Thursday, June 04, 2015

I dare anyone to state she is cloistered. This is the Hillary we know and love.

She is taking on the challenge to bring corruption to the front stage as part of the platform. Some would state she is taking risk. That isn't the case. The Obama Justice Department filed cases against states in the USA that immediately acted to inhibit the voting rights and ability of Americans when the Supreme Court wrongly made "The Voting Rights Act" mute.

June 25, 2013
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court (click here) on Tuesday effectively struck down the heart of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 by a 5-to-4 vote, freeing nine states, mostly in the South, to change their election laws without advance federal approval....

What the Supreme Court did was hide behind the guise of time. It had been over 45 years from the inception of the law in 1965. Inception might be the wrong word. It had been over 45 years from the signing of the law by President Johnson. I am quite sure the law's inception occurred a long time before it's initial status as a bill and finally signed into law.

But, the Supreme Court effectively dismantled it because it had been nearly five decades since the law was signed. So, according to bozos like Alito five decades was plenty of time to get all the discriminatory nonsense straightened out. 

Now mind you, while George Walker Bush was in office he did an assessment of the law and any violations that still existed. The findings were overwhelming. President Bush signed a reauthorization of the law. 

President Bush Signs Voting Rights Act Reauthorization and Amendments Act of 2006 (click here)

This was 2006. July 27, 2006.  A month short of seven years later all of a sudden all the discrimination is gone. And there are no more problems. After 40 years the law is reauthorized, but, in 47 years it is dismantled by the Supreme Court, now an activist court.

The entire issue of The Voting Rights Act was and continues to be a travesty after the Robert's Court's excoriating decision. In addition to that, is the very fact the USA was violated by corruption again in the election of 2000 when Florida purged large numbers of valid voter registration in a Democratic county where there are large numbers of minority voters. That wasn't bad enough, when the election is thrown into chaos by those priorities of the Jeb Bush Administration, the Supreme Court decided the election. 

Now if these actions were found in both the Democratic and Republican Party it would be a matter of politics and everyone would be up in arms in the electorate. If the Democrats had pulled such stunts in subsequent elections or law, there would be no peace in the USA because the Republicans would be ranting the laws of war, not simply resigning to the reality of corruption. 


That isn't the case, is it? The Republicans in office at the state level and the Judiciary in this case the Supreme Court are corrupt. The members of the Court sending the countries election system into chaos are conservatives. What else needs to be said?


The facts are clear. There is no doubt. Many Americans witnessed the unthinkable. And because the appalling reality didn't happen to Republicans it was all swept under the carpet. The yellow carpet in the Oval Office after January 20, 2001.

Former Secretary Clinton knows such insults to our democracy, our laws and our US Constitution where "The Vote" is heralded as the greatest government on Earth, needs a champion. She knows someone with credibility has to speak to those very facts. The facts cannot be allowed to become myth. 

I am proud of her. She is defending our country, our Constitution right in front of our eyes. Many, many of us have waited for this very moment.

So, she is not taking risks. She is the champion of upholding the dignity and integrity of the USA Constitution and the precious VOTE that has made this USA the greatest democracy in history. 

There are Republicans and Democrats and Independents that will vote in the presidential elections of 2016. This speech is not about politics. It is about the very standing of our Constitution. Americans are going to have to search their hearts and minds and come to the decision she is absolutely correct and they need to place the honesty of her words in the ballot box.

It is absolutely correct to question when people die. Absolutely appropriate.

I hear there is a video. The Boston authorities are being transparent with those involved. And I also believe this is a very difficult time in the USA. I don't approve of Pamela Geller She propagates real problems for this country and this is probably one of them.  

The title to the CNN article is "What we know and don't know." So it is very important the public, especially the neighborhood, stay involved until we know more. 

The thing is this. Our problems in the USA is to end violence. There is a lot violence in the USA. When an American, in this case a woman and in other cases a late preacher, are overtly bigoted it causes a reaction. The reaction isn't normally good. 

We have a problem with racism. So, Mr. Rahim could easily have been afraid of police, especially with Ms. Geller carry on the way she does, and decided to carry a knife. Was he so frightened within his own person to brandish a knife and carry out attacks on police? 

It is realistic the Boston authorities were concerned about Mr. Rahim as similar attacks have occurred. 

Now, we have a very difficult, but, more a very dangerous paradigm of minorities and Muslims living in the USA. 

If you want to make a parallel to Ms. Geller, bring in Daesh. Now we have anger in the Middle East out of control because the problems are real. I was reading there is a movement to continue the anti-Ba'athist movement in Iraq. Does anyone actually expect the Ba'athists to disappear? Now, there is an entire political movement that is discriminating against people that were once considered part of the Saddam government. Okay, so under Saddam the Ba'athists were horrid and feared.

It has been a long time since Saddam Hussein was found, tried and executed. Every Ba'athist between here and hell are now galvanized to destroy every other nation. Where are we all going with this?  

So in this short essay if you will, I covered Boston, Geller, a religiously bigoted preacher, Iraq and the Ba'athists. Wow. But, in the age of the internet and considering the USA still has a racist problem those are the dynamics at play here.

What then do we do as Americans? First we stand by allies. I believe there has to be non-violent solutions sought as well as any that might require otherwise. Domestically, we need to stand with CIVILITY and a resolve to end violence. We have to come to understand and BELIEVE the police are not perfect and sometimes the stuff they pull is not only a manipulation of the law, but, down right illegal with a dead victim at the end of their actions. 

But, we also have to understand the police are human beings and are very important. I don't know Boston to have problematic police and this is a major USA city where these authorities are paid well and have good benefits. Cities like Boston are going to have the cream of the crop in their police department.

Boston has had some terrible and horrific deaths within the understanding of terrorism and how it manifests in the USA. The police are correct is worrying about a man that was reported to be planning an attack. They were correct in having a presence to discourage any violence against them or the public. 

I am very confident as this unfolds and the authorities come forward with information we will not only know more but will have an understanding of the entire circumstance and how all this resulted. I am also sure if the circumstances prove to carry brevity to significant mistakes and Boston doesn't believe there were wrongful events, the federal authorities will review it. 

This is the way it is in the USA. We live, at least I do, to end violence within the borders of the USA and find peace globally. It is not naive. The more people living on Earth, the more and more important peace becomes as war will kill many multiples of people and the greatest tragedy is the death of the innocent, especially children who haven't lived long enough to defend their own generation and shape their world. 

June 4, 2015
By Ben Brumfeld
Soon after Usaamah Rahim (click here) was killed by officers earlier this week, questions arose about his shooting death and his alleged terror plot. 

Was the 26-year-old security guard simply the latest man to be shot dead by police? Authorities quickly showed a video to community leaders to counter the social media claim.

Was Rahim a radicalized religious extremist? The FBI said his social media posts point in that direction. 

Rahim initially wanted to behead Islam critic Pamela Geller, who had organized a Prophet Mohammed cartoon drawing contest, law enforcement officials told CNN. But then he switched targets to police officers, because he found them easier to access.

Rahim was fatally shot Tuesday after waving a military knife at law enforcement officers in Boston....

Evidently, Brandeis University, displayed a unique portrait of the Late President on the anniversary of his assassination.

There seems to be quite a collection of Abraham Lincoln at Brandeis. This is a portrait by a Jewish artist. 

Collection on Abraham Lincoln, (click here) 1860-1952, undated | Brandeis University 

By Jonathan Sudholt (click here)

May 15, 2015
By Penny Schwartz
BOSTON (JTA)-Most days, (click here) a little-known 19th-century portrait of Abraham Lincoln by Solomon Nunes Carvalho (1815-1895) is tucked away in archival storage at Brandeis University's Rose Art Museum.
But on April 28, the deeply allegorical portrait, painted in 1865 by the American-Jewish artist, made a rare public appearance, the first in a decade. The painting is the only known portrait of Lincoln by a Jewish contemporary.

The occasion was a home-turf book launch for Brandeis professor Jonathan Sarna's "Lincoln and the Jews," cowritten with Benjamin Shapell, a collector of rare manuscripts and historical documents and the founder of the Shapell Manuscript Foundation.

The rich allegorical painting, which is reproduced in Sarna and Shapell's book, reveals the cultural milieu of Carvalho, an observant Jew of Spanish-Portuguese descent. Born in Charleston, South Carolina in 1815, Carvalho was part of a highly cultured and esteemed family, Sarna said....
I just want to put in my two cents about the military commissaries.

I think this is a national security issue. We don't need melamine in baby formula and the military families should be as supplied with organic foods from local sources as they want to be. I think the commissaries should have a commission similar to a board of trustees as if it were an independent food market such as "Oryana" or "Trader Joe's".

They want to be a couple and if they decide to raise families it should be in a method they feel completely comfortable with.

This bill comes at a time when both the US House and Senate and President Obama want to ram through a "Fast Track Authority" for major changes in trade relationships in both oceans that border the USA. I don't believe it is coincidental at all.

I don't really care to know who was suppose to be the recipient of these contracts for military families, but, it is simply wrong. 

There is not a day that goes by these families and service members are without a degree of stress. Children are aware their parent(s) could be called to duty in a place they cannot go. 

If having a commissary in a manner they decide provides for everyday items from food to bed linens, then they should find comfort in the selections they choose. 

I want them left alone and EMPOWERED to have the quality of life they seek. I don't want to hear how our military is being bartered in ANY trade negotiations. This is more of the long standing manipulation of military spending gone awry. 

Generals need to have the supplies they need and where they need them and families should have their preferred choices for the dollars they spend to bring normalcy and comfort to their children and home lives. 

I am not very different from many Americans that see their military spending used for Wall Street profits only to find out trillions of dollars are being spent on machines that don't fly and when they do they do fly well and impede a strong and sovereign military. Or machines that are operated by computer so the country is completely removed from the devastation their country is causing in places they have never heard of. The USA military spending is enormous and greed merchants and their political power players need to get off the dole!

Hamas is pummeled by Israel while their fate is out of their control due to infiltration of extremists.

Stop killing Palestinians which provides for instability and the rise of extremists!

June 4, 2015

In the absence (click here) of an honest broker to mediate between the two sides, a stagnant Gaza economy and little prospects, the breakaway groups can lay the groundwork for the next war....

...Hamas' political leadership does not want such an escalation now, as a deterioration of this kind would threaten the survival of its rule in Gaza, and cause untold suffering to the more than 1.5 million Palestinians living in the Strip.

Even Hamas' military wing is presently seeking calm, so it can complete its buildup and preparations for the next confrontation. The other major Palestinian organizations operating in Gaza are also interested in calm - for the same reasons; the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Arab world and the international community – all want Gaza to remain calm and be rebuilt, so that it can fall off their radar....

How much funding did Rick Perry accumulate in his time as indecisive?

June 4, 2015
By Rick Jervis and Catalina Camia, USA TODAY

ADDISON, Texas — Former Texas governor Rick Perry (click here) will announce Thursday that he'll make a second bid for the White House.

The campaign's new website went up early in the day, saying that Perry offers "tested leadership" and "proven results," particularly in job creation.
Perry, who served as Texas governor for 14 years, plans to stress his experience, saying in a campaign video: "It's going to be a show-me, don't-tell-me, election."...

Harvard never turned out a more crass graduate.

Here is a joke for you: "Do you know what I like about Ted Cruz?" Nothing. Did that fall a little flat?

June 4, 2015
By Cooper Alan

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, (click here) a GOP presidential candidate, quickly apologized Wednesday night after cracking a joke he's used before about Vice President Biden, whose son Beau died on Saturday.

Speaking in Howell, Mich., Cruz mentioned Biden's name to a GOP group, then, according to a reporter from The Detroit News, said: "You know the nice thing? You don't need a punch line."...

The USA's actions to protect the honesty and truth regarding an international platform is bringing reform.

June 3, 2015

Former FIFA vice president Jack Warner, (click here) who last week was among the high-ranking officials named in a 47-count criminal indictment alleging bribery and racketeering, made a televised address in his native Trinidad & Tobago on Wednesday, saying he will prove a link between soccer’s governing body and his nation’s elections in 2010, according to the Associated Press.

In the address, a political advertisement by the Liberal Independent Party he helped found, Warner said he has documents and checks that link FIFA officials, including embattled President Sepp Blatter, to the 2010 election in Trinidad & Tobago.

“I apologize for not disclosing my knowledge of these events before,” said Warner, who told supporters he will not hold back in his new found plan to expose scandal, according to the Associated Press. He said he plans to turn documents over to his attorneys....

How much funding did Bush take in during the time he stated he was indecisive?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Jeb Bush (click here) is giving a strong indication that he'll join the presidential campaign this month, tweeting that an announcement is coming on June 15.

The former Florida governor, widely expected to run for the GOP nomination, tweeted "coming soon" with a link to the website On that page, the date 06.15.15 was listed, followed by the tease, "BE THE FIRST TO KNOW. RSVP NOW!" Visitors to the site could enter their name and email address. Bush also tweeted it in Spanish, "Próximamente 6.15.15."

Bush would enter a crowded primary that includes Sens. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, among others. Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is expected to announce his bid on Thursday.

The Bakken region has growing and dangerous organized crime.

June 4, 2015

KFYR Much of the crime (click here) that has been happening in the state is being fueled by drug trafficking in the Bakken. The organized criminal activities are spreading beyond Williston and is affecting the rest of the state and Montana.

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem and Acting U.S. Attorney Chris Meyers held a press conference to announce their plans to stop criminal activities. 

Stenehjem and Meyers announced the formation of the Bakken Organized Crime Strike Force. Fifty agents will be combating the rise of cartels, human trafficking, drug and weapon trafficking, white collar crimes and the rise of cartels. 

Many people moved to North Dakota to cash in on the oil industry, including criminals. 

Meyers said: "We're going to focus on the worst of the worst criminals in the Bakken. To do that effectively and efficiently we have to work together."
The crimes are crossing Indian reservation, state and country borders... 

June 3, 2015

WILLISTON, N.D.  - North Dakota (click here) oil regulators ordered small, privately held Zavanna LLC to shut in oil wells near the confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers on Wednesday after more than 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) of rain raised flooding concerns.

The state's Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) said it was concerned that the confluence, near the state oil capital of Williston, could exceed flood stage levels of 22 feet (6.7 meters) by this weekend after Tuesday's rainfall, which easily surpassed the record of 0.9 inch (2.3 cm) set in 2002.

Denver-based Zavanna, which produces roughly 10,000 barrels of oil per day in North Dakota, typically keeps 15 wells near the confluence shut in during May due to flooding concerns. The state's order on Wednesday effectively forces the company to keep four of those wells closed for the foreseeable future. The company is voluntarily choosing to keep the additional 11 shut....

Those damn environmentalists are never right in their opposition, huh?

About 17 miles of the Yellowstone River (click here) flows through North Dakota before it joins the mighty Missouri River. This stretch of river, along with its confluence with the Missouri River, remain very historically significant. The Lewis and Clark expedition pondered their path at the confluence area. Should they travel up the Yellowstone, which according to the native peoples, provided good passage to the Columbia River, or should they remain on the Missouri, as directed by President Thomas Jefferson? They chose the Missouri, but Captain Clark and some of the expedition followed the Yellowstone to the Missouri on their return trip in 1806. Lewis wrote of the beauty near the Yellowstone river: ". . . I had a most pleasing view of the country perticularly of the wide and fertile vallies formed by the Missouri and the Yellowstone rivers, which occasionally unmasked by the wood on their borders disclose their meanderings for many miles in their passage through these delightfull tracts of country. . ."

From "The Jordan Times"

How much the USA cares about their own citizens reflects the degree allies can count on it's support. The level the USA takes care of their own directly equates to the degree allies know it is committed to them. 

Former Secretary Clinton was very dedicated and successful in taking care of Americans abroad. She should speak out on the campaign trail if she believes it could help those with misinterpreted actions abroad.

Left to right: Ali Rezaian, brother of Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, Nagameh Abedini, wife of Saeed Abedini, Sarah Hekmati, sister of Amir Hekmati, and Daniel Levinson, son of Robert Levinson, listen during a hearing of the Foreign Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington on Tuesday (AFP photo)

June 2, 2015 

WASHINGTON — Relatives of four Americans (click here) held in Iran called on the Obama administration Tuesday to do more to press for their release during negotiations with Tehran on a deal to roll back its nuclear programme.
Lawmakers from both parties said that if Tehran doesn't release them immediately, they would not trust the Iranian government to honour terms of any deal international negotiators are rushing to finalise before the end of the month.
"Call me a sceptic," said Republican Rep. Ed Royce, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which held a hearing on the issue.
Daniel Levinson — son of former FBI agent Robert Levinson, who has been gone for more than 3,000 days — said his father has missed the births of three grandchildren, two weddings and numerous high school and college graduations.
"There is not a day that goes by when we don't think of him, how much he must be suffering and what we can do next to bring him home," he said.

The military and their families don't want the Republican bill to privatize commissaries.

June 3, 2015
By Karen Jowers

The Obama administration (click here) has joined the growing chorus of critics of a Senate proposal that takes steps to privatize commissaries.
"The administration has concerns with commissary privatization and the willingness of private sector entities to participate in such a project," said Tuesday's statement from the Office of Management and Budget.

A proposal included in the Senate Armed Services Committee's draft version of the 2016 defense authorization bill would require the Defense Department to develop a plan due by next March 1 to privatize the Defense Commissary Agency, wholly or in part, and assess the potential costs and benefits of such a move. DoD would have to test its privatization plan in at least five commissaries chosen from the commissary agency's largest U.S. markets.

The bill is before the full Senate on Wednesday, and Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., is expected to introduce an amendment to reverse the privatization plan....

President Obama should veto any bill containing such Republican crony objectives.

I don't care what any study shows, THE MILITARY AND THEIR FAMILIES DON'T WANT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

They don't want it. They want to have their commissaries the way they want them. Leave them alone !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

China offers a clue to geological instabiliy in the region.

LHASA, June 2 (Xinhua) -- Nam Co, (click here) the world's highest saltwater lake, has grown remarkably in volume and surface area in recent years, local observers told Xinhua on Tuesday.

Monitoring data showed that the lake, located in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, has seen its water level rise about 23 centimeters annually since 2003, said Zhang Guoshuai, deputy head of the Nam Co observation station under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

It is the largest lake in China by volume and it grew by more than 300 million cubic meters a year over the period, Zhang said.

The lake's surface is 4,725 meters above sea level and its maximum depth is more than 98 meters, he said....

It has to be due to melting and flooding. Water has incredible hydrological power to drive instability leading to earthquakes.

BEIJING (AP) — The death toll in China's latest round of flooding (click here) has risen to at least 52, including two schoolchildren aboard a bus carrying more than twice its authorized passenger load that plunged into a pond, authorities said.

At least six other people are missing in floods that have ravaged mountain districts of six provinces and autonomous regions in central and southeastern China. More than a quarter-million people have been moved to temporary shelters, and major damage has been inflicted on buildings and crops.

Apart from the two schoolchildren, 42 others have died due to floods and heavy rains, including 16 in the collapse of a nine-story building in the city of Guiyang following a landslide.

Seven other people were killed in the central province of Hunan when a bus skidded into a guardrail and overturned....

The region has limited oil and gas interests, but, the assessment may prove helpful if not already known.
Petroleum geological data drilling in northern Tibetan Qiangtang basin (click here)

Qiangtang basin which is located in northern Tibetan plateau is a large Mesozoic marine sedimentary basin....

... outcrop gypsum-salt dome structures not far from drilling and it has very good sealing capacity. A lots of tectonic fractures and dissolution fissures are found in cores, tectonic fractures are filled mainly by calcites and dissolution fissures are filled mainly by bitumens. As a result of multi-stage hydrocarbon movements testified by fluorescent sections and fluid inclusion research,...

Europe continues to face uncertainty with Ukraine.

June 4, 2015

KIEV, June 3 (Xinhua) -- Ukraine's army (click here) said Wednesday that pro- independence rebels in eastern regions have launched a "major offensive" to push deeper into the government-controlled territory, an accusation the rebels denied.

"In the direction of Mariynka, the enemy has deployed 10 tanks and nearly a thousand of troops to fight against Ukrainian units. The self-propelled howitzers 2S1 'Carnation' (artillery systems) are supporting their offensive," the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said in a statement.

To repel the offensive and avoid heavy losses among Ukrainian troops, the government forces have used heavy artillery, which is banned under the Minsk peace agreement, the statement said....

June 4, 2015
minutes ago

President Petro Poroshenko (click here) has told MPs the military must prepare to defend against a possible "full-scale invasion" from Russia, amid a surge of violence in eastern Ukraine.

Russia has denied that its military is involved in Ukraine, but Mr Poroshenko said 9,000 of its troops were deployed.

Clashes involving tanks took place in two areas west of Donetsk on Wednesday.
There was a "colossal threat" that large-scale fighting would resume, the president told parliament in Kiev.

The outbreak of violence, in the government-held towns of Maryinka and Krasnohorivka, was the worst since a ceasefire was signed in Minsk in February... 

Within the region, Norway and Russia have joint exercise in Barents' Sea. It is easy to say tensions in the region continue, but, these exercises show continuing common ground with Russia.

June 3, 2015

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The two-day annual exercise, (click here) code named “Barents-2015,” will train for at-sea ship and aircraft crew search and rescue operations, as well as oil spill clean-ups in the areas of the Arctic sea off the northern coasts of Norway and Russia.
Russia is participating with rescue helicopters, planes and a rescue tug from its Northern Fleet, while Norway has deployed rescue helicopters and coast guard ships. Moscow is responsible for organizing the drills this year.

The two Arctic nations have cooperated on oil spill response in the area for over 20 years.
Last year, Norway suspended all military cooperation with Russia in the wake of the Ukrainian crisis.

Announcement to Ukraine volunteer forces:

I appeal to the Ukrainian soldiers Volunteer Corps aircraft. The enemy again 
began active operations

1. Those who are on leave or temporarily drove home during a lull at the front, 
you need to prepare to return to their combat units

2. Commanders reserve battalions restore full mobilization and prepare people
for sending in combat units or in training centers . (After the technical issues 
associated with the move of the Desna Training Center , training will resume 
again ).
3. Responsible for the logistic support to strengthen work in his direction.

4. Despite the opposition fans truce fight. All war, all for victory! Extortion 
as an external enemy and internal! Volunteers - is the backbone of the Ukrainian
nation , remember this. Glory to Ukraine! 

Libyan peace talks continue without interference from foreign governments.

The West is not trusted in the Middle East since the Iraq War has proven to be the ignition of the rise of Daesh. The West is going to have to accept that and offer aid in the way the United Nations finds beneficial to move the peace talks forward.

ALGIERS, June 3 (Xinhua) -- Inter-Libyan peace dialogue (click here) resumed on Wednesday in Algerian capital of Algiers in a new attempt to bridge the gap between antagonists in the north African nation which has been raged by a four-year long civil war.

Sponsored by the United Nations, this new round of talks has been kicked off by Algerian Minister for African and Maghreb Affairs, African Union and Arab League, Abdelkader Messahel, in the presence of Head of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNISMIL), Bernardino Leone.

This two-day third round talks are discussing security arrangements as well as the latest developments of the situation in Libya, Messahel said.

Messahel reiterated "the unchanging position" of Algeria in terms of its determination to help the brotherly Libya to reach a unifying and inclusive dialogue away from any foreign interference, adding that the ultimate goal is establishing a national unity government....

The West should support the Libyan Peace talks by supplying humanitarian aid. The United Nations should have a non-military wish list to bring the people of Libya together.

It is beneficial for The West to have active peace talks throughout the region bringing the regional countries together. If The West enters another military conflict it would begin instability in a must larger measure than it exists today. 

The United Nations needs support in it's efforts in Libya and Jordan. These noble countries and leaders deserve to be held in esteem front and center to a newly balanced Middle East.

Jordan is once again facing a crisis for the near half million refugees within it's borders.

The people are safe in Jordan. Jordan is amazing. I don't know how that country does it, but, it never fails to accept the challenge. The USA and other major world powers needs to show compassion to the Syrian people in Jordan and provide continual assistance to Jordan and it's generosity in protecting them.

June 3, 2015
AMMAN — The World Food Programme (WFP) (click here) on Wednesday voiced concern about the impact of a potential cut in food assistance to Syrian refugees in Jordan, due to a shortfall in funds needed to feed 450,000 vulnerable Syrians.
“WFP is very concerned about the impact this will have on families in need and is doing its utmost to secure the necessary funds to increase the level of assistance it provides in the upcoming months,” WFP Spokesperson Shada Moghraby said.
In January 2015, due to funding shortages, the agency was forced to cut the level of assistance for 450,000 Syrian refugees living in Jordanian host communities, from the planned JD20 to JD13 per person per month, marking the first time since the beginning of the WFP’s Syria operations in Jordan in 2012 that it could not provide the full value of its assistance to eligible refugees....

Israel is bombing Gaza again. No peace talks obviously lead to greater violence. Why not? There is no incentive to peace.

June 4, 2015

Israel Air Force jets (click here) struck Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip early Thursday morning, after at least two rockets were fired from the Strip at southern Israel on Wednesday evening. Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon vowed to "strike harder if we must," to stop sporadic rocket fire from resuming. 
No casualties or injuries by the rocket fire were reported. Rocket sirens were sounded in several communities in southern Israel near the northern Gaza border. Two rockets exploded in an open area near the Gaza border, the Sdot Negev Regional Council reported, though the IDF said it is still searching for the rockets' landing sites....

There is no productive dialogue. The last attempt for the settlement of a two state solution was former President Olmert in 2007 when the "Arab Peace Initiative" was conducted by the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

Israel is resistant to come to a peace table with USA leadership. It may be Israel's neighbors are going to have to bring about the only peace movement that matters. None of Israel's neighbors need more instability in the region. As long as Israel continues to stalemate any peace talks of any kind, it will fuel unrest.

June 4, 2015

S Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro (click here) said Thursday that while the United States opposes all efforts to impose boycotts on Israel or delegitimize the Jewish State, the job of fighting such efforts is made much more difficult by the current stagnation in the peace process.

Shapiro made the comments in interviews with both Israel Radio and Army Radio a day after Stephane Richard, the chairman and CEO of French telecom operator Orange, told reporters in Cairo that his company wished to distance itself from its role in facilitating Israel’s rule over the Palestinian territories.

"We staunchly oppose any effort to delegitimize or boycott or sanction Israel. We will never support this. We will fight together with Israel against all these efforts," Shapiro told Army Radio....


Mubarak is getting a review to his life sentence. No surprise there.

June 4, 2015

CAIRO: An Egyptian appeals court (click here) on Thursday annulled a decision to drop a murder charge against former president Hosni Mubarak over the deaths of hundreds of protesters during the 2011 uprising.

The Court of Cassation accepted the prosecution’s appeal against the dismissal of the murder charge against Mubarak, who had initially been sentenced to life imprisonment.

It was not immediately clear if the annulment also applied to Mubarak’s seven co-defendants — including feared former interior minister Habib Al-Adly — who were acquitted in November.

The court “accepts the prosecution’s appeal and has set a session for November 5 to review it,” Judge Anwar El-Gabry announced. إعلان

In 2012, a court sentenced Mubarak to life over the deaths of more than 800 protesters during the 2011 revolt....

The Arab Coalition has a strategy they are confident in pursuing, while war mongering politics in the USA assumes their war machine can simply walk into any country they want because they can.

The lead American propagandist is David Petraus. He states Daesh is a direct threat to the USA. The General that oversaw what became a spineless military in Iraq states the threat still exists. Well, that's job security for you, isn't it.?

June 4, 2015
JEDDAH: The ouster of Bashar Assad (click here) from power and Iraqi political reforms are the two essential conditions for defeating the Islamic State terror group, said Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir on Wednesday.
Speaking to reporters after attending a conference in Paris of international coalition to fight IS in Iraq and Syria, Al-Jubeir said the Iraqi government has already agreed to establish equality among all Iraqi ethnic groups including Sunnis.
“The Paris conference was significant in intensifying the fight against the IS terror group,” the foreign minister said. The US State Department has previously cited the Syrian regime’s support for IS terror group.
Meanwhile, US Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that Iraq and its allies are pursuing "the winning strategy" to combat Islamic State in Iraq. Blinken said airstrikes and supporting Iraqi forces was the right way to tackle the IS threat.