Sunday, May 16, 2010

It is all about Wall Street Dividends. Nothing else. The governments along the Gulf Coast could not care less about the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current either. Nope. Torpedoes.

The East Coast States need to flie suit against the federal government to act to close the hole by using teh USA Navy and its torpedoes.  They need to do that NOW.
Figure 1. The Loop Current flow northwards into the Gulf of Mexico. Every 6-11 months, a bulge in the current cuts off into a clockwise-rotating eddy that then drifts slowly west-southwestward towards Texas. Image credit: NOAA.
...Researchers tracking the spill say computer models show the black ooze may have already entered a major current flowing toward the Florida Keys, and are sending out a research vessel to learn more. William Hogarth, dean of the University of South Florida's College of Marine Science, told The Associated Press Sunday that one model shows that the oil has already the loop current, which is the largest in the Gulf. Hogarth said a second model shows the oil is 3 miles from the current — still dangerously close. The current also loops around to the East Coast....

Profit driven recklessness is provided a venue in the USA.  Good old capitalism is allowed every opportunity to return cash to profitees over the rights of citizens.  Doesn't matter the venue, the American people and their economy are disposable when it comes to lining the pockets of fat cats.

...There is hardly a silver lining to the Gulf oil spill. However, faculty members at FGCU see a heightened need for the type of research that could both prevent and clean up such an environmental catastrophe, as well as the trained professionals to carry that work out.

“The one thing to keep in mind is a lot of our former students are in the thick of it right now, out collecting samples for USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) and the Department of Environmental Protection,” said Darren Rumbold, associate professor and marine science program leader at FGCU. “Even small children right now seeing it on the news, seeing how it unfolds in the next few years, are probably going to be drawn into the environmental field. We certainly are going to need students trained in this science in the next few years.”...

It almost seems like April Fools to try to understand the next joke coming from BP, Transocean and Halliburton.  The Ship of Fools captian this time is Kent Wells.  How apropos.  Kent WELLS, as in oil wells.  Please give me some sanity soon !

So, Wells seems to think that they are making progress.  Really?  How is anyone to trust that estimation when BP and Mr. Wells completely LIED in their statements about the amount of oil coming out of the rupture?  Tell me that.  They were the folks with the video camera and they couldn't even make an educated guess from their 'Emergency Center.'  What good is any attempt at stopping the rupture from deluging the Gulf of Mexico with oil when the people attempting to stop it can't even estimate the 'discharge rate' correctly?

When is the USA going to stop being as stupid as the people at the BP Emergency Center?

Blind trust?  WHY????????

I have never witnessed such massive moronity in my life !  One simply has to ask the question, has ANYTHING worked to date, INCLUDING, the research that would have allowed this depth of drilling?


HOUSTON/GALLIANO, Louisiana (Reuters) - Energy giant BP reported a limited success at containing the oil that is gushing unabated into the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday but a skeptical U.S. government said it was "not a solution."
Reports of huge oil plumes in the Gulf, including one as large as 10 miles long, three miles wide and 300 feet thick, underscored the drama's gravity....

...The underwater operation used guided robots to insert a small tube into a 21-inch (53-cm) pipe, known as a riser, to funnel the oil to a ship at the surface.

"It's working as planned and we are very slowly increasing the rate that is coming from the riser tool up to the surface," BP senior executive vice president Kent Wells told reporters at BP's U.S. headquarters in Houston.
Not all of the oil was being trapped, however. Wells said it was too early to say how much had been siphoned....

....Preparations for a maneuver to inject mud into the well to stop the leak for good were ongoing and would be completed in seven to 10 days, Wells said. Undersea robots are preparing pipes and hoses around the well to pump up to 40 barrels (1,680 gallons) per minute of mud into the well.
BP's best near-term hope of stopping oil from pouring from the well is "kill mud," a heavy mixture of synthetic materials that technicians will attempt to shoot into the well to form a barrier to prevent oil and gas from escaping.
"Ultimately it is a winning game that we outpump the well," Wells said.
If the mud fails to seal the well, BP will try to inject golf balls, tire fragments...

...Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar issued a joint statement Sunday expressing caution about the effectiveness of the insertion tube.
"This technique is not a solution to the problem, and it is not yet clear how successful it may be," the statement said. "We are closely monitoring BP's test with the hope that it will contain some of the oil, but at the same time, federal scientists are continuing to provide oversight and expertise to BP as they move forward with other strategies to contain the spill and stop the flow of oil."

The effort was dealt a setback Friday night, when the frame holding the insertion tube shifted and prevented the surface vessel from connecting to it, said Doug Suttles, BP's chief operating officer for exploration and production....

We haven't heard from Jindal since May 7th and what a brilliant statement is was too.

Jindal Demands Boom For Delicate La. Coastline
Governor Meets With St. Bernard Parish Leaders Friday

POSTED: 7:06 pm CDT May 7, 2010
UPDATED: 7:50 pm CDT May 7, 2010

CHALMETTE, La. -- Gov. Bobby Jindal met with St. Bernard Parish leaders on Friday to try to save the Louisiana coastline.
The initial line of crude oil has reached parish waters, and more is expected to arrive next week.
Parish officials in St. Bernard Parish said they're not dealing with "what ifs" anymore. They said fishermen have been collecting lumps of oil from the water off the parish coast.
"We have oil in St. Bernard waters," President Craig Taffaro said. "We have oil now affecting the boundaries of St. Bernard Parish. We are now in more of an emergency mode than we were last week."
Parish officials said the ecosystem of Louisiana's coast is like a jigsaw puzzle. It's immensely complex and, if destroyed, it could potentially take some time to reassemble....

The Mississippi Governor Barbour, a Presidential hopeful and former lobbyist is more TYPICAL of the Southern Authoritarian, he rather just lie.  Rather than just trying to deny the emergency, Barbour should 'walk a mile' and ask oneself, "Why would I plan a vacation to Mississippi when in a matter of moments crude oil can completely destroy it?"  Just a thought.  I don't know if Barbour has thoughts, but, maybe someone can suggest it.

Barbour is criticizing the media for effecting the Mississippi economy.  I didn't think the media created the emergency.  At very best the media has been grossly downplaying all of this and even trying to play amateur oceanographer with a Mr. Wizard approach.  So, I think Barbour is simply venting.  You know, sort of like the rupture at the drill site.

Gov. Barbour: South Mississippi is open for business 

Posted: May 12, 2010 5:52 PM EDT
Updated: May 13, 2010 12:10 AM EDT

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - South Mississippi is open for business, there is no oil on South Mississippi shores or barrier islands and after three weeks very little has changed in the proximity of oil to Mississippi shores. That is the message Governor Haley Barbour gave at a media briefing Wednesday afternoon in Biloxi.
Barbour also took the national news media to task for reporting that, he says, is negatively impacting South Mississippi.

It would seem as though Alabama's Riley is the only one even close to being 'real' about this event.  He still is pandering to BP about the solution to this though.  It may be because they are all getting BP MONEY and are satisfied.  Money goes a long way to making cronies of  ineffective government.

Governor Bob Riley and members of his administration have spent much of the past two weeks in Mobile and Baldwin counties and remained in frequent and regular contact with federal, state and local officials throughout the oil spill crisis in the gulf.
Saturday saw Governor Riley back along Alabama’s coast for the ninth day of the previous 11 days. He and local mayors, county commissioners and legislators mapped out plans for use of the $25 million BP is providing the state. They agreed the funds will go to communities to help protect vulnerable areas along the coast.
On Friday, Governor Riley and Congressman Jo Bonner met with Admiral Thad Allen, commander of the Coast Guard’s efforts to fight the oil spill. The meeting was to provide the latest information on how weather systems are affecting the oil slick and how it might impact Alabama’s coast.