Thursday, August 21, 2014

Michael Brown, Jr. is and never was the problem.

The point of contention that is suppose to indict Michael Brown, Jr. in resisting arrest and therefore justifying his death, is nonsense.

I don't care if he was struggling for his freedom in a police car. What was he doing in a police car in the first place? The offense he was being accused of before Wilson escalated it into a life and death confrontation for Michael Brown, Jr. was jaywalking. Wilson was in over his head and had absolutely no authority to turn a jaywalking offense into a death sentence.

Why don't we all just jaywalk right now and have it turned into a death sentence? Why not? Seems reasonable to me that cops are suppose to enforce the law to the nth degree, right? Even if it means a beloved son doesn't show up for college the next day. What the hell who cares?

The only threat Michael Brown, Jr. posed was to himself. He was young, full of himself after finishing high school and beginning at college, what young man would not have been full of himself? He was pulling boners. That is not a death sentence, that is a good lecture by his parents about the seriousness of the education he was about to begin. 

Michael Brown, Jr. was a threat to no one. He was not a threat to Wilson or anyone else. Wilson is a lousy cop full of hate for anyone that doesn't live up to the letter of the law. Wilson is the problem and he is the only problem with the exception of his bosses and the government that legislates death when filming an officer at work.

Who is advising the Ferguson police department to be obstructive, the Prosecutor?

It is quiet in Ferguson because everyone else is in jail.

August 14, 2014

...In the first lawsuit, (click here) the ACLU of Missouri urged the St. Louis County Police Department to release a copy of the incident report for Brown’s shooting under the Missouri Sunshine Law.
The law, according to the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, aims to represent the “embodiment of Missouri’s commitment to openness in government.”
Under the law, matters of public record are considered, with few exceptions, to be transparent and open to the public.
The ACLU said that its request for the incident report “is likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of the operation or activities” of the St. Louis County Police Department....

This second lawsuit begins to reveal the suppression of evidence and the facts surrounding the brandishing of assault weapons by the police. The officer from another city that pointed the gun at the press/protesters seems to have been informed there was to be no recording of the police. He may have been acting on a specific local law and within his assigned authority. This aspect of the reality of the protests in Ferguson is especially of concern. If the national media hadn't been focused on the protesters, their message and their right to march there might have been a real blood bath.
...The suit asks a judge to end the police policy of “demanding and ordering members of the media and public to stop recording the police acting in their official duty on public streets and sidewalks” and declare such a policy a violation of constitutional rights.
That lawsuit names the city of Ferguson, St. Louis County and the Missouri State Highway Patrol as defendants....

The longer this goes on in Missouri and the more revealed about this county and local authority the scary the reality of the citizens of Ferguson. This isn't just a grievance with police, this is a grievance against the law and the minority Caucasian government and administration. This city and country is becoming extremely worrisome. There needs to be an investigation beyond Michael Brown, Jr. but also into the deaths of African Americans in the past.

The mere existence of the law to suppress activities of Ferguson police officers is not only corrupt, but, unconstitutional and PROVES a hostile government. 

Yes, this is a picture of the Ferguson police in riot gear moving down West Florissant.

The realization these governments invoked laws to empower police to suppress freedom of speech including deadly force is still yet another reason to investigate the history of tensions between the community and police. There is more here than meets the eye. The Ferguson chief of police and the county prosecutor need to resign from their positions. There is growing conflict of interest.

How many cities in the USA have this type of law of oppression? Because what I found really unusual in Albuquerque is the complacency of the local media in reporting the 24 or more deaths of innocent and unarmed people. The Albuquerque media always took the position the police were acting within the law regardless of the horrific deaths occurring.

If local or national media or otherwise experience oppression enforced by law and there are deaths or wrongful acts being carried out with impunity by government against citizens, the media's complicity comes into question. As a matter of fact any oppression by government of the media and there is media compliance is complicity to misdirect information to the public.

What is going on in this country?

Daniel Pearl's murderer was captured in Pakistan because the case was high profile in the media.

...The Pearl Project (click here) says that US investigators have found evidence that the beheading was carried out by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who faces charges in connection with the 11 September 2001 attacks in the US.

A technique known as vein-matching found that the veins on Mohammed's hand matched those on the hand of Pearl's killer, seen in the gruesome video.

The al-Qaeda number three was captured in Pakistan in March 2003 and sent to Guantanamo Bay three years later....
The problem with finding the murderers of journalists speaks to the very nature of their work. The USA was able to put pressure on Pakistan to find who captured and killed Daniel Pearl. But, most journalists are in remote areas where the power structure rules at the muzzle of a gun or in the case of ISIL the gun of a USA tank.

The journalists that die still don't out number the journalists incarcerated which may lead to their death due to poor conditions in the jails of other countries. 

In countries where citizens are at risk for poor health conditions are going to have the same effect with journalists. If Taliban will shot a young girl in the face in protest of her education then the death of journalists are simply a matter of everyday business for those that hate Westerners.

Journalists work in dangerous parts of the world, but, they don't have to put their lives on the line, some choose to do so. The phenomena reminds me of Timothy Treadwell. A documentary was made about him as he was a protester to the death of Grizzly Bears. He lived among them a few months out of every year. His death was tragic due to an attack by an old Grizzly Bear. Journalists trust their instincts too much and don't apply common sense to the circumstances they face. If there is no central government to even pressure to bring killers to trial and prison there is a better than 50% chance justice will never happen.

June 24, 2014

Abdel Fattah al Sisi (click here) says he will not intervene over the jailing of three Al Jazeera journalists despite international outrage....

...Australian Peter Greste, Canadian-Egyptian national Mohammed Fahmy and Egyptian Baher Mohamed were jailed for seven years each on Monday for spreading false news and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.
Mr Mohamed received an additional three years on a separate charge involving possession of weapons.
World leaders, including Prime Minister David Cameron and Australian PM Tony Abbott, have called on Cairo to review the case, which has been widely seen as being politically motivated....
Sisi stated he would bring calm to Egypt. Being a military leader he made good on his election process, but, what is being seen now in Egypt is oppression of the people. Jailing journalists simply to end their commentary is over reach by most international laws.
Sisi's administration, while liked by Israel, will ultimately cause the same unrest that put him in charge of the military in the first place. Only next time when there are demonstrators in Tahir Square, Sisi will believe he has a mandate to kill those that oppose the government and they will die. Is this an atmosphere for journalists to flourish in while reporting to their readers? No. The oppression creates it's own reality among the people and to that end the truth is difficult to discern yet alone bring forward as a fact.

Potential for a third hurricane all at the same time.

August 21, 2014
UNISYS water vapor north and west hemisphere satellite  (click here for 12 hour loop - thank you)

There is a tropical depression east of the Lesser Antilles that will consolidate. There are already two storms in the east Pacific Ocean offshore west Mexico.