Thursday, July 11, 2013

Is this not the surveillance video from the convenience store?

There is no doubt about how Mr. Martin's clothing fit him. Absolutely no doubt.

What is this 'thing' about washing blood out of clothing by rain? There is no way.

Blood is very sticky stuff. It stains. Everyone knows that a cloth with blood requires soaking in cold water and laundering and then only hopefully the stain will be gone.

...Experience has shown that it’s virtually impossible (click here) to clean-up blood spatter at a crime scene so that no DNA can be detected. And that is after using water, solvents, cleaning fluids and other assorted chemicals in multiple washings to remove all visible traces of blood. Even though the human eye cannot see trace amounts of blood residue, luminol will detect it. Luminol is so sensitive that it can detect the presence of blood in serial dilutions down to 1:100,000. If luminol can detect it, PCR testing certainly will type the DNA present.

Other chemicals used in presumptive testing for the presence of blood are leuchomalachite green, phenolphthalein, Hemastixs, Hemident, and Bluestarr. All are as equally sensitive to blood as Luminol except for leuchomalachite green (1:10,000). For more information, please read this Technical Note in the Journal of Forensic Science, published in 2006. JFS is a peer reviewed professional journal....

The tiniest amount of blood will result in positive findings. I am quite confident Mr. Martin's evidence was reviewed by more than just one forensic specialist. There should be no confusion or debate. Seriously. There are many instances of crime scenes far older than seven hours that have proven to tell the tale of what occurred.

GOP passes the Farm Bill without Food Stamps

The cowards of the GOP divided the bill in half as if Moses dividing the Red Sea. I am quite confident the GOP is far less red today than yellow as a chicken. They are scared to vote for Food Stamps, so they'll let the Democrats pass the Food and Nutrition Bill if they ever bring it to the floor. 

These people are hideous and have no backbone. Wait and see, Speaker Boner will be scared to bring the Food and Nutrition bill to the floor. He needs to hand the gavel to Minority Speaker Pelosie for the day to finally get things done.

July 11, 2013 
by Scott Neuman 

..."Even in a chamber used to acrimony, (click here) Thursday's debate in the House was particularly brutal. Democrats repeatedly called for roll-call votes on parliamentary procedures and motions to adjourn, delaying the final vote by hours and charging Republicans over and over again with callousness and cruelty.

"Republicans shouted protests, tried to silence the most strident Democrats and were repeatedly forced to vote to uphold their own parliamentary rulings."

"The dropped food stamp section would have made a 3 percent cut to the $80 billion-a-year feeding program. Many Republicans say that isn't enough since the program's cost has doubled in the last five years. Democrats have opposed any cuts. The food stamp program doesn't need legislation to continue, but Congress would have to pass a bill to enact changes."...     
I want to thank the media that covered the trial in regard to the death of a promising teenager in our country. It was important. I realize there are some criticisms about the coverage, but, the trial was short and the realization of the facts important.

I think it will make a great deal of difference to all communities involved in this absolute tragedy.

I want to just mention the episode people experienced with Rachel Jeantel. I believe it was important we all witnessed her reality. Eventually, the defense lawyers came to understand her and she found fortitude to withstand the questioning. 

But, the part I want to speak to is the racial epithets. They existed both with Mr. Zimmerman and Mr. Martin. One person knew they were racial epithets while the other did not.

An epithet in it's purest sense is a characterizing word or phrase accompanying or occurring in place of the name of a person or thing. It becomes disparaging when adjectives are added to it. I am not suggesting Ms. Jeantel's use was unique, but, there is a reality that deserves recognition.

She stated Mr. Martin called the man following him a "...crazy, ass, cracker..." She also stated, when asked, it was not a racial comment. I found that interesting. She really meant it and I was glad she spoke up for her understanding. 

See, her 'ego defenses' allowed for those comments to describe those she didn't know but grouped together in an understanding defining the group. She used those group definitions to define her place in life. She didn't see a 'crazy ass cracker' as a racial slur because it defended her from others that might call her racial epithets as well. 

It is easy to be called a name if in defense one sees in the minds eye an equal name of those inflicting what most would consider an insult. It provides for peace within the mind and soul so as to not be considered less a person.

So, while Americans mull over how a black woman can openly state a racial insult was not really an insult, they need to consider their own understanding and how none of what was said that evening involved them at all. 

I wish he was still here and I wish that gun never existed.

"Flying off the wire"

San Francisco Flight Operations should have taken care of the understanding of what it meant to pilots involved with it's airspace while it was experiencing construction.

The exact parameters of what is involved when there is no "Fly by wire" should be spelled out with a requirement of an electronic signature BY THE PILOT and CO-PILOT to acknowledge that BEFORE the flight takes off or leaves as San Francisco airport as a final destination. 

Those instructions can be as simple as "Flight instrumentation will be inoperable in many parameters as there is no Fly by Wire currently at SFO. There are measures to provide for a safe manual landing and those are... Kindly check the Flight Operations Manual for the aircraft being flown to insure proper and safe operation."

Within the Flight Operations Manual there needs to be EXACT understanding of what is required to "Fly off the Wire." There also needs to be experienced pilots within the airline manufacturers personnel listing to answer questions should there be any questions to Flight Operations, pilots, co-pilots and navigators.

"Flying off the Wire" should never mean flying by the seat of your pants. 

Any airport also should have available to anyone, including passengers and the public, the landing dynamics in good weather and extreme. Every airport is unique with it's own geological location and has somewhat standard dynamics to the 'quality' of it's airspace. 

If SFO and Asian did not provide this information to their pilots then they are liable through negligence. If Boeing did not provide training for the 777 "Off the Wire" and include it in any manuals to pilots then they are negligent as well.

Wall Street's jargon for profits? EXCUSES.

A pilot should not have control of the plane?

A co-pilot should not notice the airspeed and report it?

A navigator should not report when a plane is off course?

All this because of culture diversity?

That is Bull-oney and everyone knows it.

Since when does a South Korean flight deck have to include the chatter of a million people in order to land the plane. 

The crash of Asian Flight 214 is a failure of the technology and how it was interpreted by those flying the plane. There is no cultural anything here.
When a culture is being blamed for the downing of a Super-Jumbo jet there is something very wrong and it isn't the culture. Blaming the victims is well known to those hearing oppression. Blaming the South Korean culture for planes falling to earth is Wall Street jargon for profits.

A culture of any nation should not require victimization to proceed with competition among multi-national industries. 

A car has a gas pedal, steering wheel and a brake. That translates into most any culture. How the car is received by the people as a BENEVOLENT TOOL within their culture is an interesting interpretation. But, to expect to have an entire nation take on the quirks and slang of a nation run by Wall Street whereby American citizens have less status than corporations is allowing not only destruction of the foreign culture, but, that of the American people as well.

If Wall Street culture demands the depersonalization of diversity in order to turn a profit, we don't need it nor should any other country seeking to compete with such hideous paradigms.

Technology of any kind is suppose to enhance the experience of living, not change it.

Cultural Genocide

The computer age brings many challenges to many people, but, one challenge it should never bring it the destruction of a culture to instill some kind of efficiency. If technologies cannot adapt to diversity than it is the technology that fails and not the culture.

Since when does a damn computer tell me or others how to live and conduct oneself!

It is an issue for the United Nations. As computer technology has taken hold on a global basis there are demands on other cultures to "Be Like An American." 

I don't think so. 

When South Koreans come to camps to learn American quirks and slang as a means of improving their own quality of life that is a war not worth fighting. 

Computers are suppose to be enhancement to any society, but, it is not suppose to dominate it to the extent 'missions of the religious' travel far and wide to convert those 'in competition' with the USA into 'habits' unfamiliar to their culture. That is cultural genocide and there is every indication it is occurring globally. That reality alone could be an impetus to radicalization and rebellion.

Hispanic communities need to carry out mass demonstrations at the USA House offices and in DC.

Republicans walked away (click here) from their 2012 debacle hell-bent on fixing their problems with Hispanics. Now, they appear hell-bent on making them worse.

In private conversations, top Republicans on Capitol Hill now predict comprehensive immigration reform will die a slow, months-long death in the House. Like with background checks for gun buyers, the conventional wisdom that the party would never kill immigration reform, and risk further alienating Hispanic voters, was always wrong — and ignored the reality that most House Republicans are white conservatives representing mostly white districts....

Colorado is awash of tragedy.

I spoke with a young woman yesterday who lives and works in Colorado. At no prompting by me she started to talk about the trauma in her daily life. She stated her household was evacuated last week due to wildfires. There have been 18 wildfires in the region of her home so far this year.

She stated the heat has been so bad she unwittingly became dehydrated and was rushed to the Emergency Room where she received two liters of IV fluid to save her life.

This was not an elderly person or a child. She was a young, twenty something, working a job and taking care of a household. It is time long overdue for legislators across this country to address the drastic reality of the Climate Crisis INDUCED by anthropogenic greenhouse gases.

While firefighters were buried in Arizona, the American public is fighting a very different battle everyday to maintain their well being and their sanity.

July 7, 2013
By Tom McGhee

Firefighters battling the West Fork Complex fire (click here) got some help from Mother Nature overnight when rain dampened flames that have been scorching isolated, rugged terrain in the San Juan and Rio Grande national forests.
"Things have cooled down," said Norm Rooker, spokesman for the Type 1 Incident Management Team. Three fires — West Fork, Papoose and Windy Pass — make up the complex.
The 110,028 acre fire remains at 25 percent containment.
So far the blaze has destroyed only one structure, a pump house.
Fire fighters are working in rough terrain where tinder-dry, spruce trees that have been ravaged by beetles are tearing loose from the ground and collapsing. "We call them snags. They are crashing left, right and center," Rooker said....

Oops, the forest lost it's green tops and the roots aren't living anymore.

Expansion of human development (click here) into forested areas has created a situation where wildfires can adversely affect lives and property, as can the flooding and landslides that occur in the aftermath of the fires.

Housing in "Dry Season Only" otherwise it is the homeless shelter post tragedy until it is safe to return to the mortgaged abode. 

The politicians were all warned. Any environmental or conservation group would have come forward to warn everyone of the tragedies to follow. I know for a fact the community always goes through the exercise, but, the builders lobbies have a slam dunk at the price of the public's well being. 

Homebuilder Associations along with the petroleum industry cost the USA more impact to it's local, state and federal treasuries than any other industries in the country. These industries carry out their profits at the cost of taxpayer dollars.

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo.  — A thunderstorm (click here) has sent rocks, mud, debris and running water rushing down part of U.S. 24 in a canyon in Manitou Springs, leaving some vehicles covered or stuck in mud.
The rockslide closed a four-mile stretch of U.S. 24 Wednesday afternoon. El Paso County sheriff's officials said there was no immediate report of injuries.
The American Red Cross opened a shelter for people seeking higher ground.
The National Weather Service had issued flash flood warnings Wednesday afternoon for areas scarred by the Waldo Canyon Fire last year and the Black Forest Fire this year, since soil and vegetation that normally would absorb rainfall there has been burned away....

Increased incidents of Hendra virus in horses.

Veterinarians have called for mandatory vaccination of horses against the Hendra virus. 

I would imagine protecting the Kentucky Derby entrants is important, too. This is traumatic realization to the horse industry, be it commerial racehorses, precious show horses or backyard pleasure horses.

July 2009

Hendra virus (HeV) is a rare, (click here) emerging zoonotic virus (a virus transmitted to humans from animals), that can cause respiratory and neurological disease and death in people. It can also cause severe disease and death in horses, resulting in considerable economic losses for horse breeders. 

Initially named Equine Morbilivirus, Hendra virus is a member of the genus Henipavirus, a new class of virus in the Paramyxoviridae family. It is closely related to Nipah virus.

Although Hendra virus has caused only a few outbreaks, its potential for further spread and ability to cause disease and death in people have made it a public health concern. The concern has heightened in the most recent outbreaks, as the horses’ symptoms have shifted to become largely neurological instead of respiratory. This suggests the possibility of genetic diversity in the strain, and potentially a more infective virus....

The horse industry has been through this before and require many proof of vaccines when transporting intrastate in the USA or across borders into Canada and Europe. 

July 11, 2013
Four horses have died from the disease in the Kempsey and Macksville areas in the past month. (click here)
Three properties remain in quarantine, six more horses will be tested for Hendra today and be vaccinated against it.
Kempsey vet Andrew Bennett said Hendra has never before been seen as far south as the Macleay Valley.
"This is the first this has been on our doorstep," she said.
"It's been extremely frantic since we had our first diagnosis of Hendra in this district on Sunday night.
"The people of the town have obviously been anxious to get their horses in and get them vaccinated.
"So besides dealing with a lot of enquires we're trying to rollout as much vaccine as we can as quickly as possible," she said.
Meanwhile the North Coast Public Health Unit says the owner of the horse that died from Hendra yesterday has been assessed for exposure to the virus.

Surviving the 2008 Global Econoomic Depression

Horses are very different than cows. Currently, horses receive all types of parasite medication into their digestive tracts to prevent blockage of intestines. 

The meat inspection standards in the USA do not provide guidelines for the feeding of horses to produce meat. There is no testing by the USDA of other factors that effect horse meat in the USA. 

Horses have very inefficient digestive systems. They will never turn a profit as cattle do if that is the goal of the horse slaughter industry in the USA.

Published: April 6, 2009 
MURRAY, Ky. — Emaciated horses eating bark off trees. (click here) Abandoned horses tied to telephone poles. Horses subsisting on feces, walking among carcasses. 

As the economy continues to falter, law enforcement officers in Kentucky and throughout the country are seeing major increases in the number of unwanted and neglected horses, some abandoned on public land, others left to starve by their owners.

The situation has renewed the debate over whether reopening slaughterhouses in the United States — the last ones closed in 2007 — would help address the problem. Some states, Missouri, Montana and North and South Dakota, for example, are looking at ways to bring slaughterhouses back....

I remind the only reason abandoned horses became an issue was due to the Bush Global Economic Depression. When homeowners with barns in their backyard had to choose between paying the mortgage or feeding their pleasure horses. 

So, this is not a long term viable industry, unless there is another Republican elected into the Executive Branch again. At least if that happens the nation will know what they are facing and can plan for it now. If there is ever another Republican president the new 'Food Insurance' for survivalists will have to include their pets.

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) - The federal government's "nationwide program of horse slaughter" threatens the environment and public health, the Humane Society and others claim in court.
     Lead plaintiff Front Range Equine Rescue et al. sued Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and two of his top assistants, in Federal Court.
     "Defendants are embarking on a nationwide program of horse slaughter that presents clear threats to the environment without complying with congressionally mandated requirements intended to protect the public and our natural resources," the complaint states....

..."For six years, from 2007 until the filing of this complaint, there has been no plan or policy for inspection of horses going to slaughter. For that entire time, horses were notably absent from any consideration of testing or inspection programs. Defendants have been modifying and supposedly improving their testing programs for slaughtered animals over the course of that time. But horses have been consistently excluded. Even USDA's 2013 National Residue Program for testing animals subject to slaughter, when the agency knew that horse slaughter was authorized, excluded horses from consideration."...

This was not an accident. Where is the investigation regarding this disaster?

The Canadian government and the USA authorities have an obligation to do more than pander to the petroleum industry.

A runaway train? Really? There have been some similar incidents over the past decade in the USA. Why hasn't Canada learned from the USA tragedies.

I believe the railroad has an obligation to serve the people now with financial compensation for their losses. That is completely obvious the victims of this crime need relief from the companies willful acts.

The railroad company needs to begin compensation to the people, need to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure and bring to trial those responsible for this crime. 

I am more than confident there are environmental fines as well. The picture to the right is of the LA derailment in 2003. There were two other incidents I know of that occurred in the USA during the years of Bush/Cheney. They were all runaway trains. There were no deaths or infrastructure damage in the USA. 

You mean to tell me this incident in Canada ten years later didn't learn from these tragedies? That being the fact, especially since these rail cars contained flammable materials. There needs to be people held responsible for this disaster.

I am quite confident there was foul play, otherwise, there needed to be more regulation to this potential. If the railways were not regulated more after THREE incidents in the USA, the people within a democracy are victims of their politicians.

Runaway trains are completely preventable.
July 11, 2013 
By Intelligencer Journal

...To recap: (click here) The accident occurred early Saturday morning when an unattended 73-car train carrying an estimated 42,000 barrels of crude oil somehow rolled downhill and crashed in the community of 6,000 near the western Maine border. The accident devastated the center of Lac Megantic and killed at least 15 people. Dozens more remain missing.

The Montreal, Maine and Atlantic train was carrying crude oil from North Dakota eastward across Canada. In the absence of a pipeline linking Canadian and northern U.S. oil operations to U.S. refineries and ports, much of the oil is being shipped by rail. The number of oil shipments by rail has grown 20-fold in recent years. That's great for U.S. and Canadian railroads but is a concern for people who live near those routes.

Some of that crude oil is now being transported along Norfolk Southern's Port Road that traces the Susquehanna River from northwestern Lancaster County to Perryville, Md. Mile-long trains — some pulling as many as 118 tank cars filled with crude oil from Canada and the Bakken shale fields in Montana and North and South Dakota — routinely travel the Port Road en route to ports in Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania....

Sharia Law by another name. The Christian Brotherhood at work.

Texas House passes abortion bill; Senate next stop (click here)
By Associated Press, Published: July 9
Updated: Wednesday, July 10, 3:10 PM
AUSTIN, Texas — A proposal that would make Texas one of the nation’s toughest places to get an abortion won swift approval Wednesday in the state House, sending it on to the Senate where a filibuster and raucous protests derailed Republican efforts to pass it nearly two weeks earlier.
There is little Democrats can do to stop the measure this time in the GOP-controlled Legislature, but they’re seeking to create a legislative record that opponents can use to challenge it in federal court on constitutional grounds. Democrats also hope to use women’s health issues to win more seats in 2014....