Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Well, I'll be darn, the state that has three times more gun deaths than the national average, has 80% of the cost of the Louisiana population on medicaid paid by the federal government, had the largest oil spill in the history of the country, does it again.

How many died this time? Is Jindal awake? He might want to do something now.

MOBILE, Ala. (AP) -- Firefighters from Mobile, Ala., (click here) and U.S. Coast Guard crews are responding to explosions and a fire on two fuel barges in the Mobile River.
Mobile Fire and Rescue officials tweeted Wednesday night that two natural gas barges exploded and three people were hospitalized. Information on the extent of their injuries was not immediately available.
Video from WALA-TV ( shows flames engulfing a large section of the barge. The news station reports the barge is on the east side of the river.
U.S. Coast Guard Petty Ofc. Carlos Vega said officials were on their way to the scene.
The cause of the explosion was not immediately clear....

I understand Jindal is refusing the Medicaid offered by the Affordable Care Act. I don't know why, he receives 80% funding already, may as make it 100% unless of course he has decided to actually raise taxes on the petroleum industry to help pay for it.

I want Louisiana to pay for the time and materials of the USA Coast Guard that responds to their emergencies. It can start with the BP Deep Horizon Gulf Oil Spill and work forward from there. Louisiana gets a lot of services out of the US Coast Guard. It is time for them to carry some of the cost because these accidents are pure negligence by the state and local authorities.

I want to know when the US Attorneys are going to begin prosecution of state officials in the cases of negligence causing these emergencies where there is loss of life, including, West Texas. Companies aren't suppose to have to VOLUNTEER to provide safe working conditions.
The White House has noted this is National Park Week.

Enjoy the National Parks, its free on lands that belong to all of us.

Celebrate National Park Week! (click here)

Saturday, April 20th was the first day of National Park Week – an annual tradition celebrating, enjoying and giving back to our country’s great natural and cultural landscapes. For the next five days, parks across the country will waive their entrance fees to provide free access to thousands of miles of trails and coastlines, as well as battlefields, archeological sites and waterways. With spring now in full swing, National Park Week is a great opportunity to dust off your bicycle or sneakers, grab some healthy snacks and a water bottle and get moving outside.
You don’t have to be an outdoor expert or live near an iconic park to enjoy the broad network of national parks across the country. Some of the most treasured and well-used parks are located in and around America’s major cities, including San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis, Miami, San Antonio, Baltimore – and right here in Washington, D.C....

If Conspiracy Theories are a political directive, then educate the public and remove credibility of those that lie.

This You Tube video illustrates the confusion regarding the explosion at the West, Texas fertilizer plant. Given the fact his plant was so dangerous, the town should have had a mindfulness that tragedy could happen there and to never approach the area of the plant if there was ever smoke or fire. That is not what happened in West, Texas. The people became alarmed and moved toward the smoke out of ignorance and curiosity placing themselves in greater danger than moving away into safer areas of the town. That scenario has been noted on far more than this occasion, even among people belonging to the school system. So the profound ignorance of the town is criminal at this point.

What also has occurred as a result is an anti-government film which manipulates the images of the video of the fire ball noted at the blast. The video states the fire balls were from a missile fired at the fertilizer plant. All those theories prey on people's lack of knowledge.

Lack of knowledge surrounded this event. It still surrounds the event. People are still confused although there have finally been some lawsuits filed. The fact of the matter is there should be manslaughter charges filed against the management of the fertilizer plant. To date there is not one arrest. Not that I am aware of.

This tragedy was completely preventable. It should never have happened. The way right wing governments in the USA allow the people to control their naivety about the actual science is to honor the conspiracy theories floated that explain why there is never responsibility rendered. Justice remains elusive because the truth is never admitted.

There are currently 14 deaths attributed to the explosion. There should have already been arrests made, but, there are none. As long as a government ignores the brevity of the deaths of citizens allowing them to be under or uneducated about the dangers within their own lives; there is going to be populous conspiracy theories. 

It has been my experience, conspiracy theories are not uncommon in minority communities. I might add THE POOR is a minority in the USA regardless of race. I remember hearing the words from a well educated minority man spoken to another minority person in the community outspoken about a local theory, "Someday, perhaps it will be known." he stated.

People believe the worst about their government for many reasons. They rarely believe the worst about their governments for the right reason in the case of right wing government structures. In this case; why haven't they arrested the people that permitted these conditions? West, Texas and the State of Texas and the West Texas Fertilizer Plant will spread around sympathy and money so the excitement goes away. The poor will be somewhat better off because of the misfortune.

Allowing people to exist in ignorance when a society can 'do better' and provide integrity instead of conspiracy is a political calculation. That in itself is criminal, but, I have yet to know of any arrests for racketeering to allow corruption and symbiotic relationships between the power brokers.

If the media wants people to regain their integrity, they might try to actually spend time with them to bring information rather than selling sensationalism to them. In the meantime, I'll keep writing and hoping that enough anger exists and is growing against the Right Wing media to actually believe his man wants more than money from the message of his sign.

More definitions for the Assault Weapons Ban Amendment

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Due to the recent changes in 2nd Amendment laws that are pending or currently enforced by states across the country, the J&T Family of Companies which includes J&T Distributing, DoubleStar Corp., Ace Limited, and the DoubleStar Training Academy has been forced to reassess our policies regarding government and law enforcement sales. Effective immediately, the J&T Family of Companies will be joining other manufacturers and distributors by ceasing sales of regulated items in states that have altered the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms.
The JTFOC will no longer sell prohibited items to law enforcement agencies or any government agencies in states, counties, cities, and municipalities that have enacted restrictive gun control laws against their law abiding citizens.  We hope other companies will join us with their support.  We applaud those already involved with this effort to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.
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More tomorrow. Thank you for your interest.
Updated: Apr 24, 2013 2:39 PM EDT

New Orleans, LA -A strong line of storms (click here) swept through the New Orleans area around noon, cutting power to many homes and bringing damaging winds and street flooding.
Entergy's web site showed 36,000 homes without power in Jefferson and Orleans - 24,000 in Jefferson and 12,000 in Orleans.
Winds in excess of 50 miles per hour were reported in some areas and some windows were blown out in cars in Metairie. There was some damage also in Kenner.

4 hours ago

Heavy rain, lightning and a severe weather warning (click here) have disrupted Wednesday's Pro-Am event at the PGA Tour's Zurich Classic, (click here) briefly forcing players and fans to take shelter in the TPC Louisiana clubhouse.
Authorities briefly evacuated the course and temporary tents while the worst weather passed the New Orleans area.
For about a half hour, the clubhouse restaurant and pro shop were jammed. Some players retreated to the locker room. But others, including Jeff Overton and 14-year-old Guan Tianlang, remained in the dining area where some fans approached for a brief chat or handshake.
The tents have been reopened, but steady rain has caused a lengthy disruption to the charity Pro-Am.
Officials say the 10-year-old course drains well is expected to be playable for Thursday's first round.

Five people dead in family killing. Six year old girl hospitalized.

Yellow tape in American neighborhoods. Quite a legacy for the gun culture in the USA.
1 hour ago  •  
Illinois State Police say two women, one man and two young boys (click here) were found shot to death at a home in a small town.
A sixth person, a 6-year-old girl, was taken to a hospital.
State Police Lt. Col. Todd Kilby said the suspected gunman took the girl out of the Manchester residence and handed her to a neighbor. Manchester Mayor Ronald Drake says the suspected gunman was his nephew.
The suspect later died after a car chase and gunfire exchange with police.
The suspect was identified as 43-year-old Rick Smith of rural Morgan County.
Police said he entered the home through a back door. They say two victims were found in one bedroom, two in another bedroom and an adult male in a hallway....

It is a political document at the expense of the USA Treasury. The report is focused on a prospective Presidential hopeful and does not include the US House's responsibility in cutting the funding of the nation's national security.

Secretary Boner's Interim Report about Benghazi. (click here)

While the USA was still at war, in 2010, Congressional Republicans set their sites on government spending. As a result every Executive Branch Cabinet Department was issued cuts in spending. The State Department was one of them. The cuts to security in Libya were established by the Congress, not the Secretary of State.

The cuts to the nation's security continues under "The Sequester" furthering the dangers to our diplomatic missions. So, the Republicans need to step up to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for the increased dangers to our national security.

This report was directed to be done by the House Speaker. Basically, "Go ahead and spend the bucks and travel to place far and wide to nail it down so we have a better 2014 election and a shot at 2016."

From Page 4 "...The Committees paid particular attention to investigating allegations receiving public attention after the attacks and associated findings are included in the report...."

Populous politics. This is a waste of money and a dangerous practice. It could ultimately even cause war if populous opinion is raised to a prominence in official documents. These reports are suppose to be based in factual evidence without priority to political populism. Additionally, this is now precedence that could require every citizen with a question have it answered through a US House Committee costing trillions over time.

The USA has about 150 embassies around the world. What is happening to the rest of them because of cuts to their budgets by the Republican political fervor topic of MONEY to win elections?

This report also seeks to blame President Obama for not micromanaging the activities of the Libya mission. That is not remotely appropriate, adds to the political directive of the report. The Speaker and the Committees need review for ethics violations.

They spent taxpayer money for this junk! I suppose their excuse is that it is an Interim Report. Releasing an interim report is a politically strategic plan to 'get it right' in the final report. They want to know what they can get away with for 2014 and 2016.

Give me a break, this Committee report lead by Issa wanted President Obama to anticipate attacks on September 11th and DO SOMETHING more than self-defense. I suppose President Obama was suppose to attack the Libyan people first. He wanted APPROPRIATELY deployed military assets to have been stationed to defend embassies. If military assets were appropriately deployed what difference would it have been to tell them to 'defend diplomatic facilities' RATHER THAN 'self - defense.' Did I miss something in those semantics? Is "self-defense" not "defending?" I mean the only other possibility is aggression and not self-defense.

It is amazing the chaos Republicans seek to cause in manipulating language. The Speaker needs to ask for a Congressional Conference to share information between the House and the Senate and at least look competent enough to discern political hazing of the Executive Branch.

At this point the House Committees seem to focused on their political agenda for the interim report and come to conclusions. At this point I don't know if they actually used good information available to them. I suggest the Senate Committees issue a comprehensive report so the House Speaker has a compare and contrast of their focus. I can't believe I am wishing Boner finished the eighth grade.

The Interim Report deliberately seeks to divide the response to Benghazi into Democratic and Republican values. 

Page 6: 

During the attacks: ...U.S. security teams on the ground in Benghazi exhibited extreme bravery...Department of Defense and military personnel reacted quickly to the attacks in Benghazi... But, they needed orders to defend and not simply self-defense. Those are attempts at pure confusion of the facts for political gain and what to include in this Interim Report to enhance their political prowess. This report is not credible.

After the attacks: In this report it is stated the intelligence agencies were spot on. Therefore, the intelligence talking points would have been as spot on. But. While Secretary Rice used the talking points of the intelligence services: The administration willfully perpetrated a deliberately misleading and incomplete narrative that the attacks evolved from a political demonstration caused by a You Tube video. So, the Speaker's commissioned Committees states the intelligence agencies are good, but, the UN Ambassaor is bad. Got it.

The Interim Report contains too much subjective information. Issa's leadership does not set definitions and/or standards for their statements.

Example: "...Email exchanges during the interagency process (modified to protect classified information) do not reveal any concern for protecting classified information. What criteria did the Committees use to determine concern for classified information. Did the Administration have to use the words, "...we are concerned for classified information..." or did they have to use the words, "...define classified information so we know what words to use.". This report is worthless and I refuse to spend any more time on it.

If the Republicans are trying to impeach President Obama and malign Secretary Clinton, they have a long way to go. Those hanging their hats on this report for 2014 or 2016 have a high rate of failure to achieve their goals.

Based on this Interim Report the final report's title should be: "Kudos to everyone with all the funding they needed, except, for two people namely dim witted President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton."

National Bake Sale announced by "No Kin Hungry"

No child should grow up hungry in America, but more than 16 million children – that’s one in five – struggles with hunger. Nearly half of all people who use the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP or food stamps) are kids. ...

Change Dot Org has a petition worth signing.

4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay
will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.
5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the
same health care system as the American people....

Kimmel clearly illustrates how lies work well to win approval. Sometimes issues are just too much to think about.

Posted by Chris Cillizza and Sean Sullivan 
April 23, 2013 at 6:30 am

Almost as many people (47 percent) (click here) approve of how Bush handled his eight years in office as disapprove (50 percent), according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. That’s the highest approval rating for Bush since December 2005.... 

...Bush’s biggest gains over the past few years have come among seniors (30 percent approval in 2008, 57 percent approval today), non-college whites (34 percent in 2008, 57 percent now) and moderate/conservative Democrats (10 percent in 2008, 33 percent now). 

Who hasn’t changed their views of Bush? African Americans (90 percent disapproval in 2008, 84 percent disapproval now) and Democrats (90 percent disapproval in ’08, 73 percent now)....

Be afraid, be very afraid.