Wednesday, March 02, 2011

How many Wisconsin Public Employees and High School Football Teams are fans of The Green Bay Packers?

The Badger State's Governor Walker and the Republican majorities in the Wisconsin House and Senate place NO collective bargaining limits on the NFL !

For the NFL, (click here) the country’s most popular and most lucrative sport, there’s only one thing certain right now.
There will be a draft on the days of April 28-30, collective bargaining agreement or no collective bargaining agreement.
The deadline for the NFL and its players to come to an agreement is just hours away (Thursday at 11:59 p.m.), and while the cynicism surrounding that actually happening rages on, there’s still no reason to panic just yet....

They might want to ask themselves the LAST TIME they could afford a ticket to a game and if they'll be able to in the future?

Wisconsin's J.J. Watt moving up draft boards  (click here)

PUBLISHED Monday, Feb 28, 2011 at 12:07 pm EST

There are plenty of fine defensive line prospects from the Big Ten working out the NFL Scouting Combine on Monday, including Purdue's Ryan Kerrigan and Iowa's Adrian Clayborn.
The one perhaps making the biggest impact, however, is Wisconsin's J.J. Watt. After watching Watt (6-5, 290) run the 40-yard dash in 4.78 seconds, NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock called him the "prototype" for a five-technique defensive end.

Longer season?  Massive wage cuts?  Will that bring back the 'affordable' ticket?  Do theNFL players and the Wisconsin public employees actually have anything in common? 

February 28, 2011

Wisconsin: Packers Back the Protesters

After a thirty-year erosion of power, influence, and numerical strength, a period of reckoning has arrived for organized labor, and the terms of the debate couldn’t be starker. It’s not wages or benefits that are being negotiated in the twenty-first century. It’s whether labor unions—and the basic protections they bring—will exist at all.
This can be seen dramatically in the two most high-profile labor disputes in the country, disputes that on their face couldn’t seem more different. There are the public-sector workers of Wisconsin—the teachers, ambulance drivers, and child-care workers—trying to fend off Governor Scott Walker’s efforts to legislate them out of existence. Then there are the N.F.L. players, facing an imminent lockout if they don’t accept massive wage cuts and a longer season.
It seems almost comical to compare the two: after all, in Wisconsin, public-sector workers are attempting to defend decent-paying jobs that they can keep for decades and then retire with a sense of security. In the N.F.L., the Players Association is attempting to defend lucrative careers that last on average three and a half years, have a hundred per cent injury rate, and will statistically result in death twenty years earlier than the typical American male....

The 'players' in the public employee sector are being asked to GIVE UP THEIR COLLECTIVE BARGAINING RIGHTS, the players in the NFL are being asked to take wage cuts and provide for a longer season? 

Is that the same?


Would Walker expect the NFL players to give up their collective bargaining rights?  Heck no.  Then what heck is this?

It is easy for the Players Union to figure out if they will benefit by having more fans able to attend a game by accepting lower wages and extending their season.  That is a no brainer.  But, would they ever expect their sacrifice, if they need to deliver that, for their fans be met with a lower standard of income and therefore 'standard of living' resulting in poor attendence anyway?

We may see the Players come out with a compromise that will bring salaries down.  They may even extend the playing season.  But, what realistically are they expecting in return?  I would expect they will expect greater exposure for their fans and therefore make up any of their lost incomes with the sale of 'sport souveniers' and fan enrollment along with fan enjoyment.

Is that going to occur if they make these sacrifices?  Will their fans actually be able to buy tickets to their extended home games with lower ticket prices?  Will the fans actually have lower ticket prices after their Players accept these agreements or will their fans be no better off and this will only deliver higher revenues to the owners and investors?

It is understandable how the Players back the Protesters.  In many, many ways they have a lot in common.  But, if the protesters lose their fight and the players lose their fight, does that bring them any closer together?

NO !!!

Unions and their contracts are important and translates into huge dynamics.


There is NO bi-partisanship in the House of Representative EXCEPT on a 'temporary basis.'

Majority Speaker 'Boner' failed to bring a 'realistic' bill to the Senate to facilitate the smooth operation of the USA Government.  Now that they face a government shut-down due to their extremist agenda and inability to lead they have to generate a TEMPORARY SPENDING MEASURE. 
The U.S. House of Representatives (click title to entry - thank you) passed a resolution on Tuesday to fund the federal government for two more weeks to avoid a government shutdown...

Are we surprised the mannequins can't lead?


President Obama has had economic stability and measurable recovery without interruption.  UNTIL NOW!

Read the fine print below:

When elected representatives are placed in office based on lies and rhetoric and then demanded to vote on that basis to enforce 'their standard' with 'their base' bad things happen to REAL PARADIGMS.

Embargoes on Libyan oil have to come from outside the country.


Libya Supply Disruption Could Push Oil to $130: Official (CLICK TITLE TO ENTRY - THANK YOU)

The 'idea' that Wesetern governments would actually succumb to weaknesses in oil availability is idiocy and fear mongering by the Plutocrats of Wall Street.  We will not compromise the principle of peace for 'the fear' of oil prices.  This is a method the plutocrats have used to oppress these people and we will not tolerate it!

The United Nations needs to institute and enforce an embargo on Libyan oil exports until the Gadhafi government stops their violence against peaceful citizens.

I call on OPEC and the peaceful leaders within it to see the value of their decisions in realizing Libya can no longer participate.

I ask Russia to rally to humanity and realize Western Plutocrats cannot dominate global peace and stable political states.  Russia should consider increasing their petroleum availability in alliance with OPEC.

Assist in the stability of global recovery and economic stability as the people of the Middle East choose peace over oppression.

Gadhafi has turned a peaceful resistance into a violent civil war. 'That tone' is giving permission to jihadists in Pakistan.

"The Call to Violence" is what the global community wants to stop in the Middle East. 

...The Taliban (click title to entry - thank you) claimed responsibility for the attack, and warned against changes to the blasphemy law....

Of course the Taliban take responsiblity, they RULE through violence and strong violence and control of women.  Why wouldn't they do this?

The 'power' of violence in the Middle East has to end.  It has brought the populations of their citizens down to far lower 'age majorities' than is witnessed anywhere else in the world.  Jihadists and violent regimes are NOT a choice any longer.

Libya needs a 'No Fly Zone' and UNFORTUNATELY the USA is among the nations that can enforce it.

The protests started in peaceful opposition.  Those are the people we want leading in the Middle East.  Not manacle leaders that kill THEIR OWN to achieve their comforts and status.  Does the global community want leaders that are lavished by violence or by their people?

The 'best' of the Middle East leads having consent by the global community and have been men such as The Kings of Jordan.  The reason President Mubarak 'abdicated' his power was because he was not a man of violence before justice.  If the people want to freeze assets and investigate corruption they have a right to do that, but, Mubarak could never be brought up on War Crimes.  The Saudi Princes and Kings cannot either.  But, Gadhafi has a long history of inspiring violence to attempt control even past his borders. 

There are clear choices to be made by the global community.  The people of the Middle East need sponsors.  Unfortunately, the United Nations has to be their sponsor as they are literally helpless to do it themselves as witnessed in Libya.  Gadhafi's son states, "We live in Libya and we will die in Libya."  That is extremism at its best.  The Gadhafis need to find out they will not be tolerated in their extremism, their injustice to their people and while they may die for their crimes, they may NOT die in Libya but in an excution chamber after standing judgement.

The global community, including citizens from around the world through social media have been having dialogue with their brothers and sisters of the Middle East, it is time to provide the peace and stability we all want for them.  The peace and stability they want for themselves.  The better stand of living they need and want to thrive.

The 'idea' is outrageous that a dedication to peace through university principles has been 'offered' in the past by global leaders to other nations' mind trusts only to have it destroyed by extremists and weapons.  If the global community is open to hosting 'methods of peace' to impoverished leaders, then the 'idea' it can be used against them and the people of those nations has to end.  At some time, the 'investment' the global community has made to bring peace, stability and prosperity to other nations has to take precedent to a 'world view.'  The 'idea' that democratic principles are only for the wealthy, the liberated and The West is outrageous.  The world can no longer be oppressed by fear of liberation.  This is the next venue of global peace and we have to reach for it.  The people of the Middle East long for it and we have to provide them with the chance they need to be guaranteed their dedication to those values.  Allowing violence to rule a people in oppression is completely disgusting. 

Economic paradigms be damned !

The RNC does not know how to elected leaders, only inelastic mannequins.

Democrats across the spectrum look at the people in relationship to their choices when antiquated thinking Republicans are elected and shake their heads in amazment.  That has not been truer in the year 2010.

Like what happened?

The election of the new RNC chair and the events in Wisconsin should be a real key for Democrats to 'get to know' the methodologies of the RNC.

If I may?

Imagine having the job of electing the plutocrats 'man in control.'  After all do plutocrats like to make investments in unknown outcomes?  Rarely.

What if there was a political party with guaranteed outcomes?  So much so that nearly every election has the same set of values regarding the reality of the country.  Wouldn't any plutocrat have the confidence in laying down monies on the outcome?  And not only that but invest in their own messages to the electorate that will guarantee a 'value system' that is electable every election?  What is better for a plutocrat with billions riding on the outcome of Wall Street everyday than guaranteed outcomes regardless of the apparent ricks, including bailouts guaranteed by fear in losing jobs and economic dynamics?

Not bad, huh? 

That is what the RNC brings to the USA and why they win elections REGARDLESS of the facts or reality of the country.  Quite literally, the 'mind think' of the USA revolves around them and why they have to master 'the message' and 'enforce it.

Today in Wisconsin is a State House and Governor unable to make concessions regardless of the demands of their electorate because of their allegience to the RNC outcomes they are suppose to guarantee.

The new RNC chair elected Republican majorities across the board in Wisconsin because his candidates were completely ineleastic in their 'belief systems' and would guarantee the outcomes of the election standard  'on election day.'  The same phenomena is noted in the obstructionists in the Senate and the current House majority.  They are UNABLE to lead because they simply don't know how to do anything except win elections and vote to guaranteed standards.

No, they didn't take a pledge or sign a commitment.  That would be poison to their elections.  What they did do was to 'commit' themselves to a value system that works to get them elected but not governor.  Scott Walker is known for his inelastic policies and his rigid value systems for public policies.  He is not a leader, he is a good poster boy.

The really scary part is that these people sincerely don't know how to lead, don't understand the dynamics of leadership and cause contraction in decision making when they are in majorities.  Those contractions in decision making in a public venue guarantee the plutocrats their revenues.  Go ahead and ask them if the country goes to hell in a handbasket so long as they have exactly what they bargained for in every election outcome.  Go ahead.  Ask them if they 'play to' a value system that is electable and consistent regardless the outcome to the country or a state or a constituency.  Some of them are fast talkers, but, most of the time they simply see such questions as an opportunity to 'stay on message.'

In the USA, when it comes to being a Republican Candidate all you have to do is 'stay on message' no matter how bizarre that message might be.

It is hysterical to watch conservative commentators criticize the President and wonder why he 'went off message' or 'missed an opportunity to connect with voters.'  They haven't got a clue as to what sincere leadership and critical decision making should look like.  Perhaps they should begin to learn what a real leader is all about and how critical decisions are made when they observe the President, his cabinet and staff. 

Scott Walker is no more Presidential material than the Man in the Moon, but, every Republican across the country is seeking to 'play the tune' he dictates.  One has to wonder if a Republican sincerely understands choice at all.  Their beloved market place is supposed to be mired in all kinds of choices, but, that usually comes along with intense ad campaigns.
The democracy in Wisconsin is in the hands of fourteen Democrats that love their state, their people and the values of freedom and fiscal responsibility.  Stand behind them, it is the only chance Wisconsin has for at least a year to achieve sincere freedom in the work place.

To the right is the 'basic' RNC mannequin, make your choice.


Should I say, "Paint your wagon."