Saturday, September 28, 2013

This is not an investigative process; this is paranoya. Socal media? Gee whiz, how many lies and how much false information exits in "I could be your next loverland."?

It is time to end this program. There is vast amount of personal information being gathered and it has no basis in priority of national security. This is a whole lot more than metadata. 

Published time: September 28, 2013 16:56
Edited time: September 28, 2013 19:14

The US National Security Agency (click here) has been exploiting US citizens' personal information drawn from its large collection of metadata to create complex graphs of social connections for foreign intelligence purposes, the latest Snowden leaks have revealed.

Documents obtained by the New York Times from the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden say that the practice has been going on since November 2010, after restrictions prohibiting the agency from working with  US citizens’ data were “lifted” by NSA officials. 

The NSA was then authorized to conduct “large-scale graph analysis on very large sets of communications metadata without having to check foreignness” of the e-mail addresses, phone numbers or any other identifiers, the documents reportedly said. 

The policy shift was intended to help the agency “discover and track” connections between intelligence targets overseas and people in the US, a January 2011 NSA memorandum cited in the documents explained. 

According to the report, the agency has been allowed to “enrich” their communications data with materials obtained from public, commercial and other sources while preparing the graphs. Such sources reportedly include Facebook profiles, bank codes, insurance information, passenger manifests, voter registration rolls and GPS location information, as well as property records and unspecified tax data.... 

...The NSA has denied it abuses its practice of vast data collection, which includes the private information of the US citizens, with the agency’s spokeswoman saying that “all of NSA’s work has a foreign intelligence purpose” and that “all data queries must include a foreign intelligence justification.”...

There are existing laws requiring the reporting of suspected and/or actual criminal activity.

31 USC Chapter 53, Subchapter II (click here)

It is the purpose of this subchapter (except section 5315) to require certain reports or records where they have a high degree of usefulness in criminal, tax, or regulatory investigations or proceedings, or in the conduct of intelligence or counterintelligence activities, including analysis, to protect against international terrorism. 

Realizing what the attacks of September 11, 2013 did to the US Stock Exchange, I can't imagine anyone involved with banking or markets withholding suspicious information to track down international criminal networks willing to do severe damage to them.

...As a result of the Patriot Act, (click here) persons who are or are required to be registered as futures commission merchants (FCMs), introducing brokers (IBs), commodity pool operators (CPOs), and commodity trading advisors (CTAs) are or may become subject to requirements for establishing AML programs, reporting suspicious activity, verifying the identity of customers, and applying enhanced due diligence to certain types of accounts involving foreign persons....

The reason this is going on is because the program is not turning up enough results to justify it in the face of citizen invasion of privacy. This is desperate acts of autocrats who say things like, "...but, we get results, the REAL problem is we don't have all the available data to make it work the way it needs to...."

...public, commercial and other sources while preparing the graphs. Such sources reportedly include Facebook profiles, bank codes, insurance information, passenger manifests, voter registration rolls and GPS location information, as well as property records and unspecified tax data....

This is far more than metadata. These same autocrats will victimize people if after having all the data they state they need and still aren't performing to a standard which justifies this level of information gathering. They will enforce their own purpose. They are creating profiles of people to find the most 'susceptible' citizens to 'fall victim' to carry out heinous acts. That is victimization as any one person with supposed characteristics because there  are never guarantees anyone will act in predictable ways.

This is very dangerous and if the NSA is applying this information to foreign peoples then we are really in trouble. People of other nations have far different priorities, life styles and values then Americans and are even more unpredictable. 

This is a waste of money, time and causes more danger to our society than it prevents. 

Senator Joe Machin is wrong in his opinion of the Affordable Care Act.

West Virginia is anticipated to grow 6,000 new self-employment careers with the Affordable Care Act fully implemented.
Research evidence of pre-reform job lock and empirical research demonstrating a significant increase in self-employment because of significant health care reformsor availability of Medicare benefits, strongly suggests that the level of self-employment in the United States will increase as a consequence of full implementation of the ACA. Taking into account the most recent findings in the economic literature on this topic, we make a rough estimate that the number of self-employed individuals will increase by about 1.5 million, a relative increase or more than 11percent. The anticipated effects vary by state, since somestates have already taken policy steps that facilitate independently purchased coverageby the self-employed. Most notably, we do not predict any change in self-employment in Massachusetts or Vermont, the states that have gone the farthest in this regard. With those exceptions, we do, however, expect noticeable increases in self-employment across the country as the ACA’s provisions for guaranteed issue, modified community rating, essential health benefits, improved transparency, and financial assistance for those with incomes below 400 percent FPL are put in place.
This is something the Herald-Dispatch discussed on it's website.
Affordable Care Act will promote entrepreneurship (click here)
Jun. 11, 2013 @ 12:00 AM
A new report published last week suggests that the Affordable Care Act may be good for new business in the Mountain State. The report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that the number of self-employed people in West Virginia should rise by 6,000 after 2014. The reason? Better access to affordable health insurance. 

In addition to the usual risks involved with starting a company, a major barrier people face in setting out on their own is the difficulty in obtaining health insurance in the individual market. Those who do start their own businesses are often able to do so because they have a spouse with employer-based health insurance.

In West Virginia, where over 80 percent of those under age 65 who have health insurance get it through their employer, leaving a job means leaving the guarantee of subsidized health coverage for the uncertainty of the individual health insurance marketplace. Economists and health policy experts agree that tying health insurance to employment results in people staying in jobs that they might otherwise leave, also known as "job lock."...

When Senator Machin has venture capitalists agreeing with him, he needs to double and triple check his facts. According to Mr. Romney venture capitalists need a tactic to use against the American people. Really, Mitt?

This is Populism.

It is a legitimate thinly veiled POPULOUS message.

It is a defense of Populism which is the very basis of the Tea Party. 

"I don't like them." 

Children are the soft targets of the Tea Party. The defense of being 'a parent on our own terms' has been a cornerstone to the Tea Party. 

Anti-abortion is a strong theme because one of the political ideologies of the Tea Party is that to discover parenthood is to define life. The Tea Party is after all the 'party with a purpose' and that purpose is having a family which is a power base for life. 

When Cruz read this Dr. Suess book to his audience and stated he was putting his daughters to bed, it was a statement about 'This is what I teach my children and this is how I teach them.'

Homeschooling in a Christian dogma is another CORNERSTONE of the Tea Party. 

And, of course, IN THAT is the message God Can Cure Any Ill, so therefore no fetus should be aborted. The facts according to The Tea Party are obvious. Walk in the light of God and all troubles fall away. 

That, to many people and communities, is very powerful. Who wants to be enemies with god? Who doesn't want millions in their bank accounts like that of Donald Trump? He, after all, is a Tea Party extraordinaire. He even brought a Democratic President to his knees to publish his long form birth certificate as if that was going to save him. 

There is only ONE THING that will save anyone from the wrath of the RIGHTEOUS Tea Party and that is to be one of them and walk in the untainted light of their Wall Street God.

The message of The Tea Party is a powerful message, it is just that they can't deliver. They state, "If one walks in the light of God to work endlessly to obtain the Golden Calf, it will bring all that is good in life." It is a magnificent message that entwines God and Wealth. It is an easy vision. 

Believe - spirituality

Pray - self-fulfilling activity

Work - concrete measure of dedication

Reap - the reward promised by the spirituality

The Tea Party can't deliver on their promise because their political priorities rob people of their wealth working as cheap labor with incredible hardship including dying of lack of health care.

So, unfortunately, Dr. Suess has fallen victim to the Tea Party fanaticism. AND. Those that laughed at 'The Message of Cruz' are the greatest fools of all.

No disrespect intended to any religion, but, with an image as powerful as Christ who can go wrong politically? After all, who is the ultimate revolutionary? I think people can love God, walk in the light of religion, carry a spirituality that enhances their joy and happiness, but, they can also make reasonable decisions WITHIN their lives in a democracy. Not all gods in a democracy are Christian, nor were crucified. 

There are more Christians in the USA than other religions and if one can find their loyalty can translate into political victories. That is why President Obama in a public opinion can't be Christian. What Christians don't stop to put in check of their political identity, is the fact there is diversity in the USA, therefore their beliefs cannot be the only beliefs. Christians are not bad people, they currently in some instances, have very victimizing leaders that don't identify with diversity. 

This is going to be hard to read, but, President Obama has a visual diversity that forces one to reach into an American blank slate of diversity and what hasn't been developed in the American culture. That 'emptiness' of culture is a rich area to drive improvement in the American political culture. Ted Cruz is defending the "Old Order" to prevent the advancement of a richer and more tolerate American culture. The Tea Party does not tolerate difference, they enforce all their rigid standards otherwise they don't exist.

Have a better day.