Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Morning Papers" - It's Origin

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Why isn't anyone asking for his resignation?

Today the RNC Chairman stated that 'behavior' of Senator Vitter was irrelevent to the topic of sexual inappropriateness because it has a time limit?  According to Mr. Priebus, the events of Senator Vitter occurred five years ago and don't matter.  Well, maybe the latest unethical behavior of Senator Vitter will mattter.  (click title to entry - thank you)  But, there is clearly a DOUBLE STANDARD expressed by Mr. Preibus.  Why?  Because while the RNC likes to have poeple believe they are 'one party under God' and in lock step with each other as a good army should be, the truth is Mr. Priebus has absolutely no control over the people the RNC helped elect.  Now, does he?  Prostitutes, Preibus?  Really?  Statute of limitations as well.  Even on those that break the law.  But, then all one has to do is look at Florida and realize how 'integirty' in government doesn't matter to that Governor.  Wow.  That is like consent to all that, isn't it? 


And now your Senator Vitter is holding town hall meeting for campaign purposes with constituent money.  Oops.

Good night.

The DNC is making a moutain out of a mole hill.

Knowing the ladies of the DNC they probably didn't read the transcripts of the 'tweets' of US Rep. Weiner and the six women that pursued him.  They are very sad.  The one transcript with Lisa Weiss the dealer in Vegas illustrates a woman that only values a relationship dependent on substance abuse.  She refers to being drunk and taking Ambien.  There are long time periods where there is no response from the Congressman. 

I really don't think much of the mess.  Honestly.  This is 'adult play' and it might have been over a Blackberry with pics attached, but, give me a break this is pursuit by the female gender.  I am not impressed that the Congressman engaged in this mess, but, at the same time the women were being extremely seductive, as this is a sincere example of the exchanges.  All the conversations were about seducing him further for a trip to Las Vegas.  She wanted to blackmail him.  It is very obvious there was no real relationship here.

Quite frankly, he simply played them along for the thrill.  The women were really stupid.  If Ms. Weiss is an example of the gals, they are very co-dependent and do not value their own worth except for whatever compromising information they could get to find a way to make money off any scandal.  I am not impressed  Many men do this same exact behavior and no doubt the women are considered to be 'loose' merchandise.  In other words, why not?  Easy, cost free and fun. 

It is all about 'his' ego.  What they could win and how they can win it.  To the man it is an ego boost.  The Congressman was no more interested in a relationship or a trist than the man in the moon.  It was 'cheap thrills.'  There isn't anything here to be ashamed of.  It is between him and his wife.  He wasn't giving away Congressional secrets or doing favors for alcoholics or asking for favors.

It is all a lot of silly adult content that has absolutely no meaning to it and the women demeaned themselves in hopes of making money.  There is nothing 'personal' about these emails.  No, I love you.  No, long suffering.  No anything.  It is an over reaction to 'sexual gamesmanship' between people that seemed to enjoy the game.

A Congressman is human.  Representative Weiner is a newlywed with women chasing him and he needs to modify his behavior.  Up to now he never thought that was important.  He never realized how completely the stupid the game was as it was never stupid before now and it was all personal. 

I am not impressed by the women either and I am waiting to see the pictures of them they sent him.  If that NONE, then he really was riding an ego that needed to have its sails trimmed and seeking ego gratification that was empty in its sincere meaning.  These women did not value him as a person at all.  There was no 'lover relationship' here.  None.

More to follow.

I have started an analysis of 'money issues' that the Republicans believe are important to the elections of 2012.

That said there are some aspects I can still tweek before displaying them here. 

There have been statements made today in regard to the personal matter of a Congressman that needs to be addressed.

To begin, I believe the DNC is getting carried away with its importance in the regard to personal matters of US Congressmen.  The DNC is suppose to 'help' their elected members make connections with the public, speak for them when their schedules don't allow and it is a Democrat issue of concern, etc.  No where in the national platform or the rules of the DNC does it state the party has the right to dictate the personal behavior Senators or House Representatives or a President for that matter.  I think they need to back off. 

If the Democratic leadership is asking a Congressman to step down from a federal seat as if they are 'in charge' of that seat, they need to reassess their priorities.  This is the United States of America and there is such a thing as freedom of will in this country.  I don't see the Congressional delegation of any party as a collective.  I know the Republicans like to make the electorate feel as though 'group think and cabals' are more important than an individual.  They like to portray 'The Party' move in 'lock step,' but that isn't being a democracy, now is it.  It is a 'strategy' to 'handle' the electorate and convey a sense of 'security' in their loyality.  After all, that is the 'credo' of the Tea Baggers, either a Congressman and Senator or any candidate toe the party line with strict 'ethos' or get out.  The Tea Baggers make that claim as they proclaim their party's 'ethos' is based in and only based in the USA Constitution and nothing more, hence they are always correct in very way.  Excuse me?  Their 'ethos' is about control of the electorate for the purpose of controlling money.  Their decisions are victimizing to the public in general and they are conducted without regard to 'sound policy.'  (ie: The Ryan trashing of Medicare.)

The RNC is acting as a collective and that should be troubling to everyone. 


Their elected members, be it State or Federal, have no minds of their own?  No through processes that have at least fifty different points of view from whatever electorate they are representing?  Really?

I really don't expect to see anymore of this 'control' behavior by the DNC.  It is inappropriate and a power play that does not belong with any form of motivation for any decision.  Protests can be carried out by many and that is one aspect that can't be ignored.  We have a right to assembly in the USA and there are caucus with Congress and the Senate, so I would expect that sort of outcome from time to time.  But this? 

This is not a problem that resulted from or to the DNC.  There were no emails exchanged with sexual content to anyone that we are aware of at the DNC.  So.  Sincerely.  It is none the organizations business. 

The Democratic National Committee dose not police the behaviors of the people they help elect and if they did, that would be more than troubling.  I sincerely believe everyone, including Congressional leadership needs to reassess their appropriate involvement in any 'ethical' issue.  Evidently, the Democratic leadership and the DNC seem to think they run the House Ethics Committee.  They don't.  Get over it.

More to follow.

Undaughted Courage. She. Is. Back !!!!!

US House Representative Gabrielle Giffords has posted new photos of herself on Facebook. (click title to entry - thank you)

She needs to let her hair grow back in a bit as soon as it is reasonable, if she cares to.  She is remarkable.  We are so grateful to have her today.  Her constituents need her.  There are problems in Arizona that require her attention.  We can only hope she will be the dedicated House Representative she has always been.  We are also grateful to her husband for his dedication to her and the love she needed to carry her through.