Friday, December 23, 2016

I will not participate in "Psyops" against the American people as occurred during the USA elections of 2016.

I will not participate in fear that sustains the political base of the Republican Party.

The USA has all the nuclear weapons it needs to protect sovereignty. I already stated, the arms race of the past served no purpose EXCEPT to raise fear within a cold war.

Vladimir, find a new foothold, this isn't going to work.

When non-proliferation succeeds there will be generations that do not appreciate the danger of nuclear weapons. That would be nice. It means Russians and Americans have no reason to fear each other.

Vladimir is the old guard. The Communists of old are still a large part of the Russian political dialogue. It needs to end. This is 2016, populations are growing and need national investments to increase incomes that support many more people. If there is a return to nonsensical nuclear proliferation it is for the politics of fear and not in the benefit of the people. It is hideous to agree to grow nuclear weapons, human life lost at the meer press if a button is that of madmen.

When Russia broke the agreement that moved nuclear material out of Ukraine it was because of the politics of Russia. It has nothing to do with reality. Ukraine wants to move on and find trade with Europe. Russia should do the same. Russia is at war with his own border and complained about interceptor missiles in Europe. None of it makes sense unless one realizes this is political fodder and nothing more. Vladimir in his fear of losing control has shot himself in the foot and started his own war at Russia's border.

Admirably, NATO with the USA has not taken advantage of the self-inflicted war of Russia and escalated it into a larger war footprint to end Russia.

Vladimir, knock it off. Go bend frying pans. I haven't heard much from the savior of tigers either.