Friday, June 03, 2016

For a town along a railroad where burning oil is a probablity, there should be a FOAM TRUCK to extinguish the fire immediately.

The word oil is something very familiar, right? We are all used to thinking about the gusher and the pet name for oil workers is "rough neck." Oil is not a nice thing. It isn't even a nice thing when it is refined and used for gasoline.

OIL IS A CHEMICAL COMPOUND comprised of lots of other chemicals including sulfur. Sulfur is very dangerous to a human being. 

The Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act apply to railroad cars that spill and/or burn oil. Under these laws as well as OSHA and POSHA laws which protect employees of railroads and fire companies as well as toxic clean up companies demands safety procedures and IMMEDIATE CLEAN UP. 

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Exposure to crude oil may irritate the eyes, (click here) skin, and respiratory system. It may cause dizziness, rapid heart rate, headaches, confusion, and anemia. Prolonged skin contact with crude oil may cause skin reddening, edema, and burning of the skin.

When crude oil is burned, either accidentally or as a spill control measure, it emits chemicals that affect human health. These chemicals include carbon dioxide,carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, sulfur dioxide , and volatile organic compounds.
If you are exposed to burning crude oil, you may be exposed to high levels of particulate matter and may experience the health effects of particulate matter.

Exposure to burning crude oil may harm the passages of the nose, airways, and lungs. It may cause shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, coughing, itching, red or watery eyes, and black mucous.

Handling tarballs may cause an allergic skin reaction or skin rashes....

Well, lookey thar. It is a military issue FIRE FOAM TRUCK.

Gregory Farris of the 71st Transportation Battalion (click here) took this shot as he was passing the Long Binh fire station and saw this massive display of foam. The truck producing the Hi-X foam appears to be the same one seen in a 1971 front view photo (60K JPEG) in Fire Trucks at War.

Long Binh FD also built an astonishing custom foam rig based on an M-113 armored personnel carrier (100K JPEG), and equipped with 900 gallons of water, 110 gals of protein foam, and 200 gals of Hi-X foam. 

The point is fire-foam trucks have been in use a very long time. There is no excuse for oil fires to burn until they are extinguished. The Clean Air Act, The Clean Water Act if it applies (I don't know when it wouldn't.) and the OSHA and POSHA laws demand oil fire extinguishing ASAP. 

These are NOT wild fires. The local authorities, like a Mayor and Council or the County Freeholders need to petition the state for Fire Foam Trucks. If cites, towns and villages can obtain Humvees and MRAPs, there is no excuse for not having a fire foam truck in every town and city along a railroad where oil cars travel. That goes for Canada, too.

Ask the USA military, Canada's trusted ally, for Army Surplus or how to obtain one or more without it costing the entire Canadian treasury.

Fire Foam Trucks smother fires. The foam will need a clean up methodology after the fire is out. Water will only wash the chemicals within the foam into ground water or worse.

Otis Air Force Base / Joint Base Cape Cod || >>(click here)
Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod
Otis Air National Guard Base - Mass Military Reservation
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

No excuses.

The new Otis Fire Headquarters built in 2007. This resulted in closing of old crash station and Station 2 (formerly Sta.4)

End of discussion.
Let's hope when the Republican Convention brings Donald Trump to party leadership as their presidential nominee he will make a pivot away from the ethnicity involved in his current campaign.

Rather than talking about the judge involved with the Trump University lawsuit, he should ask his lawyers for an independent judicial review in regard to releasing the documents. It is the kind of thing that is like closing the barn door after the horse is out. But, there are legal methods that can be brought to bear to critique to the lawsuit.

Donald Trump needs to avoid appearing as though he has bias at the very least against the diverse American ethnicities. 

Yesterday, the police did their best from what I understand was budget cuts effecting their numbers. I thought it was brilliant to cordon off a safe area for the people leaving the Trump rally. It worked for many people. The police were also safe in their numbers.

No matter how one feels about Hillary Clinton as President she is an admirable woman. It did her and my heart good when she smiled during and after her speech. Too often she is on the defense and there is little smiling with her responses. Yesterday was nice for people that like her.

Mohammad Ali surprised me. He has become thin as he aged. He is a good looking elderly man, but, I would never have guessed that was him.

The "War on the Press" is going to happen. It started in the beginning debates for the nomination. The Tea Party never liked the "Lame Stream Media." Donald Trump is carrying that understanding between his party and the media forward. This should not be a surprise. It effectively prevents any dubious dialogue of his run for the White House. He is not to be questioned, or else.

Donald Trump has given interviews and meetings to the editorial board of the major newspapers. Those media sources should know what to expect and should have reflected on the accusations from him. There is still editorials that can address runaway accusations. Facts. Journalism standards. Ethics. There are very sound principles that carry brevity.

I think Paul Ryan is scared of Donald Trump. Ryan has been caught in self-righteousness against President Obama. There may be reasons why Ryan is considering Donald Trump at a distance. I don't think he will separate the US House and himself from Donald Trump to run as a 'faux third party.' That won't work.

Donald Trump is the legitimate nomination for the presidency. The people voted for him. When looking at Donald Trump the House and Senate Republicans are looking at the people.

Mitch McConnell and I share little common values, especially when it comes to the grossly declining coal industry that rather invest in more machines than employees. How Senator McConnell has kept coal as a prominent topic in Kentucky is anyone's guess. Ah, but, that is a different issue. 

The real issue is that once the race is over Mitch McConnell does not hold grudges or seek to wound colleagues across the aisle. I think this speech from 2014 and his words for Secretary Grimms is the proof of a man willing to establish working relationships. It is more than working relationships. One day Senator McConnell will leave the political stage and he will hear others talk about him. He wants to be admired, have a place in history and recline in his retirement with enjoyment and plenty of friends. 

The speech at the beginning of this film loop is what establishment Republicans are used to. They are not used to major shifts in ideology or dialogue. I might add there is no quote in attacking spouses be they a woman or a man.

Today is Friday and it is time to chronicle "The Flint River Project." Yes, it is now a project.

I received a letter.


Stop cheering because the brief happiness has past. My request was not fulfilled.

Ready for this?

The response states I did everything correctly in addressing my request to their department, BUT, "I am afraid that we can't help you..." and then it goes on about an oversees something or other. It makes no sense. The entity I am writing to is domestic and the rattling on for one sentence about an oversees ? problem? is a disoriented statement.

There is more.

I failed to send my personal unlisted home telephone number with my request and they would have shared the bad news personally if I had. Good customer service, no doubt.

I am NOW going to turn to an official, armed with this letter.

I will scan the letter and post it here as soon as my journey DEAD ENDS. It better not dead end either. I am not asking for classified information, it is all public material. There is no reason for the rejection of that request. If they had asked for payment for copying charges I would have found that a reasonable request, but, to turn me away is outrageous.

Until next Friday.

Laredo is the latest soft spot on the USA southern border.

C-Span dedicated a significant amount of hours with many guests talking about the soft border at Laredo. Brandon Darby has an interesting history and his rise in journalism to be the managing editor of Breitbart, Texas. He is somewhat credible by credentials alone and his dedication to bringing information to the USA. 

Mr. Darby (click here) is one of six or seven guests that spoke at length regarding the border, security and NAFTA. That was on June first. But, the link at Mr. Darby's entry at Brietbart and his desire to list the drug cartels as terrorists. It just seemed odd to me that a terrorist was found at the USA southern border while at the same time Mr. Darby is calling for drug cartels to be classified as terrorist networks. 

I don't necessarily disagree, however, the drug cartels are not a terrorist network in the same way Osama bin Laden is. I imagine if the drug cartels are classified as terrorists and not drug cartels sending fentanyl across the border within it's heroine shipment; the USA may actually find these cartels carrying out such priorities as al Qaeda.

I think Homeland Security needs to provide a very big and strong reality check to the capacity of terrorists to penetrate the USA border, the defeat of any attempts of attacks within the country and the foolishness of placing a Homeland Security of such importance on the air waves. 

I found the C-Span coverage more than interesting and anyone interested in criticizing free trade agreements should watch the appropriate segments. 

Place "border" in the search bar. "border" (click here)

Kindly remember what media has brought additional danger to our country while using Homeland Security as a political tool. Where is the FCC when one needs them?

From here forward consider the drug cartels interested in acting like al Qaeda within the USA. After all the USA is hosting secure jailing of "El Chapo." Oddly "El Chappo" stamped heroin, 40 bags of it, was found by the USA forces in a woman's bra. (click here) 

I suppose Ed Henry, if he is still in the White House News Corp, would be an interesting person to discuss FOX's propensity to the lack of REAL homeland security and responsible media. For what FOX pays it's people, Henry may be able to pay the fines right on the spot. Lies, rhetoric and propaganda are easy when paid for in advance.

Interestingly, I would have expected Mr. Darby to have an appreciation for the sensitivity of opening up a terrorist classification of drug cartels. I think the trajectory of this latest 'fear attack' on the USA media consumer is obvious.

Brandon Darby talked about legal and illegal immigration to the U.S.-Mexico border town of Laredo, Texas. Mr. Darby participated from Bridge 1 in Laredo, the pedestrian bridge that U.S. and Mexican citizens cross back and forth.
At the conclusion of the program, an April 26, 2016 interview was shown with Bradd Skinner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection assistant director for trade. He talked about the security and regulation of trade across the U.S.-Mexico border. 
The entire June 1, 2016, “Washington Journal” program focused on immigration and the U.S.-Mexico border, with guests participating from Laredo. 

Homeland Security needs to hold a news conference regarding the reports of the terrorist smuggler.

This is from the Washington Times and FOX has picked it up and Duncan Hunter is trying to terrify the country. According to FOX Homeland Security stated the people involved were caught and the system worked. According to Duncan Hunter that is not factual because the Border Guards state for every one person caught, there are two to three others not caught. So, when the math is done there are AT LEAST two to three terrorists that have come across the border and are undetected.

June 2, 2016
A smuggling network (click here) has managed to sneak illegal immigrants from Middle Eastern terrorism hotbeds straight to the doorstep of the U.S., including helping one Afghan who authorities say was part of an attack plot in North America.
Immigration officials have identified at least a dozen Middle Eastern men smuggled into the Western Hemisphere by a Brazilian-based network that connected them with Mexicans who guided them to the U.S. border, according to internal government documents reviewed by The Washington Times.
Those smuggled included Palestinians, Pakistanis and the Afghan man who Homeland Security officials said had family ties to the Taliban and was “involved in a plot to conduct an attack in the U.S. and/or Canada.” He is in custody, but The Times is withholding his name at the request of law enforcement to protect investigations....
The former Secretary Clinton's speech on foreign relations has caught the attention of global media. There are articles in Europe and Australia that I have seen today. 

Asia doesn't seem to be interested, yet. It is rare that a Presidential candidate receives such far ranging interest.

Africa's media doesn't seem to be following American politics. The continent is busy with their own concerns. The West usually invests time and effort in Africa. The level of politics that brings 'influence' to a country or impact from such a speech is not the hemisphere of Africa's politics. Much of their relationships are surrounding help and support. That level of policy is still less influential globally to be aware of any impact on Africa. Africa is coming along. There was an interesting article about North Africa yesterday. I have to find it. It is about the politics and the promising balance it is achieving.

The "Chicago Tribune" has an interesting article about Tunisia. Americans in many ways don't understand why so much of the world is not like the USA. This article works to bring a picture of the struggle in North Africa in the first country that spawned "The Arab Spring."

No differently than the hatred and killing in northern Ireland for 800 years, the religious basis of governance divides the people in middle east. Governance by religious leaders transcends any conception of separating religion from government and upholding laws that protect and honors the individual. It is hard work. Unfortunately, that work results in armed conflict in the middle east. I think the Chicago Tribune is capturing the essence of that movement. 

The people have to want it to step away from fear and embrace the possibilities. The leaders have to show them the way.

May 31, 2016
By Noah Feldman

In a major development (click here) for the history of democracy in the Muslim world, Tunisia's successful Islamic democratic party separated its political wing from it's social-religious movement last week. This isn't a move to securlarism, exactly. But it is a move in the direction of dividing the world into two spheres, one of politics, the order of faith.

The separation was partly good politics: By rebranding itself as a party of Muslim Democrats on the model of Europe's Christian Democrats, the party potentially expanded its base and differentiated itself from Islamist extremists. But the deeper significance of the move lies in the differentiated political activity from the goal of Islamizing society and social life.

To understand why the separation of party from movement is so important, you have to start with the history of the Islamic democratic movement. Until last Tuesday, the official name of the organization that participated centrally in the constitutional process was the Party and Movement of Ennahda, or Enlightenment.... 

Realizing how brutal change takes place in the middle east it is understandable why the United Nations' Small Arms Treaty (click here) is vital to the transition the people are embarking on.

It is also evident why placing USA troops that attract jihadists and violence is a huge error. I believe the Green on Blue attacks in Afghanistan is based in the tensions of change and the struggle with the leaders in the region. It is far easier to provide an alliance to God/Allah than it is to feel secure in pledging one's allegiance to a government far different than any tribal elder can possibly tolerate.

It is easy to defend God. It is difficult to defend a country not fully understood with a constitution written with help from The West.  Further war by The West into North Africa and the middle east short of defending the homeland is a huge mistake.

The Chinese are not happy with the language of the USA assessment of their military and it's future.

I realize Secretary Kerry has exceptional demands on his time with the concluding year of the Obama Administration, but, certainly there needs to be talks with China's military and the USA's military to iron out a realistic understanding. If the Chinese are worried about the way they are characterized in the USA's assessment that is fertile ground for talks to end old Cold War ideologies.

I am sure China would like to achieve certain guarantees with the USA. The Chinese also have a nuclear stockpile that comes under the Non-Proliferation Treaty. This could be a real opportunity for China, the USA and the countries of the South China Sea.

May 16, 2016
By Chen Weihua

...In a statement posted (click here) on the ministry website on May 14, Yang called the report "improper talk" when it comes to issues such as Chinese military reform, overseas military operations, development of weaponry and military equipment, the military budget, space, cyberspace and Taiwan.
"(It) wantonly distorted China's national defense policy and the legal activities in the East and South China seas," Yang said.
"The Chinese side expresses its strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition (to the report)," he said.
Yang reiterated that China sticks firmly to a national defense policy that is defensive in nature, and Chinese military reform and modernization is aimed at ensuring China's national sovereignty, security, territorial integrity and peaceful development of the nation.
He said the US side continues to harbor suspicions about China's strategic intentions and labels China's normal weaponry and military equipment development as "anti-access" or "area denial".
"Why is the US side expressing such concerns if it is still not embracing a Cold War mentality?" he asked.
He also defended China's construction on reefs and isles in the Nansha Islands as not only meeting the necessary requirements for national defense, but even more so in serving civilian purposes and carrying out China's international obligations....

When basic requirements for life turn out to be dangerous there might be a reason for the lack of civil in civilization.

The Tennessee River is used by the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) for electric power. This hydroelectric power has been around forever. What is in the water?

June 2, 2016
Decatur, Ala. – The West Morgan-East Lawrence Water Authority (click here) is addressing concerns from the public about the area’s drinking water.  They’re making a point very clearly, too: Customers are urged not to drink the water until further notice.
Water Authority managers are speaking at a news conference in Decatur, along with their attorney.  They are addressing questions about the impact a recent EPA advisory is having on the drinking water.  They are also addressing immediate and long-term plans to make the drinking water safe, as well as pending litigation against 3M.
The EPA advisory has warned that exposure to elevated levels of contaminants can lead to health problems over time, including cancer and birth defects.
The district, along with the West Lawrence Water Co-op are the two water systems in Alabama placed under the advisory.  This comes after two contaminants were found in the Tennessee River....

These contaminates have been in the river this long and they are only stating the drinking water is not safe NOW? OMG, this is negligence and public endangerment. It is criminal.

What is Governor Bentley's excuse?

September 23, 2016
By Dennis Pillion
Environmental advocacy group Tennessee Riverkeeper (click here) announced Wednesday that it intends to sue chemical manufacturer 3M Company, the city of Decatur and others over what it called "an imminent and substantial endangerment to health and the environment" relating to disposal of the chemicals perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS), and others in and around Decatur....

The last time parking wars made national news there were three dead Muslim students in Princeton, New Jersey.

Everyone, regardless of parking permit or not, has to do better. Where do the babysitters park? They are very important people.

June 3, 2016
By John Woodrow Cox

The mystery (click here) that for weeks unnerved this quiet Capitol Hill neighborhood began with a warning placed on a nanny's windshield.
"I know you are misusing this visitor pass to park here daily," the April 4 note read. "If you do not stop I will report it, have your car towed and the resident who provided this to you will have his privileges taken away."
Baffled, the young couple the nanny worked for sent out a message on the community email group asking for the note's anonymous author to contact them. No one came forward.
Instead, two days later, the nanny's license plates were stolen from her SUV, according to charging documents. Two days after that, another plate was stolen. Then, in late April, the thief struck once more - but this time the couple caught him on a video camera they had mounted inside their home's front window.
And the alleged culprit? In an only-in-Washington story, police identified him as Bryan Whitman, a top Pentagon official who has worked at the Defense Department for more than two decades....

A New Zealander explores "What's in your neighborhood?" I swear Americans have lost the "civil" in civilization.

May 31, 2016
By Richard Moore

Seemingly they are chosen by The Fates and you can either be lucky, or terribly unlucky.
In the lucky stakes are people who have great folk next door who they get on with really well. There are regular barbecues, or dinners, between families and everyone is mindful of each other and makes sure their lifestyle does not impinge on the houses around them.
But you don't have to be in each others' pockets to be good neighbours. Sometimes that is just a greeting, or a wave, but again it does involve thinking about how your actions affect others.
Then we have those neighbours who don't give a rat's about anyone else and will basically become the unpleasant next-doors from hell.
They would include types like an American chap who reportedly chases people with a chainsaw and is said to have once slapped a quadriplegic man in the face with a fish!...

Ah, the land of the million-billionaires.

I fully expect the Democratic nominee to fall in line when the platform moves to a national stage.

Donald Trump made me chuckle the day he said, "Running for President is really hard / hard work." I don't remember whether he said work after hard. The politics of the office surprised him. I think he has gotten used to it now, but, when he first started he was a new world. 

That probably is true of most any candidate for the Presidency. They are running for President for the first time. There is only one USA President and a candidate only achieves the office twice, initially and re-election. I don't believe any candidate for the office is a Pro. 

In some cases the candidate has run many times, but, they aren't frequently elected. Obviously. But, the one candidate that has the most man hours in this category would be the Libertarian candidate, former Governor Gary Johnson (click here).

June 3, 2016

Washington - " A close friend of Donald Trump (click here) has helped start a super PAC to support him, potentially giving the presumptive Republican presidential nominee his first big-donor help for the general election.
Tom Barrack, a Los Angeles real estate investor, said in an interview with CNN on Thursday that the group has already received $32 million in financial commitments. The group is called Rebuilding America Now, according to documents filed with federal regulators.
Like other super PACs, the new group will be able to accept unlimited amounts of money from wealthy donors, but won't be permitted to take directions from the candidate or his campaign.
There already are several super PACs backing Trump, but none is seen as having the blessing of his campaign. That potentially could cause confusion for donors who want to be convinced that they're giving to a group that Trump himself sees as helpful to his cause.
Another complication: Trump has repeatedly condemned all super PACs as "corrupt."...