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Defining Discrimination against Women (click here)
Legislation should broadly define discrimination against women as “any distinction (a difference or contrast between similar things or people.), exclusion or restriction made on the basis of sex which has the effect or purpose of impairing or nullifying the recognition, enjoyment or exercise by women, irrespective of their marital status, on a basis of equality of men and women, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural, civil or any other field.”

This begins to explain why the leadership in Missouri is ineffective in governing.

If a government can't identify racism and discrimination they need not lead. Ignorance is not an excuse. The Missouri Lt. Governor needs to resign.

March 16, 2015
by Dylan Stableford

Missouri’s lieutenant governor (click here) lashed out at the Justice Department on Monday, accusing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama administration of racism in the wake of the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, in Ferguson last year.

“There is more racism in the Justice Department than there is in anywhere I see in the St. Louis area,”  Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder said in an interview with NewsMaxTV Monday. “We are making progress. We’ve come an enormous way in 50 years. That’s not to say we don’t have still have more to do. But it is the left — it is the Eric Holder and Obama left — and their minions who are obsessed with race, while the rest of us are moving on beyond it.”

Kinder, a Republican, criticized the administration for “[inciting] a mob” during the protests that followed Brown’s killing.

Former Secretary Clinton needs to sue the government for harassment and discrimination.

That computer server belongs to President Clinton. His office is a small business. There is no handing over the server and not set precedent for invasion of privacy.

The Former Secretary Clinton is being held to an outrageously different standard. She has grounds to charge at the very least Speaker Boehner for harassment of a former government employee and discrimination against a woman.

House speaker says move would ensure Americans have all the facts on Benghazi (click here)

The House Speaker is beginning an attack on Medicare.

Boehner’s $200B gamble will divide GOP (click here)

Speaker John Boehner is seeking to jump-start his legislative agenda with a bipartisan gamble: a $200 billion Medicare deal that’s already dividing conservatives in his rowdy conference.
The Ohio Republican sees the deal as a steppingstone to what could be a broader overhaul of the costly entitlement system. Tax and entitlement reform are two of Boehner’s biggest priorities, but they’ve languished since he took power in 2011.
By the end of this week, the House committees responsible for healthcare issues could roll out a plan to halt recurring cuts to Medicare doctors. And the legislation could hit the floor by next week, just days before the latest round of cuts is slated to take effect.
Boehner has been personally involved in the months-long negotiations from the very start.

There is a little more at play than a Prime Minister in Israel.

The people of Israel do not want a unity government. The President, Reuven Rivlin, may have the final say. We hope President Rivlin guides Israel to a productive path to peace. He also believes Israeli Arabs are an important partner to that goal.

March 17, 2015
By Gil Hoffman

...Polls in The Jerusalem Post (click here) and elsewhere have found that the people of Israel do not want a national unity government. In past elections they did, but this was the "it's us or them" election, in which everyone pushed for their own team.

Perhaps now that the election is over, the people will change their minds and favor unity again. But it does not matter, because the role of the people in the election is over.

It's now Rivlin's turn to take over, and Rivlin wants a unity government. It's his job to bring about the strongest and most stable government, and he thinks that is a coalition of Likud and the Zionist Union together.

The leaders of Likud and the Zionist Union, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and opposition leader Isaac Herzog, will push Rivlin to give them a chance without the other. But Rivlin will push back for unity....

Humans have disregarded the respect for Earth.

The Holocene Epoch (click here) started 11,500 years ago. About the time extremist Christians recognize as the creation of Earth.

We’ve been lucky, we humans: (click here) For many millennia, we’ve been on a pretty stable — and resilient — planet. As our civilizations developed, we’ve transformed the landscape by cutting down forests and growing crops. We’ve created pollution, and driven plants and animals extinct. Yet our planet has kept spinning along, supporting us, more or less stable and in balance. Going forward, scientists have recently proposed, all we need to do is stay within some limits, nine upper boundaries for bad behavior.
But of course, being human, we haven’t....

In the graph to the right Ma is an abbreviation for (mega-annum) is a million years. Decimals are less than a million years ago.

The Planetary Boundary (PB) Framework of Earth Systems (ES):

INTRODUCTION (click here)There is an urgent need for a new paradigm that integrates the continued development of human societies and the maintenance of the Earth system (ES) in a resilient and accommodating state. The planetary boundary (PB) framework contributes to such a paradigm by providing a science-based analysis of the risk that human perturbations will destabilize the ES at the planetary scale. Here, the scientific underpinnings of the PB framework are updated and strengthened... 

Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability (click here)

This is a formal tool of what scientists have been saying since the early 1960s. This 'idea' helps contextualize the Earth Systems that support life and the insult to them to date. It provides upper and lower limits as a guide to understanding the 'scientific talk' regarding Earth Systems that support life.

Assessing and Managing the Risks of Climate Change (click here)

For those in the public that want to understand how degraded Earth Systems have become, a question to scientists could be; "Where does that place us in the Planetary Boundaries (PB) of Earth's Systems that support life?

I would not assume all scientists would have this conceptual model in mind when they discuss the Climate Crisis. This is a tool developed to help with a clearer understanding of where we are and where we are going. Most scientific work is not put into a model such as this simply because it is not the practice of the science.

A person familiar with this conceptual framework could talk with scientists to discern where their assessments fit into this framework. In other words, this framework requires a specialty to read assessments and apply them. 

Scientists care. They are not political. They have developed their practices to bring helpful understanding of the risks we face and how to minimize and remove those risks. We all should be grateful for the science and the scientists and their dedication to perfect their skills and find ways to communicate that science into language governments can understand.

Western youth are more suscepible to influence than the regional faithful.

March 16, 2015

By Patrick Cockburn

Inside the 'Islamic State' - part two: (click here) Continuing his landmark series on life inside the Islamic State, Patrick Cockburn hears the story of a former Isis fighter who chose to desert rather than take part in the barbarity visited on the jihadis’ enemies


This is ethnic cleansing. The Shia have every right to fight these death squads and if Iran wants to assist it is understandable. If they don't fight for their lives in Iraq they will be forced to fight for their lives in Iran.


,,,He became conscious that if he stayed in Isis he would soon have to carry out an execution himself. “I don’t like Shia but when it comes to killing them I was shocked,” he says. 

He refused to execute some Sunni accused of working with Iraq’s mostly Shia government “or what they [Isis] call ‘the pagan government’,” he said. Surprisingly, he was not punished for this, but was told by his commander that he would be asked to carry out an execution later and, in the meantime, foreign jihadis would do the job. 

Hamza gives a fascinating insight into the lives led by Isis fighters. “I was paid 400,000 Iraqi dinars (£231) a month in addition to many privileges, including food, fuel, and more recently, access to the internet,” he says....

Part of the ritualistic initiation was to rape women of different faiths. Raping women due to their ethnicity and/or their religious affiliation is genocide. The women don't have to be dead to call it genocide. All they have to do is be pregnant with another ethnic's baby to eliminate the ethnicity over time from existing.

...“On the other hand, there were some Tunisian Muslim girls who came from Syria. Those Muslim girls were sleeping with some commanders under a marriage contract for a week only and then they were divorced and married to another one. I asked one of them how she had come to be in Syria and she answered that she had travelled first to Turkey and then across the Turkish-Syrian border.” The three British schoolgirls who likewise crossed into Syria may well find that they are similarly treated by Isis....

The members of Daesh were seduced by ideology and money. Once again is the poverty ranking of their members. The no longer suffered in poverty, they were elevated to a higher quality of life.

...When they took us to Raqqa, all the fighters became convinced that the boundary between Syria and Iraq is fake and we are all united under the rule of the Caliphate. Psychologically speaking, I was so relaxed and happy to go there because it was a nice feeling to destroy the borders between two governments and pass through them. This was really a great achievement.”...

The leadership in Daesh knows how to expose their soldiers to violence without alienating them. They know exactly what they are doing. Daily rituals of cultural status adds to the psychological stability of what is nothing short of an assassin.

...Asked if he had carried out any executions himself, Hamza said that he had not and explained why. “I was not ordered to do so because according to Isis rules, the trainee needs more than six months to be ready to carry out an execution. But this is not the only criterion. The trainee should also show additional skills in his religious education and military tactics as well as many other tests....

One of the revelations that have come out of hostage accounts is the regular faux beheadings they were exposed to. It is a method of training the hostage to tolerate without question their regular torture. Daesh provides enough regular trauma to the hostage until they become numb and passive to this activity.

When Daesh executes a person by beheading they don't fight back. They simply allow the torture for it to be over. When they are finally killed the hostages have no will of their own.

The reason "Jihad John" is always the one to kill them is so they are passive and not alert to any other reality that might startle them enough to fight back. The hostages don't know it is coming and if they do then they have already accepted their fate.

...It was shortly after he had refused to execute Sunni prisoners (resistance) that Hamza and other Isis volunteers were offered the 13 Yazidi girls for sex. (seduction back into the ranks) He says that the two events together shattered his idealistic enthusiasm for Isis and created doubts in his mind. He gives a compelling description of his mental turmoil at this time, thinking of “the executions, or more horribly the beheadings, as well as the raping of the non-Muslim girls. These scenes terrified me. I imagined myself being caught up in these shootings, executions, beheadings and raping, if I stayed where I was."... (The seduction didn't work with Hamza, so he deserted the ranks of Daesh. He is still worried now about being discovered and killed himself. To leave the ranks of Daesh is peril, but, Hamza valued the after life and knew he could not face death as prescribed by a faux faith in Islam.")

The passive-aggressive methodology is everywhere. Isn't that the black flag in the museum? First Daesh takes possession and then uses genocide to eliminate any cultural evidence. Destroying a culture without any killings is also genocide. 

Hamza stated he refused to execute Sunnis. Daesh isn't about religion, it is about power. It doesn't care the ethnicity or the faith, if Daesh is not accepted as the governing authority the people are executed. All faiths in the region and all ethnicities are in danger. Daesh is not about religion, it is about power.

The methodologies are entirely passive-aggressive leading to genocide. The people entrenched in this control might rise up to fight for themselves if they were alarmed enough to realize their ultimate faith and spiritual death.

If Daesh has to maintain a quietness about the truth of their existence in order for the people to remain calm, it can be undone. 

Westerners have comfort in their lives and religion while important isn't as intensely present in their lives. If Westerners are being handed 'the real Islam' and they are made to feel guilty regarding their faith, they are more susceptible than others already in the region. 


Hamza stated women recruited into Daesh are first placed with a Commander in marriage. Then after a few weeks are divorced and placed with others. The girls coming from Europe are being duped with STATUS of a "Commander" (They are special.) and this is simply another method of building an empire through genocide. The young people they can recruit the sooner Europe will no longer exist as it does now. Daesh, while dedicated to forming a caliphate, are not in any hurry. Daesh realizes a larger military is needed to march into other lands.
March 16, 2015
By Joseph Serna

10-year LAPD officer (click here) and a second person were charged by federal prosecutors Monday with trying to smuggle a Mexican citizen into the United States in the trunk of a car at the Otay Mesa border crossing.
Officer Carlos Curiel Quezada Jr., 34, and Angelica Godinez, 31, were stopped by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers Saturday evening when they drove a white 2014 Nissan Juke through the border crossing.
The pair showed their passports and said they were headed to Mission Hills, according to the federal charging document. But when the car was inspected by a device that acts like an X-ray machine at a secondary inspection point, authorities noticed something unusual about the trunk....

Pam has moved south of New Zealand

Earth (click here)

In the image below Pam can be noted at 11 o'clock. It remains an intact circulation center (It has an 'eye.') as it moves toward Antarctica.

This is a water vapor image of Antarctica.
Date and time can be noted in the caption in the black strip across the bottom of the satellite.

Get the picture yet?

The Earth's troposphere is divided into circulation regions based in latitudes. 

The Hadley cell, named after George Hadley, is a tropical atmospheric circulation that is defined by the average over longitude, which features rising motion near the equator, poleward flow 10–15 kilometers above the surface, descending motion in the subtropics, and equatorward flow near the surface.

The USA is located in the latitudes of the Mid-latitude Cells. The air in these cells moves from west to east as noted in the picture to the left.

In a more normal troposphere the jet stream would be moving the air mass around the Earth. However, with Spring on the way and realizing only the Coriolis Effect as the sincere force moving air masses now with the Climate Crisis upon us, there is a stalled circulation cell that has settled over the USA. This circulation cell is bringing hot equatorial air to a higher latitude.

 March 17, 2015
UNISYS Water Vapor North and West Hemisphere Satellite Image (click here for 12 hour loop - thank you)

It is really quite hot, isn't it?

 Wind Map (click here)

The wind map shows air movement from the northern boundary of the circulation cell to the southern boundary of the circulation cell. It is the mixing of the equatorial heat and arctic air that is at all keeping the temperature unseasonably high.

This is NOAA's 6-10 temperature outlook.