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Removing a Keiki - Saving an orchid.

This is spaghnum moss which you can use as a medium to repot your Phalaenopsis orchid. I buy this stuff in dried out brick form, so it needed a few minutes to soak (and expand) in water before I used it. I had just enough to repot my keiki and give my other Phalaenopsis a new home. Once the moss is damp (not dripping) and pliable enough to use, take some in your hands and carefully wrap it around the base of your keiki enclosing the roots. Be careful! Don’t press too hard as those roots are very delicate. When that’s done you will carefully push it into a terracotta pot, centering the leaves and keeping them above the sphagnum moss line. Add more moss to the pot as needed to secure the orchid without being too tightly squeezed. That’s it!

A general rule of thumb for a Phalaenopsis orchid pot size is that it should be about 1/3 to 1/2 the diameter of the leaf spread. Terracotta allows the roots to “breathe” and of course there are special orchid pots that have additional slits in the side to allow air flow. I didn’t have any of those in the size I needed on hand so I went with the standard version of a terracotta pot. Your pot should be clean and sterile, so if you had something growing in it before, make sure to give it a good scrubbing first and rinse any residue off completely. Phalaenopsis orchids prefer daytime temps of 70-80 degrees F and to be allowed to slightly dry out in between waterings.

I don't appreciate the 'blaming tone' of the news regarding the missile interceptors. Alaska always had coverage.

The difference now is the new interceptors are land based.

A Standard Missile-3 Block 1A interceptor is launched from the guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Erie during a Missile Defense Agency and U.S. Navy test in the Pacific Ocean, Feb. 13, 2013.

Mike Richman

The God Particle. Interesting name. Everyone is expecting the name to be either wayward or correct.

It is neither. There is no black or white here.

Most importantly the science community does not want the investigator to be lost in the enthusiasm. The name could erase the investigator, so let's get that out of the way.

This is Peter Higgs. Nice man that likes to investigate physics. 

Welcome to the Higgs site at the University of Edinburgh (click here)

4th July 2012: CERN announces discovery of a new particle, consistent with the Higgs boson.

14th March 2013: Updated results from ATLAS and CMS confirm even more strongly the new particle is the Higgs boson....
His early investigations are just as interesting as his current BIG PROJECT. He investigated the idea of "symmetry breaking."

Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking (click here)

First published Thu Jul 24, 2003; substantive revision Tue Jan 22, 2013
...This entry begins with a brief description of the historical roots and emergence of the concept of symmetry that is at work in modern science....

Symmetry breaking is like CHAOS. In physics there is the idea that systems are well ordered. Everything makes sense, but, there is always a margin of error. So, the existence of a margin of error dictates a greater understanding of physics. Margin of error does not necessarily have an exclusive understanding of human error, but, also the ERROR OF WHAT IS NOT DETECTED.

It is the focus of physics Peter Higgs is masterful. He decided some time ago he would leave traditional understandings of physics and believed those traditional findings limited his understanding. He embarked on investigation of his real understanding there was something more to find.

This is from the website above.

In my final undergraduate year in Edinburgh (click here) I took two classes with Professor Higgs: General Relativity and Groups & Symmetries. Although these subjects are both key to understanding the Higgs boson, I graduated without ever really understanding what Higgs’ particle was...

It is completely understandable that a student taking basic courses from Higgs would not get down to the sincere genius he brings to this investigation of MATTER. And for as genius as it is Occam's Razor applies. For, the investigation into The God Particle (which is a political name by choice and potential) is an outcome to a simple reality.

Where does matter come from? Scientists don't believe they create it, but, they do investigate it. Are we to believe in the atom, the neutron, the proton, the electron as the tiniest of matter? Do we end there? Do we not seek to understand what composes and electron? Do we not seek to understand how electrons have 'electric fields?' What composes the electric field of an electron?

All those questions are not answered. It launched an understanding to what astronomers call Dark Energy, Dark Matter (click here). Understanding the expansion of the universe is important and very recently some astronomers believe the universe has stopped expanding. The universe if a very different beast than a solar system. What is happening that would result in disruption of a universe that might bring about a greater understanding of Earth and it's future? 

The information is there to gather, so why not gather it? Does scientific investigation mean that it assaults the Bible? We don't know. The idea it might assault the Bible is a reason to disregard investigation? Absolutely not. Human beings aren't to understand their world and it's context? Really? The human condition is not only dictative to democracy, liberty and freedom, but, it thirsts. The human condition thirsts for knowledge. To deny access to knowledge is to truncate the human condition. So, hence, investigations exist where politicians would like not to venture.

But, back to the God Particle. Now as far as I am concerned this entire investigation has moral content and purpose by the definition of the human condition, liberty, democracy, freedom and the thirst for knowledge. But, this project is compelling and I am not convinced the Higgs boson will not result in a greater understanding of CREATION. Will it disappoint? No. The knowledge already acquired from this investigation is enormous. So, there already is no disappointment. There is no 'castle in the air' having huge amounts of money dumped into it for the reason of someone acquiring wealth. Peter Higgs already has contributed to science.

But, the God Particle. Have we found it? 

Within the Higgs investigation of physics lay an equation given to us by another genius. A simple equation. E=mc^2. A very simple equation with a huge implication. 

Until the Hadron Collider there was no question about the EQUAL SIGN in that equation. It was, however, a blind spot to science. It was accepted law and never was there a question about whether of not the 'equal sign' would lead to greater understanding of that law. There was even fear that if the Hadron Collider would never result in a greater understanding it would bring about an assault on science. Forget hacked emails which was child's play about communication between peers, this would really put a giant pause in science. Much of what science is built on is physics. So, there was a huge risk to some folks within the scientific community.

The Hadron Collider also was and possibly still is a safety concern. Could Higgs' investigation actually be controlled without a physics backlash that would prove dangerous to the world. To the very life we value? The project had a lot opposition, but, Peter Higgs never blinked. He knew. The more he investigate the potential in thought, the more he knew he was correct and proof was imperative. So, the project itself is a victory for science and in that was the understanding it could never undermine the definition of science itself, for investigation is what science is about. The project, it's writing, it's planning and it's funding came directly from the scientific method. So, at no time would the Hadron Collider betray it's master.

Be there an understanding the Hadron Collider has a master and the Hadron Collider is not the master. In that is a clear understanding any physics backlash could be known and controlled. But, it does come down to a few folks and not a government. Oh, well.

But, the equation.

The equation has to be qualified with the understanding there are more than the Higgs boson known to science. There are other bosons in science and the idea that one or more bosons are at work within the collider is always a reality.

But, the equation is proving to have a viable 'equal sign.' There is at least one tiny, tiny particle that when provided with enough acceleration (c^2), the speed of light (light is a particle wave - photons) and enough energy to provide the acceleration a particle of MASS emerges.

So, while it takes a huge human endeavor to CREATE mass it would appear to be possible. Now, if that understanding is applied to the universe it gets more and more believable that there is a God Particle. A tiny, tiny particle that emerges when acceleration is provided enough energy to bring about mass. That is an enormous discovery. Up to this collider there was no way human beings could understand the origins of mass.

The Einstein equation stands and it's law would seem to be an equilateral equation that can be proven. The physics are sound. 

Now, as to this being the origins of the universe? The origins of life? It is understandable now why the political universe wants to rename the entire project to reflect nothing but investigation and not a law that defines god.

A joke on New York that is ultimately Corporate Welfare.

I don't know who the groups are nor do I care. The SPECIAL INTERESTS that are now CO-OP'ed by the Soda Industries are attempting to say that New York is imposing a standard that will cause them hardship. 

Right? The terrible Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council are imposing a standard on RECREATIONAL beverages that will cause the corporations so much hardship it will be passed on to the workers, cultural, ethical standards that it is unconstitutional. It is all nonsense and I am being nice.

Dozens of Hispanic and African-American civil rights groups, (click here) health advocacy organizations and business associations have joined the beverage industry in opposing soda regulation around the country in recent years, arguing that such measures — perhaps the greatest regulatory threat the soft-drink industry has ever faced — are discriminatory, paternalistic or ineffective....

This is turning social standards that a nation shares into a travesty. It is corporate ruthlessness hidden among bellyaching about the 'idea' there is a LEGITIMATE reason for this law to be considered unconstitutional.

To begin, if these cultural and ethical standards in the USA that have been hidden until this law was passed have manifested now, we may have discovered where the most egregious corporate entities that have been planted to facilitate corruption of our national health standards. And YES we do have national health standards. They were established a long time ago in pyramids and FDA. Okay? Got that. This law is new, but, it was simply long in coming.

The idea this is a corporate backed ideology is more than reasonable. All of a sudden we have all kinds of minority individuals backing corporations that provide grants and jobs and all sorts of perks. So, to say this is pure unadulterated corruption of our society and it's standards is more than reasonable.

Additionally, the USA has long determined what the health of Americans should look like and the goals of LIMITING calories and QUALITY of food that achieves those goals. Today, with Medicare and Medicaid taking a more prominent role in our society, our governments; in this case a local government namely New York City; is more aware of the problems affiliated with EMPTY CALORIES because of the cost to the government. 

Due to a huge economic implosion in the country brought on by private financial corporations the USA is facing increased poverty. In facing that reality the government subsidized health insurances are appearing in greater amounts to provide for the well being of the American people. It is expensive for the government, but, it is also not an option and it is necessary. Our citizens through no fault of their own have been plunged, quite ruthlessly, into a set of circumstances that are adverse to them.

Now, private industry is taking corporate monies to cast the American people into a further 'health impoverishment.' They are being told that they have to chose between a corrupted social environment which involves jobs and culture and ethical standards or a responsible government seeking to contain the costs to the very people that are stating it is okay to be unhealthy. That is not a valid argument. 


The USA does not 'trade off' a citizen's health for the benefit of GOVERNMENT TREASURIES. A JOB is taxed. It simply is. And those taxes go into the government's treasuries. So, will the USA government, the State of New York or New York City impose an unhealthy standard to facilitate jobs and hence increase the tax income and as a side effect the profits of corporations.

Absolutely not.

There are huge precedents of demanding health standards AT THE COST of jobs and corporate profits. China or India hasn't appreciated that yet. But, that is not our problem. We have standards, health standards that say when a citizens health is effected by their working conditions the corporations have to change their ways, ie: Black Lung Disease and OSHA and POSHA. Yes? Child Labor Laws. The intricacy of health standards is synonymous with Red, White and Blue. There are standards set on the environment in which we live, ie: The Clean Water Act, the Clearn Air Act, the Tobacco Industry decision, labels on foods. So these health standards are evident everywhere in the USA.

Now, for the reason of corporate profits the soda industry is demanding they have higher moral standards than government standards by serving up dangerously high sugar levels to the American people in one serving. That is more than nonsense and minimally PROPAGANDA. The soda industry is seeking to undermine the standards of the USA's demand on health standards. That in a reasonable assessment is treason. Do they want to go there? I am sure there are advocacy groups more than willing to entertain the idea and put some CEOs before a court for the death penalty which their corporations are seeking for their customers, albeit, more slowly.

The entire idea that there is a HIGHER CALLING of corporate CEOs in their volunteering funding of parasitic minority groups is hideous. The soda industry is taking the very same path of the NRA and the Tobacco Industry. It is becoming a Right Wing Extremist entity in the political spectrum (Protecting culture, minority rights and ethical standards are political directives.) to seek to hold onto UNETHICAL profits at the health of American citizens. No one is going back down from demanding better health standards for the American people because it will cost jobs or insult some odd ethical or cultural standards.

We won't stand for it and I would expect boycotts of the soda industry products if this nonsense continues which will bring about the same result of the legislation. I strongly encourage the advocacy groups seeking a HIGHER CALLING to enforce GOOD HEALTH and LET'S MOVE aggressively educate the consumer and continue into the future to create jobs and bring about stability of good health standards with the USA consumer.

The funding raising to facilitate the education of the public will alone bring about it's own industry and job creation.

This is deliberately oppressive law.

This is a statement by the North Dakota legislature that if you have sex and become pregnant you have to go to a term pregnancy. I am quite certain if a historical survey was done, there are dearly few abortions performed at six weeks duration.
To begin a woman has to know she is pregnant to terminate it. At six weeks women aren't focusing on their outcomes. They may or may not have gotten a pregnancy test. And in the case of many women the over the counter pregnancy tests don't indicate pregnancy. There are women in the USA that don't know they are pregnant until a blood test is performed. 
This law is oppressive of women with only one intent and that is to trap them into giving birth regardless of her health or lifestyle best interest. The lifestyle element of a woman's life is not up for bids. If a woman has a uterus then you will be pregnant and give birth even if you never wanted children.
This is a dangerous law and will not stand. The people that passed this law have no conscience. They are ruthless in their religious focus for the people they serve.

And, yes, it is a CRIME to seek to homogenize the USA into one religious domination. It is a crime against the citizen and their freedom and liberties.
By By JAMES MacPHERSON, Associated Press
BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — North Dakota on Friday (click here) moved closer to adopting what would be the most restrictive abortion laws in the country, with lawmakers sending the Republican governor measures that could set the state up for a costly legal battle over the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized the procedure.
The North Dakota Senate overwhelmingly approved two anti-abortion bills Friday, one banning abortions as early as six weeks into a pregnancy and another prohibiting women from having the procedure because a fetus has a genetic defect, such as Down syndrome. North Dakota would be the first state in the U.S. to adopt such laws.
Supporters said their goal is to challenge the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that legalized abortion up until a fetus is considered viable, usually at 22 to 24 weeks, though anti-abortion activists elsewhere have expressed concern about the strategy.
"It's a good day for babies," said Rep. Bette Grande, a Republican from Fargo who introduced both bills. The state's only abortion clinic is in Fargo, and abortion-rights advocates say the measures are meant to shut it down.
Gov. Jack Dalrymple hasn't said anything to indicate he would veto the measures, and the bills have enough support in each chamber for the Legislature to override him....