Monday, October 01, 2012

Don't make any mistakes. Keep telling the truth. I think this is a great ad to set the record straight with a consistent view of the world.

I am sure the Warren Campaign saw the latest money drops by the financial sector in Brown's pockets.

...Scott Brown (click here) raked in more than $500,000 from employees and PACs in the financial sector in June, the most recent month of data available, a report compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics for POLITICO found. That’s more than he’s gotten from the industry in any month since the start of last year....

There is a poll by the Boston Globe with 18% of those participating in the poll undecided about the Senate race in Massachusetts. The voters are thinking and that is a good thing. They should receive as much information from the Warren campaign as they want about the issues facing Massachusetts that would be on the agenda for a Senator.

I believe the integrity of a candidate is just as important as the willingness to serve. Senator Warren would be a person to turn to for information regarding the issues of the day. She needs to begin now so the people know what they are getting on Election Day.

She can handle the job. She proved she can be truthful and straight forward while putting together an entire agency to protect citizens from exploitation of the financial sector. An entire federal agency to protect a nation of people. No one can doubt she is qualified.

Elizabeth Warren is among the most moral when it comes to service to this nation as an advocate for the innocent and vulnerable. Massachusetts residents should be proud enough of her willing service to know they will have the best of the best for a Senator in Washington, DC.

Oh, one other thing. With all this money being poured into Brown's pockets, is there any chance he broke the campaign promise to 'keep it all in Massachusetts' with no influence from the outside? He probably has, it is just that with all the money, is the Brown campaign sure it isn't from people it should not be from?

Let's have fun this Halloween. Did you vote first?

The petroleum industry is attempting to diminish USA law.

Mon Oct 1, 2012 3:47pm EDT

By Jonathan Stempel

WASHINGTON, Oct 1 (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court (click here) seemed skeptical on Monday of allowing victims of human rights abuses to sue in American courts against the foreign corporations accused of aiding in the atrocities.

But in oral arguments in one of the court's biggest human rights cases in years, some justices suggested they might not close U.S. courts to similar claims against individuals, including those who take refuge in the United States, or to claims involving U.S. companies.

In the case, the first of the court's new term, 12 Nigerians accused Anglo-Dutch oil company Royal Dutch Shell Plc of complicity in a violent crackdown on protesters by military ruler Sani Abacha from 1992 to 1995.

Esther Kiobel filed her suit in 2002 on behalf of victims including her husband, Barinem, who was executed in 1995....

The petroleum industry is very, very interested in destroying USA law that would uphold the dignity of others within the jurisdiction of an old law. An old law that was used successfully in recent history. When countries are divided and people are oppressed and attacked by their own governments, the USA stands as a place where the truth can still be told and justice heard. 

The Ogoni Crisis: A Case-Study of Military Repression in Southeastern Nigeria (click here)

The petroleum industry pollutes with abandon in countries where courts don't exist or exist in pandering corruption to the money. The governments hold power over the people with weapons and they use them against their own to enforce complaints by oil barrons about their rigs being attacked, when they are guilty as sin of killing people, women, children and the elderly are random victims unable to protect themselves from the pollution.

The shocking facts (click here) presented in the UNEP report on the Niger Delta oil disasters mean the conspiracy of silence between governments and oil companies has at last been broken

It's not often that 275 pages of bald facts and figures, measurements and dry data changes anything. But the UN environment programme (UNEP) report on Ogoniland published on Friday, has genuinely shocked people around the world and gives hope to impoverished communities on the delta that their struggle for human rights against pollution and poverty is at least being recognised...

The law to be destroyed by the Robert's Court is "The Alien Tort Statue and the Judiciary Act of 1789 (click here).

This assault on USA laws by the Right Wing of the Supreme Court only goes to prove they believe corporations are not only people, but, people without responsibility for their liability. All one has to do is look throughout the Southeastern USA and realize how limited ANY liability carries seriousness. Now, the Supreme Court is throwing in with them and destroying federal laws to hold corporations liable of any wrong doing. 

Talking to my 83 year old aunt by telephone today.

Me: "Now, be sure to vote and watch the debates. The first one is Wednesday evening. Okay?"

Aunt: "Oh, I'll vote, but, I will not watch the debates."

Me: "You won't watch the debates?"

Aunt: "No."

Me: "Why won't you watch the debates? I am sure you get the stations."

Aunt: "Oh, yeah, I get the station without problem. But, I cannot stand that man."

Me: "What man?"

Aunt: "Romney. I cannot stand that man."

For demographic purposes, my aunt is caucasian and Irish by heritage.

The Taliban is a militia, not a ethnicity to the region.

Suicide blast kill 3 NATO troops in eastern Afghanistan (click here)
By SAJAD - Mon Oct 01, 12:04 pm
...International Security Assistance Force generally do not disclose identities of the NATO soldiers killed in Afghaistan saying, “It is ISAF policy to defer casualty identification procedures to the relevant national authorities.”...

The Taliban are not an ethnic group. They are Pashtun that turned against the former King. They couped the Afghan government. They are the extremist Islamic regime with no definition in the Muslim faith. They use religion as a prop.

I can't believe they are still in existence. They are the extremist regime, home to al Qaeda.

Taliban means "student." They are the students of al Qaeda. Bomb the encampments and give them good reason to surrender. Stop pretending like they are important. They use their encampments of people as human shields. Do what Bush could never do. The past trend and current methods do nothing but allow the trickle of NATO deaths. It is ridiculous.

The Taliban have lead a civil war in Afghanistan long before September 11, 2001. Time to end it. The Taliban attack the people of Afghanistan. The provinces need to be secure, leaving the Taliban intact is never going to achieve that.

Send in the drones and make it count! Remove Taliban, the students of al Qaeda.

The New York Jets are playing the game of the future.

Inez Sainz, Aztec TV announcer for Jets football.

The fact there is so much worry about the concussion by players would seem extremely obvious in the Jets lockroom.

The New York Jets are playing touch football. No lie. They get touched and they drop that ball. Nothing else explains it. The game is over. It is just a matter of time. Players will make their money and move on, but, they will be moving on with a lifetime less than they used to. College and especially High School football will wane into never, never land.

The Plutocratic sports chatter ignores the fact players give a damn about themselves even though their owners don't. The day of the bone crushing football season is over.

Anyone for baseball, basketball, volleyball. How about cricket? Soccer, maybe?

When parents finally figure out concussions cannot be stopped by external helmets, the hard hits will stop in High School football and will be treated as penalties. New referee ruling, "Excessive Force - 25 yards."

Caution over concussions is growing (click here)

Zac Silva suffered a concussion at a football game last year in a head-on collision that left him flattened "like a cartoon character run over by a train," as he puts it.
But there was nothing funny about it: Zac, 11, had headaches and nausea for several days and trouble concentrating in school for a month. "He was sleepy and cranky for about two weeks," his mother said.
Zac is back on the field this year with his sixth-grade team, but his parents aren’t taking any chances: They spent $320 on a custom-fit football helmet rather than relying on the used gear handed out by his team. They also took him to a doctor for a preseason exam that assessed his balance and brain functions.
"I am doing whatever I can to protect him short of rolling him in Bubble Wrap," said his mother, Kathleen Silva, a Paramus resident.
With parents and coaches increasingly concerned about the long-term effects of concussions for young athletes, custom helmets and pre-season tests are becoming common in North Jersey. In fact, last week, the Clifton Junior Football League announced it would require baseline concussion testing for players. The tests can be given again during the season to determine if the athlete has suffered a concussion and if it’s safe to return to the game....

"Good Night, Moon"

The Full Moon

The Waning Gibbous 

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