Sunday, August 10, 2014

Esteemed James Hansen needs to consult with Goddard NASA as to the best place for a $2 billion CO2 separator.

If I could make a wish, the first model of a CO2 separator would have to be built at the USA northwest within sovereign borders. It is there ocean acidification is measurable. If CO2 could be captured and converted in large enough measure it would change the physics along the west coast and possibly break the high pressure system off shore California. If that occurs there might be a measurable return to west to east wind of less dense CO2 across the nation providing relief to Midwest farming.

The Earth CO2 separator has to be substantial enough to begin the shift in reverse to the density. The facility could pay for itself. First it would be a plug and play facility using earth resources for energy and it could be monitored easily in use to enhance development and the ultimate model. But separating CO2, IF, O2 is the final product could produce carbon that could be pressured into the form of diamonds. They would not blood diamonds either.

Until tomorrow...

So, NASA is going to play god.

The atmosphere of Mars is about 100 times thinner than Earth's, and it is 95 percent carbon dioxide.

Reality check. If NASA has perfected a CO2 separator the details need to released to the public and it's first deployment should be right here on Earth. I can't imagine what a CO2 separator is going to look like because CO2 doesn't react with much, so there is some kind of catalyst reaction with something like a platinum plate.

That said, Earth did not develop it's atmosphere's by a CO2 separator. Earth's atmospheres were FOUNDED by physics in a process called accretion. Don't understand accretion, then read about it. (click here) 

Earth spins round and round, right? It not only spins round and round, it spins around the sun. All those dynamics have a remarkable resemblance to the same spinning motion of a single atom. 

As the Earth was spun out of a nebula and then found an orbit around Sol, it developed it's own orbit and gravity and captured a moon. As Earth continued to spin and rotate around Sol it cooled. As it cooled the denser materials created the Inner Core which is believed to be mostly Iron and Nickel (click here). As the rest of the ELEMENTS (the 103 variety of the period table) were sucked in by Earth's gravitational (what are magnets made of? Iron) and magnetic pull the lighter elements formed the atmospheres of Earth. This is a one time shot at making a planet WITHIN the Habitable Zone around Sol. Humans CANNOT repeat this process. Earth is precious and cannot be duplicated.

Admittedly, Mars is a somewhat greater distance from Earth, but, the solar rays reaching Mars are still significant. So, for human beings to play god and have atmospheres that actually are livable as if on Earth there needs to be an ozone layer. Now, is the CO2 separator is initially going to fly around Mars sprinkling fairy dust in the form of O3 first. Or. Is NASA's estimation one that if they start sprinkling fairy dust in the way of 02 on Mars surface by the time Mars survives Sol's supernova, it should be ready as an 'exit planet' for human beings. Because a supernova is the only thing that will bring Mars close enough to Sol and even then it is most likely going to be like Mercury. No one will have to worry about melting Mar's water sources, it will boil off.

So, considering this is completely unrealistic and Mars formed by accretion as well and it is far colder in temperature than when it first existed, it is safe to say, there probably once was life on Mars in the way of bacteria, but, today everything is dead due to the chilling reality of Mars today. 

So, let's get down to it, shall we? The CO2 separator isn't at all about creating an atmosphere(s) for friendly settlement by humans; at the very best it will be tested to see if the Pup Tent the Astronauts will bring with them can hook up to it and breath 02. Right? 

NASA should know by now the American Public is where they recruit scientists and we ain't as stupid as we seem simply because Veronica Mars is a superstar.

Don't believe in a global plutocracy controlling all life? Then why is NASA sending it's CO2 separator to Mars?

August 10, 2014
By Steve Rising
NASA announced last month (click here) that it plans to make oxygen from carbon dioxide as part of a larger $2 billion project.

Of course, NASA isn’t making oxygen. It just wants to drive chemical reactions that combine the single, separate oxygen atoms in molecules of carbon dioxide into molecules of free oxygen.
Every green plant and alga on Earth has done the same thing with water molecules since the dawn of life. Indeed, they have done this long enough — more than 3 billion years — that our atmosphere has accumulated enough free oxygen to support life as we know it today.

If green plants and algae have done this for so long, then why is NASA spending so much money to generate more free oxygen? The answer, of course, is location, location, location.  

NASA needs free oxygen on Mars....

Why was Murkel's phone tapped?

Well. Europe is NATO. NATO is the USA. Doesn't the USA own everything it touches?

Here is a brain teaser. How long will Europe be free when all the counter power balances fall? I think it is time for the EU to have it's own intelligence and develop the threat of a Plutocratic USA without elections and a trashed USA constitution. It is only a few months away.

Turkey's military structure is a bit peculiar.

There is a leadership STRUCTURE called the TSK (Turk Silahli Kuvvetleri) (click here), the  Armed Forces, Turkish General Staff.

The USA has had a presence in Turkey for a long time. As a result the Turkish military has an autonomous structure that is not attached to the civilian political structure. So, while the USA is suppose to be a civilian controlled entity, it has it's own command structure. That is what exists in Turkey. The difference is the USA is SUPPOSED to be civilian controlled by political changes in the Executive Branch of government.

In recent years, the civilian population in Turkey has been inching up on a stronger civilian control of it's military. One has to realize, Turkey has been taken care of by the USA for decades, so the military organization sort of 'averts it's eyes' to less intense regional emphasis and more internal control. Primary, in recent decades Turkey has focused on the PKK. PKK is a Kurdish organization, unsanctioned by any official Kurdish international representation, that has fought for an autonomous homeland. PKK is considered a terrorist organization, but, has kept other forces at bay no different than Hamas.

I don't know if there is an argument that PKK has insured the survival of the Kurds in what was Northern Iraq, but, it sure didn't hurt them. 

Turkey faces three threats, the PKK (domestic insurgency - which is what Hamas should be considered). PKK is considered a fundamentalist movement. ?????? I don't know about that ?????????

The Kurds in general are considered a separatist movement, but, with the collapse of the Iraq borders they are less so, as much as a regional force with well developed military skills. It was this region of the former Iraq that USA troops first landed in 2003. There was a reason for that. Kurds view The West as allies, even if officially that is not the case.

Turkey's pride and joy is the Turkish Land Force Command (TLFC) (click here) which is having increased roles as Peacekeepers, currently in Afghanistan. Really? They are going to remain there after 2014? Well, the USA better take back all it's military hardware if peacekeepers of any kind are going to be successful. The Taliban will simply take over the USA hardware and facilities. I mean, this is not news. Or is it? 

I just love the way the USA military CLASSIFIES all the unrest in Afghanistan as "Oops, a Green on Blue Attack." Right. Place it in File GBA.

At any rate, the other two threats Turkey sees as problems is, of course, the Syrian civil war and Russia's demand for a civil war in the Ukraine.  

This is an interesting map of Turkey. It primarily illustrates it's densely strategic natural structures. Water and mountains.

Why is this important; because; they are. They still are. Mountains do a lot of things as far as barriers and hiding places. Water is ACCESS and to that end the Turkish Navy is an important ally to NATO. Now, understand why Syria's ports are important to Russia. 

OHHhhh, yeah, I see that now. 

But, I mean let's face it, Turkey is a hugely important strategic ally. HUGE. As in, where does any other country in what is basically a land locked region without the water have so much access by water? Turkey is the most important strategic region in this part of the world. That is a very long history of being of strategic importance. It is so important that the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) started it's foot hold here, right along with 'control' of trade routes. Constantinople. Pope Constantine. The conversion of Rome from polytheism to monotheism. My, my all those dead martyrs, too.

See, generals no matter when in history they may live still have the same Earth to work with. It's a bitch, I know.

So, here is a hint. Napoleon rocks. BUT. Every empire when it ends is far too big to control it's massive expanse. Rome was an interesting study when it expanded west and north into what is now Europe. Rome maintained it's control. It even maintained control when it took Cleopatra as a faux Queen. BUT. It lost control when Constantinople (that narrow little isthmus) was established. Rome conceded control by renaming it as the 'eastern' branch of the empire, but, Rome was being invaded on a regular basis by the Germanic folks and eventually by it's own people. 

But, as to Turkey. 

The Turkish Air Force until recent years has been primarily command and control. There is a lot of recon, air tankers, airborne command and transport. There are some helicopter, with a few fighter jets. Most of the combat structure is USA fighter jets. The USA combat structure comprises about 75 percent of the air force capacity 'within' Turkey. If the USA were to leave today, basically Turkey has no sovereign air defense force. Now, add that to the fact there is an autonomous military command structure in Turkey and the country is more an arm of the USA military than a sovereign country. Technically.

But, in recent years the Turkey Air Force is taking on an aerospace and MISSILE defense concept. Go, figure, huh? Why when everyone is looking for peace would a missile defense structure be important? It must be a NATO thing. Does Russia feel CHOCKED? Ahhh. Yeah. 

One more thing about the 'chocked' issue. This FOCUS for Turkey started in 2002. RUMSFELD. I think understanding how the USA, under Bush/Cheney has compromised these countries to be a focus of Russia's sovereign threat is more important than words can say.

That is why 2016 is ANYTHING GOES. It is why Russia is worried and willing to stand in the face of sanctions. Russia is on a collision course and it knows it. Russia still has a very viable navy and nuclear capacity regardless of it's capacity with conventional land forces. 

I do believe the USA muscle flexing, the fear of Europe to it's safety and the USA military budget is out of control.

But, I get carried away. But, I mean September 11th carried Bush/Cheney and the priorities of the USA military a long way, didn't it? Yeah.


There is one other name to remember. Izmir. What is Izmir? It is a coastal area of Turkey. People like to visit it as a tourist area. But, it is so much more.

Looky, thar. Izmir and to the southeast sits Cyprus. Interesting.

But, what is more interesting is the fact Izmir contains so much USA military hardware. 

Army Navy/Transportable Radar Surveillance (AN/TPY-2) 

The idea is to completely defend Europe and allies from any threat. Israel knows how well protective radar works, now doesn't it. What have we learned from Israel? The USA military is asking this question, why shouldn't we? We learned genocide for the sake of so called self-defense is possible, when a defense was never needed in the first place.

Is Russia undone? I would not count it. China and Russia can enter cyberspace without a glitch over thousands upon thousands of miles.

Now, about disarming from nukes and the continues peace talks to reduce sanctions and institute a lasting peace on a global basis without completely putting the world under control the USA and Wall Street. 

Hello? How ya doin' Vlad? McCain has tainted images himself, doesn't he? I mean, backing ISIS/ISIL to defeat Assad? Shame, shame.

What will 2016 look like? A hawk and life is breathed back into the Bush Die-nasty.

Iraq Airstrikes May Continue for Months, Obama Says (click here) 

The humanitarian mission is over, it is a good ruse though.
The world should prepare itself for post 2016. Anything goes.

Now, about that medium and short range missile treaty, including those fired from sea. 

* (small print) The propaganda has already started, what are you joking. Things politically in the USA happen in TWO YEAR STRETCHES. What is begun in 2014 will take "fruition" two years later. You didn't know that? Why do you think the USA military is so rammy about bombing again?

The NY Times is Wall Street, babe. The Times is like a mother whale pushing it's baby to the surface for it's first breath of air. There is all kinds of fear within NY. I mean a woman as chair of the Fed? The end of Wall Street welfare? Will exorbitant earnings while enforcing poverty everywhere ever happen again? Why do you think it has been a focus on local economies all these years since 2008?  We ain't finished by a long shot. Look at all the war impetus inherited by Obama. Get real, old haters and American imperialism dies hard.

First rule to prevent genocide, RUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There ain't nothing like putting ethnic minorities in the line of fire while trying to save their lives.

Displaced Iraqis from the Yazidi community arrive at the camp of Bajid Kandala at Feeshkhabour near the Syria-Iraq border on Saturday. Photo: AP

August 10, 2014
By Liz Sly and Loveday Morris

...Makhmour (click here) was seized by fighters of the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant on Thursday.
Earlier thousands of desperate Iraqi Yazidis who have been trapped by Islamist extremists on a parched mountaintop for almost a week, trekked into Syrian territory controlled by Kurds, seeking refuge in another war-ravaged country.
Shawkat Barbahari, an official from the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq, put the number of people who escaped the siege and crossed back into Iraqi Kurdistan at 30,000....

Makhmour is refugee camp. It ain't Iraq no more. The ONLY ones that continue to all it that are the Europeans.

Turkey has a big stake in the protections of these people. The problem is, and I would caution Turkey a great deal, are the Kurds. See, this is the foothold for the new Kurdistan. I don't know what the new country will be named, yet, but, this is the beginning of a homeland. If the Kurds have their way their homeland will extend into Turkey. I caution them as well. I'd rather see the Kurds and Turks settle on peace and stability in the region before a border dispute that would achieve nothing.

The Kurds are also a minority ethnic group that have spent generations protecting their people and traditions. The Kurds are magnificent people who have caused no one problems in the region. If it weren't for the Kurds northern Iraq would be very unstable. Turkey needs to be grateful while offering help to protect this region.

August 10, 2014
The current chaos in Iraq (click here) may herald the safe return of thousands of Turkish citizens to their homeland, Deputy Prime Minister Beşir Atalay announced Aug. 8, saying that Ankara will implement an open door policy for those who have been living in the Makhmour camp for decades.

Atalay's comments as a Kurdish journalist was killed at the camp while reporting about the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant's (ISIL) attack on the area.

“There are new developments in Iraq. We have received information that as of yesterday [Aug. 7], the Makhmour camp has been evacuated. There are people who want to go to Turkey from there. Most of them are our citizens anyway. They had gone from neighborhood of Hakkari; they had gone from villages and towns like Çukurca and Uludere due to the deteriorating conditions,” Atalay told reporters during a visit to the southeastern Anatolian border province of Hakkari. “Our door will be open if they come back. They will enter from our borders,” Atalay added....

...Yet, the Kurdish population in the Makhmour camp who are Turkish citizens have a complicated situation, since some of them are subject to lawsuits regarding the PKK, while there is a generation born in the camp who do not hold Turkish passport. As a matter of fact, up until the last few years, Turkey had long pressed for the closure of the Makhmour camp, claiming that it was under the PKK’s control and served as a supply base of fresh militants who would join the organization.

However, in recent years, the government has initiated a peace process, aimed at ending the three-decade-long conflict between Turkey’s security forces and the PKK....