Tuesday, June 02, 2015

One other thing before I retire for the night...

...I hope the 'condition of the country's health' was made clear to the Supreme Court in regard to the Medicaid expansion. The citizens of this country really needed the health insurance.

What is going on with the health insurance companies?

February 12, 2013

A new Congressional Budget Office (click here) report out last week has the healthcare world scratching its head over the possibility that Obamacare might—in part—be responsible for what is being described as a significant slowdown in the growth of healthcare costs in America.

According to the report, hundreds of billions of dollars in federal spending for Medicare and Medicaid are being removed from government projections as federal healthcare spending is now expected to be full 15 percent less than what had been initially budgeted for 2012. The surprisingly low spending projections come as the growth in healthcare spending has hit a new low for the fourth consecutive year....

These requests are coming across the board for the states involved. But, no one request for double digit increases reflects a defined trend. The requests are all over the place. It looks as though the requests are company specific and not a defined concern within the health care industry that could be investigated for it's impact. 

Is this a Supreme Court thing?

June 1, 2015
By Reed Abelson

In a sign of the tumult (click here) in the health insurance industry under the Affordable Care Act, companies are seeking wildly differing rate increases in premiums for 2016, with some as high as 85 percent, according to information released on Monday by the federal government for the 37 states using HealthCare.gov as their exchange.

The data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services included only proposed rate increases of 10 percent or more, and federal officials emphasized that it would be months before final rates were set. Regulators in some states have the authority to overrule rate increases they deem to be too high.

Experts cautioned against relying too heavily on the data as a predictor of prices for next year....

This is about Florida.

...Insurance companies (click here) have said their early enrollees were sicker than they had anticipated and were requiring more costly care.

United said that, in addition to more office visits and other consumer services, larger reimbursements to doctors and hospitals and more expensive medical technology contributed to its increase....

The federal government is going to have investigations to conduct as well. Recently, it has come to my attention some doctor's offices are charging their office fees twice for the NO COST annual check ups. There is proof of it. I need to forward it on to the state AG's office. I am sure the MD's office's billing companies (which are independent from the office staff) will state they simply made a mistake. That isn't really the case. The billing office openly stated those initial visits were billed twice. From what I understand it is about moving the deductibles along on new patients. I can't really diagnose the problem, the AG's office will have to discern the reasons. There is some fraud going on.

These double billings are changed when customers complain, but, that doesn't mean the insurance companies receive a notice about the removal of the extra charge.

Where there is no obvious indication of increases in health care costs, there may be creative charges by the physicians themselves.

But as I have stated before the first two years will result in more intense costs to bring persons to a better and stable health status because of the time without health care insurance. From what I am reading the increases are occurring on private policies. That doesn't mean it is okay.

The DNC should at least consider the debate suggestions of Senator Bernie Sanders.

Senator Paul's resilience when confronting the right wing media comes from constantly being portrayed as a bit of a buffoon by right wing media.

Look, there is an article in NPR about Senator Paul.

 Senate Approves USA Freedom Act, After Amendments Fail (click here) 

I don't recall any article about Senator Paul on NPR before this. It is a good thing to bring him on to the air waves and print or electronic media to find out what makes him and his supporters tick. They need recognition. He has an ally in the Senate in Senator Wyden. I've always considered Senator Wyden a great guy and an important Senator.

It might be Senator Paul and Senator Wyden actually have an edge in what is best for the country and their message is never given legitimacy to examine it's brevity because it doesn't fit into the political dogma of the left or the right. That is simply wrong. 

Senator Paul and Senator Wyden had a victory today. That is important. 

FOX news is reporting a "Violent Crime Spree" across the USA.

Supposedly the criminals are emboldened because of the actions in Baltimore. According to FOX the police nationwide simply doesn't know what to do. The police morale is sadly in peril.

An the "Atlantic" a journalist states the crime rate has been increasing in Atlanta since last year.

Tens of thousands of Americans falling victim to crime. It is due to a war on cops.  Evidently, the protestors have finally achieved a dictatorship in the country.

Oh, yeah, black on black crime. The thugs are responsible. Seriously, Greta?'

The police are at the bottom of the barrel in the pay hierarchy and are victims to all the politics and management that hold no responsibility at all. Oh, yeah, the police are being intimidated in their communities. Wow, the police don't' even know how to make an arrest anymore or how to conduct an investigation. It all stated in Ferguson, huh? Wow. Greta Van Sustrain has the inside track on all this. She has the studies to back this mess up? 

Police in the USA are sadly underpaid. Really?  

What to do, what to do. My, my, my.  

I was taking a look at some of the USA newspapers and they are out of touch with the reality known only to FOX news.

I mean the left wingers are simply out of touch. It is hard to believe the New York Times actually has an article about the art of taxidermy. That isn't going to go over well with the the animal rights groups. 

I am kinda surprised Greta hasn't picked up on this form of art. 

In the heat of the moment, Rand Paul went too far. (click here)

I don't know how Senator Paul holds his own at FOX. It appears as though FOX doesn't understand 'Rand Speak' very well. Senator Paul had to correct Bill Hemmer on the very definition of hyperbole. See, I think it was very obvious Senator Paul stated it was hyperbole. Where does Kurtz get the idea the Senator made a mistake not hyperbole? Is there no respect for the Senator at FOX either? I know the Republicans attempt ridicule of his point of view most of the time.

How does FOX maintain it's license with such huge lies on the air? These aren't reports and statements by authorities this is pure propaganda for exploitation of the public.  

They are trying to drive fear and more hatred of the President.

Children have a way of grounding people quickly into the reality of the moment.

Vice President Joe Biden holds Beau Biden's son Hunter during a basketball game in 2013. 

June 1, 2015
By Amita Kelly

Vice President Joe Biden's (click here) speech to Yale University graduates two weeks ago is taking on new meaning after his office announced Saturday that his son Beau died after battling brain cancer.
In the May speech, highlighted Sunday by the Washington Post, Biden spoke about Beau, the importance of family, compassion and building real relationships with people who disagree with you.
"It's not all that difficult, folks, to be compassionate when you've been the beneficiary of compassion in your lowest moments ... because when you know how much it meant to you, you know how much it mattered," Biden said. "It's not hard to be compassionate."
The key to being successful and happy, he told graduates, is balancing ambition with perspective....

Oops, there it is.

US Rep. Keith Ellison is complaining that the USA government is going to have to pay for the "Displaced Workers Fund" when Wall Street should be paying for it.

Got that?

There will be displaced workers with TPP and it is already in the law. President Obama doesn't care that the workers will be displaced, it is a great deal. 

The evidence to the outcome of the TPP is known. There should be no mistaking the FACT the President and Congress already know the TPP and the Atlantic equivalent favors Wall Street and displaces workers. 

Now, what was that about the growth of American jobs and increased work for American labor?

Shame on everyone. 

Local economies, people. Count on building American washers and driers again. There is no doubt that once the reality of our economic engine is known to be outsourced there will be demand for quality domestic products and labor.

Local governments are going to have to be sensitive to laws within the TPP that will oppress the opportunity of building American manufacturing. They'll have to stand by those willing to build good paying jobs along with their products. It is war and the independent American business owner will be under attack. 

The chances Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul maybe running for the Presidency is getting better and better.
Senator Al Franken states the telecommunication companies have already told the Senate the "USA Freedom Act" is fine as it is written today without amendments.

The Majority Leader of the Senate, namely Senator McConnell, have amendments that will cause the "USA Freedom Act" to be derailed. 

Senator Franken states the "USA Freedom Act" is already a compromised bill that were negotiated last year. 

The bill has a provision that allows it to be revisited as necessary. Also noted is the fact the US House has already passed the existing bill and the outcome if there are changes with amendments does not guarantee the House would accept the bill with the amendments.

I tell you what. If this mess keeps the Senate and House busy as time passes with the expired Patriot Act, that is a winning situation. 

The voting is now taking place on the amendments. Roll call votes.

Twenty one amendments (click here).

I think it was Amendment 1432 that was tabled by Senator McConnell. 

Amendment 1460 was submitted by Senator Rand Paul and can only be accessed from the Congressional Record.

Description: S.Amdt. 1460 — 114th Congress (2015-2016)


The Text tab links to the submitted text of this amendment printed in the Congressional Record. When the amendment is proposed for consideration, a purpose will be available.

This is from Senator Paul's website:

Washington, D.C. – Sen. Ron Wyden, (click here) D-Ore., and Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., announced nine amendments to reform U.S. surveillance programs, enhance protections for American’s personal information and improve transparency regarding intelligence activities. Wyden and Paul called on Republican leaders to allow votes on amendments to strengthen privacy protections, rather than forcing votes on amendments that would water down the USA Freedom Act.

You have to be able to read the small print. No, not between the lines, the small print. Senators Paul and Wyden have already read between the lines.

The joint amendments would:
·        Amendment 1446: Require the government to get a warrant before collecting personal information from third parties
·        Amendment 1441: Raise the standard for government collection of call records under FISA from “reasonable grounds” to “probable cause”
·         Amendment 1442: Limit the government’s ability to use information gathered under intelligence authorities in unrelated criminal cases (this was tabled by Senator McConnell)
·         Amendment 1443: Make it easier to challenge the use of illegally obtained surveillance information in criminal proceedings
·         Amendment 1454: Prohibit the government from requiring hardware and software companies to deliberately weaken encryption and other security features
·         Amendment 1444: Clarify the bill’s definition of “specific selection terms”
·         Amendment 1445: Require court approval for National Security Letters
·         Amendment 1455: Prohibit the government from conducting warrantless reviews of Americans’ email and other communications under section 702 of the Foreign intelligence Surveillance Act
·         Amendment 1460: Strengthen the bill with additional provisions from previously introduced surveillance reform legislation. 

I believe the laws of the USA should be strong enough to end crime. But, there is a limit. I am fairly sure someone asked the intelligence agencies if there was one of these amendments that could be eliminated what would it be? Hence, Amendment 1442.

I doubt any of these amendments are going to pass. The votes regarding amendments are on a simple majority. There is 56 "NO" votes for the first amendment. That will probably define the session depending on the wording of the amendments. They'll either swing to yes or no depending on the reinstitution of the NSA program.

It has been the practice of the Congress.gov site to print the wording of the amendments. This diversion of the actual wording of the amendments to a different website, especially the Federal Register is a definite evasion of disclosure. It is a power play against the public.


This is unbelievable. Every other department at the Federal Register (click here) website has a listing of pertinent information EXCEPT for Homeland Security. Amazing.

The Republican House and Senate are afraid of the electorate.

 Published Privacy Impact Assessments on the Web (click here) 

This is all dated information before 8.20.2010.

 The search of "The American Freedom Act" turned up 6,678 documents (click here). I don't know how that link is going to translate as the words have to be put into the 'search' command. 

As imagined by the US Congress, I am not going to look through all those documents only to realize the amendments are not with the original bill. 

The Congress knows it cannot withhold information from the electorate, but, it doesn't have to make it easy to find the bill, amendments or facts. 

Will candidates for federal office promise to provide the American people free and unencumbered access to bills and their amendments?  

This bill was initiated two years ago in 2013. It has taken this long to get it this far.

Senator Leahy referred to the Church Committee and the important work he has conducted to protect the security of Americans. This article portrays an interesting sentiment of then Senators. It is a good reference point by Senator Leahy.

In 1973, CIA Director James Schlesinger told Senate Armed Services Chairman John Stennis that he wished to brief him on a major upcoming operation. "No, no my boy," responded Senator Stennis. "Don't tell me. Just go ahead and do it, but I don't want to know." Similarly, when Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman J. W. Fulbright was told of the CIA subversion of the Allende government in Chile, he responded, "I don't approve of intervention in other people's elections, but it has been a long-continued practice."

Late in 1974, investigative reporter Seymour Hersh revealed that the CIA was not only destabilizing foreign governments, but was also conducting illegal intelligence operations against thousands of American citizens.

On January 27, 1975, a concerned Senate voted overwhelmingly to establish a special 11-member investigating body along the lines of the recently concluded Watergate Committee. Under the chairmanship of Idaho senator Frank Church, with Texas senator John Tower as vice-chairman, the select committee was given twelve months (later extended to sixteen) and hired 150 staff to complete its work....

Ah, oh, Senator McConnell is making a CYA speech blaming President Obama for any problems in the future. Senator McConnell is an amazing man, he has managed to include context in his "leader speech" that includes the IRS, EPA and al Qaeda. Wow. Okay, here comes more words to include in that speech, "Call data records."

I am sorry, but, if the US Senate and House are going to pass legislation that makes the websites Americans rely on for information inaccessible, it sincerely rattles my respect. Can you tell? 

Oh, jeeze now he is on to Edward Snowden. Edward are you listening?

Here comes CNN. Did you that CNN can't be part of the right wing conspiracy? It is true according to Senator McConnell. I feel so much better. 

Senator Reid is stating the bill needs to pass because it is a good option for the American people. No reference to CNN yet. 

Oh come on, please get along. Senator McConnell is stating Senator Reid is upset because he doesn't get to set the schedule anymore. That's enough. Stop being difficult on the Senate floor. Take the politics outside. 

Cairo? Cairo is in Egypt and it is not the same as it used to be. Egypt's attempt at democracy only provided another dictatorship by former President Mubarak's General. We have another President of another Muslim country that blends military leader with government leader. 

Off topic. The final vote of the new NSA surveillance bill is underway. 

The problem that manifested in Egypt in a process that was viewed as completely democratic without government interference resulted because extremist leaders were allowed to become part of the opportunity to power.

In the USA, regardless of obvious leanings by some elected party members, the focus is on the will of the people not the leanings of the elected officials. The government of the USA is not allowed to burden the people with religious priorities. It is imperfect, but, works. I wish there was such a paradigm in every Muslim country that wants to experience democracy and not theocracy.

The elected government of the USA is kept in check by a vibrant media and free and open access to government including televised proceedings of it's governing body.

One has to question, with the manifestation of Daesh in the Middle East, if mixing government and religion is THE BEST method for the people if the transition can be made to buffer the effects of religion? 

Everyday a representative from the faith community leads any governing session with an opening prayer. It is welcome by some members of the Congress. It has yet to undermine the USA Constitution. 

Any process to real democracy can and should be achieved by peaceful decisions as the country reveals it is ready for such freedom. There is no absolute on a timeline that reveals the very moment a change in constitution and governance should or can occur. Such shifts come with time and readiness of the people. The people that comprised the thirteen colonies in the USA were on the soil of British possessions for a long time before they decided democracy, freedom and citizen's rights were important demanding an independent government. 

The Senate approves the House passed NSA surveillance bill, 67-32. It is noted by the commentator of C-Span that Senator Bernie Sanders when in attendance voted no on other such bills. The bill goes to the President for his signature.


"Time to Wake Up." - Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is making his regular address regarding the Climate Crisis. I think he called it climate change. He refers to Mr. Taylor, a leader of a Libertarian think tank, states the need for a carbon fee is important to bring carbon pollution under control. He is talking about Mr. Freedman, an economist and the definition of 'externality' and the idea government is suppose to diminish the problems of NEGATIVE EXTERNALITIES. In other words, government has a place in the USA economy other than simply throwing control to the private sector. Government is suppose to control the negative externalities that impact the private sector as the climate crisis profoundly does.

That is simply the economics of the climate crisis. What has happened to the idea of a public trust that values the lives, well being and quality of life to the American people?

The carbon "FEE" seems to be popular with the research Senator Whitehouse has accumulated. The carbon fee is popular with Republicans outside the Senate. 

According to Senator Whitehouse, the idea of a fee is seen as beneficial by Republicans and economists alike. 

There are those among right leaning leadership that see a carbon fee replacing the burden of taxation to average Americans.

George Shultz and Gary S. Becker has made a case for a carbon fee in the Wall Street Journal. 

April 7, 2013

Americans (click here) like to compete on a level playing field. All the players should have an equal opportunity to win based on their competitive merits, not on some artificial imbalance that gives someone or some group a special advantage.

We think this idea should be applied to energy producers. They all should bear the full costs of the use of the energy they provide. Most of these costs are included in what it takes to produce the energy in the first place, but they vary greatly in the price imposed on society by the pollution they emit and its impact on human health and well-being, the air we breathe and the climate we create. We should identify these costs and see that they are attributed to the form of energy that causes them.... 

Perhaps they should come to speak at the Democratic National Convention. Why the DNC?

This is why. Ten days later in the Wall Street Journal.

April 17, 2013

With all due respect (click here) to George P. Shultz and Gary S. Becker, I wish to register strong disagreement with their suggestions in "Why We Support a Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax" (op-ed, April 8).

There has never been a revenue-neutral, federally managed tax of any kind, and to suggest that either the Social Security Administration or the IRS would ever stand any chance of providing revenue neutrality on a carbon tax is beyond description.

To the authors' credit they suggest that it should be a primary goal of any future energy-industry tax strategy to eliminate all subsidies—for every participant in the energy market. That means the production tax credit for renewable energy needs to go away. 

Enough about carbon taxes. If you have a goal of higher energy prices, put on the tax and you will achieve the desired effect. If you want to punish Americans for being the most creative, constructive energy producers and deliverers on the globe, then pass a carbon tax and become just like our model tax-and-spend state, California....

What will occur with a carbon tax is that carbon based energy will become more expensive than alternative fuels when all subsidies are eliminated. That is completely unacceptable to the petroleum industry and political investors to the right wing.

With a carbon fee the USA wins in multiple ways. It is a market based solution, it actually impacts the economy in a way that works and the subsidies go back into the US Treasury. 

The carbon fee/tax doesn't eliminate the rules of the EPA, it enhances them and empowers them. But, it is a market based solution and not pure regulation. It should fulfill the need to impact negative externalities. 

Senator Whitehouse plans to submit a bill to the US Senate for passage of a carbon fee/tax. I remind Senator Whitehouse, the US Supreme Court has already lent it's decision regarding the word "fee" and accepted it as a tax under USA law. It might be better to be explicit in the word tax and/or use the word fee while referencing to such a word from the Supreme Court to prevent any ambiguities. It is getting a little silly about 'wording' of USA law rather than it's explicit intent and spirit.

The rest of the session in the Senate is going to be dedicated to comments by Senators. Senator Toomey is stating his disappointment in the passage of the USA Freedom Act.  Senator Rounds is going to talk about the military. 


It was Senator Thune that changed the subject on the Senate Floor for a few minutes.

What are 'pro-growth' economic policies of the Republican Party? 

There it is, "The TPP" is among pro-growth policies that will accelerate the economy by 3.5 percent rather than 2.1. 

The question remains who is recipient of the 3.5 percent growth? 

Here is another Pro-Growth policy:

The greatest fallacy (click here) in economic policy today is the failure to see the vast, pro-growth opportunities offered by fundamental, structural entitlement reform. Today’s entitlement programs broadly discourage capital formation and investment, as well as labor force participation. Structural entitlement reforms that would reverse those effects would pump huge waves of capital and labor into the economy, creating an economic boom....

I don't have to go too much further to realize the pro-growth policies has absolutely nothing to do with growing our Middle Class. It is more like stealing from them through GOVERNMENT REFORM.

Local economies everyone! 

Shame on Senator Coats. He stated the very discussion on the Senate floor today of the NSA program is threatening the country's security. That is an enormous lie. There was no classified information being discussed on the Senate floor today. Senate is welcome to go into private session if necessary and I am sure that is a preference long about now by the Republican majority. 

The discussion today disrupts the control Republican Senators have about their rhetoric and probably feels like a national security issue. 

Senator Coates states the bill being discussed today if passed as it exists will remove the NSA from it's mission. He states the amendments will fix all that. So, there is no way of knowing what is being endorsed as a better law at this point. The entire of the amendments have to be heard and voted on to know what the final product is. I'll bet real money the amendments completely change the face of the bill and returns the dysfunction to the government surveillance program. Mr. Clapper need not sweat it out.

The ORIGINAL FISA court was designed to bring brevity to the HUMAN surveillance conducted by our agencies.  It was suppose to be a place where privacy was upheld in realizing there could be crimes being committed which required a warrant. It worked. Some call the court a rubber stamp to the agencies. If that were the case, the agencies would not have to do any work but simply suspect criminal activity.

The difference between electronic information and human obtained information is the reliability of the testimony. The testimony is upheld as an important measure in instituting the Fourth Amendment. 

This entire debate occurring on the Senate floor is about politics and not whether or not a program is effective. See, it is okay to cut funding for food stamps because people are lazy, but, forbid the funding for Republican Commercial Floor Time be cut. 

The NSA surveillance program is a political agency. It is has no track record of effectiveness.  

The violation of the Fourth Amendment is BUILT INTO the NSA surveillance program. It violates the Fourth Amendment as it exists. There SHOULD BE a warrant to facilitate the program when needed. The very words of the law allowing NSA surveillance is a violation of the Fourth Amendment. 

Please let this be politics and not the true IQ of Republicans. I might be providing them a compliment unwittingly.

The IRS had a hacking episode. Somehow Senator Isakson believes that is proof that the NSA program is vital. ????????????????? Did the NSA do it?

Oh, a breech in privacy at the IRS. Gotcha. You've got to be joking. In the minds of Republican Senators the NSA is no worse than the hackers at the IRS. OMG. 

How did we get to terrorist leaders at Gitmo? 

Oh, releases require tracing their phones. Am I in a time warp? How very stupid of me. This is actually reality television on C-Span. You know I now understand why passage to debate is a separate vote. It is a signal to the right wing media to ignore the Republicans at debate. They don't want to give Democrats talking points or 15 second election commercial ads.

For the few million-billionaires that have megabucks for political television ads on behalf of Democrat candidates, kindly consider the fact Gitmo detainees don't have US constitutional rights.  Buoy. The Fourth Amendment doesn't apply to Gitmo detainees to the surprise of Republican Senators.

It is really difficult to believe these people are in office.  

Senator McConnell is setting up the telephone companies to oppose the USA government. He states the law requires surveillance of new operating systems. This is a completely perverse paradigm the USA government has entered into because of grossly dysfunctional politics.

There are patent laws most inventors use to make their operating systems exclusive to the inventor be it company or individual. I would think the patent laws would be enough to let the US government know there is a new operating system to bring a BRIDGE to cooperation. Simply understanding there are new venues of computer operation should be enough to stimulate a discussion IN A CLOSED session by the House or Senate. 

In all honesty, the US Government is becoming it's own enemy. Inventors will go outside the country. The USA is driving a normally American economy outside it's borders. 

This is exactly the reason the FISA is suppose to work the way it was designed.  It is suppose to supply a place where the Fourth Amendment becomes alive and gives the authority of government to ask a company to supply information of criminal activity. It doesn't assail any rights of all citizens or all companies. Companies are allowed to maintain their 'consumer edge' under the old FISA as the company supplies the information and only the information under court order. Tapping a telephone line would require the assistance of the company without providing 'built in' insecurity gaps and/or details of their operating system. 

These laws that uphold the NSA surveillance program of the telecommunication networks simply demands too much, especially when the companies are burdened with expense and insecurity. I don't see how the American government can even consider itself a democracy. 

These laws assault more than the Fourth Amendment. 

If the USA continues to be this paranoid the businesses that are already multinational will transfer their headquarters to other countries. Those decisions will have noting to do with taxes either. 

Do not talk about Edward Snowden when Carlyle is held above the law. If Carlyle bothered to value the USA and it's trust in the company, the idea an analyst could actually carry out such a transfer of information would never have occurred.

Additionally, if Edward Snowden did not expose the reality of Americans' security in their own lives, this would never have happened. Most of the American public does hold a degree of gratitude to Mr. Snowden. Now. Let's discuss the real POPULOUS politics of the country.

Nothing replaces an agent on the ground doing the work needed.

Senator Collins is investing her political rhetoric and the security of the country on telephone data. Republican rhetoric never deserves a certain death.

She asked a secretary or somebody if there was any inappropriate use of the telephone data in the collection computer banks. The authoritative figure stated, "No." No clue. If a program doesn't work there aren't going to be a lot of users or abusers. 

I was wondering something. Does the government have access to all the financial information of the telecommunication companies and their subscribers? See, Morgan is starting a new internet financial game and it is just a logical curiosity. 

Senator Leahy come on now. The very people stated as 'our security people' didn't find three young women leaving the country to join Daesh. These are young people with lots of use of the internet and telecommunications. 

What is the failure rate of the agencies in using this data efficiently? It has to be a high failure rate. There has been far too much information flowing into government computers that ended two days ago. Now that the information is no longer fresh everyday the 'security people' can finally begin to scan the old records for anything that the FBI and CIA may have missed.

Telecommunication data is not pertinent to finding the facts in 'high traffic' channels. There are trends in communication over the net that are HELPFUL, but, will never substitute for agents on the ground conducting the smart work. 

The best investment for detection of dangerous activity in our society is made in local intelligence. If Boston's finest was funded as a subgroup to the FBI the bombing may have been prevented. The funds for such activity has to be channeled efficiently to EXPERTS at the local level willing to do the work without victimizing their citizens. 

The funds also have to go to the FBI to begin a new program for local agents working for their governments and/or police force.

Expanding the local exposure of FBI information and continual surveillance is a far better investment. The federal government can expand their investment in meaningless intelligence such as telecommunication or they can do it with purpose and continual quality of investment assessments.

In realizing that, New York City has one of the best local intelligence agencies in the world. They missed the van bomb. So, the focus of the intelligence community has to be better and with real outcomes to success. With the recent assessment of TSA airport security one has to wonder who is authoring these programs and how actual trials have proven to work or not.

Perhaps asking retired agents to review, assess and author programs that actually work might be a good route to using all of the USA's talent. Retired agents have no investment in the outcomes of programs except that they work. They could easily be recruited as contract personnel only without any need for alternate identities. These are programs that the public will witness working in their lives. It isn't a matter of security so much as national security.

Statistics can help to focus and begin effective outcomes. But, it is not the only focus. People think, they don't necessarily follow a determined logic.

REMOVE THE POLITICS from the country's national security. 


Senator Cornyn is wrong. Get rid of Clapper.

A person employed by the federal government has a well paying job. It is just that simple. It has to be a good paying job with benefits to continue the longevity of well educated and trained employees. In realizing the status of a federal employee and how they will do anything to maintain that status is to understand how completely insignificant information is regarded as important.

The NSA program is a failure. A complete and abject failure. FISA needs to regain it's meaning and definition to provide a vehicle to achieve an effective end. The public rhetoric regarding this program is paid for in their rights for privacy. Defund the program.

After September 11, 2001 Americans provided their government relief from their rights in order to facilitate their protection. These programs have been proven more than ineffective, they have at least a 95% failure rate. There is no reason to continue them. To continue these programs is to throw vital funds to the wind. There has to be far better outcomes to justify the funding.

Effective programs have to take over the protections of citizens which probably won't remind them at every trip by jet the cost of less vigilant times. The underwear bomber was stopped by an observant Dutch passenger. If Air Marshalls were standard for flights beginning at the gate and continuing through flight would it promote a safer venue for passengers? I don't know of anyone more vested in a safe flight than an authority on board the jet. The surveillance of the assigned seat on the jet can begin 24 hours before it's departure by the Marshall assigned to it in examining passenger and flight crew lists.

I also believe "The No Fly List" is important and effective. Limiting bomb making materials both on board and the luggage compartments is an effective tool as well.

There have to be methods instituted that are effective and not simply programs that are political to make people feel good about their elections. 

I would think the President would ask the Air Marshalls currently in the country's national security network what they believe works and what doesn't. It is within his Executive reach to question and evaluate the nation's security. I guarantee you the Marshalls would have plenty to say. 

The reason there is not an Air Marshall on every flight is because of cost. If the cost was absorbed from other ineffective programs there would be negligible changes to the budget.

So, expanding the FBI authority through local investigators and expanding the national security interests by placing Air Marshalls on flights sure sounds more effective to me. 

Shame on Senator Burr. You know what he said? He said the reason the investigation to the Boston bombing wasn't effective is because it was done by the FBI and not the NSA. 

Do you believe that?

Excuse me, but, Americans have spent enormous amounts of money to consolidate the intelligence agencies in an Executive Branch Cabinet Seat called Homeland Security.

The reason Americans did that and pay their taxes to facilitate that Executive Branch agency is because it was determined in the early years of Bush immediately after September 11, 2001 that the agencies weren't talking to each other. Is Senator Burr saying the monies spent on such IMPROVEMENTS are worthless?

It may be the truth actually is the NSA program is an abject failure and provided a feel good feeling at the FBI that should never have existed. 

Is it reasonable to say, "We don't trust the NSA?" Hell, yeah. 

There it is. Senator Burr's oath to office is to protect the American people. Really? So that means every 'idea' is a good idea regardless of it's ineffectiveness and insult to American's rights. Cost is no consequence. 

If I hear the words "telephone company" one more time I'll vomit. I wish ATT never entered into a required division of it's assets and interests after Graham Bell founded the technology. It would be easier on Senator Burr if it were just one company. And of course it would have to be nationalized for the efficient use of the NSA.


The movement for safer streets in Chicago asks everyone to wear orange to bring awareness.

May 31, 2015
By Cleo and Nate Pendleton

...Following Hadiya’s tragedy, (click here) her classmates came together and asked everyone in the community to band together to take a stand against gun violence. Just as hunters wear orange to alert other hunters of their presence, Hadiya’s classmates asked the community to wear orange to symbolize the value of human life.

Wearing orange is a way to honor Hadiya’s life and the lives of all others affected by gun violence, and it has sparked a movement across the country. It’s called #WearingOrange.

This isn’t a statement about the Second Amendment or gun ownership. It’s about recognizing that we have a gun-violence problem in our community and in our country. Put simply, if you believe there is more we can do to save American lives from gun violence, wear orange.

The Israeli military needs a better orientation for their returning diaspora recruits.

A simple misunderstanding and/or ignorance of the rules OR even ignorance to dietary restrictions and why the restrictions exist can cause a soldier's record adverse impacts. The Israeli military is victimizing someone who could grow to be a great soldier and leader. These recruits should have every opportunity to be successful. If they do not succeed it will impact those willing to return to Israel for the reason of serving.

JERUSALEM — A U.S.-born Israeli soldier (click here) has caused a stink for violating the Israeli military's kosher rules by eating a pork sandwich while in uniform.
The military said Tuesday that the soldier, whose name has not been released, "violated rules and regulations," which required him to be disciplined.
He was initially given an 11-day prison sentence. The punishment was later converted to being confined to base for the same duration — after relatives talked to the media and a lawmaker wrote to the defense minister about the case.
Israel's army maintains kosher kitchens on its bases.
Israel Radio says the soldier, who moved to Israel from Boston recently, was unaware of the army's strict dietary restrictions and was merely snacking on a lunch his secular grandmother had made him.

The scope of Ian Wright is not exhausted yet.

The investment into his genius is never disappointed, is it?

June 2, 2015
By Terence Chea

Twelve years ago, (click here) Ian Wright and some fellow engineers launched Tesla Motors, a Silicon Valley company that has helped jumpstart the market for electric cars.

Now, the Tesla co-founder wants to electrify noisy, gas-guzzling trucks that deliver packages, haul garbage and make frequent stops on city streets.

His latest venture, Wrightspeed, doesn't make the whole truck. Rather it sells electric powertrains that can be installed on medium-and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, making them cleaner, quieter and more energy-efficient.

"We save a lot on fuel. We save a lot on maintenance, and we make the emissions compliance much easier," said Wright, a New Zealand-born engineer who left Tesla when it was still a small startup in 2005....

Secretary Kerry and Senator Reid need new personal trainers. Really ! Jane Fonda is no longer using the same video.

I can understand how being home might be a measure better than the accommodations in France, but, kindly wait until the holidays, okay?

June 2, 2015
By Kay Lazar and Matt Viser

Secretary of State John F. Kerry (click here) flew home to Boston on Monday night, where he will undergo surgery on Tuesday morning at Massachusetts General Hospital to repair a fracture to his right leg sustained during a cycling accident in France.

Kerry, who arrived at about 9 p.m. at Logan Airport, traveled with a small entourage that included Dr. Dennis Burke, the Mass. General orthopedic surgeon who in 2009 replaced one of Kerry’s hips, and in 2010 the other. Burke flew to Geneva late Sunday so that he could accompany Kerry back to Boston....

What a wonderfully genuine man he is.

Memory loss due to concussion may not return. There is no memory there to call up.

June 1, 2015
Eun Kyung Kim

Tracy Morgan (click here) broke his silence Monday on TODAY over the car crash that nearly claimed his life, and paid emotional tribute to his late friend and mentor, comic James McNair. 

The "30 Rock" star spoke to Matt Lauer exclusively, less than a week after settling a lawsuit against Walmart over the June 7, 2014 crash that killed McNair and left Morgan with debilitating injuries. 

"The case is settled, but the pain is always going to be there for Jimmy Mac," Morgan said in his first interview since the deadly car crash.
"Bones heal, but the loss of my friend will never heal."...

There are therapists that can help Mr. Morgan return to his fans. Just having him back is too good to be true. His fans have sustained a loss, too. He can even draw on his memory loss in any skit he participates in. 

Sometimes grieving the loss of a dear friend is more overwhelming than the losses one suffers. Mr. Tracy needs to decide when returning to his fans will be better therapy than attempting to overcome new disabilities by himself.