Monday, January 09, 2012

Breathalyzer at the voting booth !!!!!!!

Sound like a strange idea?  There was a right wing political commentator today advocating a drink before voting for Republicans by Independents.

No lie.

Traveling is wonderful, I get to listen to a lot of radio.  Today, it blew me away.  No, no, not the storm, the female right wing commentator.

She was speaking to an Independent voter while on the air.  She wanted to know whom he was going to vote for.  He stated he wasn't sure, but, he thought it would be a Republican.  He voted for President Obama last time.

She stated he absolutely could not vote for President Obama this.  This Independent Voter was an African American Man.  She stated if the voter looked around the area at the voting place, there had to be a bar within walking distance and rather than back sliding, he needed to go to the bar and take a shot of courage.

She advocated that voting for a Republican in 2012 would require an African American man to have his senses dulled in order to prevent him from voting his conscience. 

That was a new one on me and it made me realize, while Republicans were demanding Photo IDs for balloting, they thought it was okay to be inebritated.  Not only okay to be inebriated, but, the 'choice' for voting for Republicans in 2012.  She was NOT joking.  She was making the point that taking a drink before balloting would make it easy to vote Republican.

I could not believe my ears, so I thought it most appropriate to not only expect people to provide photo IDs, but, to be sure they weren't drunk.

Dead serious.  The truth.  Right Wing Commentators are suggesting a drink to change an Independent's vote for a Republican.  You can't make this stuff up.

Now, if a minority heard HER commentL, it would have a special meaning as there sometimes is cited as an unnecessary evil in the inner city many bars and liquor stores.  Seriously.  It is a racist comment.  She probably knew it, but, didn't care.  If she didn't know it, then what is she doing on the air?

"The Dream Act"



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