Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am taking a few days away. Until later...

Peaceful protests are needed, the global community hears them.


Anti-Government demonstrations are good and gain the recognition of the global community.

Inspired by Tunisia and Egypt, Yemenis join in anti-government protests (click title to entry - thank you)

Washington Post Foreign Service
Thursday, January 27, 2011; 7:26 AM

SANAA, YEMEN - Thousands of Yemenis took the streets Thursday demanding an end to the government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has ruled this impoverished Middle Eastern nation for more than three decades....

Prominent Egyptian reform campaigner Mohamed ElBaradei talks to journalists before leaving Vienna to Cairo at the Vienna airport, January 27, 2011.
Credit: Reuters/Heinz-Peter Bader

EXCLUSIVE - ElBaradei:time for Egypt leader Mubarak to go  (click here)

VIENNA | Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:41pm IST
VIENNA (Reuters) - Prominent Egyptian reform campaigner Mohamed ElBaradei said he expected large demonstrations across Egypt on Friday and that the time had come for President Hosni Mubarak to leave power....

The President is determined to unit the nation even if he has to do it himself.

President Obama is a brilliant man.  I congratulate him on hitting the EXACT tone for his State of the Union speech which reached across all potlical barriers.

That is amazing.

...This year, (click title to entry - thank you) 82 percent of those who watched the speech said they approve of the president's plans for the economy, up from 53 percent who approved before the speech. Eighty percent said they approved of Mr. Obama's plans for the deficit -- in contrast to 45 percent before the speech. Eighty-three percent approved of Mr. Obama's proposals regarding Afghanistan, which received only a 57 percent approval ...

He had good numbers last year as well, but, the message is always blurred by the Plutocratic lies to achieve political wins to favor policies that cause the country exploitation of its treasury.

...Last year, 83 percent of viewers approved of Mr. Obama's State of the Union remarks...

The Democrats need to take the State of the Union message, find their footing in political action committees, put people back to work themsselves in ways that carries that message into the electorate.  There have to be sincere and honest facts and figures that accompany the message that cannot be disputed.  In his State of the Union speech the President treats the country with the dignity it deserves and that should be the 'hallmark' of the Democratic effort to reclaim the country.  Make all the lawmakers live up to what is best for the country and the President obviously knows what that is.

Go, Democrats, Go.

FACTS need TWO VALID sources.

Don't let the President's tone and message become distorted EVER again.  The country needs this clarity and wants it.

January 26, 2011
Polls show rave reviews for SOTU  (click here)
Last year, 78 percent of those surveyed after Obama’s State of the Union reported a positive reaction, while 21 percent said they perceived the speech negatively.

The speech, which included a roadmap for “winning the future,” also improved Americans’ outlook on the direction the country is headed. Before the speech, 61 percent of Americans said his policies would lead the country in the right direction. Afterward, 77 percent did....

According to 'healthy' skepticism, the deficit and debt may actually be larger and growing than the CBO stated.

The CBO predicts (click title to entry - thank you) a deficit of $1.5 trillion for 2011, but then steadily falling amounts through 2014. Good news? Not really. The CBO had to make assumptions about US policies its officials seem to have little faith will be implemented....

The President HAD a plan to BEGIN incredible deficit reduction which would 'in turn' begin to destroy the debt, BUT, "The Republicans" held the people making LESS than $250.000 per year hostage and demanded "The Bush Tax Cuts for The Wealthy" survive until 2012.

YES, we do.  And we know those 'tax HOLIDAYS' for the wealthy produce NO JOBS !
Do we KNOW the 'Bush Tzx Cuts for the Wealthy" are hugely disproportionate to the people making LESS than $250,000 per year.

...With the economy recovering and some government spending programs ending, the 2012 shortfall will be $1.1 trillion, representing about 7 percent of US gross domestic product, say the CBO’s budgeteers. In 2013, those figures will be $704 billion and 4.3 percent of GDP, and in 2014 they’ll be $533 billion and 3.1 percent of GDP.

That’s what the CBO predicts, anyway. But here’s the interesting thing: the CBO does not appear to really trust its own deficit projections for 2012 and beyond.

Why is that? Because the CBO can only crunch numbers and make predictions based on existing law. And CBO officials sound as if they do not believe that Congress and the White House will permit a number of scheduled money-saving moves to happen....

It is time for all Democrats to start calling Republican lawmakers on Capital Hill and demanding they STOP catering to the wealthy.  The Congressional seats in the country where the Plutocracy was able to PLACE DOUBT in relation to Republican candidates having a NEW CREED in life and Conservative Democrats were ousted are especially important and we know exactly where that occurred from the 2010 elections.

The Democrats have to demand SERIOUS changes to the deficit and national debt by raising taxes on the wealthy and WINDFALL profits to bring down all the NECESSARY programs to date that stopped the economic slide of the country beginning with the investment banking collapse.

The other reason the Democrats need to make DAILY CALLS to their own lawmakers and soft Republican candidates is to demand JOB CREATION and STABILIZING the government budget at current levels for the next five years because we know that increasing jobs incresases the tax base and is serious deficit and debt reduction. 

It is upto nearly half the populous of the USA, the Democrats, to bring about the necessary pressure on the House in places where we know the 'hard core' corrupt are without sincere influence.  The electorate in 2006 and 2008 did the right thing by putting Democrats in the House in a majority, but, they were sadly deceived by the rhetoric of the Right in 2010 and we have to help them reclaim their country and protect the course President Obama has thoughtfully placed it on.


PUT YOURSELVES TO WORK doing the job the President desperately needs you to do.