Friday, February 04, 2011

Could President Mubarak be the answer to establishing democracr?

And is this what he means when he states 'chaos' would follow?

...Paradoxically, (click title to entry - thank you) it requires that Mr. Mubarak stay on, but only for a short time, to initiate the election of an entirely new Parliament that could then amend all the power out of the presidency or even abolish it...

Mr. El Baradei needs to ask the USA for impetus to this change.

President Mubarak is 'the father' to Egypt's democracy.

"methodology to make millions"

If I was a radio and/or TV sensationalist, how would I get the attention of people to sell products to a capitalistic base?

I guess I would be sensational and lie and attract crowds and make sales and continue in that manner until I didn't have to do it anymore.

I suppose if I got really good at lying and people even incorporated those lies into their 'belief systems' then I would be the only one my capitalistic base would tune into for 10 minutes of advertising and 15 minutes of program.

And then if my base began to 'know me' as 'the person' that viewed life as they do regardless of its validity (after all it is just a belief system) then I will have managed to achieve star quality and ultimately superstar quality and could sell anything, even political parties that never existed before, especially if I invoke the name of God.

What the Right Wing Media does from morning until night is lie, espouse belief systems requiring hate and claim the moral high ground.

Why would anyone, serious about their own life listen or watch that?

If people want to be mislead because it feels good, in the name of God or otherwise; OR 'it seems right' (like making UFOS out of jet contrails) then what is left is a grossly dysfunctional society that does not understand their own problems willing to destroy ANY entity that doesn't PRAY 'the right way' and Hence causes the dysfunctuion.

Example: Easter Island

Why would I listen to or watch those programs?

BECAUSE I WOULD BE SCARED OF NOT WATCHING THOSE PROGRAMS.  The 'regular'media that views 'that mess' as legitimate news is guilty of being scared, joining in on the sensationalism and promoting fear to their viewership, rather than, covering the anti-government extremism that now sits in the US House of Representatives promoting their removal next election cycle.

That is a hell of a way to sell anything and the FCC is completely wrong in not banning programming dangerous to the political stability of the country.