Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quid Pro Quo ? Maybe the USA should drop the investigation into the corruption regarding the 'Libya Affair' and magically the British Consulate will resolve the issues.

Percy Abrams, executive director of the Iroquois Nationals lacrosse team board of directors, shows his Iroquois Confederacy passport during a news conference in New York, 14 Jul 2010
 VOA News
15 July 2010

The British government has refused to allow a Native American lacrosse team to enter Britain using passports issued by their tribal federation.
British officials said Wednesday that the Iroquois team would only be allowed into Britain with documents the government considers valid, including U.S. or Canadian passports.
In Washington Thursday, U.S. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said he was not surprised by the decision and that both the United States and Britain believe that the Iroquois must eventually have internationally recognized travel documents....

I mean after all, we are allies.  Yes?  Maybe Britain wants to fight the war again. 

Clinton to look into senators' request on BP, Libya  (click title to entry - thank you)

...According to media reports, London-based oil company BP lobbied the British government to support the prison transfer, which may have encouraged Libya to finalize an offshore drilling deal with BP.
Megrahi, convicted in connection with the 1988 bombing of a U.S. airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland that killed 270 people, was released last August on compassionate grounds after doctors said the 57-year-old convict was near death.
Nearly a year later, Megrahi, an alleged Libyan intelligence officer, is still alive....

What is IT with Great Britain and Libya?

Mother of WPc Yvonne Fletcher fears Lockerbie bomber deal means she will never get justice

The mother of murdered WPc Yvonne Fletcher fears that the release of the Lockerbie bomber means she may never get justice for her daughter's killing by a Libyan gunman ...

...The Libyan killer of a British policewoman will never be brought to justice in Britain after a secret deal approved by Jack Straw.
The Foreign Office bowed to Libyan pressure and agreed that Britain would abandon any attempt to try the murderer of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, shot outside the Libyan embassy in London 25 years ago.
Anthony Layden, Britain’s former ambassador to Libya, said this weekend he had signed the agreement with the Libyan government three years ago, when Straw was foreign secretary. At the time Britain was negotiating trade deals worth hundreds of millions of pounds with Libya.
The deal followed a visit by Tony Blair, then prime minister, to meet Colonel Gadaffi in March 2004 after Libya announced that it was ending its nuclear weapons programme....

...Jack Straw was personally lobbied by BP over Britain’s prisoner transfer agreement with Libya just before he abandoned efforts to exclude the Lockerbie bomber from the deal.
The Times has learnt that the Justice Secretary took two telephone calls from Sir Mark Allen, a former M16 agent, who was by then working for BP as a consultant, on October 15 and November 9, 2007.
Having signed a $900 million oil exploration deal with Libya earlier that year, BP feared that its commercial interests could be damaged if Britain delayed the prisoner transfer agreement (PTA) through which the Gaddafi regime hoped to secure the return home of Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi.
For six months, talks with Libya were deadlocked as Britain — under pressure from the devolved Scottish government — vainly sought to ensure that the deal would not cover al-Megrahi....

...The row over the release of the Lockerbie bomber was reignited last night when Jack Straw, the justice secretary, directly contradicted Gordon Brown by saying Britain had been partly motivated by the need to secure fresh oil contracts when ministers tried, in 2007, to make it easier to release Abdelbaset al-Megrahi....

Doing the impossible. Congratulations Dr.Chu and his team. It was a blessing to have Dr. Chu at the ready when this occurred.

First question, who gets the patents all along the way?  The USA has sponsored some of the most sophisticated petroleum research at a very high cost.  So, who is authoring the breakthroughs?

...Oil stopped flowing into the Gulf of Mexico (Click title to entry - thank you) for the first time in nearly three months, as BP resumed a critical and repeatedly delayed integrity test Thursday of its well.
BP could not guarantee that no oil would be released throughout the duration of the test, which will continue for at least six hours and could last up to 48 hours.
"It felt very good not to see any oil go into the Gulf of Mexico," BP senior vice president Kent Wells told reporters during a Thursday afternoon technical update. "Clearly, I'm trying to maintain a strict focus but we are very encouraged."
Oil stopped gushing at 2:25 p.m., Wells said, when engineers closed the choke line.
Obama called the progress "a positive sign" when asked about the process during a news briefing Thursday on the passage of the financial overhaul bill....

This is ONLY  A  TEST.  What does that mean?

It means there is a cap to the well head that is 'holding up' to the pressures of the oil and gas and subterranian dynamics.  There is still a long road ahead, but, this cap should provide a method of 'control dynamic.' 

The cap will be a permanent fixture even after the relief wells permanently close the hole.

Let's think of it this way.  What if we could wave a wand and make time reverse and go back to the time when Earth was intact.  Then slowing move the 'time machine' forward.  What would occur is a tragedy.  It would be a disaster that began with igorning things like broken seals.

The tragedy builds from there.

Now.  Let's 'stop motion at the point when the explosion occurred, having killled 11 people and injuring 17 more. 

That explosion may happen again.  How?

Come to present day and run a little bit forward to the point where one of the relief wells are 'coming' very close to the well.  It will be a short time before the well casing and the opening of the well is made.


Have the dynamics of the well changed? 


The high pressures and high methane content is still the same. 

The reason the 'cap' is so important is because now when the relief wells are about to enter the well 'the pressure' within the well can be manipulated to prevent a rush of methane back to the oil rig.

This is going to sound odd, especially coming from me, but at this point it is better to have risers that go to surface ships to remove the oil until the relief wells are completed.  The cap will control the oil from escaping into the Gulf Waters and hopefully when the tests are completed the cap will act as a secure way to 'abandon' the well site completely should there be a hurricane.  Hurricanes have their own dynamics and we saw how the 'old cap' was literally bouncing with the increased wave activity during "Alex" and this is why this is a test.

This is super good news and for the most part the dangers surrounding this well have stopped.  It needs to be monitored and it can't really be left alone.  I am sure there will be some cameras and robots at the well site even during hurricanes to monitor the events surrounding the new well cap.  I am sure there are many aspects of hurricanes that have gone into the design.  I am feeling somewhat comfortable about this progress and am very hopeful this is the end of the pollution into the Gulf of Mexico.

The oil dispersant needs to stop being dumped into the waters, too.

Now, time and SAFETY are on our side.

I congratulate all those that have contributed to this outcome, including, the Obama White House and the USA Coast Guard.  This was nothing short of heroic.  We could not have had better people at the helm and I can't thank them enough.  Everyone did a great job. 

It is going to be some time before the Gulf Coast will be recovered, but, let it begin.

Thank you to the President and his White House staff and to Dr. Chu and his team for caring and supremely intolerant to this incident.