Thursday, February 09, 2017

I believe the Trump travel ban serves the Ultra White's agenda in making the USA a white christian country.

Trump's travel ban is based in religion and not ethnicity. Any passage of the travel ban by the Supreme Court is a direct attack on the First Amendment and the freedom of religion.

February 9, 2017

A Los Angeles (KABC) - A Los Angeles man (click here) is outraged after he says his girlfriend, who has a valid visa and is not from one of the seven countries listed in the travel ban, was wrongfully detained and deported....

The exclusion of MUSLIM is the focus of the executive order. If that executive order is allowed to stand it will give permission for the USA to exclude any religion it wants. 

I do not believe Muslim used in the Executive Order was a mistake.

The order by FDR after the attack on the USA was directed against A SOVEREIGN POWER. Japan attacked the USA and we were at war with them when the Japanese were put in detention camps. I am not saying it is correct, but, there was a far different focus and context of the Japanese Camps. They were not deported either.

Bush v. Gore was suppose to be a one time order. It has been used again and again. If this travel ban is upheld there is nothing that can stop the banning of any religious identity in the world. What next Hindu, Buddhist, any minority religion?

The best reason I have to believe this is a priority of the Ultra White is the fact there have been no foreign nationals that have attacked the USA since September 11, 2011. There is no real reason for Trump to do this, except, for the agenda of those that voted and funded him. There is no valid reason. 

Fort Hood was a Palestinian with a dual citizenship. Palestine is not listed. 

The attackers of September 11, 2001 were Saudis. Saudi Arabia is not listed. 

The shooter in Orlando was a Palestinian with a dual citizenship.

The San Bernardino murders were carried out by an American and his wife from Saudi Arabia. 

What has being Muslim got to do with this? If USA intelligence cannot point to specific people that will cause these tragedies it is the problem with more than Muslims, it is a problem with USA intelligence and the number of guns on the street.

Criminal histories need to be purged to allow people freedom to seek a prosperous future.

Any criminal record can disable the ability of people to achieve work and a future that is productive. The USA has many problems in that respect. Not just in gay convictions, but, also people that have been found innocent still have quite a rap sheet in their background checks.

If countries, including the USA, want to eliminate recidivism in any crime it needs to change it's reporting. When prisoners have served their time, their background checks follow them. In the USA, it is called, "Ban the Box." But, less than half the states have that law. 

In my opinion, efforts such as "Ban the Box" is still a superficial effort. New Zealand, in this instance, is legislating an application to end the record all together. In some states in the USA, a person can expunge their record at the age of 50, but, that only provides relief for a short time of a productive work life. 

Better fixes need to be put in place to encourage a return to work and a future rather than being pulled back into old patterns and more crime.

9 February 2017

New Zealand (click here) has said it will move to quash historical convictions for consensual sex between men.

Justice Minister Amy Adams said an application process will be introduced and cases will be judged individually.

In 1986 when the Homosexual Law Reform Act was passed, sex between men above 16 years old was decriminalised.

But convictions for consensual sex between men prior to that still appear in criminal history checks and may have to be disclosed in job applications.

Ms Adams said the government intends to introduce legislation to implement the scheme in the coming months. About 1,000 people could be eligible to apply, according to New Zealand media reports....

The survivor claims it was yoga that saved his life.

February 8, 2017

An Australian man (click here) has survived spending hours struggling to keep his nose above water after his excavator rolled into a waterhole.

Daniel Miller, 45, had been riding the machine at his remote property 300km (180 miles) north of Sydney.

When the edge of the dam gave way, the farmer was pinned down by a bar on the three-tonne excavator.

Mr Miller said he adopted a yoga pose - arching his back for air - until a neighbour 500m away heard him shouting.

"I was trapped and had to keep my head up above water using my arms, I guess it was the cobra position," he told Sydney's Daily Telegraph.               

Do I understand that Jeff Sessions is involved in the hacking of the Democratic Committee?

I don't understand why Sessions hasn't recused himself from the Attorney General slot knowing he is a focus of suspicion. This only defines more how Jeff Sessions cannot discern the good practice of law from the bad practice of law. He is not in service to the American people. He is ambitious for his own purposes. Truth means nothing to Sessions.

January 7, 2017

Sen. Jeff Sessions, (click here) Trump’s nominee for Attorney General, stated on the floor of the Senate last April, “Good people do not use marijuana”, and in doing so, Sessions defamed countless people. Individuals who are Good People and whom, by the millions, have said, “YES” to responsibly consuming marijuana here in America.
Through the ballot box, nearly a quarter of America’s citizens have regained their marijuana freedom. Their message to the federal government at this moment is loud and clear, exactly the same as was our forebears’ message, fighting for our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 
I take Sessions’ demeaning public statement is an insult to my sweet wife of 46 years, Ann, who uses cannabis salve for the neuro-muscular aches and pains of an active life and uses cannabis tincture as a sleeping aid most nights. Annie served as business manager of our small county fair for a decade. She was superintendent of our rural school district in eastern Washington. She is mother of 4 and grandmother of 9. Annie is the very definition of “good people”, Sessions’ ignorant, arrogant and insulting sentiment stating otherwise is wrong, dead wrong....

Trump's twitter account is good service to hide his sincere agenda.

February 11, 2017

George W. Bush looked into Vladimir Putin’s eyes (click here) and thought he saw his soul. He was wrong. Barack Obama attempted to “reset” relations with Russia, but by the end of his term in office Russia had annexed Crimea, stirred up conflict elsewhere in Ukraine and filled the power vacuum that Mr Obama had left in Syria. Donald Trump appears to want to go much further and forge an entirely new strategic alignment with Russia. Can he succeed, or will he be the third American president in a row to be outfoxed by Mr Putin?

The details of Mr Trump’s realignment are still vague and changeable. That is partly because of disagreements in his inner circle. Even as his ambassador to the UN offered “clear and strong condemnation” of “Russia’s aggressive actions” in Ukraine, the president’s bromance with Mr Putin was still smouldering. When an interviewer on Fox News put it to Mr Trump this week that Mr Putin is “a killer”, he retorted: “There are a lot of killers. What, you think our country’s so innocent?”...         

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Senator Blumenthal is a highly respected member of the Senate by his peers and the people he represents, unfortunately, Mr. Trump cannot say the same. Mr. Gorsuch is only the latest member of Trump's entourage that have abandoned his agenda and made it known they do not abide by his Ultra White values.

Donald Trump has no diplomatic skills and is a chronic campaigner. He is lost in the world of DC and strikes out on Twitter to gain what he believes he control. It is unfortunate. He will never know the sincere workings of global politics and will be HANDLED by those he has chosen to hire, fire and nominate.


I find it more laughable that Mr. Gorsuch needs to separate himself from Trump in order to be taken seriously as a nomination to the Supreme Court.

On a far better note, Pason James is traveling to New Zealand to concert in a country without the Joker as a president. The good news, a trade agreement wasn't necessary!

February 5, 2017
By Ella Wilks

Parson James, (click here) the New York based singer who went 2 x platinum last year with his single 'Stole the Show' is escaping the current political upheavals in his homeland to headline Big Gay Out in Auckland on Sunday.
'What's going on in my country at the moment, I think it's going to be great to be so far away from home and still be able to unite with people that I'm not really that familiar with and just feel that pride and feel that energy 'cause it's kind of bleak back where I'm from.'
'I feel like we're going through a really tough time but it's also beautiful that so many people are uniting together and showing solidarity.'
Along with performing as part of the Auckland Pride Festival James has teamed up with New Zealand's own Stan Walker to record a goosebump inducing version of the American country classic 'Tennessee Whiskey'....