Sunday, July 29, 2012

I apologize that I wasn't on the web this evening...

..., but, I was at an emergency room with a friend. I told him he wasn't the best candidate for erectile dysfunction medication, but, no one listens to me. I refused to be held liable.

If anyone listen to me the planet wouldn't be burning up.

That is a joke. Seriously, it is a joke. Not about the planet about the friend. I hate emergency rooms and they give me a very strange sense of humor.

All joking aside, I was with a friend at a social event and we were having a really great time. The party was coming to an end so we started to leave. We were walking back to the parking area when she screamed, "I am shocked." 

I was like, what? She had just pulled out her cell phone and keyed it because it was turned off during the party and I thought the phone shocked her. Wrong. I looked at her face and I knew then it was not the cell phone. Her defibrillator went off.

I occurred quite suddenly and without warning. But, she is fine. The hospital is keeping her overnight and will adjust the defibrillator in the morning. 

I think it was her boyfriend, actually. We were having a great time and she was absolutely in the moment, smiling, forgetting all about life and then we start to leave and the defibrillator goes off. 

She's only 45 years old and then in March she has an episode of V-Fib out of the clear blue sky. She really needs to change her lifestyle. Too much stress, too much disappointment and she needs to dump the guy.

So, I'm going to get some sleep, listen to the morning news and go visit her to find out if she is coming home. 

Good night.

Romney is a war monger.

He is self righteous and under informed. A dangerous combination.

Middle Class, huh? He won't admit he and those like him have forced a growing number of USA Middle Class into poverty.

In case he hasn't a clue, Syria is already engaged in a civil war. As of today Russia is uncertain to the ability of Assad to remain in power.

Autocratic Mitt.

Have a better day.

I ran across something really bizarre. Evidently, this is the misinformation the Right Wing thrives on.

This is gross misuse of the image of a newscaster. The people compiling this mess have no respect for their government. 

You know we have former astronauts fighting for the life of space travel and this is what people do with NASA's mission. We can't believe astronauts? We can't admire bravery. Not every mission was completed, either. Men and women died for this program and it is all a hoax? We are to believe every event on the news is a bizarre manipulations of images to control the nation's focus?

Enough of tabloid journalism of the Right Wing that have no boundaries to insult the integrity of the nation. Give me a break.

In shaking his head "no," Aaron Brown was probably answering someone in his earpiece. That day, there was so much going on it was amazing to realize he could have an intelligent conversation with his audience, yet alone the team putting together information for his audience. The coverage with Aaron Brown and David Bohrman was unbelievable. The nation came "up to speed" and reasonably competent in a short period of time as the tragedies were unfolding.

Look, if dropping bombs is the preferred solution, why not start with the most hungry of them all.

Typical Netanyahu, always the first to toe the line with an ally, regardless of his true insight or feelings. Typical, very typical. Strength always is a good public relations play with the right wing.

Well done, Binny. Now we can look forward to a nuclear engagement with China and Russia at inauguration. So tell us all about Rafalka, Mitt. The Olymics, the wife. How's the family? 

Candidates for President of the USA really should stay away from predicting nuclear fallout.

..."I heard some of your remarks and you said that the greatest danger facing the world is the Ayatollah regime possessing nuclear weapons capability," Netanyahu said. "Mitt , I couldn't agree with you more, and I think it is important to do everything in our power  to prevent the ayatollahs from possessing that capability. We have to be honest and say that all the diplomacy and sanctions and diplomacy so far have not set  back the Iranian program by one iota."....

All Romney really had to do is commemorate the fortieth year of the attacks on the Israeli Olympians in Munich. I mean seriously. If he presented the Prime Minister with a symbol of honor of the death of Olympians it would have been an incredible gesture that would have spoken eons about his understanding and relationship with Israel. 

No one has done that, so was he going to be the first? No, he wanted to go for the gusto and do the nuclear dance with Iran.  

I don't know if there will be a moment of silence at the closing ceremonies at the London Olypmics. Maybe there is a chance, there is a petition making the rounds.

German right-wing activist Willi Voss, in an interview to Haaretz, (click here) describes his involvement in the killing of 11 Israeli Olympic athletes in 1972.

By Ofer Aderet Jul.12, 2012 | 7:37 PM

...At the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, terrorists from Fatah's Black September organization took hostage members of Israel's Olympic squad. Two Israeli athletes were killed in the initial hostage-taking and nine were killed during a botched German rescue attempt at a Munich airport.

The documents, which were released in June, detail a correspondence between local police in Dortmund and the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, and reveals the seven weeks prior to the attack, a man named Saad Walli, described as having "an Arab appearance," held a suspicious meeting with a neo-Nazi activist names Willi Voss....