Friday, July 01, 2011

The Republicans are distorting reality AGAIN.

I have heard the commentary regarding the study that can be found by clicking on the title to this entry, but, in all honesty the study is NOT an endorsement of the Republican Party, if anything it is a clear warning to the unavailable representation of the entire nation.

Quite frankly, when I hear the misinterpretation by the Right Wing Media to influence an uninfromed public I sincerely take offense.

I was a kid at one time.  I marched in a band and played the "The Stars and Stripes Forever."  The town I grew up in was in New Jersey, we were strongly Democratic in our city and state, we served in government and made an impact on our country and our lives.  The Republicans are about the most 'out of touch' jokers I have ever heard. 

The study simply confirms that fact 'the parades and all the celebration that occurs in traditional forms' LENDS itself to the 'backbone' values of the Republican Party.  That hardly means there are not patriotic Democrats that only believe in destroying the country and destroying life.  I really do believe the Republicans have that ALL BACKWARDS.  Their rhetoric speaks to 'where they find their power' and not what is best for the nation.

The 'idea' that Republicans are favored because children march in a band or otherwise is a ridiculous conclusion.

July 1, 2011 1:36 PM

Do July 4th festivities make you Republican?  (click here)

By Lucy Madison
A new study argues that July 4th celebrations may not be as innocent as they seem - at least from the democratic perspective....

Who exactly does everyone think they are?

John P. Sousa - The Stars and Stripes forever (New York Philharmonic, Be...

The California ZERO - EMISSIONS program has run out of money. Electric cars have arrived !!!!

The Chevy Volt has real competition, too.  The Nissan Leaf.

In 2009, the state of California appropriated over $10 million to help promote the production and use of zero-emission vehicles. Despite a $2 million boost from the California Energy Commission on May 26, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) recently announced that the program has run out of money earlier than predicted.

Slated to last until the end of 2011, the project distributed about 2,000 rebates worth a total of $11.1 million in just about 27 months.
Rebate amounts ranged from $1,500 to $5,000, depending on the vehicle purchased.  Zero-emissions passenger cars neighborhood electric vehicles and electric motorcycles were eligible for the rebates (LA Times).

A statement on the California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE) website states that the ARB expects FY 2011-2012 funding to become available later this year....

Republicans know nothing about governing, but, only ideology and Sam Brownback is a prime example.

The man simply hates women.  There is nothing else to say about incompetence or conservativeism, they simply hate women.  They hate the fact women actually 'think for themselves.'

The next USA "Battle of Mogadishu" according to Senator Mark Kirk a Republican from Illinois.

Israel is suppose to 'get it right' this time, not make it worse !!!!

...In a report drafted (click title to entry - thank you) following a visit to Israel in early June, Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., says the United States should "make available all necessary special operations and naval support to the Israeli Navy to effectively disable flotilla vessels before they can pose a threat to Israeli coastal security or put Israeli lives at risk."...

Kirk was a 2010 Republican.  He served in the House with the election of Bush/Cheney in 2000 and replaced President Obama in a special election to fill his seat.  Now he is trying to wage his own war over a humantiarian effort to Gaza.  Sounds like something a Republican would do.  Baseless wars into Iraq that kill innocent people and now this.  What we have to look forward to in the way of endangering human life with every Repbulcian elected is simply amazing.

Sabotage?  Really?  Give me a break.  Shame on everybody.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Irish ship will not sail to Gaza after 'sabotage' (click here)

AN IRISH ship, the MV Saoirse , will not take part in the planned freedom flotilla which is preparing to sail to Gaza because it has been sabotaged, according to one of the ship’s intended passengers.
Speaking last night from the Turkish port of Göcek, Fintan Lane, the national co-ordinator of Irish Ship to Gaza organisation, said that the ship would not be able to sail as it had been “dangerously sabotaged”, according to the organising campaign.
He said that the damage to the ship was discovered on Monday night when the captain noticed that there was something wrong. Divers found that a piece was missing from one of the propeller shafts.
“This was the type of sabotage that endangered human life,” Mr Lane said last night. “They put divers under the boat who cut a piece out of the propeller shaft. That means that the damage would have happened gradually and what would have happened eventually is that the propeller would have come up through the bottom of the boat, caused a flood in the engine room and would have caused the boat to sink.”...

It looks as though it has been quite a week for everyone. Beck leaves FOX, Bachman enters as the anti-intelligence candidate ,Palin has a movie opening and Strauss-Kahn finds character assassination easy of his accuser.

...When Georgia State USDA (click title to entry - thank you) rural development director Shirley Sherrod was fired by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack for making 'alleged' racially-tinged remarks, we also saw consequences meted out before the entire story of that video, brought to light by Andrew Breitbart, was properly considered....

And all I kept wondering about was how was Anthony Weiner's twitter account hacked?

The circus that surrounded the former Congressman's 'for adults only picture expose' was interesting, but, Breitbart knew about the 'other women' before the first pictures were dry.

When the public didn't react as expected to the first pictures of grey underwear, Breitbart stated, "But, there are more women."  How did he know that?  And why was the woman that first was exposed along with Weiner state she was not involved?


Is Palin looking for a hand to shake or what the heck is she doing?  It isn't as though there are throngs of people with their hands extended.  Being in Windmill Central doesn't automatically mean everyone knows you or even likes you.  They might turn out for the wrong reasons, too.

Sarah Palin (click here) talked with many of those who came out to the premier of the movie featuring her "The Undefeated" June 28 (photo K.Allsup)

I still believe she is going to run as an independent if she gets the backing or enough internet votes.

She probably sees her 'steam' being distributed among Bachman and Perry and doesn't like it much.  She planned to run in 2012 and all her exposure through personal ventures for Palin supports in Alaska and now a film along with FOX news commnentary was suppose to land her in the midst of popularity and demand.  It hasn't.  She spread her popularity among other politicians and they are running with her macheesmo while she 'sits the bench.'  Another Vice President's seat?  Sarah?  I doubt it.

Just a guess.