Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I've had this on my computer a few days, so I may as well put it out here.

Oh, FIRST, there are stranded motorists long the New York Thruway, some are high school girls on their way home from a ball game. They are in a bus. The bus can't get through the snow and it is expected to run out of fuel and then the girls will have no heat.

THINK SNOW CATS. As many as New York State can get their hands on. Snow mobiles are a very poor choice DURING the storm.

Kindly think of purchasing a few of these for the State Police. HOWEVER, with the strongest parts of the storm, even these are too light to be useful.

The one below is very fancy with curtains, but, this ultimately is the ALL PURPOSE snow cat. It is necessary in this type of weather in order to guarantee safety.

Now, the reason I decided to write at all is because some of the agencies at the federal and state level were hesitant to tell everyone the Polar Vortex is a permanent fixture to the northern hemisphere of Earth.

The Polar Vortex is not going to end until a couple of things happen. Either the Arctic Ocean becomes cold enough to restock it's multi-year layer of ice or the entire ice content to the Arctic Ocean is gone and now it is the troposphere that will carry the burden of heat.

Earth, by nature, is an ice planet. That is why there are more ice ages and only one extinction caused by a hot planet. When human beings started to add greenhouse gases to the troposphere it TAMED the ice planet and for the most part there have been moderate CHARACTERISTIC planet behavior.

See, Earth likes being ice and the icefields, glaciers and ice caps have provided a THERMOSTAT to any heat from human activity. The oceans, seas, lakes and rivers all serve as a method to cool the planet. So when global warming became very apparent in that CO2 was the main culprit in warming, scientists knew the greenhouse gas content of Earth became the overriding factor to Earth's natural state as a planet.

Rather than going through all the painful details, let me just start with today and try to provide the path forward for Earth's troposphere.

Until the vortexes of 2003 showed up most scientists figured the icefields, glaciers and ice caps would be around for some time before profound degradation occurred. When the vortexes showed up it changed everything. There was now an Earth physics (geophysics) actively moving heat around the planet. it was no longer a passive process whereby the oceans (primarily the Pacific because of it's size - it is where the largest hurricanes occur/cyclones) were warming. The degradation of the Arctic Ocean began to define it's final outcome with the lowest ice extent in the past decade.

With Earth losing it's ice STRUCTURES at an accelerated rate human beings and all other living creatures and plants no longer have a CUSHION to temper the heat of Earth. When all the ice structures fail, life will be reliant completely upon the INNATE nature of the planet. I remind Earth is an ice planet by nature. However, with a dense layer of greenhouse gases eventually that INNATE nature of Earth will be overridden by the greenhouse gases. 

Now, Earth will eventually return to being an ice planet when the greenhouse gas content comes down.  The only way the greenhouse gases come down in percentage of the troposphere is for them to be used in plant respiration. If there are no plants, it will be far longer before Earth is an ice planet again. Along with plant respiration the emissions of greenhouse gases has to end. Earth cannot retain it's inherent nature without an end to greenhouse gas emissions.

So, there ya go. The Wall Street barrons that took Earth for granted never bothered to realize it is a planet with CHARACTERISTICS based in the laws of physics. 

What if Earth was uninhabited, but, all the other characteristics were the same as before the industrial revolution. 

THAT is the planet we are supposed to live on. It has characteristics inherent to it's presence in the Milky Way with Sol as the sun. It's place in the orbit around the sun and it's water content is what allows Earth to sponsor life. 

The gaseous balance of Earth in it's inherent natural state is vital to living on the outer sphere of this rock. Human beings DO DEFINITELY have the ability to destroy Earth. Paradise. The garden. The real question is can they respect the planet they were given as a gift for life? Some scientists are of the opinion human beings are a 'fire' species and are unable to stop the 'fire habit.' I think it is called being civilized and knowing society's limits.

November 13, 2014
By Mark Torregrossa

I've seen how the weather pattern (click here) has been evolving in the last two weeks, and I'm ready to stick my neck out and give a winter forecast for Michigan. I'll give you the reasons why I think we will have a certain type of winter here in Michigan.

First off, I like to wait until we get into early November to see what type of upper air pattern is becoming established. The top graphic shows the upper air flow forecast for next Tuesday, November 18, 2014. It's pretty apparent that the upper air flow next week is coming right out of the arctic. The large circular area you see over Hudson Bay is the polar vortex.

So the polar vortex is already dropping farther south than normal. Unless we have a radical upper air pattern change, it looks like we are heading for a much colder than normal start to the winter....

Mark and NOAA like to say, but, but, but, Lake Superior is very near the average line. Hell no it's not. Because one small spot COMES CLOSE to the normal average doesn't mean one can ignore the ENTIRE reality of the red lines!!!!!!!!!!

For all the petroleum cronies that had their votes bought...

...they have to know the legislative vote is meaningless. I am sure there are many thanks floating around the Republicans who sold their vote, but those are just to keep the oil subsidies flowing, not the pipeline.

Why would Chris Christie be so very interested in the profile of states in 2016?

The presidency. Sure, he wants the Republican Party to win, so, why not stack the odds.

But, there is a far bigger reason.

What happen in 2020? 

Elections. Sure, but, something bigger than that. 

The 2020 Census. The governors elected in 2016 will be in office until at least January 2021.

What do we know about the balance of power in the US House? What do we know about the election of Gomert?

Power of the US House is power of the purse strings and it requires gerrymandering in order for Republicans to maintain control. Gomert, or whatever his name is in Texas 1st, is in office because of gerrymandering. 

Truth or Dare?

Does Earth have a gaseous layer called the troposphere?

This is from NOAA.

The envelope of gas surrounding the Earth (click here) changes from the ground up. Five distinct layers have been identified using...
  • thermal characteristics (temperature changes),
  • chemical composition,
  • movement, and
  • density.
Each of the layers are bounded by "pauses" where the maximum changes in thermal characteristics, chemical composition, movement, and density occur.


The troposphere begins at the Earth's surface and extends up to 4-12 miles (6-20 km) high. This is where we live. As the gases in this layer decrease with height (altitude), the air become thinner. Therefore, the temperature in the troposphere also decreases with height. As you climb higher, the temperature drops from about 62°F (17°C) to -60°F (-51°C). Almost all weather occurs in this region.

The height (altitude) of the troposphere varies from the equator to the poles. At the equator it is around 11-12 miles (18-20 km) high, at 50°N and 50°S, 5½ miles and at the poles just under four miles high. The transition boundary between the troposphere and the layer above is called the tropopause. Both the tropopause and the troposphere are known as the lower atmosphere....

It would seem as though Earth does have an atmosphere and a gaseous layer called the troposphere. Not does Earth have a gaseous layer called the troposphere it is well studied and understood by scientists that enter expert information into professionally reviewed journals (of knowledge obtained through the long accepted procedure called "the scientific process."), some of which is funded by government, professional and foundation grants.

That would be true.

What comprises the gaseous layer of Earth's atmosphere called the troposphere?

This is from the University of California, Santa Barbara:

  1. The troposphere contains ozone. True or False
  2. the troposphere can reach               .
  3. What percentage of the total mass of the atmosphere does the troposphere contain? 75%
Oh the speaker didn't know that the gaseous layer of Earth's troposphere has mass, huh? Yep. That mass is measured in pounds per square inch.

How much does a one inch square column of air the height of the entire troposphere weigh?

It varies throughout the air column, but, at sea level is it 14.7 pounds per square inch. 

What does it mean when something has mass?

This is according to Merriam Webster online dictionary #1c:

Mass is the property of a body that is a measure of its inertia and that is commonly taken as a measure of the amount of material it contains and causes it to have weight in a gravitational field

Amazing, isn't it speaker? Scientists since the beginning of the Revolutionary War at the very least have been practicing science. The most famous American scientists from the beginning of our country is Benjamin Franklin. Do you know what he did? He did the impossible. He was able to tell people when to expect ships from Europe. "One of by land and two if by sea." 

Benjamin Franklin made a study of the TIDES of Earth. He observed them and recorded them and he was able to tell how long it would take for a single ship to arrive in England and the return trip to the USA.

So, mass in a scientific definition matters. It is important. Without the understanding of mass very little would be MEASURABLE. Mass at rest (inertia) as opposed to mass in motion (physics) all made possible by gravity. I am sure everyone knows what gravity is and what planet possess that quality.

In case the speaker is confused about gravity, there are innumerable lessons in the world by Sid the Science Kid.

4. How high is the troposphere from the equator?

I think it was already established of the altitude/height of the troposphere of Earth.

5. What occurs in the troposphere?

The weather is the answer from this particular lesson at UCSB. But, the fact is that is where the speaker lives. Besides his physical address in Ohio, he lives in the troposphere. So, weather is part of the LIFE that occurs in Earth's troposphere. Without weather there would be no life on Earth. Weather is dictated by Earth's water content both solid, liquid and gaseous. The solid part at this point in Earth's history is the part that is under attack by the petroleum industry in the form of heating Earth's troposphere in the way of increasing amounts of greenhouse gases. But, that is putting the cart before the horse.

6. The height of the tropopause ceiling is not constant in time or space. True or False

7. The troposphere is                       miles above earth.
D.10 to 12
At it's greatest altitude/height.

So, with the fact that weather is a PROPERTY of the troposphere, how is weather effected by thermal characteristics (temperature changes), chemical composition, movement, and density. All of it is related. Those are all valid and well studied characteristics of Earth. Even a creationist knows there is an Earth with gaseous layers of atmospheres. A creationist knows there is oxygen and water and weather. Gifts from God.

So, what occurs when changes in the balance of the gaseous layers of Earth?

It gets more complicated from here forward. That is why there are scientists that specialize in understanding these very dynamics. Why are there scientists that study these very dynamics? Because as a sovereign country we need all this information to protect and serve the people of the USA. That is after all the favorite expression by the speaker, "It is what the people of the USA want."

But just to start let's look at this:

This is from the website page of Rich Hoffman a stated meteorologist. I don't know Mr. Hoffman so it really is a page that isn't really validated, except if Rich has credentials. Regardless, he has great pictures.

The water cycle is why human beings, American human beings have rain, water to drink, crops, log flumes at amusement parks, snow and believe it or not Earth's water cycle also effects temperature. Yes, indeed. Why? Because water CHANGES STATE. Oh, not like crossing the border from Ohio to Michigan, but, physical states such as solid, liquid and gas. The incredible truth about water is that it is CONSTANT in it's properties and changes states EXACTLY at the same temperature all the time.

The really remarkable TRUTH about water is that human beings, American human beings can live within all of water's states. Americans can live in warmer part of the country, moderate and very cold parts of the country. As the temperature of Earth changes in latitude and altitude it makes the ENVIRONMENT of which Americans live unique. Lakes, oceans, rivers, streams, sand, mountains, forests are all different all over the world, but, also all over the USA. It takes people who are learned to study them to know whether the aspects of life appreciated by Americans are normal or not.

To the right are the proportions of a NORMAL gaseous state of Earth. This would be the chemical part. The reason Earth has blue skies is due to N2, Nitrogen. Nitrogen is a great gas to dominate the composition of Earth because it is invisible to the American human eye, It is the lightest pnictogen and at room temperature, it is a colorless and odorless diatomic gas with a melting point of -346 degrees Fahrenheit and a boiling point of −320 °F. Good thing nitrogen is the major gas of Earth because it never leaves the gaseous state in a natural environment. I am sure the speaker recognizes liquid nitrogen, right? It evaporates immediately upon contact with normal human being American environment. Nitrogen provides for a very, very stable atmosphere for Earth.

Nitrogen alone can't support life on Earth. All the chemical properties we know as the mass of air are just as important as nitrogen. It is the mixture of these chemicals in the 'envelope' of space immediately above Earth that CREATES the perfect environment for American human beings to live. These chemicals, when in the natural balance, are completely benign to American human life. One could even say, American human life thrives because of the perfect natural balance in Earth's gaseous layer called the troposphere.

How are the chemicals in the troposphere creating this environment for American human beings? Chemical reaction with each other? No. If there were chemical reactions occurring in Earth's troposphere all the time there would be far too much turbulence to allow for human life, even those of Americans.

The way the chemicals in the natural troposphere allows for a living environment for American human beings is simply by their NATURAL STATE. Each chemical and it's compound are stable and it is the PROPERTIES of these chemical compounds that provide for a STABLE environment for American human beings.

These are what is coined as greenhouse gases, water vapor (that was vapor - H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitroous oxide (N2O) and ozone (O3).

That chart once again shows the PERCENTAGES these gases appear in Earth's gaseous layer commonly called air.

The greenhouse gases were named as such because they are the ones responsible for maintaining a CONSISTENT heat for Earth. The perfect design are represented in the natural state of air.

These compounds are incredible. Their presence in Earth's air are minuscule compared to the presence of nitrogen. If they didn't exist Earth would be inhabitable. No dinosaurs, no plant life, no nothing. 

Until the industrial revolution the troposphere never knew what imbalance meant. Even with volcanoes emitting chemicals into the air as soot, there was still no disturbance in a way that CONSISTENTLY built levels of greenhouse gases in the way human beings have emitted them. 

One of the reasons greenhouse gases are able to be in small quantities and represent such a powerful presence for LIFE ON EARTH are their bond angles. It is the somewhat common bond angles of these compounds that provide for a STABLE natural environment. No different than nitrogen these are benign gases that create a livable Earth. 

There is nothing American human beings can do to end the benevolence of Earth's greenhouse gases. Planes, jets, space ships can all fly through it, punch holes in it to allow orbital dynamics of which NASA is so famous. But, no matter what American human beings do to Earth's troposphere it never, ever, ever, never destroys these gases of the troposphere.

Can American human beings cause instability in the PERCENTAGES of gases in the troposphere? In other words, if the gases can't be destroyed, can anything cause an imbalance in the percentages that would cause disruption of Earth's precious troposphere? This is a chart from the US Department of Energy.

Link: http://www.eia.gov/oiaf/1605/ggccebro/chapter1.html

Levels of several important greenhouse gases have increased by about 25 percent since large-scale industrialization began around 150 years ago (Figure 1). During the past 20 years, about three-quarters of human-made carbon dioxide emissions were from burning fossil fuels.

Scientists can determine the atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases otherwise the chart of Earth's troposphere composition would not be possible. The scientist have measured the mixture of chemical gases in Earth's troposphere from it's natural state to it's current state. As soon as the industrial revolution began and stated burning carbon fuels, including wood, the concentrations of these greenhouse gases have been changing from it's normal balance.

Along with this reality is the fact once PRODUCED greenhouse gases can't be destroyed. The more population on Earth and the more burning of carbon fuels the more there is in our troposphere. It has already been proven the greenhouse gases are benevolent to American human beings, but, when out of balance of Earth's natural state, there are problems that result such as drought, violent storms, an increase in tornado activity and danger, flooding of torrential rains because the clouds are now far higher in the troposphere and deliver rain differently. 

The benevolence of Earth's greenhouse gases is ending. It is ending because of the anthropogentric amounts of concentrations released in emissions. NOT GOD'S BALANCE, speaker, but, American human beings emissions.

American human beings don't have to understand the science that discovered this or understand how scientists do their work or be able to validate all the findings over centuries. American human beings should not even have to worry about any of this because their elected government, by oath of office, REQUIRES members to serve and protect the people of this country. It is governments responsibility to receive information and process it. It is not Congress's place to reproduce scientific findings, or delay actions recommended by scientists. It is the job of Congress to ACCEPT centuries of scientific investigation as fact and act to serve and protect the American people without corruption from cronies paying for their elections.

The problem today is NOT that the American people WANT more and more oil and gas, it is THE FACT they have little alternative because of the corruption of the American federal government and it's UNWILLINGNESS to accept the fact of scientists. The problem belongs to you speaker. You are the problem and those like you have been the problem. The corruption needs to stop and when the American people say they want dirty oil from Canada it is the RESPONSIBILITY of government to have ALREADY planned for the future when such hideous and avoidable dangers never occur. The speaker for all his years in Congress before he was speaker was just as corruption then as today when it came to being responsible for the very planet everyone calls Earth. He made the mistake that Earth can be taken for granted and it can't. 

The problem is not about the demands of the American people, it is about the lack of ability and WILL of their elected government.

"...calling the American people stupid." Not stupid, Speaker Boner, just gullible.

Want to know how gullible? Look at the most recent federal elections. People do believe liars when they carry the mantle of authority. Obviously, the house speaker is included in that assessment.