Sunday, March 22, 2015

The USA is no longer self-policing. It is corrupt as evidence with the 2014-16 Congress. There is no conscience regarding domestic needs, including infrastruture.

The 2014 elections did not give the political right wing a mandate a new social contract. There is also the issue of discrimination of the LGBT community. Their perception is palpable.

Conservatives have figured-out (click here) a way which allows them to promote discrimination against LGBT people without actually saying the words. They aren’t anti-gay, they’re anti-religious discrimination. This way, bigots are allowed to introduce bills granting people the legal right to discriminate against LGBT people without ever even having to hint at the word “gay.” Clever, huh? 

Hatred and intolerance is real. There is that expression "Zero tolerance" and unless I am mistaken, in the USA it refers to police work.

l. the policy of applying laws or penalties to even minor infringements of a code in order to reinforce its overall importance
2. (as modifier): a zero-tolerance policy on drugs
An isometric drawing of Pentonville prison, from an 1844 report by Joshua Jebb, Royal Engineers.

The United States of America is the most powerful country in the world. I don't believe it is the most moral country because it is laced with corruption and leverages political power.  The Republicans do not have policies that work to improve education, provide upward movement of citizens or a Middle Class economy whereby the least of the wages are a living wage.

Do anyone ever stop to realize how very far the USA is away from socialism?
The taxes paid in the USA to any level of government is used for salaries for people and infrastructure such as firehouses that is a valued asset to everyone. The treasuries are suppose to be a method to pay for the needs of the public and not the subsidies of multi-national corporations. The private sector is suppose to do their part as well.

The Republicans are writing the budget for 2016 and have added $35 billion to OCO. This is the fund the President uses to carry out overseas operations. The Republicans believe this fund should be well supplied with money in order to supplement military operations by the USA without including it in the published military budget. 

By Dinah Walker

Those are two remarkable graphs. As the spending slows in USA military spending, so goes the rest of the world. Basically, if the USA wants war, the USA gets war.

The volume of US exports of major weapons rose by 23 per cent between 2005–2009 and 2010–14. The USA’s share of the volume of international arms exports was 31 per cent in 2010–14, compared with 27 per cent for Russia. Russian exports of major weapons increased by 37 per cent between 2005–2009 and 2010–14. During the same period, Chinese exports of major arms increased by 143 per cent, making it the third largest supplier in 2010–14, however still significantly behind the USA and Russia.
‘The USA has long seen arms exports as a major foreign policy and security tool, but in recent years exports are increasingly needed to help the US arms industry maintain production levels at a time of decreasing US military expenditure’, said Dr Aude Fleurant, Director of the SIPRI Arms and Military Expenditure Programme....

OCO is taking monies from the US Budget that would be spent on poverty and bringing quality of life in the way of food and medicine into the WELFARE program of the 'off balance sheet' military.

What is there to say beyond that? There is the US military budget and now there is the SUPPLEMENT program of OCO which was never designed for this purpose and high money amounts. 

I have a suggestion to President Obama. He should consider the 'proflie' of the USA on an international basis and give no reason for other countries to point to the problems of the poor and working poor in the USA. I think the new funding for OCO would create a great opportunity to help raise that international profile and expenditures should be made to the people of the USA to the most needy and impoverished. 

There should be no other military style or actual weapons given or sold to US police departments. 

If the USA is to lead, it first has to prove what it states as important as reflected in it's domestic policies. 

Oh, yeah. The sketch of the prison. That is a place called "Her Majesty's Prison Pentonville. It is a prison facility in the UK. The sketch is very old. I found it interesting from the stand point of safety. There are pens in the yards. The pens could be used for dangerous gang members while still being a part of a larger population. It would cut down on physical maiming injuries among some populations.

The Yemenis now have two more enemies besides the USA. Imagine that. Al Qaeda and Daesh are on the list of puppeteers for the holy man in Yemen.

March 23, 2015

..."Al-Qaeda and Daesh (click here) must not be allowed to find refuge in any region" in Yemen, he said, using the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group, which claimed responsibility for bombings of Huthi mosques on Friday that killed more than 140 people.
"All political forces which support Al-Qaeda will be in the firing line," he added, stressing at the same time that residents of southern Yemen were not targets.
His speech came as Huthi fighters and their allies seized the airport in Taez, a city just 180 kilometres (110 miles) north of Aden.
Huthi also condemned President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, who has fled to the southern port city of Aden, as "a puppet in the hands of forces of evil, led by the United States" in carrying out a plot financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar....
So, let me see if I get this right. Heretics and infidels are out and the moral of Islam is in.  No more drones. Right?

I think I agree.
Would it mean anything to you if the USA threw about a half a billion your way along with a few arms shipments?

Nearly their first bipartisan act in the new Congress.

January 29, 2015
The Honorable John Kerry
Secretary of State
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20220

Dear Secretary Kerry, (click here)

We are deeply concerned by the decision of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to seek membership in the International Criminal Court (ICC), because the Palestinian Authority is not a state and its express intent is to use this process to threaten Israel.  President Abbas’ effort contravenes the spirit of earlier agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and erodes the prospects for peace.  Therefore, the United States must make clear that joining the ICC is not a legitimate or viable path for the Palestinians.

We ask your assistance on three matters that threaten to further undermine the prospects for achieving the shared goal of two states living side-by-side in peace....

Here are the 75 senators (51 Republicans, 24 Democrats) who signed it (organized by state):...

Here are the 25 senators (22 Democrats, 3 Republicans) who did not sign:...

Stop politicizing Israel and Palestine. They are a mission to the US State Department and the Secretary needs to be supported to end the hatred between these populations of people.

The Turkish NSA, or better said, the USA's NSA accomodates Turkey

Journalist Karaca was arrested on Dec. 19, 2014 based on a soap opera script, as part of a government-orchestrated crackdown on the media. (Photo: Cihan) 

March 22, 2015
By Yakup Centin/Betul Tanriseven/Kamil Arli

Samanyolu Broadcasting Group CEO (click here) Hidayet Karaca has been under arrest for 100 days as his family, lawyers and civil society groups continue to ask for his immediate release given the lack of evidence supporting the charges of being the leader of a terrorist organization.

Karaca, who is currently being held in Silivri Prison without any indictment or any reason for the extension of his arrest, was detained as part of a major media crackdown on Dec. 14, 2014, just three days before the first anniversary of the massive corruption investigations of Dec. 17 and 25. The year before the major crackdown on the Samanyolu Broadcasting Group and Turkey's best-selling daily Zaman, the government used all means possible to muzzle the remaining free and independent media to prevent questions about corruption.
In the crackdown, which targeted 27 people, including scriptwriters and a graphic designer, Karaca and three former police chiefs were arrested on charges of leading a terrorist network, while other detainees, including Zaman Editor-in-Chief Ekrem Dumanlı, were released pending trial.

In a decision announced on Dec. 19, 2014, Judge Bekir Altun decided in favor of the arrest of Karaca, although Karaca's questions about evidence of his alleged terrorist activities remain unanswered.

The only “evidence” supporting Karaca's arrest is a fictional TV series that was aired on Samanyolu TV in 2009 that mentions an extremist organization named Tahşiyeciler. The organization, which is sympathetic to al-Qaeda, was later subject to a police operation in which its leaders received prison time. The prosecutor argues that it was Karaca who plotted against this terrorist organization by means of sending messages to the police chiefs through the TV series that aired on his TV station. The judge used an illegally acquired phone conversation of Karaca in 2013 to arrest him for events that transpired in 2009, although the illegal wiretap was excluded from the case after Karaca's lawyers objected....

Perhaps President Obama should try to oppress the hatred toward him, too. Evidently, there would seem to be a global understanding that insults are hate and the understanding the government can act to suppress.

March 22, 2015
By Today's Zaman

A 21-year-old university student (click here) is facing the prospect of up to four-and-a-half years in prison for posts on Twitter that are alleged to have insulted President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan when he was prime minister.

According to the private Doğan news agency, the İzmir Police Department's Cyber Crimes Unit launched an investigation on Feb. 6 of last year against Alp A., who is studying at the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences at İzmir's Ege University, on charges of posting comments insulting then-Prime Minister Erdoğan. The cybercrimes unit then passed the file to the İzmir Public Prosecutor's Office and Prosecutor Ali Fuat Taşkın opened a criminal case against the university student on the charge of insulting a public official regarding the performance of his duties. The prosecutor is seeking a prison sentence of between 18 months and four-and-a-half years, as per the Turkish Penal Code (TCK).

During his testimony to the police, Alp A. confirmed that the Twitter account belongs to him and that he has been managing the account since 2013. The student expressed regret over the post.

Alp A. is expected to appear before the court in the near future.
Dozens of people, including journalists, high school students, activists and even a former Miss Turkey, have been prosecuted for insulting Erdoğan on social media....

This is from a Turkish newspaper "Today's Zaman."

March 23, 2015
By Ekrem Dumanli

What is bigotry and who is a bigot? (click here)

Bigotry means the reinterpretation of fanaticism and extremism, sometimes with reference to religious sources. It does not recognize the rights of others. Bigotry is a state of extremism by which the world is divided into two main camps: us and others, black and white. And bigotry is a state of destroying the boundaries of respect and extreme hate towards others.

Famous Turkish poet Necip Fazıl frequently used the term “raw bigot.” This was a term he borrowed from his mentor Abdulhakim Arvasi, and he used it to criticize superficial views and analyses that relied on extremist tendencies. Fazıl's concern reflected the common concern of Islamic scholars because bigotry was hurtful to Islam. Bigotry is seriously harmful because of the people who fail to understand the main sources of Islam (Quran and hadith) properly and argue that everybody else should subscribe to their views. This danger has always been there. Sometimes, bigotry has won a victory over a reasonable approach and become extremely popular. But thank God, strong societal grounding in proper religious sources has remained an obstacle to the spread of bigotry all over the world.

Today, the Muslim world is facing a huge test. A few days ago, a bomb claimed many lives in Sana'a, Yemen. Four suicide bombers attacked the most crowded mosque in the city. A total of 137 people were murdered; more than 350 were wounded. And ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) assumed responsibility. These people were killed during the Friday prayer in a mosque. This is savagery; this is a case of savagery that we also have seen many times before. The same murderers behead people and make a tape of it, then post the videos online so that the whole world will watch it. They butcher people just because they are members of another sect. And it is not just ISIL; the murders committed by Boko Haram are also horrible. They refer to Islam when they adopt a fanatical attitude towards schoolgirls. What is happening in Syria, the countries supporting terrorism and the Middle East's most horrible groups that rely on terror for survival are all cases of bigotry. And sadly, all these savage groups rely on the Quran to justify their brutalities. What they do hurts the image of Islam and the conscience of all humanity....


Both Muslim and Hebrew faiths are Abrahamic religions. They also share the type of scripture they enjoy in that it has two authorities, the written word and the spoken word.

The term Hadith ((click here) derives from the Arabic root ḥdth meaning “to happen” and so “to tell a happening,” “to report,” “to have, or give, as news,” or “to speak of.” It means tradition seen as narrative and record.

Christianity is an Abrahamic religion as well but, is different in that it's Bible has two written books, the Old Testament and the New Testament. Otherwise known as the Original Covenant and the New Covenant.

Racism is alive and well in America.

Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh (Credit: Jeff Malet/ Scott Applewhite/Photo montage by Salon)

March 22, 2015
by Sean Mcelwee

The rightwing media's true influence: (click here) Racial resentment is the "strongest predictor" of welfare spending in America

Progressives have long argued that conservatives play up racial resentments to undermine the welfare state. Conservatives tend to respond to such accusations with their own charges of liberal “race baiting.” But whatever right-wing voices might say on the matter,  a new analysis of the data suggests that racism does, in fact, strongly predict welfare spending.

Using two surveys from 2008, Douglas Spencer and Christopher Elmendorf estimated racial resentment across the states by measuring responses to questions about the work ethic, intelligence and trustworthiness of blacks Americans. They estimate the portion of whites in each state that are in the top quartile of racial resentment (so a state with large amounts of racism would have more than 25 percent of whites espousing racially biased views).

I combined this with data from the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities showing Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits for a single-parent household of three. As the scatterplot below shows, these two variables are strongly correlated:...

...Stone tells me that after controlling for these factors, “racial resentment is indeed the strongest predictor of TANF, at least in the context of this model.” He reports a p-value of <.001 (indicating there is a less than .1 percent chance that the relationship was observed by chance) and an R2 of .556 for the model (meaning that these variables collectively explain more than half of the variation in TANF spending)....

This is real human tragedy. This is not to be dismissed anywhere on this planet, including the USA.

This is the cost of intolerance linked to violence.

February 27, 2015
Guenee Abragan

Together with his wife, (click here) Avijit Roy were from a Dhaka University book fair on Thursday evening when both were attacked. Witnesses have told local media that their bicycle was stopped by two men who immediately dragged them to a pavement. Police chief Sirajul Islam explained that the couple were ambushed while heading towards a roadside stall....

Whether it is Bangladesh or Ferguson, Missouri; the death toll is real. One life is all anyone has and they have a right to it.

Why the USA will never succeed to win peace among a violent society.

"We don't belong." 

We are minimally tolerated because of our power within the military.

The Political Right Wing in the USA has only one solution for extremist radicals in any country where a LEGAL connection by lineage can be made to al Qaeda. Death. That is the social contract the Neocons carry as the ultimate right of the USA to carry out in order to defend itself. It is a lie.

By Raza Rumi

The brutal, cowardly murder (click here) of freethinker Avijit Roy on the streets of Dhaka is a reflection of embedded intolerance in many Muslim societies. Bangladesh, despite its secular credentials, is no exception.

On February 26, Roy was hacked to death by extremists with machetes, while his hapless wife, Rafida Bonya Ahmed, was also injured. What’s even more shocking was the fact that a good number of people witnessed the crime but did not intervene. Many were taping the violence on cellphones. Worse, according to media reports, the attack took place near a police check-post, erected for traffic control.

This incident left me deeply disturbed. As someone who was also subjected to (missed) bullets in 2014, Roy’s murder brought back memories of my close brush with death, subsequent exile and the fear of returning to my own country, Pakistan. Like Roy and many others, Islamist extremists found my views unacceptable to the extent that physical elimination was the only answer. I miraculously escaped the assassination attempt, but my driver was killed and another companion was injured.

While a few gunmen were arrested, the trial lingers on. But from my experience as an analyst, Pakistani courts seldom punish attackers, and the masterminds are never apprehended or brought to book....
It is a good place to start!

Don't look past this as a right. This is a statement. It is a definitive statement. There is no permission for the USA to past this statement.

"...built in logics for disillusionment..."

Violence against non-Muslims.

The USA is not a unique place where hatred is part of the social contract. 

Wade Michael Page, (click here) a gunman who shot dead six worshippers at a Sikh temple was a white supremacist who had previously served in the US Army, officials said.

March 22, 2015

LAHORE (Dunya News) – A 7-year-old girl (click here) Anmol who had survived the Youhanabad terror attack succumbed to injuries on Sunday at General Hospital in Lahore, Dunya News reported.
Anmol’s passing has raised the death toll of the Youhanabad tragedy to 18....

The bigotry within 'Us." (click here)

It is unreasonable to demand or expect to ask for loved ones to be protected from violent attacks anymore. Yet, is it time for us to give up any hope of anyone’s memory being honoured decently, sympathy and empathy shown? The Christians of Youhanabad, Lahore certainly were denied that small courtesy. Those whose loved ones died in the church attacks in Youhanabad were not granted a proper mourning, and instead were expected to be apologetic about the actions of some of their ‘community’ members.

Moral equivalence is tricky business at best, often degenerating to simple nastiness and hypocrisy. Churches were attacked in Youhanabad, Lahore, by an organised group that believes that anyone not sharing its faith (or even the particular brand of the faith) should be killed, women and children included, their places of worship blown to smithereens. A mob lynched two young innocent men for no good reason; horrific murder plain and simple. Murder is a murder and a lynching is a lynching. Indeed. Yet, there are different brands of violence at play. One is part of systemic murderous pogrom against non-Muslims and the wrong kind of Muslims and the other is random mob violence. The only commonality between the two is an unravelling state and impotent government with monopoly over violence completely lost....

Such overt racism will mainfest in government policy.

Hear Sen. Michael Willette's apology, delivered Wednesday morning on the floor of the Maine Senate. (Listen here)

March 21, 2015
By Mike Tipping

Republican state Sen. Michael Willette’s (click here) statement on the floor of the Maine Senate last week in reference to his bigoted Facebook posts wasn’t exactly the most fulsome apology. He expressed contrition only for “several criticisms of the president,” declining to elaborate on them but admitting that they were “completely inappropriate.”
I guess that’s technically an accurate description of what he wrote, but it doesn’t really express the full insanity of his posts, which attacked President Obama in racial terms, claimed he was in league with Islamic terrorists and accused him of actively plotting a violent seizure of power.
In his floor speech, Willette did not apologize at all for his attacks on Muslim Americans, who, he claimed in his posts, are universally deceitful and are trying to overthrow the United States from the inside, adding that if he had his way, he would “round them up and air drop them back into the rubble and hell holes from whence they came.”
The paucity and insincerity of Willette’s apology didn’t become fully clear to me, however, until I started getting calls and emails from some of his remaining Facebook friends. They told me – and then provided screenshots to prove it – that he has actually been liking posts and making new comments defending his previous statements, even after saying he was sorry for them....

Can we all learn to be fashionably impoverished.

It is documented. The Poor of Great Britain are disregarded and forgotten. 

22 March 2015
By Sarah Cassidy

Children from poor (click here) backgrounds are still being written off as low achievers by their teachers because of the “soft bigotry of low expectations”, the Education Secretary Nicky Morgan warned yesterday.

More needed to be done to ensure that no child was held back by their circumstances, Ms Morgan told the annual conference of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) in London.
Low educational performance in some coastal areas and small towns in England was “a scandal”, she added, citing the bigotry phrase first coined by the former US President George W Bush.
Almost three quarters of teenagers in Trafford, in Greater Manchester, achieved five good GCSE passes including English and maths, but “just a 30-minute drive away” in Knowsley “the number is less than half of that at 35 per cent”, she said...
It's Sunday Night

 "Hate" by Plain White T's (click here)

Love love love love love love
You were everything I wanted
You were everything a girl could be
Then you left me brokenhearted
Now you don't mean a thing to me

All I wanted was your
Love love love love love love

Hate is a strong word
But I really, really, really don't like you
Now that it's over
I don't even know what I liked about you
Brought you around and you just brought me down
Hate is a strong word
But I really, really, really don't like you
I really don't like you

Thought that everything was perfect (perfect)
Isn't that how it's supposed to be?
Thought you thought that I was worth it
Now I think a little differently

All I wanted was your
Love love love love love love

Hate is a strong word
But I really, really, really don't like you (I really don't like you)
Now that it's over
I don't even know what I liked about you (liked about you)
Brought you around and you just brought me down
Hate is a strong word
But I really, really, really don't like you

Now that it's over you can't hurt me
Now that it's over you can't bring me down

Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh

All I wanted was your
Love love love love love love

(Hate) Hate is a strong word
But I really, really, really don't like you (I really don't like you)
Now that it's over
I don't even know what I liked about you (liked about you)
Brought you around and you just brought me down
(Hate) Hate is a strong word
But I really, really, really don't like you
(Oh oh oh oh oh oh)
I really don't like you
(Oh oh oh oh oh oh)
I really don't like you
(Oh oh oh oh oh oh)
I really don't like you
(Oh oh oh oh oh oh)

Israel will have to hold them close.

March 22, 2015
By Michael Winter

Seven children (click here) from an Orthodox Jewish family who died early Saturday when fire swept through their Brooklyn home are to be buried in Jerusalem, where the family had lived before emigrating to New York.
Funeral services for the four boys and three girls of the Sassoon family, ages 5 to 16, are to be held Sunday afternoon at a Brooklyn chapel that serves their religious community.
The bodies will then be flown to Israel and buried in Jerusalem at 2 p.m. Monday, the Israeli network Arutz Sheva reported. The family had lived there for many years before moving to the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn two years ago. A friend said the family had planned to return to Israel to live....

My sincerest sympathies to the family of the children loss to fire.

GPS does it again.

The idiot that stated, "There must be personal animosity against Bebe Netanyahu by the President.," needs to enjoy his retirement. That type of inflammatory talk is not only disrespectful of the President but demeans the roll of the USA in the world. 

President Obama is incapable of personal animosity. He came out as soon as he could after the Prime Minister spoke to state he hadn't yet heard the speech because he was meeting with another head of state, but, he would do so. There is absolutely no personal animosity against the Prime Minister by the President. 

Then John McCain stated, ‘The president has his priorities so screwed up that it’s unbelievable,’ senator says (click here)

Mr. Senator, it isn't the President having a temper tantrum, but, you in stating same.

Under the Obama Administration, Israel has never known such cooperation.

Given that U.S. military aid to Israel was $2.775 billion in 2010, $3 billion in 2011, $3.07 billion in 2012 (and $3.15 billion per year from 2013-2018) while Israel's defense budget is around $15 billion, it made us wonder how much Israeli taxpayers contribute and where the other $12 billion non-U.S. aid comes from.Sep 20, 2012

I will not read an article in "Playboy" on the interview with Cheney.

There is only one reason why Cheney continues to interrupt the political dialogue in the USA. 

Only one.

Cheney continues to mitigate the human rights violations of the administration he participated. If he can continue to defend himself in the public realm, he postpones the reality of facing a global authority for the crimes he committed.

"Hands Up, Don't Shoot is an important understanding of what occurred in Ferguson. The African American community was pushing back and that is powerful. Michael Brown, Jr. is a power person.

"Hands Up, Don't Shoot" is important. The DOJ report does not dismiss abuse of African Americans. The abuse is obvious and arguing the African American community is wrong and inflammatory because the report states Darren Wilson was "Not Guilty" proves nothing. The only thing the DOJ report proves is there is no case against Darren Wilson. That is all it proves. Michael Brown, Jr. should be alive today and in college. There is no doubt in that in my mind.

LEGALLY the DOJ did not have a strong case for whatever reason they didn't, but, that does not mean the city of Ferguson was not full of hate of the minorities that was it's major population. Ferguson is a disgrace to this country. 

The legal episode that lead to the death of Michael Brown, Jr. can only be understood within the context of bigotry and racism within the community. There is no removing his death from the fact this city is one of the worst when it comes to civil rights in this country. 

This country is witnessing bias, discrimination, bigotry and racism on an ever widening field of African Americans. It is real. It exists and the travesty of Ferguson cannot and will not be ignored. 

Michael Brown, Jr. was criticized by many as pushing the store keeper around. What lead to that 'strong arm' moment that snowballed into his death was based in the understanding of life that those with power in the police force and city administration hated them. Michael Brown, Jr. at that point was going to have Cigarillos for whatever reason it was important.

On the other side of this was Darren Wilson that treated Michael Brown, Jr., age 18 years old, as an object to control by brutal force and the ability to kill at any cost.

These words and thoughts are in other entries on this blog. My focus was and is to support the empowerment of African Americans, especially to end the killing of young, unarmed black men. This is a horrible reality of this country. It cannot be denied. 

Darren Wilson did not have to shoot Michael Brown, Jr., but, he did and I don't care what anyone says, Michael Brown, Jr. should be alive today. The entire episode escalated out of control because two young black men were JAYWALKING. I don't think so. Realizing the oppressive law enforcement system that was to support the city's treasury through the court is to realize how those in Ferguson simply took life the way they found it. 

Michael Brown, Jr. didn't have a chance. He didn't escalate the circumstances that caused his death, the escalation was automatic.  

The Black Community in Ferguson was living in a fish bowl. They couldn't get away from the predatory law enforcement. No different than Albuquerque, New Mexico where the homeless were never safe. Their lives were on the line because they were homeless. That should be the complete opposite. They were being killed because they were a victim to capitalism at any cost. 

These cities have structural and institutional hatred for human beings that should be alive today. This is government out of control. There are far too many circumstances pointing to the fact the governments in the USA are out of control and oppressive. From the NSA to the death of James Boyd and the clear hatred and fiscal exploitation of those in Michael Brown, Jr.'s hometown is all too clear.

January 13, 2015
By David Fitzpatrick

Albuquerque, New Mexico (CNN)Two Albuquerque, New Mexico, (click here) police officers will face first-degree murder charges in last year's shooting of a homeless man in the hills above the city, a prosecutor announced Monday.
Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez were ordered to appear at a preliminary hearing, the date of which has not yet been set, said District Attorney Kari Brandenburg of New Mexico's Second Judicial Circuit.
Sandy and Perez are accused of killing James Boyd in March. The 38-year-old homeless man spent the night before his shooting in a shelter, but when the shelter closed for the winter, Boyd tried to camp in the hills above the city, officials said.... 

There is a common denominator in all these cases, the USA has applied military style control to it's people and it has end. This was not my country. This is not my country. My country embraces the needy, the oppressed, the grieved to make life better, not worse.

How did we get here? The real impact of a policing system that begins at the top and works down that have supplied military equipment to our cities and towns. The police training that was used to enforce fiscal profiteering in the governments of our cities. Treating young black men as if they are guilty before they are innocent. The obvious nature of out of control power is everywhere.  

As of today, how many lives have been saved by the sheer power of 'the demonstration.' How many people are talking about how bizarre police actions in the USA have become? How many people see the very dangerous policing that exists killing unarmed young black men? I am appalled at the degree this country has looked the other way allowing the continued killing of these people. This is life and death and it is the American street. I don't think so.