Monday, June 06, 2011

Five American Soldiers are dead in East Baghdad at Camp Loyalty. Bring them home.

In Iraq, the USA never knows who their enemy is and who their ally is as they leave Iraq to take care of itself. 

The 'jihad' culture of the Middle East is a problem for their governments, but, that does mean the USA is going to be picking up the bill for policing the country while our soldiers die.  That is something the Iraqi government is going to have to do for itself from now on. 

When I read the article and it sickened me, it also made me wonder whom exactly was behind these attacks.  See, the current Iraqi government wants the USA to stay and a reasonable person has to wonder if there is a faux impetus at work to make that happen.  Regardless, this IS the Middle East and there are all sorts of issues similar to this everywhere, so the idea the USA is going to quell this is hideous.

Take for instance, the recent rocket launch into Israel.  Very similar sort of thing, but, without the soldier casualities, but, a young man, a civilian instead.  It just never seems to stop regardless of the OLD USA regime of Bush and Cheney that stated it was necessary to make that happen in Iraq.  I don't thinK so.  The picture above is from "" where the link is at the title to the entry.  Thank you.

...Attacks on American (click here) troops have risen dramatically in recent months. Monday's deaths brought to 18 the number of Americans killed by hostile fire so far this year, nearly as many as the 22 who died from enemy fire in all of last year, according to the iCasualties website, which tracks casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.
That pace, however, is still far below the rate of 2007, when 767 Americans were killed in combat, the peak year for U.S. fatalities in Iraq, or 2009, when 75 American troops died as a result of enemy fire.
The last time so many U.S. soldiers died from hostile fire in a single day in Iraq was April 10, 2009, when five were killed when a suicide truck bomb exploded in Mosul, in Nineveh province, according to iCasualties....

When the USA House Ethics Committee discusses the so called "Sex Scandal" of Rep. Anthony Weiner, they also...

...need to find out how long Breitbart had the 'leaker' of the personal exchange of photos ON STAFF and what he paid her to extort and coerce a United States Congressman.

Britbart is desperately trying to be the next great tabloid capable of destroying anything in his path. 

Ex-girlfriends do vindictive things when they 'don't get their man.'  The woman is as much the issue as anyone, considering she has been lying as well.

I don't like to 'blame the victim' either, but, in this case she sincerely doesn't appear to be a victim so much as a conversationalist interested in a "booty call." 

Weiner lied about the photo? Why did he believe he needed a 'Sarah Palin" attention getting moment?

Everyone should do the math.  This is a non-issue and the House ethics committee will probably see it that way.  I don't know how he defines inappropriate, but, that picture is tame in 'Single-ville' compared to others.  Unless there was some kind of campaign promise attached to this mess, I don't really see anything that is strange or worrisome. 

Representative Weiner and his wife need to continue to bring Democratic values forward to the people. 

I believe his wife did the best thing.  This wasn't adultery and quite frankly the 'stand by your man' scenario is 'old hat.'  A Wife have a right to be hurt and disapproving of any 'roaming.'  Those moments should not have to be public.

Case closed.

New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, 46, (click title to entry - thank you) held a press conference confirming that he had inappropriate conversations with six women over the past three years through social networking, and also sent a photo of himself in his underwear to a young woman in Seattle. Weiner married Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's aide Huma Abedin last year. She was not at the press conference. Weiner tearfully apologized to his wife and said they did not plan to split up. "We will weather this," he said. "I love her very much and she loves me." He said he will not resign from Congress. (Dimitrios Kambouris/VF11/Getty Images)

I believe he was worried about losing his new bride. You know people do strange things when they are single. I hope all his wild ideas of 'getting a date' are over now that he has a stable and happy relationship. I suppose his constituents will have to decide about all this later, but, it probably sounds more normal than not. Unfortunate he lied, but, with a pretty wife like that it is understandable.