Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Why doesn't Reverend Dr. William J. Barber have a megachurch?

This Holy Man is not dictating to people on how to vote on a particular issue, he is teaching them how to think in the face of media and political bias that seeks control rather than freedom.

If a political party can control the outcomes of elections due to prejudice, fear, misinformation and discrimination it is not a free country anymore.

The marriage amendments to state constitutions are based in fear and imposed by religion. There is separation of church and state in the USA for a reason. It is not to remove religion from people's lives, it is to remove discrimination from the law.

The Late Senator Kennedy found the character flaw of Romney the politician that has sustain for 18 years. Mr. Multiple Choice.

This was the debate between Romney and Ted Kennedy everyone believed would give Romney the Senate. Romney failed to prove himself worthy, so there had to be a great deal of truth in the words the Late Senator used to answer questions of the panelists. Electors that are Democrats prefer the truth to lies and manipulation.

When a politician is willing to lie to achieve success in an election it is the power he seeks, not the commit to the people. For this character issue to manifest still yet again 18 years later shows incredible consistency to decide the Presidential election. Romney is not trustworthy. He comes across as steadfast, but, he sincerely is not. Eighteen years is a long time for him to have remained with a party where he seeks office by manipulating the public to achieve a goal. I don't believe we know who we have here at all. He is nothing more than an egotist with a pen in any office. Just that simple.

He is interested in the power of the US Presidency for some reason and I don't believe anyone knows exactly the reason.