Thursday, January 06, 2011

...and how did we get into this mess?

...It is the sort of thing upon which a really bad Hollywood movie can be made.  Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo) has pushed for accountability and helped create the Wartime Contracting Commission, an oversight board.  Despite Senator McCaskill’s exceptional efforts, it is too little too late.  The time to do something is when Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld cooked up that lie that took us into that war in the first place and then totally and completely mishandled it because they used the war as  a basis toset up slush funds topay off their corones and grant political favors. As Senator McCaskill Said,
“You had no oversight, chaos and breathtaking sums of money. And over all of that was the notion that failure was O.K. It doesn’t get any better for criminals than that set of circumstances.”
The responsibility for the waste of this enormous amount of money falls squarely on the shoulders of Republicans who were then in control of Congress like John McCain (R-Az), John Boehner (R-Oh), and Eric Cantor (R-Va), among many others.  So excuse me for not taking them too seriously when they question President Obama’s fiscal responsibility in trying to pass a stimulus to get this country back to work.

The House Repuglicans aren't about cutting spending to lower the national debt, they are about 'changing the PLACES government money IS SPENT.'  It is a change in spending priorities accompanied by rhetoric and nothing more.

The electorate shot themselves in the foot.

Cantor and Boner can BEGIN their 'Cut as You Go" by paying for the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy.

The same 'ole, same 'ole GOP. No new ideas, just new words.

According to Majority Whip Eric 'Re'Cantor, the "Pay-Go" system is out and now it is just "Cut as you go."


Quote, "Any NEW Spending will be met with Cut-As-You-Go." 


Anyone remember the argument over the First Lady's School Lunch Program?  The Dems were cutting the Food Stamp program to pay for it?

Tell me there is a difference other than the works.

And every bill the Dems passed as the Repuglicans attempted to obstruct is not "THE JOB KILLING X-Y-Z BILL.'

"The job killing Obamacare."

"The job killing Stimulus."

Where are the IDEAS?  These Bozos weren't elected on NEW ideas?  Evidently they were and obviously were elected on RHETORIC.

There is nothing new here, just the same ANCIENT GOP political 'play the American electorate for a fool game.'

The only difference between the Democrat Majority and the Repuglican Majority is the NEW SPENDING will be to benfit Wall Street.  Halliburton Subsidies and the like.