Monday, October 31, 2011

A successful launch today by the Russians to the ISS indicates manned flights will begin again.

If one recalls there was an unsuccessful launch not long ago.  That is highly irregular for Russian spacecrafts.  I am confident it was a one time occurrrence that will not repeat itself anytime soon.

"...It was a perfect launch," (click title to entry - thank you) Mission Control spokesman Valery Lyndin said, according to reports. The Progress M-13M spacecraft atop a Soyuz rocket blasted off on schedule at 6:11 a.m. ET on Sunday from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and has now reached its designated orbit....

(UNESCO) United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is probably the least offensive strategic membership for Palestine.

The global community should maintain caution in isolating the USA and Israel from successful international relationships to back an independent Palestinian state without a succesful peace pact with Israel.
The fact that President Obama is upholding the law of the USA that states if Palestine were to be a member of any UN organization the USA would end funding provides solid ground for him to defeat any notion that he was not sympathetic to Israel's status.  More than that, Israel is a vitalo strategic partner for the USA.  That will never change.  For that reason alone the 'idea' that Palestine can independently declare its national status through imposed standings with the UN and international organizations before concluding a peace treaty with Israel sets the world stage for confrontation that will provide for 'dangerous' territory rather than a gathering influence to global nuclear disarmament and peace.

If the Palestinian state were to continue this trend, it would cause the USA to posture itself differently within the global community and set the stage for a new cold war.  That said, it has been over four decades and at least two generations the Palestinians have been without a defined homeland.  Their borders have been toyed with for all the time and now they have developed a strategy to derail Israel is 'the enemy' among all peaceful people.  It is the worst idea a country could purport as the truth that should dictate international dialogue and policy.  The Palestinians are attempting to demonize Israel in a manner that would set the entire globe in opposition to the USA and Israel.  It is a stretegy based in a lie and a dangerous lie at that.

The Palestinians need to resume peace negotitations with Israel and lobbing new rockets into Israel is not a good beginning.  The Palestinians want the war Iran has promised and they will stop at nothing to achieve it.  It is a dangerous stretegy for the international community to entertain.  As things stand today with this vote, the USA and Israel are now examining their alliance as a matter of defense of their nations if the 'global chemistry' goes wrong.

...While UNESCO membership (click title to entry - thank you) will take the Palestinians only a short way toward their goal of enhanced international standing, it embarrassed the Obama administration by highlighting its relative isolation on the issue.

Administration officials criticized the UNESCO move as a blow to U.S. efforts to bring Israelis and Palestinians back to the negotiating table to reach a deal that would end Israel's occupation of the West Bank and create a Palestinian state.

The vote, said Nuland, was "regrettable, premature and undermines our shared vision of a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East."...

He is not drunk. He is cajoling the audience into finding common ground between them.

The degree Governor Perry needs to cajole his audience is extreme and one has to ask why. If a candidate has to try this hard to be accepted in a primary, what kind of chance does he have in a general election?

Who hacked the files at the National Restaurant Association ?

"...Mr. Cain’s shifting explanations and the gaps in the story made it hard to determine the impact of the revelations on his long-term prospects in states like Iowa, whose crucial caucuses are just two months away...."

Cain has never been a serious contender from the beginning and everyone knows it.  He has smoozed a campaign slogan of 9-9-9 as if a well researched economic strategy.  There are underlying agendas that Cain is volunteering to be a target for, namely "How does the RNC win over the "Black Vote" and "How do we get the American public serious about "The Flat Tax" that is already a bill in the House of Representatives.

Cain is a sympathetic figure in that every shot fired at him only increases his popularity as if 'the target on his back' is insurmountable without a strong grassroots willing to absorb the shots better than he can.

The real subject is not the 'sex scandals' although Republicans could not care less about sex scandals, ie: David Vitter.  The real subject is the funding and the law breaking of desperate people.  This is the second money scandal to arise with these candidates, the first was with Romney and now this one.  There is a third which is the sequestered monies of Rick Perry.  He is not a candidate funded by many grassroots organizations or volunteers or contributors, but, by the religious right of Texas which eyes the presidency as their right of passage to carry out their holy directives.

The entire RNC field is bizarre.  The Tea-Evangelicals are trying desperately to find the perfect candidate while the remaining RNC party simply holds on to the one candidate that may be electable.  Regardless, of the scandalous monies involved in funding the RNC and their success is deceiving the electorate, they sincerely are not a sincere party anymore, as demonstrated by ignoring the one candidate in the field that could actually win the election on credentials, Jon Huntsman.  The RNC is old world and this is just more of it.

An interesting question graces the pages of the Washington Post today.

...Now it appears (click title to entry - thank you) to be dragging its feet on helping even those Venezuelans who come to the United States to seek physical protection from the regime. In recent years Venezuela has been one of the largest sources of asylum applicants: It ranked eighth in the world on a DHS list in March. So far in 2011 there have been 670 applications, which can cover families as well as individuals. DHS officials told me that the overall rate of approval for Venezuelan cases has remained constant in recent years. But 135 of 467 cases in 2010 remained open at the end of the year.

Mezerhane says he would like to use his time in the United States to work for change in Venezuela, which has grown steadily more violent and chaotic. For now, however, he and many like him are paralyzed. “It is hard for them to bring their families over,” said Grossman. “They can’t work. They can’t travel. We are effectively silencing them and denying them a platform to voice their opinions.”

Is this really the right way to counter Hugo Chavez?

Actually it isn't.  It is however interesting to realize that Nelson Mezerhanem, a Venezuelan business man is treated to exceptional coverage of his circumstances while "#Occupy Wall Street" is villianized at The Washington Post and other media sources.

Quite frankly, Mr. Mezerhanem is NOT being deported, his application is being taken seriously and the reason it is taking so long is because while he wants to promote freedom in Venezuela that is described without the leadership of Hugo; he will not be able to run a revolution in the USA against Venezuela.  Arming a militia and seeking to overthrow a government from USA soil is contraindicated to USA sovereignty and the safety of its citizens.  Homeland Security is doing its job, something The Washington Post ought to consider more seriously when seeking the truth regarding the movement of USA citizens to resolve the crisis of an entire generation.

Hot meets Cold

The snow is about a month early: The first snow typically occurs in Boston around Nov. 28. The snowiest October day on record in Boston was 1.1 inches on Oct. 29, 2005, and in Worcester, 7.5 inches. on Oct. 10, 1979.

October 28, 2011
UNISYS Water Vapor GOES East satellite image

An arctic front met with a heat transfer system resulting in high winds and perscipitation throughout the northeast of the USA and into Canada.  Heat transfer systems are dangerous and have been chronic since October 2, 2002.  They are an unnatural occurrence and are caused by the high carbon dioxide levels of Earth emitted by human activity.

Tree falls on home, kills 84 year old Pennsylvania man (click here)
 By Josh Simeone
October 30, 2011
An 84-year-old man died instantly when a tree fell on his home Saturday afternoon in Temple, Pennsylvania.
The report is the man was napping on his recliner when the tree, which was covered in snow, fell onto the home.
Saturday's storm moved through the area, dropping several inches of snow in parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Thousands of people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are without power.

Does the media report the storm accurately?  No.  They call it a 'Nor'easter' rather than the human induced warming storm is rightfully is.  It is a storm induced by a chronic warming phenomena called 'heat transfer systems.'  That is what the people in the northeast USA are contending with this time.

There was a storm similar to the one that struck the northeast this past weekend.  It occurred in February, however, and not October.  It happened in 2004 closing schools, businesses and taking electric power away from residents in North Carolina for a week in many places.  It caused deaths and injuries.  This is not the first time a severe storm has caused such damage since October 4, 2002.  The storm this time was magnified in its impact by sogging ground and swollen rivers and creeks.  Nothing like water saturated ground to cause more problems when it becomes frozen and then thawed to allow melted snow to again do more damage and more damage.

An unusual storm (click here) blanketed North Carolina with record snowfall on February 26 and 27, 2004, stranding travelers and closing schools and businesses. As much as 1.5 feet (0.45 meters) of snow fell in parts of the state.

More than three million are left without electric power with the northeast storm.  That was far more than the North Carolina storm.  People should be taking whatever action they need to and insure their well being.  I am confident the states have emergency shelters until electricity is restored.

Fall Storm: October Nor'easter Blamed for at Least Three Deaths (click here)

A strong storm system moving up the East Coast has already dumped more than two feet of snow in some parts of New England today, leaving more than 2 million homes and businesses without power and causing at least three deaths.
The storm dumped record amounts of snow from New Jersey through New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. The governors of New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts all declared states of emergency.
An 84-year-old man in Pennsylvania died this afternoon when a tree weighed down by snow fell on his home. ...

#Occupy is non-violent movement. This is police brutality and government over reach.

Image is not the issue as this college editorial would have all believe.  The issue is the oppression of the Middle Class and how the 1 percent has marginalized the constitutional rights of the people to carry out a protest.

There are all sorts of ways to oppress people.  If every inch of a public area is owned and operated to standards that do not allow protests (The EXPRESSION) of First Amendment Rights then that is a very overt oppression of those rights.

If every public space is operated with a corporation's name on it and to specifications that reflect the values of that corporation which excludes venues of protest then the very naming of a public space is oppression.

Governments have to provide for Freedom of Speech (Exprssion).  When there are no venues for the expression of discontent that is oppression.  Where is freedom when it is inconvenient of 'image brokers?'  The #Occupy Wall Street movement has a solid reason for its presence around the country and around the world.  So long as the oppression of free people continues by their government and the corporations that feed on them there will be discontinuance of demonstration.

Occupy Denver protest fights with police goes against Constitution: Our View

By Collegian Editorial Board
Updated: 7 hours ago
...We’re all about a little bit of civil disobedience, since battles with the police have been defining moments of successful protests in the past, but getting in fights with cops is not suddenly going to give Occupy Wall Street legitimacy, something that probably motivated some of the protesters to cause trouble in the first place.
We understand that protesters feel wronged by the 1 percent and want to act out (or whatever Occupy’s about), but they’ve got to have a purpose behind it, something that, given the information we have, the protesters lacked, aside from simply the presence of police at the protests.

By the same token, Denver Police needs to stop over-reacting to the protesters who, when members of the Editorial Board visited Denver and saw Occupy firsthand, seemed more like homeless people playing music in a park than a genuine threat to public safety.

It doesn’t look like Occupy’s going anywhere anytime soon, and to avoid future altercations between police and protesters, both parties need to chill out....

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