Friday, November 26, 2010

Tensions rise as WikiLeaks release nears (click title - thank you)

A Swedish court (click here) has rejected Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's appeal against a detention order in a rape case.
The appeals court upheld an earlier court order, which allows investigators to bring the 39-year old Australian into custody for questioning.
Mr Assange, who is believed to be in Britain, denies the allegations, saying they are part of a smear campaign....

...WikiLeaks is planning (click title to entry - thank you) to make available up to 400,000 sensitive cables from the past five years that include talks with politicians, government officials and journalists, as well as evaluations by US diplomats about their host countries.
According to the London-based Arabic-language newspaper al-Hayat, several documents show that the US had in turn been providing assistance to Turkey's Kurdish separatist movement, the PKK.
Founded in the 1970s, the PKK is listed as a terrorist organisation in Turkey, the US, the European Union and Australia.
A report in Israel's Jerusalem Post said the US military documents refer to the PKK as ''warriors for freedom and Turkish citizens'' and say that the US had set free arrested PKK members in Iraq.
The documents also point out that US forces in Iraq have given weapons to the PKK and ignored the organisation's operations inside Turkey.....

KCK Declines Responsibility for Bomb Attack - Ceasefire Extended  (click here)

The Democratic Confederation of Kurdistan, the umbrella organization for the militant PKK, distanced itself from the bomb attack in Istanbul on Sunday that left 32 people injured. The organization declared to extend the ceasefire until the general elections in 2011....

Terrorist PKK condemns TAK for Taksim attack

06 November 2010, Saturday / TODAY’S ZAMAN, İSTANBUL
A semi-independent but essentially Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)-affiliated organization’s claiming responsibility for a suicide bomb attack in Taksim on Sunday, which injured 32 people and killed the bomber himself, has drawn the ire of the terrorist PKK, which recently prolonged a unilateral cease-fire until next year’s general elections.
The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK) claimed responsibility for Sunday’s attack on its website on Thursday. The announcement was met with anger by the PKK, despite TAK saying that the suicide bomber, Vedat Acar, had acted on his own initiative...

Suicide bombers due act on their own initiative.  They have to make their peace with god first and then carry out their crime.  That is the way it works.  The blame comes in when the suicide bomber acting on their own initiative is linked with a group sympathetic to their cause.  All the suicide bombers of 911 were acting on their own initiative, but, they are members of al Qaeda.  That is like Murdoch double talk, '...we are fair and balanced.'  Right.

What is totally bizarre is the strong inconsistency in reporting.  Does anyone in the West actually know what is going on or simply making headlines out of what they believe is going on?  Because the facts are important and they have to be verified from two sources before they are considered fact.  The Human Error component.  So, TAK is not really taking responsibility, but, portraying the suicide bomber as an individual outside their influence.  Those are the facts.  The only fact undisputed is the fact there was a bombing.  Is the aftermath accurately reported, because, if the bomber didn't attain his goal then what are they trying this at all for?

Kurdish TAK rebels say behind Istanbul bombing  (click here)

ISTANBUL | Thu Nov 4, 2010 12:25pm EDT
ISTANBUL (Reuters) - A group linked to Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) guerrillas claimed responsibility on Thursday for a suicide bomb attack in central Istanbul at the weekend.
The Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (TAK) said on its website it had staged the attack, which wounded 32 people near a police bus at Istanbul's Taksim Square, as an "act of revenge."
"We as TAK claim responsibility for the action carried out against the police force of Turkish fascism at Istanbul's Taksim Square on Oct 31, 2010," TAK said....


Government harassing and intimidating Bradley Manning supporters  (click here) 

By Glenn Greewald  

...To date, he has never been charged with any crime or even told he's under investigation for anything; this was clearly a thuggish attempt by federal officials to intimidate any American citizen involved with or supporting WikiLeaks. That campaign of intimidation is now clearly spreading to supporters of Bradley Manning.  Last Wednesday, November 3, David House, a 23-year-old researcher who works at MIT, was returning to the U.S. from a short vacation with his girlfriend in Mexico, and was subjected to similar and even worse treatment,,,,

Suicide blast hits Istanbul (click here)

At least 32 wounded in explosion carried out by suicide bomber in heart of Turkish city, police say.
Last Modified: 31 Oct 2010 14:11 GMT
,,,Among those wounded, 17 are civilians while 15 belong to the police force, two of whom are said to be in a serious condition.
"It was a suicide bomb and it appears as if the bomber blew himself up. It appears to be a male body," Huseyin Capkin, the police chief, said.
Al Jazeera's Anita McNaught, reporting from the scene, said police were looking for a second attacker. 
"A second bomb had been planted right next to the suicide bomber," she said.
"That bomb did not go off but had it done so, with huge crowds gathered after the first explosion as you would expect, that bomb was designed to cause maximum damage."
Our correspondent said the only confirmed death was that of the suicide bomber....

Okay, so who is the second bomber that faded into the crowd when he decided he didn't want to die? 

Delaware National Guard home after one year in Afghanistan (click title - thank you)

First Lt. Thomas Emerson IV holds 8-month-old daughter Macie while wife Miranda looks on during a welcome-home ceremony for the Delaware National Guard's 238th Aviation Regiment on Thursday morning. "We have a lot to be thankful for," Miranda Emerson said. (The News Journal/JENNIFER CORBETT)