Friday, July 20, 2012

The Aurora Police are heroes. They saved lives.

No one in that room with the killer had a chance. The Aurora Police stopped him. They charged onto the scene without a second thought, without body armor and willing to put their own lives between the victims and the killer. They did all they could. 

There are people alive today because they acted. There was no warning, nothing they could do to prevent this. They saved lives. There can be no doubt about that. No one else did. The nation is grateful for their actions. They are brave beyond words. 

Rep. Louie Gomer is a genius. He complained about no one having a gun to stop the assault.

Right. Call me crazy, but, I doubt body armor is the choice of fashion these days. Besides, I hear the cleaning bill is more than a tank of gasoline.

...Holmes, (click title to entry - thank you) who had only a speeding ticket on his police record, was dressed in black with a gas mask, ballistic helmet, vest, throat guard and crotch guard, Oates said....

Besides, I hear the gunman had taken classes at the Louie Gomer School of Self Defense, so he was ready. No one else was, but, he had heard from the Gomer School that people in theaters should be armed.

That is why the gas canisters, by the way. To disable anyone in the theater that could stop him. He wanted those people victimized and at his mercy to kill them all. He wasn't taking prisoners.

The apartment has to be treated like a chemical explosion.

I doubt any assessment can be accurate. If there are chemical explosives in the apartment it has to be treated like a car bomb.

The chemicals are in a contained area until exploded and then they are airborne with a potential for a huge concussion.

I sincerely believe the apartment has to be ignited from above where an aircraft can target it and forget saving the building.

The people will have to be moved out of the area for some distance. I doubt anyone can get close enough with a remote controlled robot to be a safe distance.

I don't know what the construction of the building is or if there are other chemicals stored in the basement or any gas lines. I really don't see the police attempting to be heroes, as is their instincts. It can be determined that all people are out of the building and the area. 

The liquid chemicals are not known. How are they going to be contained? If airborne and are dangerous who knows what is going to happen. I can't believe this is even an issue. He set a trap to distract all authorities to a different emergency while he killed everyone he could find. He intended to get away, too and continue killing.

If he anticipated this explosion to be large enough to draw the police and emergency workers to its location so he could have an exclusive window of time in a multi-theater building, that apartment could be extremely dangerous to anyone responding to it. I don't know if any of it can be trusted. I don't know if anything he explains can be trusted. Put him on a lie detector.

Timed explosives from inside the apartment. So long as the bomb squad got into the window, timed explosives to ignite the chemicals can be put inside without turning the area into a war zone. I think the building is a loss, maybe the area. It is going to be interesting to realize a bomb squad can actually carry out disarming the disaster. 

There is probably no getting information from the gunman because of lawyers protecting his rights. If the explosion has to go forward it is not the government carrying out an act of war against citizens, it is the authorities seeking to protect citizens. There  is a huge difference. The gunman is the military man covered in body armor. Do National Guard have helicopter gunships?

Governor Jay Nixion (click title to entry - thank you) ordered the deployment of the ARMY for use in domestic applications. They also were sent with a Blackhawk and supplies. The 106th Assault Helicopter Battalion from Ft. Lenardwood, the 35th Combat Aviation Brigade, and the 1107th Theatre in Springfield will conduct missions within the U.S.

So when senseless killing occurred in Arizona the NRA stated extended clips were needed for people to defend themselves against gunmen with extended clips.

Now, I suppose with 71 people shot of which 12 are dead everyone in the nation is going to need a 100 round drum to defend themselves against gunmen with 100 round drums.


That is an invalid argument. The NRA has demonstrated over and over how human life is irrelevant to them. When is this idiocy and domination by so called "Freedom Rights Groups" going to stop? The country needs to protect their citizens from both zealous gunmen and freedom groups that seek to openly endanger citizens lives.

In Arizona it was one young girl, now there are two children. The NRA does not care about their lives, they care about the anti-government argument and a fantasy whereby citizens live in harmony balanced by equal munition authority in their lives.

It is a fantasy and Americans continue to die without restraint. The next thing we know our educational systems will be required to teach firearms and how to survive a zombie attack.

If Americans need 100 round drums, then they aren't living a civilized life, they are fighting a war designed by the NRA and fantasy land egos.

Children have their futures removed, parents dead and freedom groups like the NRA did NOTHING to stop them from losing their rights to pursue life, liberty and happiness. I have yet to witness anyone protect their lives with exchanges with a gun with extended clips or 100 round drums.

NRA is nothing more then perversion of the law and culture of the USA!

This is a 100 round drum for a glock.

I looked. I looked as hard as I could and there is no report of a family walking through a park anywhere in the USA or otherwise with their baby stroller and reporting they fended off an assault with this weapon.

I found no reports of anyone anywhere fending off attacks with an extended clip either. There are reports of women upholding the concept of extended breastfeeding, but, not extended clips to their guns while breastfeeding. 

These weapons are contradictory to our culture and there is nowhere they are required to insure life. Quite the contrary, where they MANIFEST, they kill innocent people. 

It doesn't sound as though Holmes acted alone. Who was this taking a phone call at the Exit door?

Aren't those doors locked from the outside to prevent people from getting in free to the movie? This just sound like Holmes acted alone.

If the police usually man the theaters, were they called away on an emergency or a distraction? I don't believe there was negligence, I believe whomever might be at the theaters would have been killed and not expecting an assault weapon. I would like to think the police were not there and it saved their lives to respond when the gunman turned loose his anger at innocent people. But, I can't help but wonder if the police were called away from the theater for a reason and it could have been a faux report to remove them from that area. It was midnight, though and it could have been shift change. It just seems to coincidental the way this came together in a well thought out plan.

Corbin Dates told Petersen he saw a man take a phone call by the emergency exit and possibly try to signal or look for somebody during the movie's opening credits. After the movie started, the emergency exit door swung open.
"Somebody walks in dressed all in black, helmet, gas mask, black outfit, you cannot see anything but the person's eyes," said Dates, "and there was a gas can that was thrown into the audience behind me. It went off. I thought it was a stunt of the movie, so I didn't think anything serious of it once it went off."
When gunshots went off, Dates and his friend dropped to the floor and started to crawl through the theater, he said.
"I felt the caps from the bullets burn my leg," Dates said.
William Kent, who was in an adjacent theater, said bullets came through the wall but with the action on screen, people didn't realize what was happening....

The guns find their way into the hands of crazy people far too easily. People could have thought it was part of the show.

 "The Dark Knight" took the lives of innocent people during the hours of dark when it was a dark night. It was a New Moon last night. Demented. People are demented.

AURORA, Colo. (AP) – A gunman opened fire early Friday (click title to entry - thank you) at a suburban Denver movie theater, leaving 14 people dead and at least 50 others injured, Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said.

The violent and chaotic scene erupted about 12:30 a.m. MT as a gunman stood at the front of one of the Century 16 theaters at the Aurora Mall where the latest Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises was playing, police said.

"Witnesses tell us he released some sort of canister. They heard a hissing sound and some gas emerged and the gunman opened fire," Oates said at a news conference....

There isn't anything 'usual/normal' about the shape of that backpack.

Stopping him is an entirely different story. He has control. Even when authorities realize there is a good chance there is a bomb in the backpack, how do you stop him? It would have to be stun gun or something that paralyzes, but, what happens when he loses control of his hands and falls to the ground? 

It is a very difficult situation. 

Police would have to clear an area around him and then seek to paralyze him and let it happen. If he is successfully stopped and the bomb hasn't gone off then the approach has to be cautious. It would mean bomb squads have to adapt an entire protocol to deal with it. And if the authorities are wrong and the man is innocent, then what? 

Personally, I don't see him as innocent even if he is and it would have to be recognized as a mistake with no charges if authorities are mistaken. It is illegal search and seizure. But, when it comes to public safety that sort of thing goes on. I would think dogs roaming the concourse would solve the problem as well. But, it would only alarm the bomber if the dogs were brought in and not simply patrolling as a standard measure. 

I really think dogs would be effective. If they were present on a regular basis, it would act as a preventative as well as an intervention. But, the dogs would have to have a subtle signal to alert their handler. Nothing that an ordinary person could discern as a signal.

That level of hatred is unknown to me. To kill oneself in order to kill others. What did he think he was going to accomplish by killing so few people? We come back to Anders Breivik again. Young people travel by bus a lot. These self righteous idiots think they are Hitler and can wipe out entire populations if only there are enough of them. 

That is pure stupidity. 

One has to wonder what goes on in the mind of a man ready to kill himself to achieve a goal. Life is not about living to fight in honest political wars to achieve what is best for a society? They need a political platform with an honest debate. They don't stop to realize the reason they can cause harm to others is because there government is one of freedom? 

They are demented. They are demented by the 'idea' of personal power. They can achieve the ultimate ideological definition of their life. There is no mental health in that. Ideological goals are not those of freedom or democracy. A democracy is about community. The goals of a society as expressed through choices of the majority. They are demented by fear of their own ideas of losing identity within a democracy. 

Crazy. That is crazy.