Sunday, March 08, 2015

The NEW Democratic Party.

There is great opportunity for the Democratic Party to have the economic answers for the younger generations in our country. 

These generations have sincere problems and they primarily stem from hideous student loan debt. They came out of college to a collapsed job market. Their entire generation has too many problems with debt that there simply is no opportunity to own their own futures. That is a huge problem and one that includes national security.

The priorities articulated from Republicans is more of the same and that translates into recession, loss of forward movement by the economy and a return to poverty and a shrinking Middle Class. We can't afford to let that happen.

Earlier this week I posted a graph about the impact of the governorship of Scott Walker on Wisconsin. The Wisconsin trend is small, but, it is persistent. This is the Republican policies at work. 

I want Democrats to think just a little differently now in that let's say Scott Walker and his economic trend continues forever, what occurs?

The South occurs. If Wisconsin is allowed to wallow in the trends of it's present Governor eventually austerity will implode any economic trend, minimize the state government and create a permanently impoverished state such as Alabama or Mississippi.

The problem with Southern states is their entrenched poverty. The political culture dictates tax cuts and minimizing government. 

The impoverishment of people and their economy doesn't happen immediately, it happens over time as the residuals are tapped within any state treasury. Tapping financial residuals was the sole ambition of the "W" White House. That administration wanted to remove any amount of dollars from any reserve in the government and call it an efficient use of government. The practice delayed the potential to increase taxes and was a false front to the economic tragedy on the way.

The Dems have to establish themselves as the party that can provide promise to the people in real and measurable ways. Every Democrat needs to understand the Middle Class economy of President Obama and embrace it as the best option for the people of the USA. 

I might point out, that the political social agenda of the Democrats is coming full circle under President Obama. Women and minorities are finding their footing economically and in influence to their own lives and esteem. We needed to have President Obama in the White House to move the country forward. The country can't afford the impoverished policies of the Republicans. 

The LGBT Community is becoming better established as fully entitled to the USA laws and experience. I am confident Same Sex Marriage across the USA is only a short time away. 

The Democrats have a lot of work to do yet. There are issues regarding the disabled of the USA and their funds and why it is not a give away program so much as one that is necessary to those in our country sincerely cast into a physical state that is not conducive for work. SSI, Medicare and Medicaid are vital programs. Recently, the Children's Health Insurance Program was questioned to it's effectiveness in protecting American children from poor health and disease. How many children aren't receiving vaccines because their families can't afford it?

The Democrats have to remain viable and provide the footing for minorities, women and children. When the work is done we will have a functional democracy as was intended by the Founders.

The difference of Milleniums from Gen X is a quandry for the Democrats.

March 7, 2015
By Erin Udell

...Jerod Anderson (click here) is remembering a groovy little coffee shop that no longer exists.
"They used to grind their own beans and everything," he said, standing outside The Town Pump and pointing across College Avenue to the coffee shop's former digs — now home to Rocket Fizz candy store.
"They just couldn't make it," he said. "... Mom and pop shops can't afford to be here anymore."
"You just can't be in Old Town anymore unless you've got fat stacks," he said.
Rents are on the rise for Old Town businesses, says Ed Stoner, a local real estate expert and president of the property management company Old Town Square Properties....

Millennials were born from 1983 to the year 2000. They are the ones left out of the job market when the global economic collapse occurred. They have developed a way of looking at their world from the stand point of 'creating' the world they live in and pass on to their children. 

There are changes in their world where autonomy defeats dependency that takes on the character of purchasing real estate rather than renting as has been the practice of many since the economic collapse. Kindly recall, this is matching a trend noticed by the Chairwoman of The Fed. 

Chairwoman (she is actually referred to as Chairman) Yellen has stated young adults need to stop living with family and get back into the housing market. It looks as though it might happen in communities being pressured to increase rents for commercial and residential properties.

...For a small, independent store that has a limited amount of earning potential, Ben Mozer, owner of the Lyric Cinema Cafe, says he thinks these price hikes might lead to more chains popping up in Old Town — where he's run his little independent movie theater for the past eight years....

We know for a fact the small business sector of the USA is it's backbone economy. That sector recovered quicker and had far less failures than any other sector of the USA economy post 2008. It would be very bad for the USA economy to dissolve it's growing small business sector because Wall Street can purchase property and/or pay the higher rents. We have been here before. That is how the USA found itself at the mercy of Wall Street in the first place and a minimum wage that can't support a single person yet alone a family.

The Millennials want to move into land and buildings they own. They want to maintain their solvency, too. The Obama Administration should seek to provide every opportunity for these young people to move into owning real estate rather than simply be pushed out of neighborhoods because they can't afford the rent anymore.

When rents and purchase prices become too high for Americans to purchase and maintain that is when foreign entities push Americans into settling for a mediocre life lacking promise for the future and their children. These young people need Democrats like Senator Elizabeth Warren to be their champion at every turn of their lives. They are a creative generation that took on the challenge of creating their own lives out of the Wall Street scrapheap of 2008. They need a champion and guardian in the federal government that maintains their financial viability and sovereign right to be Americans on their terms. 

They are an important group of voters and they tend to lean on Libertarian values to find their way forward from 2008. But, they haven't been faced with this new monster of corporate takeover before. They just might find their own methods betraying them; as they created popularity as a marketing tool which raised the rents due to their success. 

Local governments need to pay attention to any movement of established business and residents out of very profitable areas that were built by the local talent. Those highly profitable areas can be taken over by Wall Street businesses only to repeat the mistakes of 2008. 

This is the first time local governments have a partnership with the success of their businesses and they need to continuously nurture the small independent businesses to prevent another hideous dynamic to sink salaries of employees and remove value from land and buildings. 

The Millennials have personalized their lives as a success story and they need to be protected. That is the challenge before any government, local or otherwise. If the small business owned their property, when the prices went up because of the success they grew, their equity for future expansions are already guaranteed to them. 

The Break Out is more or less dependent on the amount of "uranium gas" stocks within Iran's management.

...A bigger worry.  

While reducing Iran’s enrichment capacity is not necessary, it is, however, very important to reduce the amount of enriched uranium residing in Iran. According to a September, 2014, paper by Frank von Hippel and Alex Glaser of Princeton University, Iran currently has more than 5 metric tons of low-enriched uranium hexafluoride gas, also known as “uranium gas”—and only about 1.3 metric tons is needed to provide the enriched uranium feedstock for a first nuclear weapon. In a breakout scenario, cylinders of this enriched uranium gas could first be rapidly spirited away from Natanz and Fordow to unknown, hidden facilities, where they would be immune from military attack, and then used to at least triple the rate of production of bomb material....

So, there you have it. While the media likes to confuse the issue of the negotiations with Iran because they don't understand "Sh&$%$#T" about the technical issues, there are those that do understand. 

There are several MEASURABLE quantities that will satisfy the negotiations. The agreement is not so much a secret when the public can understand what the words are looking like to the agreement. The agreement will be enforceable and it will be clear to the capacity of Iran's nuclear program. 

Iran is a signator to the Non-proliferation Treaty. The world values that treaty and we expect Iran to live within the words of that treaty. They are not allowed to have a military capacity in their nuclear program. It is the hope of most every government that any other country with military nuclear capacity will move away from it to insure their people are not in the crosshairs of the five permanent powers.

If the military capacity of nuclear weapons were only within the five permanent countries, they could begin to wind down their arsenals and with the hope of future generations have the threat erased all together from a world growing smaller and smaller everyday.

This is from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. Secretary Kerry is not simply making up stuff in negotiations.

The world wants guarantees that an abrupt launch of a nuclear missile from Iran won't happen. I have stated here before the Iranian ambition to develop nuclear missiles ended in 2003. That is a fact. It is a real fact and regardless of how the media in the USA wants to spin it; it ended because of the politics of the Iranian people. 

Through all these negotiations the Iranian people have been paramount to the outcome. The Ayatollah is the Supreme Leader and is a permanent icon of the Iranian government, however, the Iranian President is elected. It is vital to have Iranian Presidents that are interested in the best outcomes of the people and their return to economic prosperity. 

In realizing the importance of the people to the process of ending a nuclear military capacity in the Middle East, the last thing that should happen are empty threats to Iran by other political leaders in other countries. If the conservative political force in Iran were to rise to the Presidency again, there is a good chance the talks would spoil and the rest of the world would be left with a real mess on their hands in regard to Iran.

The Iranian people are important and should be considered in every step made to a negotiated peace without nuclear capacity in the Middle East. 

February 10, 2015
By Robert J. Goldston

The P5+1 (click here) (the United States, Britain, China, France, Russia, and Germany) are insisting that Iran reduce the uranium enrichment capacity of its centrifuge facilities at Natanz and Fordow....

...They want to increase to more than one year the time needed for Iran to produce enough weapons-grade uranium to build its first nuclear weapon, a span of time called the “breakout period.”... 

...Meanwhile, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei—the country’s highest-ranking political and religious authority, responsible for setting the tone and direction of the country’s domestic and foreign policies—has stated that to require Iran to dismantle existing enrichment equipment is “bullying and excessive.” But while international attention has been focused on the argument over breakout, there has been little public discussion of a much more critical issue: the use of clandestine facilities to produce highly enriched uranium and qualify weapons designs for use, dubbed “sneakout.”...

So, here you have it and the article is very good actually. The primary words in relation to Iran's potential nukes are "Break out" and "Sneak out." I think it is the sneak out part that has current negotiations a bit lethargic. 

Sneak out a rather difficult thing to capture on paper. To begin, how does the P5 plus one actually know there is covert nuclear processing in Iran. I would think that would have to be known before anyone could accuse Iran of attempting Sneak out. 

See, the issue of Sneak Out is the same sort of dynamic as the guarantee the USA Border is 100 percent closed to any crossing by the Undocumented. There is no way that can be achieved and the very idea there is a covert ambition by Iran to break any sanction agreement is a bit odd. If the operation is covert, how does anyone know? And if the negotiations demand for a confession by Iran of their covert program and there is no such thing, we are back the FACT there is no real answer to that demand.

The articles addresses the real time MEASURE of Iran's ability to Break Out and how that is achieved. At least one year has to be guaranteed to the negotiators to finalize a real agreement.

...Consequently, the breakout time really need only be longer than the period it would take to detect forbidden levels of enrichment at Natanz or Fordow, and then mount a military intervention to disable these facilities.

As for detection—the first of the three steps—the time needed for International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors to pick up a violation can be as little as 1 to 2 weeks....
The article delivers a far shorter time to detect Break out. The article outlines the PERMISSION for military intervention if there is ever any detection of a nuclear capacity to weapons. So, there are answers to understanding when and if Iran has the capacity for nuclear weapons.  

Iran and the faux conversation regarding sanctions.

To begin with Iran is a country where human beings live. There are Iranians who have come to the USA to live and they are loyal citizens. Some are very talented such as Christiana Amanpour.

Christiana worked for CNN during the early years after the September 11 attacks on the USA. She is a wealth of information about the region. 

She was born in London, England and raised in Tehran. Her father Mahmoud Amanpour is an Iranian and her mother Patricia is British. She can speak English and Persian fluently. She has added to the knowledge base of the public through her many television appearances. We should be grateful we have her in the media.

The video at the beginning of this evening's enteries.

The video is staged in a professional wrestling ring. Bill O'Reilly will recognize the attacks on Santa Claus and Christmas. It has come out from women who actually do wrestle other women for a living, they are paid far less than their male counter parts. 

Women "receive a fraction of the wages... of the majority of the male roster," A.J. Lee said (click here)

Inspired by Patricia Arquette’s Oscars speech about the gender pay gap in Hollywood, prominent female wrestler A.J. Lee has spoken out against alleged inequality in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

After WWE executive Stephanie McMahon tweeted a message of support for Best Supporting Actress winner Arquette, Lee, who is a three-time WWE Divas champion, wrote back in a series of tweets, “Your female wrestlers have record selling merchandise & have starred in the highest rated segment of the show several times, and yet they receive a fraction of the wages & screen time of the majority of the male roster.”

Former Secretary Clinton won't have to worry about subjective decisions regarding pay rates as President, it is already decided. Where she will run into problems in the full funding of her Cabinet and offices from a draconian Congress.

Points made by Lanny Davis.

Jeb Bush has not completely provided all the emails during his years of administration as Governor of Florida. He also had a personal account he used.

That would be holding the former Secretary to a different standard. 

There has been no other Secretary of State that has provided emails to the public.

In regard to the state of politics today:

Bill Clinton had a very high approval rating when he ended his term in office.

Hillary Clinton is the most popular political figure in the country today.

Mr. Davis was also insulted by Chris Wallace when he stated, "Don't you ever get tired of cleaning up after the Clintons?"

If it weren't for lies and political fodder, Mr. Davis would not feel the need to defend his friends on Sunday talk shows.

I think that should do it for now. 

Oh, the idea the former Secretary was receiving advise from someone different from President Obama regarding the business of the State Department is irrelevant. President Obama openly stated he was assembling a Cabinet similar to that of the Late President Lincoln which reflected a mix of ideas and views. There was absolutely nothing illegal about the former Secretary consulting anyone she wanted to consult. I am sure she spoke with her spouse on a number of occasions about the bars she attended to have a few beers.


They were generally made available to the public in 1993. That would be during the Clinton Administration.

I doubt government at any level jumped in with two feet to begin to use the internet and emails in a large number of communications. At the time wired messages were widely considered the best and most expedient method of communication in the State Department. Wiring communications are still used today and are probably still the most secure. 

The law regarding federal government emails which is different than commercial emails is found under 44 US Code Chapter 31 -  Records Management of Federal Agencies (click here).

The head of each Federal agency shall make and preserve records containing adequate and proper documentation of the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, and essential transactions of the agency and designed to furnish the information necessary to protect the legal and financial rights of the Government and of persons directly affected by the agency’s activities. 

The law states each Federal agency shall make...That means no different the rules the Senate and House make for themselves to be governed each federal agency will do the same thing. So, while Congress manages their emails according to their rules, the State Department does the same thing. That is why they have legal advisers. 

When the former Secretary states she didn't know A from B about certain issues that might be accurate. The rules governing the departments activities are written by legal advisers and not the former Secretary. She might sign off on the rules governing the agency, but she didn't write the regulations.

And if she signed off on the regulations there is a good chance she was given a verbal description by the legal advisers that wrote the regulations. So, to say she had first hand knowledge of the email regulation is false. 

These regulations are also a reason why an email was sent to all the agencies employees regarding the handling of their communications. Let's be clear. There is not precluding emails have to be through a government server, just that the emails will be forwarded to the government server and/or submitted to the State Department. The reason the former Secretary would require her staff to conduct their communications through one particular server is because it was easier for her to access one server while she was in route or half way around the world. The fact she traveled and may have used personal emails as a convenience to her location was a point also made by Mr. Davis.

The rules were published in the Federal Register on October 2, 2009. The Federal Register appears here (click here).  It is 57 pages long and I guarantee you the former Secretary did not read the entire law or even bothered to read it at all because that is not her job. The legal adviser to the State Department would receive this rule and then write State Departments rules in compliance with the new regulations. This regulation is general and applies to all federal agencies, so each agency may interpret it differently depending on the departments use and generation of records. 

The former Secretary did not plan to deceive the American people up on entering office. This was nearly a year after the Secretary assumed office. Then add to this the actual start up time of the State Department to comply with the regulations and that is at least a month. So, it is safe to assume the new regulations were completely in use from the 2009 regulation by January 1, 2010. 

The former Secretary carried out the requirement of preserving the emails from her position within the federal government and provided them to the State Department by December 2014. 

The change in regulations to the agencies came in 2014 and it specified all communication has to go through the government server. Personally, I think that is going to be very difficult to follow. One assumes the government server is reachable regardless where in the world the Secretary of State happens to be. I don't think that is realistic. It also isn't a realistic demand of the Secretary of Defense either. I can understand how the office staff at any location in the world can set up a government server and maintain their communications on it, but, for the actual Secretaries and their staff to comply is going to prove difficult at times.

I believe the law needs to be changed for staff that travels on the USA's business to allow for accommodation 'as able' when traveling. 

Mr. Davis provided insight to the law governing the former Secretary's emails.

There are two laws, one in 2009 and one in 2014.

I might point to the fact The State Department has it's own regulatory office in regard to many ethical issues, it is called "The Office of Legal Advisor" (click here). Within the duties of this office are issues of ethical and financial disclosure:

The Office of the Assistant Legal Adviser for Ethics and Financial Disclosure (L/EFD) (click here) advises the Department and its employees on ethics laws and regulations applicable to Executive branch employees. These rules govern, inter alia, employee acceptance of gifts, participation in outside activities, avoidance of conflicts of interest, avoidance of appearance of partiality, and seeking and post-government employment. The Office also advises on laws and policies related to employee participation in partisan political activities under the Hatch Act and related regulations. L/EFD manages the Department’s financial disclosure reporting program, including review and certification of the reports for Presidential Appointees and other OGE-278 and OGE-450 filers....

So while Mr. Davis is a great friend of the Clintons, there are also paid personnel that manage a great deal of the issues surrounding the emails of the former Secretary. That said, I remind the State Department has faced cutbacks in spending which could have caused decreases in personnel that handle these tasks for the State Department. So while the American public is mislead to believe every change in law or otherwise happens overnight, that is simply not the case. So, the changes in law governing the Obama Administration's records were implemented within a reasonable amount of time.

Wallace really "lost it" when victimizing Lanny Davis.

Mr. Davis is an attorney and long time supporter and friend of the Clinton family. They are lucky they have such a magnificent friend. But, if one believes in Democracy and the Democratic political agendas it is only realistic to know there are going to be those that share the same view of the world. Mr. Davis is one of those people, dedicated to the message and the law translated by that message.

He openly disputed every one of the charges by Chris Wallace.

To begin with all the emails of concern from former Secretary Clinton has been handled within the letter of the law and was completely submitted in December 2014. The former Secretary has not submitted the emails within the last few weeks. The fact of the matter is the State Department has the emails and hasn't released them yet. Mr. Davis has pointed out that the former Secretary has publically asked the State Department to release the emails to the public now. 

Within that request is the understanding the former Secretary knows what the emails contain and is concerned they are classified. However, her knowledge is fresh only as soon as two years ago. My first thought when Mr. Davis stated she is the only Secretary of State that has asked the State Department to release the emails to the public now; was circumstances may have changed on Secretary Kerry and some of the content of the emails could be more sensitive now than before. I think that is a reasonable thing to say.

Chris Wallace should be ashamed of himself.

I don't know what the quotient is for attacking Secretary Clinton. The charges accumulating in the social court room started with the idea Former Secretary Clinton was using Yahoo and Google for State Department business. 

To that came a reply that the former Secretary had a personal email address connected with the Clinton Foundation. No surprise there. That didn't settle the issue, it only changed the topic. All of a sudden the former Secretary of State was facing prison that she was breaking the law for not using emails exclusively within the 'dot gov (.gov)' universe. And then it has just kept spinning. 

Today, Chris Wallace wasn't going to let the truth have oxygen and the reason was to sink the steadfast Clinton friend, Lanny Davis.

May 14, 2014
By Ruby Cramer

The year was 1997. (click here) Inside the hearing room of the Senate Hart Office Building, Republicans led an investigation into Bill Clinton’s campaign fundraising practices. Outside, Lanny Davis paced the hallway. He handed out “fact sheets” and commanded packs of reporters; he dismissed each hearing as “nothing new” and made himself generally available for what he called “clarifications.” The White House special counsel was a one-man “rapid response” team.

Seventeen years later, Davis is returning to Capitol Hill with the same strategy.
The longtime supporter of Bill and Hillary Clinton said he will set up shop outside the House Select Committee on Benghazi. He first announced his plans for the project, which he calls the Truth Squad, Tuesday night on Fox News, where he works as a paid contributor. Davis told anchor Megyn Kelly that he would be “relying on” another organization called Correct the Record, but he clarified in a phone interview on Wednesday that the groups will remain unaffiliated....

I have to share this product. I receive no monies for participating in any discussion with this blog.

I was surprised by this product. But, I think it is a real plus to making love. Just the thought of foreplay and afterglow and the caressing that includes made this product an interesting choice to include in the bed side table.

According to the website this is a woman's idea, manufactured and it marketed by women. (click here) 

This is not the topic for this evening. Sex is probably one of the most deceptive acts in the world. However, making sincere love is more true than most aspects of marriage.

Love and making love to me is romantic, whereby sex for the sake of sex isolates personality into a pigeon hole in a relationship.
 It's Sunday Night.

The word seethe means to feel or show strong emotion (such as anger) even though you try to control it.

This picture is not pornographic. It actually takes a good deal of exposure to be classified as porn.

I liked this picture because it shows love along with sex. I understand S&M is taking on a new fascination within the USA. That's fine, but, it can be taken too far in the general population. I think love and respect enters into a sex act and to that end sincere porn should rethink it's content. If there was love along with the sex porn would be received better and as a asset to women.

"Truth" by Seether (click here)
If I gave you the truth, would it keep you alive?
Though I'm closer to wrong
I'm no further from right
And now I'm convinced on the inside that something's wrong with me
Convinced on the inside, you're so much more than me, yeah
No there's nothing you say that can salvage the lie
But I'm trying to keep my intentions disguised
And now I'm deprived of my conscience and something's got to give
Deprived of my conscience
This all belongs to me, yeah

I'm beaten down again, I belong to them
Beaten down again, I've failed you
I'm weaker now my friend, I belong to them
Beaten down again, I've failed you

The deception you show is your own parasite
Just a word of advice you can heed if you like
And now I'm convinced on the inside that something's wrong with me
Convincd on the inside you're so much more than me, yeah
I'm beaten down

There is a lot lacking in the southern Pacific aviation besides transponder locaters.

March 8, 2015
By Lindsay Murdoch

...The expired battery (click here) would have had lesser chance of locating the aircraft in the Indian Ocean, where it is believed to have crashed, even if searchers were in its vicinity....

...But it revealed there was massive confusion among civilian and military aviation authorities in the hours after the plane changed course when it was still in the air.

Malaysia Airlines said on Sunday investigators have no idea what happened to the plane.
"We are no closer to finding a resolution," airline chairman Md Nor Yusof told a gathering of the company's staff to mark the one year anniversary of the disappearance....

The report states the pilot and/or co-pilot did not hijack the jet. Fine. But, the report also does not dispel the possibility anyone else could have hijacked the jet.

The only way a jet was going to change course so drastically and end up in the ocean southwest of Australia is if those piloting the jet suddenly died (decompression event) and a hand directed the change in direction. The weight of the hand and the leaning of the jet would have eventually allowed the hand to fall off the steering of the jet or not which placed it in the southern Indian Ocean when it's fuel supply ended. The trajectory of the jet has to be part of the final report. The science of flying has to dictate where the pilot's hands were at the time the jet veered from it's northward course.
It is stated Ms. Lisa Myers was repeatedly refused air time by Brian Williams and was the reason she left NBC. Given the new reality of NBC I would hope her peers would speak to the disregard of Ms. Myers' work and be sure she isn't being used as a political wedge within journalism to prohibit the return of Brian Williams. Either she was forced out or not.

By Dylan Byers

NBC News Senior Investigative Correspondent Lisa Myers (click here) is leaving the network after 33 years, Washington bureau chief Ken Strickland announced in a memo to staff on Thursday.

“I have had more than 30 fascinating years at NBC News, learning from and working alongside the best of the best, including journalists who paved the way for many of us: Tom Brokaw and Tim Russert," Myers wrote in a statement. "I will greatly miss my many talented friends throughout the network, to whom I owe much, and who represent the best of journalism.  I greatly appreciate the company granting my request to change gears and pursue new horizons.”
Myers formerly served as NBC News chief congressional correspondent and covered nine presidential campaigns. In 1998, she was named one of Vanity Fair's 20 most influental women in America; in 2000, she broke the news that George W. Bush had selected Dick Cheney as his running mate. Myers joined NBC News from The Washington Star in 1981....

Guaranteeing the outcomes of a Supreme Court decision.

Guess who was at the hearing?

March 4, 2015
By Eric Citron

Counsel for the petitioners – (click here) who are seeking to invalidate subsidies in states with federal exchanges – faced tough questioning from the more liberal Justices in the first 20 minutes of today’s argument.  In particular, a perceptive hypothetical from Justice Kagan forced the petitioners to concede that context, rather than just the literal text of the statute, is important to understanding it.  Once the argument turned to context, however, Justice Kennedy expressed deep concern with a system where the statute would potentially destroy the insurance system in states that chose not to establish their own exchanges – likening this to an unconstitutional form of federal coercion. That made him seem skeptical of the petitioners’ reading of the statute, a hopeful point for defenders of the existing subsidies in all states....

Justice Kennedy was given a great deal of attention in relation to this lawsuit by those that seek a spiral death defeat of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, in that his opinion was the decision maker. I found him interesting for a different reason.

He was stating he was concerned for any adverse effects the insurance companies in the states without exchanges that were offering insurance premiums with subsidies to those that have qualified under the federal exchange.

The attorney for the plaintiff stated, "But, that is not in the brief, sir."

Justice Kennedy stated, "I don't have to only consider the information in the brief." 

That was very revealing. By the plaintiff's attorney stating he only expected the Justices to consider his plea with information provided them; he also revealed the targeting of four words was intentional to manipulate the outcome with the filing of the Supreme Court.

As Justice Kagan stated; the context was important rather than literal text. 

The concern by Justice Kennedy (within the idea of context) is that allowing subsidies in states without exchanges could be used as coercion by the federal government, but, that is not at all intended by the ACA.  

What the ACA states is that in states without exchanges the federal government would be accommodating and provide a federal exchange to Americans. The ACA makes it obvious the federal exchanges came secondary in preference to the availability of health care insurance. The law could have used a federal exchange exclusive to providing subsidies, but, that isn't want occurred. The federal ACA provides for states rights in allowing State Exchanges. That means any insurance company in a state could compete for health care insurance.

The idea subsidies would be federal is due to the fact states receive federal monies for Medicaid and Medicare. There is nothing prohibiting states to offering their own subsidies as well. I simply don't see the coercion. It is based in voluntary participation. Coercion implies the law was written to leverage power and it wasn't. Voluntary participation of those that could not otherwise have health care insurance dictates the importance of the law and it's hope for the outcome of all Americans. 

We have witnessed deaths of those that do not qualify for subsides in health care in states without exchanges. The Supreme Court needs to consider carefully the outcomes of Americans without health care insurance and not the legalese of parsing words to win political battles. 

The ACA has clearly provided Americans with health care and in that delivered it's promise without parsing words in it's context. The USA federal infrastructure has had no problem what so ever in conducting taxes through the IRS. The HHS administrative have been prolific it regulations without referring to parsing language.

The standing of the plaintiffs were also in question to Justice Ginsberg because they were veterans and didn't have an active interest in health care through exchanges. Veterans are provided health care through the VA without cost. 

Here again the lawyers for the Plaintiffs were more interested in limiting the knowledge base of the Supreme Court for a 'designer outcome.'

...Two of the plaintiffs are military veterans, she said, a third would qualify for Medicare soon, and the fourth might qualify for a hardship exemption from the law – taking fines and penalties off the table.

Michael Carvin, arguing on their behalf, said lower courts that heard the case on its way up the judicial ladder never raised the standing issue. But at least one plaintiff satisfied the 'standing' test, he insisted.

'The Court has an obligation to look into on its own,' Ginsburg countered. 

I would expect the majority Republican House and Senate to pass laws limiting the scope of the Supreme Court when considering a case. That is anti-constitutional requiring an Amendment process not a simple majority of the Legislature.

It was a political lawsuit, in that, veterans are a right wing soft target. No one is going to tell me the lawyers who are frequent flyers to the Supreme Court was naive to their own observations regarding content, context, parsing words and faux plaintiffs. This is a political document in hopes at the very least the soft targets would win loyalty of the Justices. The reality these attorneys created a designer lawsuit against the ACA passed in majority of both houses and a super majority in the US Senate in 2010 is more indication aspirational corruption within the court system.

I think Justice Kennedy accommodated the alternative the federal government was coercing the states as cited in the lawsuit to protect the process and reputations. If that was not the reasoning of the plaintiff lawyers then what was the purpose at all?

The political purpose of the lawsuit is obvious. It is not unusual for judges to protect plaintiffs and defendants when lawyers are misguided in their application of the justice system, but, that rarely happens with lawyers so much as Pro Se plaintiffs and defendants. How rare? How many convictions of death row inmates are found to have inadequate defense?

It is well known the political right wing, both in elected officials and those that purchase their power have frequently been disappointed in their outcomes at the level of the Supreme Court, ie: Same Sex Marriage. I fully believe this case and the way the plaintiffs lawyers presented the case is to demonstrate to the wealthy of the right wing where the deficit exists in dominating the lives of Americans. For them it is a quality control issue. In other words, why don't their monies buy what they paid for?

The latest extrapolation of the private Hillary-mail.

Lindsay Graham wants to know if any of the emails discuss the Clinton Global Initiative. I already know the answer to that. It is a strong possibility the answer is "Yes." What has that GOT TO DO WITH REALITY?

That is like asking Lindsay Graham what scares him most, a Sunni or a Shia. The answer is obvious. If he hates Iran and fears Iran the most then he hates Shi'ites.

Right? Isn't that the same damn analogy?

The fact the Clinton Global Imitative parallels the work of USAID dictates that conversation will go on. Why? Because Former Secretary of State Clinton doesn't visit a country everyday of the week. Any country would use the opportunity to discuss all the help they are receiving and the amount of USAID they are seeking.

Why would that occur? Because Hillary Clinton sleeps with a guy named Bill Clinton. One of the reasons Hillary Clinton was tapped for Secretary of State is the prowess both she and her husband have in the international theater. It was a NATURAL pick and she carried out a remarkable job.

The entire issues surrounding Mrs. Clinton's emails is ridiculous. When it comes to Benghazi there is a comprehensive review of the incident and it is the official document that outlines what occurs and what changes should be made if possible. End of discussion. 

The idea there is a conspiracy against the American people by the Obama Administration in regard to the activity of his Secretary of State is nonsense. The VOLUME of emails and documents passing through the Secretary of State's office makes it completely ridiculous that the Former Secretary of State Clinton was preoccupied with a potential run for President. There was WORK being conducted and it was vital work to the affairs of the USA. That volume alone dictates she was occupied with one thing and one thing only, the national security of the USA and the influence it carries to help other nations change the circumstances of their people. 

The MISSION CREEP of the Republicans is costing the American people astronomical amounts of money considering the YEARS of Benghazi hearings and the ongoing demands for more of the same. There is an official report of the attacks in Benghazi and considering Libya is mired in sectarian struggles speaks for itself. 

If this exploitation of the US Treasury because of the Mission Creep of the Republican members of Congress the ethical violations need to follow. This is the EIGHTH committee investigation by the Republicans because their constituents are not happy with the committees' findings. It isn't as though the constituents have done what journalists do by declaring Freedom of Information Act and obtaining documents that spell out clear and irrefutable lies of the OFFICIAL document to the investigation of Benghazi. This is OBVIOUSLY political mission creep accommodated by the Republican leadership and committee chairs.

Russia has carried out a dragnet collecting five people including brothers.

BREAKING UPDATE: Zaur Dadayev admits guilt, says he's implicated in #Nemtsov murder - court 

March 8, 2015
Two judges (click here) are reviewing the charges against the five people brought before the court by the prosecutors on Sunday. 

Two of them are Zaur Dadaev and Anzor Gubashev, who were identified as key suspects in the killing of Nemtsov after their detention on Saturday. 

The prosecutors asked the court to arrest the duo by April 28, the current deadline for the investigation, saying that otherwise they may flee or interfere with the investigation. 

According to the judge, who ordered Dadaev’s arrest as requested by the prosecution, he confessed his involvement to the police. The accused didn’t comment on this during the court session.
Gubashev pleaded not guilty to the crimes he is charged with.

The other individuals, who may have had a hand in the crime, are Gubashev’s brother Shagit and two identified as Ramzat Bakhaev and Tamerlan Eskerkhanov. The request for their arrest has been reviewed separately by another judge.... 

Dadaev confessed and why? I find it strange someone would come forward and confess even if guilty unless there was an incentive for him to do so.

Other than the confession, what evidence is there that connects him to the murder? 

Mr. Gration stated he found problems with the government email system...

 ...and gave voice to these problems to DC. He found commercial accounts helpful in his work and used private emails. Former Ambassador Gration stated he never did anything unlawful. Those are the same words Former Secretary Clinton states, but, because she has a female voice it is completely disregarded. As a matter of fact the former Ambassador to Kenya's male voice is not taking on the character of a greater moral content than Former Secretary Clinton. Following up on the hatred of women is Issa.

When U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Scott Gration (click here) resigned his position early this morning, he said in an emailed statement, “differences with Washington regarding my leadership style and certain priorities lead me to believe that it's now time to leave."...

It is stated former Ambassador Gration was released from his position for other reasons than using private email accounts. But, because the right wing media has demands for a witch hunt the USA Congress budget and committees will continue to be spending taxpayer monies for political reasons.

Former Secretary Clinton has already stated she has not broken any laws, the "Requirement to Preserve" was respected and the emails have been sent to the State Department. There isn't anything else to say. 

Former Secretary of State Clinton is being held to a far different standard than any other Secretary of State. I would like to hear from Former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and Condoleezza Rice regarding this power play to defame and speculate by the media. 

The standard shift against Former Secretary Clinton is the insistence the emails would be pivotal to the Benghazi attacks when in fact she has already testified to the Congress. Those 55 thousand emails encompass far more then any Benghazi attack. There has been an investigation into Benghazi by a non-partisan committee, but, the US House has never accepted that report as the quintessential resolve to the attacks.

Jeb Bush has cherry picked his emails to the public and did not openly disclose he has a personal email account used during his governorship.

The idea Former Secretary Clinton was suppose to modify HER BEHAVIOR to accommodate a good political outcome in the future is the most ridiculous statement I have heard yet. Her authority as Secretary of State was never compromised by a personal email account.

Noted yesterday in attendance was former President Bush at the Selma ceremony and President Obama's speech. Former President Bush participated by standing in ovation of President Obama's speech. I appreciated that.

There seems to be a curious phenomena across the FOX empire. There is a reason.

...According (click here) to preliminary ratings from Nielsen, the drama's latest episode brought in 11.3 million viewers.
This number was up from the 10.9 million viewers the series had in its third week and stands as the highest audience so far.
When the series premiered back in early January, its viewership of 9.9 million was considered a success for Fox, a network in desperate need of a hit....

FOX is attempting to draw in minorities to their news network of lies and it seems to be working. Any reason why Ben Carson is being exploitative of larger stereotypes such as his comments about "...homosexuality CHOICE in prison."

My concern is not the overflow of viewers from Empire to the news channel, but, the lies currently reported as fact at FOX News is a concern. How many of the stereotypes on "Empire" are reflected in the news reporting on FOX.

There has also been a long standing movement within the Black Community to defeat stereotypes and the misuse of the black person image in media. As a matter of fact, some state the current tragedy of police shootings of young black men are directly related to the black person image.

One other fact about the program Empire, there is exclusion of Caucasian in the starring cast and the cast appears to be as much Asian in their features as their dark skin tone.

There is another ethnic program on ABC "Fresh Off the Boat" (click here) receiving some attention. 

I like live television and have mostly eliminated popular entertainment programs out of my TV viewing, but if there is gamesmanship within the popular TV market for political outcomes I'll have to pay attention to them. It is unbelievable the extent political paradigms are consuming the American viewing market. Such angles can return or make the worst stereotypes literally harmful to the real outcomes of USA minorities.

"Fresh Off the Boat" has an Asian creator so hopefully any stereotype will be eliminated.

Tony Robinson had college plans.

There is no tally of the number of people killed by police per year. The FBI receives information on justifiable homicides. Is there any other kind after a grand jury is called? The FBI states there are about 400 justifiable homicides er year. The Website "Killed by Police" sees it differently.

...Killed by Police (click here) had listed more than 1,450 deaths caused by law-enforcement officers since its launch, on May 1, 2013, through Sunday. That works out to about three per day, or 1,100 a year....

Killed by Police Facebook Page (click here)

At least 194 people have been killed by U.S. police since January 1, 2015.
At least 1,101 were killed in 2014.
At least 2,059 have been killed since May 1, 2013.

The United States of America has a population of 318,900,000 and there are 593,000 full time police officers. That is not counting any part time officers. That is a national average of one full time officer to every 538 people.

UPDATE (WKOW) -- Madison Police Chief Mike Koval (click here) says an officer shot and killed a 19-year old black man after a struggle in a home on Williamson St.

A large crowd gather at the scene of the shooting late Friday evening but has since dispersed, with many relocating to the City-County building in downtown Madison, site of the Madison Police Department Central District.

“In light of so much things that have happened not just across the country, but in our own community, it's understandable that the reaction at the scene and of some of our citizens is extremely volatile, emotional and upsetting. And we understand that. That's absolutely appropriate under these circumstances,” Chief Koval said. “We would urge, obviously, that everyone exercise restraint, calm and allow the Division of Criminal Investigation(DCI) to conduct their affairs.”

Wisconsin law requires an outside agency investigate officer-involved shooting cases. DCI is in charge of this investigation.

Madison Police are not identifying the victim, but 27 News interviewed his mother, Andrea Irwin, who identified him as Tony Robinson. Irwin says she's desperate for answers.

"My son has never been a violent person," Irwin said. "And to die in such a violent, violent way, it baffles me."...

Perhaps the Iditarod Sled Dog Race should be moved ot the lower 48.

Blueberry Hills (click here)

March 8, 2015

If there is one day (click here) when mushers in the Iditarod sled dog race don't have to worry about trail conditions, it should be Saturday during the ceremonial start.

A lack of snow south of the Alaska Range created treacherous trail conditions, forcing race officials to move the competitive start of the race to Monday in Fairbanks. A stalled jet stream pushed Arctic air and snow into the Midwest and the East Coast, but kept Alaska fairly warm and dry this winter. But the ceremonial start, a chance for fans and mushers to meet in a casual atmosphere, went on as planned in Alaska's largest city.

Despite the city receiving only about a third of its normal winter snowfall, Anchorage was still able to stage the traditional ceremonial start to the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. City crews overnight delivered up to 350 dump truck loads of snow and spread it out over city blocks so the show could go on. The festivities started Saturday morning in very un-Iditarod like conditions, almost 40 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius) with a light rain falling before the start....

The Iditarod (click here) 

Restart in Fairbanks on Monday.