Friday, June 01, 2012

This is about justice. Thank you.

State Assistant Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda proved there is concern for the integrity of this case going forward. I thank him and the team of prosecutors working so hard to find the truth to be sure there is sincere justice in the case involving Trayvon Martin. We all miss him and are concerned for his parents and family. The community is dedicated to justice being applied as it should.

Updated 5h 21m ago

By Yamiche Alcindor and Marisol Bello, USA TODAY

Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester (click here) ordered Zimmerman back to jail Friday during an afternoon court hearing. Zimmerman, who has been staying in an undisclosed location since he was released on bail April 23, has until Sunday at 2:30 p.m. to turn himself in.

His trial may not happen until 2013, his lawyer, Mark O'Mara, said.

Lester revoked the bond after a motion by the state prosecutor accused Zimmerman and his wife of lying to the court about their financial assets during his initial bond hearing April 20.

They said they had no money during that hearing, but Zimmerman and his wife had access to at least $135,000 that he raised through a website he set up before his bond hearing, the judge said.

"They were well aware of the money available," Lester said. "Mr. Zimmerman can't sit back and let his wife testify falsely … nor can he allow his attorney to stand up and make misrepresentations."...

The recall of George Zimmerman only proves there was no intent to ignore any of the details of the case by the State of Florida. Some may have seen this as a minor issue in this case, but, it sincerely wasn't. It is disconcerting to realize the defense attorney was not completely forthcoming in realizing the extent there were funds available. I remember in a news conference, possibly the first he gave, Mr. O'Mara conveyed an understanding the defendant and his family had very little funds, yet he knew of the website if not the context of that site. It is a worry.

I believe the actions today by Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester will be a solace to the family as this was not really expected and to know the prosecution is being as thorough to every detail has to provide some comfort. It is to me and I would imagine to the family, friends and community. This case had a very rocky start to the point of startling the community. The recall of the defendant today has to provide a stronger understanding the law is being applied in a diligent way for sincere justice to result.

I am sure there will be yet another bail hearing in the near future for Mr. Zimmerman. I want to thank the prosecution team involved.

The population of the USA is 311,591,900 people, give or take a couple of thousand.

There are 152,108,000 males of all ages in the USA.

There are 157,241,700 females of all ages in the USA.

There is no reason to be worried about demographics of any gender in relation to population growth in the USA. 

In the case of China, one of the reasons they lifted the preference for newborn males was due to the fact females were falling in number to continue the population of the country. China's goal is to reduce the population of their country by limiting the size of families. It is very difficult to provide for 1,338,300,000. There are currently in China 120 males to every 100 females. If that trend continues it will limit genetic diversity over a period of a century or so. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the demographics of the USA, there is no reason for any legislation limiting gender, NOR, should the USA ever 'go there.' It is a slippery slope and it is unconstitutional. The way the USA solves its demographic problems is to invite immigration. We are a unique country, we are melting pot and our concerns about demographics can be solved with invitations to populate the USA. 

The legislation in the US House of Representatives was completely based in imposition of religion on the entire populous of the USA and it was very, very unconstitutional.

US Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford posts photo of mass grave on Facebook.

...In an accompanying message, (click here) Ford called the massacre in Houla "the most unambiguous indictment of the regime to date," adding that it "clearly illustrates Syrian government’s flagrant violations of its UN Security Council obligations under Resolutions 2042 and 2043 along with the regime’s ongoing threat to peace and security."
Forces loyal to Assad killed at least 108 people and injured around 300, mostly women and children, on Friday in Houla in Homs province, according to UN estimates. The event marked one of the biggest massacres of the 14-month uprising against Syrian President Bashar Assad's rule....

There is also this picture on Facebook under "Syrian People Want Robert Ford Out of Syria Now."  It seems to be a sympathetic cause to al Assad.

Prince Charles was at Queen Elizabeth II's side on Coronation Day.

Fri Jun 1, 2012 10:22am EDT

"Union Jack" flags (click here) fluttered from buildings, shops and train stations across the country, thousands of street parties have been planned and huge crowds are expected to flock to Diamond Jubilee festivities in a country emblazoned red, white and blue.
To royalists, the occasion is a chance to express their thanks and appreciation to the 86-year-old Elizabeth, head of state for 16 countries from Australia and Canada to tiny Tuvalu in the Pacific Ocean, for her years of public service.
For others, the chance of some extra days off work and to enjoy the sort of extravaganza and public ceremony for which Britain is renowned has made it a welcome break from austere times, pay freezes and deep public spending cuts....

Gulf News Editorial
Published June 2, 2012
...As governments and people continue to undergo rapid transformations, the significance of the Queen’s reign cannot be underestimated.. It is a sobering influence that she has sought to impart. The festivities therefore will not be out of place even as the people are divided, though only in some cases, over the influence of the monarchy

Veterans always have more talent than standard work descriptions ask.

Let's watch to see what Republicans in the House and Senate do to prevent this from happening now. Proper credentialing has been lacking in military service since the beginning of the nation. I don't know why this has never been done before, but, President Obama is correct.

Jun 1, 2012 6:00am

President Obama Pushes Military Credentialing to Boost Veteran Employment (click here)

MINNEAPOLIS – President Obama will unveil a new initiative today that will, for the first time, allow some U.S. service members to receive civilian credentials and licenses for skills they learn in the military.
The effort, announced by the White House late Thursday, is aimed at boosting employment among post-9/11 veterans, some of whom have had difficulty obtaining jobs in high-skill industries because their training is not immediately transferable to the private sector.
A military truck driver, for example, is not automatically certified to operate a rig in his or her home state, just as a military EMT requires extra certification to obtain a civilian EMT job.
Obama will announce that a Defense Department task force he created has penned a deal with several major U.S. credentialing agencies for engineering, logistics, machining, maintenance and welding skills to provide the “opportunity” for 126,000 service members to get “industry-recognized, nationally-portable certifications” starting this summer....

The 2010 Republicans can take credit where credit is due!

The 2010 Republicans added to the national debt by not paying for the payroll tax cut, they are rolling back controls on Wall Street and Morgan Stanley took a huge loss and they want to continue the Bush Tax Cuts and it is completely unrealistic. Enough. They either sign on for the President's Pro-Growth economy and stop pandering to Wall Street or leave the Capital for people that can provide it! Ideology as noted yesterday in the House with the anti-abortion bill is what the 2010 House is all about and not about the economic stability of the country. They don't deserve to be in office if all they do is oppose policies that work!

Unemployment rises to 8.2% for the first time in nine months as jobs figures for May disappoint for the third month in a row
...Alan B Krueger, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, said: "Problems in the job market were long in the making and will not be solved overnight. The economy lost jobs for 25 straight months beginning in February 2008, and over 8m jobs were lost as a result of the Great Recession. We are still fighting back from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression."...

The Eurozone needs a buffer when it comes to the USA economy and the Republicans will never provide it, they will seek to instill austerity in the USA and collapse the economy even further. Simpson-Bowles needs to be harnessed to control the deficit and national debt.

As far as the Solyndra mess, the reason Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley wanted that so badly is because it was a guaranteed 'hedge' against their risk and they knew it. It was fraud from the beginning from Wall Street. And don't tell me Romney didn't know exactly what Solyndra was all about when he grandstanded in California yesterday!

Eurozone unemployment stays at record 11 percent (click here)

BRUSSELS (AP) — Unemployment across the 17 countries that use the euro stuck at 11 percent in April — the highest level since the single currency was introduced back in 1999, piling further pressure on the region's leaders to switch from austerity to focus on stimulating growth.

The eurozone's stagnant economy left 17.4 million people out of a population of some 330 million without a job, with rates continuing to climb in struggling Spain, Portugal and Greece. The EU's Eurostat office said 110,000 unemployed were added in April alone....

Walker is outspending Barrett 12 to l with 12 pending indictments to his name.

...Walker continues (click here) to bank checks over and above the $10,000 individual limit currently allowed by law. This is permissible only if Walker is using the funds to pay old bills. Many are speculating that Walker will use the funds to pay undisclosed legal bills, at least four law firms are now involved in representing the campaign and Walker himself. Walker is the only governor in the nation with a criminal defense fund due to a wide-ranging probe being run out of the Milwaukee District Attorney's office into Walker's former staff and associates that has already netted 15 felony indictments. While Walker has denied being a "target" of the probe, politicians are not allowed to use campaign dollars to pay legal bills unless they or their agents are the target of an investigation....

Secret Email System Revealed in "John Doe" Probe of Walker Staff (click here)

Posted: 01/30/2012 11:57 am
The morning after his "State of the State" address where Governor Scott Walker reassured Wisconsin, "We are turning things around. We are heading in the right direction," the Milwaukee County District Attorney charged two more Walker staffers with multiple felony and misdemeanor counts of misconduct in public office.
Darlene Wink and Kelly Rindfleisch were chargedwith conducting partisan campaign work while on the public payroll. The alleged crimes took place while Walker was Milwaukee County Executive and running to be governor. These charges are no joke in the state of Wisconsin, where in 2005, two Senate Democrats and the Republican Assembly Speaker were sentenced to jail time for similar crimes in an episode dubbed "the Caucus Scandal."
This time, Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm is in charge of a secret "John Doe" investigation where he can compel testimony under oath and every person involved is subject to a gag order. Chisholm has used this process in the past to jail Democrats for similar misconduct in office....

Walker staffer quits after admitting she posted Web comments while at work (click here)

May 14, 2010
...The vast majority of these were done while she was on the clock for the taxpayers and the county.
That's certainly not the kind of message a self-described penny-pincher like Walker wants to be sending to voters.
Just hours after being interviewed by No Quarter on Thursday, Wink - vice chairwoman of the Milwaukee County Republican Party - abruptly resigned her job in Walker's office. On the county payroll since 2002, the year Walker was elected county executive, Wink was paid nearly $40,000 a year in 2008, the most recent year for which data was available....

It is very difficult to believe Scott Walker didn't know what was going on and didn't encourage it. This was occurring in his office among his staff, of course he knew.

Latest Indictments Look Bad for Scott Walker (click here)

By Ruth Conniff, January 28, 2012

...The worst, so far, are the allegations that Walker staffers Tim Russell and Kevin Kavanaugh stole money that was supposed to go to Wisconsin veterans and vendors at a Milwaukee County Zoo veterans' event, as well as the widows and children of Wisconsin's war dead--and used it to pay for cruises, restaurant meals, and a Walker-for-governor campaign web site....
...Milwaukee County Supervisor John Weishan, who first blew the whistle on Darlene Wink, does not buy the idea that Walker didn't know what was going on in his office. "...
...In Walker's email telling staff to avoid using laptops and web sites, Weishan says, "He's telling his people, 'Don’t be so blatant about it. Don’t be stupid and make it so public. Use the private system.'"...