Friday, August 02, 2013

McDonald's Millionaire Monopoly Game is committing fraud.

See as winners of the "Free Food" game pieces we are suppose to worship the "Be Happy, Be Grateful" God that McDonald's is promoting in their game.

It has come to my attention the Free Food game piece winner of "Free Breakfast Sandwich, Except, McMuffin" is not sincerely honest. McDonald's is committing fraud because the game piece I was provided and tried to achieve the goal of the permission it provides didn't achieve the goal at all.

I went to the McDonald's in Traverse City, Michigan this morning and it was quite a scene. Unfortunately it wasn't on tape, but, I got the Manager to admit they are not dealing with the public honestly.

McDonald's only provides what is normally on the dollar menu to this particular game piece. Therefore, the item Breakfast Burrito is NOT allowed even though it is a Breakfast Sandwich Item. Either the Management of the Millionaire Monopoly Game doesn't like Mexican American Food enough to realize some people actually like burritos or they are simply don't deem a burrito in high esteem.

There are no other written restrictions on this Free Food game token and the only sandwich considered worthy of being given to the pathetic American participant is one off the dollar menu. So, for all those that have received this game piece and never was provided a Breakfast Burrito as a breakfast sandwich item I am making this complaint.

McDonald's Monopoly Game is committing fraud and needs to be audited. I am quite certain this is not the only item where there is fraud.

In all honesty, Mr. Schumer, this is all "Mind Speak."

We have been here before with Russia. Russia does not extradite in POLICY. We know that and just because Schumer wants to politically grandstand it means absolutely nothing to the international community. Any demonstrations of temper tantrums by the USA that prohibits forward movement of peace and non-proliferation only validates the understanding the USA throws it's weight around rather than acting on diplomacy.

If the Democrats are going to PLAY THE POLITICS of the EXTREMISTS by stamping their feet at the allowance of Edward Snowden into Russia it will prove beyond any statement otherwise that the Right Wing has control over the political dialogue of the USA and the Russians again have proven the people of the USA simply don't matter to their government. 

The more the Democrats carry on, the more it validates the actions of Edward Snowden. Mr. Snowden is not the problem. Carlyle is the problem. Wall Street is the problem. War is the problem. The exploitation of the USA federal government system by opportunists of Wall Street such as Hedge Funds is the problem. Idiots such as Michael Hayden that promotes propaganda is the problem.

July 31, 2013
Billionaire hedge fund manager William Ackman (click here) chose the morning of the last day of July to announce his biggest investment ever, a $2.2 billion bet his Pershing Square hedge fund made to take a 9.8% stake in Air Products & Chemicals APD -1.28%. Then things fell apart.
An activist investor running a $13 billion hedge fund, Ackman is a big swinging type of investor who tries to hit huge home runs with each of his concentrated investments in his relatively narrow portfolio. But two of his biggest investments tanked on Wednesday....

The Democrats are once again playing stupid politics by actually validating the positions of the Tea Party and Right Wing Extremists. Carlyle is the problem. If I were a Democrat running for office I would remember that. Pandering to OLD WORLD political cronies is simply that. OLD WORLD. The USA political system is stuck in a rut and it serves the DYSFUNCTION in Washington, DC on both sides of the aisle.