Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 15, 2016
By Alan Scher Zagier

Ferguson, Mo. (AP) - The Ferguson City Council (click here) has unanimously agreed to accept a U.S. Justice Department plan to overhaul its embattled police force and municipal court system.
Elected leaders in the St. Louis suburb where the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown helped spark the Black Lives Matter movement voted Tuesday night to approve the DOJ consent decree.
The agency and Ferguson reached a tentative agreement in late January, but the council rejected the plan in February over cost concerns, prompting the Justice Department to sue the next day.
City leaders have since said they expected to approve the consent agreement after being assured that the city won't be required to provide its police officers with pay raises, a provision they feared could bankrupt Ferguson. They tentatively approved the decree at a meeting one week ago. Tuesday's vote makes it final.
A city analysis indicated implementation costs could approach $4 million in the first year alone. That led the Ferguson council to amend the agreement in February with seven provisions aimed mostly at keeping costs in check....
Marco Rubio just made the best speech of his career. He is a young man. His rise across the spectrum of his career was rather quick. He needs to regroup and find his own path. He can return if he wants to, but, he should not live in the shadow of anyone else. He has work to do on his positions and methods to govern. He should not ignore the reality of the poor and working poor. There is a reason they exist and it is not their fault.

The Uber shooter in Kalamazoo states the Uber icon from the app took over his mind.

March 15, 2016

The man (click here) police say shot and killed six people in Kalamazoo, Michigan, last month told officers that he was being controlled by the Uber app on his phone when the shooting spree occurred, according to authorities....

..."Dalton said that he understands now how the other mass shootings take place," Moorian wrote. "Dalton explained how he has experienced a full body takeover, that is how he can understand the other mass shootings."...

He had a mental break and it resulted from his mobile phone. Mr. Dalton states the Uber Icon is demonic.

...The shooting spree rocked the city of 75,000, and while authorities said Dalton made "incriminating statements" after he was arrested, they said they struggled to find a motivation for what caused the violent eruption. Kalamazoo Public Safety Chief Jeff Hadley called the rampage "baffling."...

There are psychosis that occurs spontaneously. According to the the DSM, Fifth edition (click here), there are disorders that occur for less than six months. If less than six months in duration they are not considered permanent. It is why the law recognizes temporary insanity. The fact the shooter spoke to law enforcement while worried about appearing crazy shows a mindfulness of something wrong with his mind. 

He is currently being evaluated for his ability to stand trial. 

I have a lot of reservations about a society that has become addicted to "a screen and apps." There are instances whereby children exposed to electronic screens developed epilepsy as a small cohort in Japan. The epilepsy was not the focus of a study, it occurred randomly in the Japanese society. Screens are a problem when exposed to them on a regular and prolonged basis.  

I obviously appreciate computers and screens, however, I don't use a mobile phone to run my life. GPS maybe, but, not my life.

Obviously a background check to prevent Mr. Dalton from purchasing a hand gun would not do any good. The ONLY way society has control over such events that result in dead Americans is to control THE GUNS. The NRA and other gun rights groups IGNORE the fact human behavior is not predictable.

It doesn't get more intimate than the gentleman's gentleman.

It must be a rather amazing life, built over generations. Donald Trump purchased this beautiful property in 1985. 

March 15, 2016
By Jason Horowitz

Palm Beach, Fla. — Everything (click here) seemed to sparkle at the Mar-a-Lago estate here on a recent afternoon. The sun glinted off the pool and the black Secret Service S.U.V.s in the circular driveway. Palm trees rustled in a warm breeze, croquet balls clicked and a security guard stood at the entrance to Donald J. Trump’s private living quarters.

“You can always tell when the king is here,” Mr. Trump’s longtime butler here, Anthony Senecal, said of the master of the house and Republican presidential candidate.

The king was returning that day to his Versailles, a 118-room snowbird’s paradise that will become a winter White House if he is elected president. Mar-a-Lago is where Mr. Trump comes to escape, entertain and luxuriate in a Mediterranean-style manse, built 90 years ago by the cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post.

Few people here can anticipate Mr. Trump’s demands and desires better than Mr. Senecal, 74, who has worked at the property for nearly 60 years, and for Mr. Trump for nearly 30 of them....

Reading newspapers is just a good habit. Donald Trump concentrates on domestic papers. My interest has always included international papers. Before the International New York Times changed to it's current name, the European version was the International Herald Tribune. In the Tribune on page 2 was a discussion of countries and their people. I thought page 2 was fascinating and was where I received most of my international orientation. I had no idea at the time I was reading the Tribune I would be doing this, but, I understood my country in the real world.

...The next morning, before dawn and after about four hours’ sleep, Mr. Trump would meet him at the arched entrance of his private quarters to accept a bundle of newspapers including The New York Times, The Daily News, The New York Post and the Palm Beach papers. Mr. Trump would emerge hours later, in khakis, a white golf shirt and baseball cap. If the cap was white, the staff noticed, the boss was in a good mood. If it was red, it was best to stay away....

...In the early years, Mr. Trump’s daughter Ivanka slept in the same children’s suite that Dina Merrill, an actress and a daughter of Mrs. Post, occupied in the 1930s. Mr. Trump liked to tell guests that the nursery rhyme-themed tiles in the room were made by a young Walt Disney....

The mention of Mr. Senecal's retirement is interesting. Donald Trump becomes attached to people like family. It tells a tale about Donald Trump. The tiles by Walt Disney is an enchanted place.

...“It’s like 275 yards,” Mr. Senecal would respond, though he said the actual distance was 225 yards....

It would seem Donald Trump has a propensity for exaggeration and supported by his staff. Bad habits are hard to break.

...The candidate is suing the county-run airport. He has also sued the town in a dispute over the size of his estate’s flagpole; the size of the banquet hall he added to the property; and the size of the club, which, to frighten the local gentry, he once threatened to sell to followers of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon....

I read about the lawsuit regarding the airport and it looks as though Donald Trump has a real case and probably will win. The estate has a long history of being a remote getaway with insured privacy, peace and rest. It is only right the estate maintain it's original ambiance. If the estate had it's own runway it would be a different, but, the Trumps use the local airport to reach the estate. They obviously love the peace and quite the estate provides.

It is a good article. It portrays a man of his own ideas. My only thought is that Donald Trump could be living in a bubble and conducted a reality television show to balance that. I doubt living with Secret Service now changes much of his perception of the world.