Saturday, August 20, 2011

Iran is a rouge nation. What credentials, information and materials indicted these men as spies? NONE!

In civilized nations such as the USA 'border crossings' without permission would classify these men as "Illegal Immigrants" and if caught would be deported.  These actions by Iran are immoral and outrageous and violate the decency of international law!

...The three were (click title to entry - thank you) charged with illegal entry and spying, though American officials have said they were not in any way affiliated with American intelligence agencies....

The deaths of Egyptian Police is a failure in regional security.

The Egyptian Police were there for the same reason the IDF was there, to control the border.  The inability of the Egyptian Police and IDF to identify each  other and work toward a common purpose is disrupting regional security.

For Egypt to withdraw its ambassador is counter productive to solving the problem.  Breaking down diplomatic ties at this point will result in higher incidents of border clashes until war is finally declared and the entire region is completely destabilized.  Egypt is using very poor judgement in breaking down diplomatic ties when it should be increasing the dialogue for common regional security with Israel.

CAIRO, Aug. 20 (Xinhua) -- Egypt has condemned (click title to entry - thank you)  Israel's shooting of Egyptian soldiers on Thursday and asked for an official apology, state media reported on Saturday.
A statement issued after an extraordinary ministerial meeting also attended by army commanders said Egypt will never give up the rights of its sons, official MENA news agency said.
The meeting entrusted the Egyptian foreign minister to summon the Israeli ambassador to Cairo to express Egypt's rejection of the shooting.
Egypt called on Israel to launch an official probe into the incident and take all legal measures on this score, it added.
Hundreds of Egyptians continued to protest Saturday in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo for the second day. They demanded the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and stronger action from the Egyptian government.
Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf said on his Facebook page Friday that the Egyptian blood is too precious to be spilt without response....
That is some of the worst diplomatic dialogue I have ever read short of banging shoes on tables.  Israel regrets these actions and I am confident would like to solve the problem that caused this 'border incursion' in the first place.  Seeking to lay blame is incorrect in this instance.  Seeking to find out what occurred while working toward regional security is the only option here.  Being insulted and posturing will not bring the dead back to life or PREVENT any further incidents to occur.  It is imprudent to be difficult.  Israel was reacting to its own deaths and Egypt also needs to see its failure to prevent them as well.

..."The Palestinian Authority, (click here) which constantly glorifies terror and incites against Israel, bears full responsibility for the murderous attacks on innocent Israelis Thursday.

"The Palestinians are devoid of proper leadership and the only thing that unites Hamas rulers in Gaza Strip and the PA rulers in Ramallah is their hatred for Israel," he said.

Also Saturday, and on the backdrop of a new diplomatic crisis which may be brewing with Egypt, the foreign minister has called for an urgent meeting of senior Foreign Ministry officials, following Cairo's announcement that it was recalling its ambassador to Israel....

This needs a "Central Command" whereby military leaders from all countries work together to secure their nations as well as mutual borders.  A Central Command that would include Israel, Egypt, Fatah's Palestine and Jordan.  It would consolidate border problems and give Fatah a regional venue for securing its people.

At Exxonmobile we are bullet proof.

...safely and responsibly...When we design ANY well the ground water is protected by multiple layers of steel and cement...

Monday, May 03, 2010 (click here)

Halliburton Cement Technique: Suspect In Gulf Oil Spill

Halliburton Company was handling the cementing process on the rig and the procedure is coming under scrutiny as a possible cause of the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico that has led to one of the biggest oil spills in U.S. history. Transocean Ltd was hired by British Petroleum (BP) to operate the Deepwater Horizon well. The litigation for damages will involve these three companies pointing fingers at each other....

...Most wells are over a mile and a half deep.  There is a tremendous amount of rock between the fraking and the ground water...

In this image made (click here)  from video provided by British Petroleum (BP PLC), Wednesday, June 2, 2010, shows the site of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
...and eleven deaths later...

There is still a yet another 'oil sheen' in the Gulf of Mexico.

Why is the American pubic expected to believe the petroleum industry in the USA even deserves consideration of consent?

Shell's second oil leak in North Sea pipeline caused by relief valve

Campaigners and politicians have criticised the oil company for being slow to release information on the spill

Fiona Harvery and Severin Carrell
Tuesday, 16 August 2011 15.03 BST

A relief valve close to the faulty pipeline at Shell's Gannet Alpha oilplatform in the North Sea appears to be the source of a secondary leak that is adding to the worst oil spill in UK waters in a decade.
Green campaigners and members of the Scottish parliament have rounded on the oil company for being slow to release full information on the leak, which was first detected last Wednesday but only disclosed to the public on Friday evening.
Shell said on Tuesday that while the leaking well was "under control", and the main spill had been shut off successfully, a small quantity of oil was still finding its way to the sea by another pathway. After lengthy searching, the valve was pinpointed as the likely source.
Work will continue to dam the small quantities of oil – at up to five barrels a day, a trickle compared with the 1,300 barrels thought to have gushed out in the first days of the leak, but Shell could not say how soon it would be completed. The company has also been so far unable to explain how the leak occurred in the first place.

Is Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute the ONLY reliable source of evidence in the Gulf of Mexico?  

Oil Sheen Near BP Wells in Gulf of MexicoProbed by U.S. (click title to entry - thank you) 
By Brian Swint and Katarzyna Klimasinska - Aug 18, 2011 2:40 PM ET
The U.S. is asking companies to investigate a “light” oil sheen in an area of the Gulf of Mexico where BP has two abandoned exploration wells.
The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement is determining whether the sheen, about 100 miles (160 kilometers) off the Louisiana coast, may be coming from wells not currently in use, Melissa Schwartz, an agency spokeswoman, said today in an e-mail.
BP and other oil producers were asked to investigate the sheen in the Green Canyon area that was spotted by the U.S. Coast Guard last week, the London-based company said today.
BP doesn’t believe the cloudy water at Green Canyon was caused by oil or natural gas, nor that its wells are contributing to the sheen, the company said in a statement.
BP inspected the two abandoned wellheads and found cloudy water near one of them, which may be caused by naturally occurring shallow water flow that’s kicking up silt, the company said…

The Gulf of Mexico is the single largest offshore oil driling region in the world.  It needs its own inspection and Coast Guard force in order to inspect the undersea environment for the purpose of fines and assigning fault!

The Petroleum Industry 'in land' seeking to victimize the entire continental United States uses the same procedures and the same companies for drilling and building their wells.  The 'fraking' operations are as equally dangerous and chronically fail to protect the citizen from the explosive procedures of this industry.

When is this going to stop!!!!?