Wednesday, April 21, 2010

There is always hope until there is no hope. The best of us is yet to be realized.

Unwelcome feral cats spotted at Bush library site

DALLAS — Unwelcome neighbors where George W. Bush's presidential library is planned in Dallas are losing their homes.
Some feral cats have lived in the Southern Methodist University area for years. SMU in 2005 began a feral cat removal program, in an effort to control the cat colony.
Volunteer Althea Webb says it's “hard to move cats.” She says at one point about 18 wild cats lived in the area, but now she rarely sees more than a half dozen.
Webb says some of the remaining cats may be moved to a nearby bushy area.
Construction is scheduled to begin in November on the George W. Bush Presidential Center, with a single building housing a library, museum and policy institute.
The complex is expected to be finished by early 2013.

There is going to be a limited blast area.

The missing individuals are in the water or not anywhere.  There is a chance some bodies are unrecoverable.  A submersible will be necessary to verify any reality.

Survivors could still be floating on currents and debris.

There is also wildlife in the area and dolphins have been known to treat injured people as their own.  Dolphins, an endangered species, understands what it is to be a mammal and require breathable air.  Do NOT injure any animal in the searches as they are very precious.

Groups seek federal protections for 404 species - Is the fresh water human food chain starting to feel impacts of the Climate Crisis?

Associated Press Writer

A group of seven conservation organizations on Tuesday petitioned the federal government to protect a whopping 404 aquatic species in the South, triggering a massive automatic review by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
The Tucson, Ariz.-based Center for Biological Diversity, among others, filed the 1,145-page petition. It seeks protections for 48 fish, 92 mussels and snails, 92 crustaceans, 82 plants, 13 reptiles, four mammals, 15 amphibians, 55 insects, and three birds.
It includes 10 species of snails in Florida, a turtle in Arkansas, 11 species of crawfish in Tennessee, 26 plants in South Carolina, three beetle species in West Virginia and 13 mussel species in North Carolina.
The petition seeks protections under the Endangered Species Act for the 404 species in all 12 southern states, some overlapping....

Glenn Beck melts down. He and his program partner are now channeling, they just haven't identified whom they are channeling with for 'THE MOTHER OF ALL PLANS."

Beck believes he may be channeling with God.

Sure.  I suggest he validate that fact with the Pope.  I mean the Pope would know right?  Otherwise, channeling can be risky business.

Out on a Limb 

It took decades of being a second class citizen in the USA to get a vaccine to stop cervical cancer. Now, there might be a valuable blood test to diagnosis Breast Cancer.

EGFR Levels Elevated Before Breast Cancer Diagnosis

The study involved 688 women with estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer whose blood was drawn within 17 months prior to their cancer diagnosis. Their blood test results were compared to those of 688 women of similar ages without any sign of cancer.
The findings were presented at the American Association for Cancer Research 101st Annual Meeting.
Overall, the researchers identified 79 proteins whose levels appeared to be elevated in the blood of women with cancer, compared with the other women.
One of the proteins that could be validated using a commercially available assay was EGFR....

The Good News is that Door to Door Politcal Canvasing is still the most effective.

Yesterday President Obama was at a rally for Senator Boxer.  Astoundingly on several occasions members of the audience did NOT know he and the good Senator were moving to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

I am involved in a highly contested conservation initiative and there are several groups promoting our position and promoting it vigorously through any and all media available.  However, we ran into a reality we did not expect.

In a recent poll it was discovered our position was very poorly known.  The industry we are opposing was reaching the public through 'Post Office Mailings.'  Thinking about conservation we wanted to go 'the green route' and not use paper.  Well, that was a huge mistake.  So what we did was to print up fliers ON RECYCLED PAPER with information regarding the conservation point of view and literally canvased a 'sensitive' neighborhood door to door.  We reached 200 households in one afternoon of 'grassroots' door to door canvasing and were welcome in every one of them.  The people did not know about our opposition OR the profound conservation issues at stake.

The sensitive neighborhood was low income.  The place we are working to impose a conservation initiative is not an impoverished area of the country, but, only has scattered low income areas.  The people are not 'plugged' into the same COMMUNICATION and INFORMATION media that most conventional thinkers believe is working.

There was something else.  One of the members to the conservation movement was at woman's gym.  While she was there, a member of the Tea Baggers was there.  The Tea Bagger literally was acting as a 'town crier' and simply ranting on and on about their position in regard to anything.  It became so annoying to the conservation member and two other women members to the gym they threatened to cancel their memberships if they were going to be exposed to such harassment.  The next time the conservation member went to the gym there was no such activity and it hasn't returned in the last week and a half.

As a result of that information we are now encouraging everyone in our canvasing efforts to act proactively and speak to others regarding the issue and verbalize opinion.  It is our experience that Democrats tend to be shy and sometimes silent people.  We, in our efforts, would like them to feel completely comfortable with facts and feel free to 'stand up' for their position and hold their ground in any conversations they may have.

It is interesting, but, any educator will tell you about the emotional competency of information that is verbal as opposed to simply read or watched.  Visual competency of an issue is passive and more 'victim' than verbal which requires competency and being able to be 'the center of attention' when making any statement.

Verbal communication tends to relay an image of 'authority' while visual competency of an issue is more a 'follower' authority.  We are sticking to this methodology and we believe it is the best method we can have to reach as many people as possible.  We intend to use the 'religious' models of those that go door to door to bring FACTS and not opinion.  But, in presenting facts we are sometimes asked opinion and we then can relay more competency as the public becomes more familiar with the content.  We literally are 'recruiting' as we canvas and it is working.

We also have highly valuable, verifiable and SOUND information that cannot really be debated as to authenticity and 'comfortable safety' in taking a stand in opposition.  In other words, our canvasing provides the BEST information so the public feels 'strong' in their opposition to the position of the corporation that has highly refutable information.

I believe President Obama may have run into the same phenomena we have found.  It is my opinion that with a collapsed economy and the 'establishment' of digital while removing 'air wave' television, people are left stranded to valuable information for them to make decisions.  I also believe 'recycled paper' fliers that are hand delivered can be the best form of political information, however, recycled paper fliers delivered by USA Postal Service is also reaching the UNREACHABLE voter.