal and the ? chance ? occurrence.

Actually. There could be a resemblance to Murdoch. A brother by another mother.

Saturday an article in the Miami Herald was posted as a stunning tribute to local soldiers and their families that made the ultimate sacrifice.

We need to build walls across the USA to our children killed in gun violence. We don't give them tribute and they literally disappear from our mind's eye. Outside of every town hall there needs to be a wall of the fallen children in that city. Don't put it at the schools, that will simply raise fear among the children. Put it where legislators have failed to protect the innocent.

Do not allow the memorial to be put in an obscure place. Make every legislator walk past it on the way to meetings. If it is not possible, then reroute the sidewalks.

Sgt. Kevin McCulley stands in front of one panel in a monument at a U.S. base in Kirkuk, Iraq, bearing the names of more than 4,300 U.S. service members killed in the country since the 2003 U.S. invasion. Maya Alleruzzo / AP

Posted on Saturday, 03.16.13


For a moment, Hilda Ewing (click here) hoped that if she just didn’t open the door, if she didn’t let the officer in her home, somehow the news might be different. But as the knowing feeling of a parent washed over, Ewing stood facing the officer as he delivered the news that her eldest son, Army Pfc. Jeremy Ricardo Ewing, 22, was dead, one of eight soldiers killed in a Baghdad car bomb attack on April 29, 2004.
“I had a funny feeling earlier in the day, not really something I can explain,’’ says Ewing, 54, of Miami Gardens. “And I knew from watching television that when they come to the door, it’s never good news. I didn’t want to let them in because I didn’t want to hear what they had to say.’’...

Read more here:

Read more here:

A nationwide invitation from Michael Moore on the 10th anniversary of 'Bowling for Columbine."

"Bowling for Columbine," The Academy Award for Best Documentary (click here)

Join Me to Kick Off a Mass Movement Against Gun Violence From Your Living Room on Saturday, March 23rd (click here)

March 15th, 2013 6:12 PM
By Michael Moore

The response to my Newtown letter this week (click here) has been overwhelming. It is so very clear to everyone that the majority of Americans have had it with how we as a country have recklessly allowed the NRA and the gun manufacturers to get away, literally, with murder. 

That, right now, is going to come to an end. 

The "tipping point" against the gun madness has taken place because of the tragic slaughter of 20 little children in Connecticut. This time, the shock and horror didn't subside after a few weeks, as it did after the 30+ massacres since Columbine. This time we haven't been able to shake it from our collective consciousness. This time – and the NRA knows this – this time we the people aren't going to quiet down. We are demanding real action....
March 16th, 2013 9:42 PM

Hold Your Own 10th Anniversary 'Bowling for Columbine' House Party and Discussion! (click here)

The screening of 'Bowling for Columbine' begins at 
7:00 PM ET in New York City 
and runs 119 minutes. You may want to start watching it a little earlier, so that if you pause it at any point you'll finish at the same time as in New York.
There is going to be a discussion at in New York City for online access. (click here) So, please join the discussion on March 23rd, which is this coming Saturday. There will be a live discussion. To submit questions please do so (click here).
We need to believe we can change the face of gun violence in the USA forever. We can do this. We need to 'get there.'
Waxing Crescent Moon

35.1% lit

Moon meets Jupiter in St. Patrick's evening sky (click here)
by Johnny Horne

The planet Jupiter will appear very close to tonight’s waxing crescent moon after sunset this evening..
The pair may be obscured by clouds which are forecast to thicken by later today.

To the right is a screen shot from “Stellarium” showing the pair as they should appear at 8:30 PM tonight.

The star Ain in the constellation Taurus will shine just to the left of tonight’s 8:30 PM moon.