Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Opportunists seeks to merge the global investments boards.

Wall Street never cease to provide audacity to reality.

...European regulators appear set to shoot down a controversial deal that would have seen Germany's largest stock exchange buy the New York Stock Exchange.
In a video message sent to employees of the Big Board on Wednesday, the chief executive of NYSE Euronext, Duncan Niederauer, acknowledged the growing rumors that European regulators are preparing to reject the deal due to fears that the new company would violate antitrust laws.
NYSE Euronext and the German exchange, the Deutsche Boerse, announced in February that the German company would acquire the New York exchange and its web of global subsidiaries in an exchange of stock.
Niederauer said Wednesday morning that he and his counterpart at the Deutsche Boerse had not received a final decision from the European Commission, but he expressed his disappointment that the combined company is being viewed as a monopoly threat....

There is so much 'liquidity' in the global financial sector they are trying to create a giant monopoly of the financial markets.  Every global market has been approached about a consolidation.  The monopolies have been denied for the most part. 

The global financial crisis is not about envy.  It is not about class warfare.  It is about the power of the global plutocracy that would like to dissolve the sovereignty of every country in their way.

The serious imbalance between the wealthy and the poor is globally profound.  If Wall Streets were to own the entire global financial network under a single Board of Trustees or ownership there would be no removing the poor standard anywhere.  Their power would be all inclusive, including the ability to manipulate monetary policy.

If anyone believes for one minute Romney doesn't know this is a goal for his 'equity industry' they believe in the magic of Frosty the Snowman, too.

Romney is not a nice man.  He is ruthless and he is typical of Republicans that hide behind their godliness and holier than thou attitude.

Mr. Romney continues to prove he is not a nice man.

...ROMNEY: You know, (click title to entry - thank you) I think it’s about envy. I think it’s about class warfare. When you have a president encouraging the idea of dividing America based on 99 percent versus one percent, and those people who have been most successful will be in the one percent, you have opened up a wave of approach in this country which is entirely inconsistent with the concept of one nation under God. The American people, I believe in the final analysis, will reject it....
The word is used to close the debate.  It is an emotional word designed in its use in this context to intimidate the discussion.  In other words, Romney is 'the man' that 'knows' what the real problem is and it is that man in the White House and his rhetoric victimizing the entire country.  Romney 'knows' the nation will come to see it his way, so he continues to use the word to victimize the people that have decided about 99% of estrangement in economic prosperity.

Allow me to prove to you how completely "W"rong Romney is in his politics without facts, but, simple emotional attacks of intimidation.  See next entry.  Thank you. 

I heard a mention of a 'magnet bomb' on the radio and didn't catch all the details at first. I thought it was a rebirth of Herman Cain.

Pokemon Magnet Bomb (click here)

The bomb could have been planted by anyone.  Al Qaeda usually are the ones on motorcycles.

It could have been anyone.  Was his wife happy? 

Maybe Iran hasn't scanned the horizon lately but they are in the Middle East where turbulence has become a daily diet.

There are many, many countries that do not approve of the Iranian nuclear ambitions.  There is no way of knowing.  The neighbors to Iran in the entire region are not happy and feel it is a threat to any peace and stability.  Those neighbors have friends that stretch around the globe. 

Iran needs to get over it and change its ways.
Iran is always trying to focus its anger and inappropriate nuclear status on The West.  I don't know of any nation in the region that believes Iran should have nuclear weapons or wants a nuclear Iran.  To be honest, for the expediency it took place after Iran made their announcement about enrichment, it was probably implemented within the region if not the country itself.

The other bizarre possibilty is that this is to bolster the 'idea' that an American visiting family in Iran is actually CIA.  Would that be quite a show, for Iran to execute an American after the professor was killed as if this was a CIA plot the Iranian government was trying to stop the entire time.  Such a 'story' would give greater justification to confronting The West, especially in Homuz.  It sort of sounds more like a Bush/Cheney stunt to justify escalation to the Iranian people.  Is there a Radio Free Iran?  There should be.

The West didn't do this.  Nope.

January 11, 2012
...Iranian media (click title to entry - thank you) said Wednesday two unidentified people on a motorcycle attached a magnetic bomb to Roshan's car, killing him and his driver and wounding a passer-by....

With lack of private equity investment in the USA and the high unemployment among construction workers, President Obama sought a solution.

June 30, 2011 (click title to entry - thank you)

...The initial partners in the Better Buildings Challenge include private sector companies, financial institutions and local governments.... 

The Republicans believe "Making Business Better" means layoffs and outsourcing. 

The only defense Romney has on job creation is that he made business better according to Former New Hampshire Governor Judd Gregg.  Gregg states in his support of Romney, it is necessary to layoff employees to make business better. 

When will outsourcing and layoffs of employees be viewed as a failed business? 

Laying off employees reduces the market for any product.  Yet, Republicans see this 'relief from labor cost' as a genius move to make a business better.  Amazing. 

For CEOs to achieve poor stock returns and ultimately restructuring of the company and its labor force means the CEOs never knew what they were doing in the first place. 

Boom or bust and riding the bubble, that is the Republican business model. 

Historically, USA fisheries implode  with Republican administrations (example: implosion of the Pacific fisheries under Bush) because deregulation of the industry.  With deregulation there is a large increase in 'take from the fisheries' and the 'number of boats fishing.' 

The same strategy is allowed of Wall Street when deregulated.  There is a bubble and implosion.  That is not a business model for sustained markets and employment, that is 'wealth greed' with complete disregard for a stable economy whjch leads to greater national security.

January 11, 2012

President Obama Hosts "Insourcing American Jobs" Forum at the White House (click here)

The Recovery Act influence is fairly obvious as the number of jobs saved and created.  During the first year of the Obama administration job loss was completely halted and reversed.  The jobs saved would not even show up on this graph.

The only ideas Republicans have, are the next set of rhetorical lies.

A rhetorical lie is most sought that activiates all the senses of power, like, the Donald Trump wannabe rhetoric "I love to fire people."

One (click title to entry - thank you) of the toughest things about being a Democrat is that the Republican values sound really neat -- individual liberty! personal responsibility! a small government! low taxes! not much bureaucracy! entrepreneurial spirit!...

...Yet they sound really attractive. So here's what young Democrats need to do -- build up a habit of CHALLENGING it whenever Republicans ooze about "personal responsibility" and all the others. If you get into an argument that consists mostly of you chanting some Democratic values and their chanting the Republican ones, you won't win more than 50% of the time....
...So you have to move the arguments from ABSTRACT VALUES to ACTUAL FACTS....

The dreaded European socialism is not the problem, Wall Street continues to be.

Where have I heard this before?  When the USA bailed out the banks in 2008 and 2009 the same exact methods occurred.  The monies were never reinfused into the USA economy to stabilize it or produce growth.  I'll be darn.  The stagnation in the Euro-Zone is directly a result of the methods of Wall Street, there is not any austerity methods that is going to improve this outcomes.  Quite the opposite, it will make it worse!

...Almost all of the money (click title to entry - thank you) loaned to 523 euro-area lenders last month wound up back on deposit at the Frankfurt-based central bank instead of pouring into the financial system, according to estimates by Barclays Capital based on ECB data. Banks will use most of the money from the three-year loans to meet their refinancing needs for this year and next, analysts at Morgan Stanley and Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc estimate.

“It’s illusory to think that the measure will translate into credit generation,” Philippe Waechter, chief economist at Natixis Asset Management in Paris, said in an interview. “It will assuage some of the anxiety banks have regarding their liquidity needs. But they’ve engaged into a massive overhaul of their strategy and shrinkage of their balance sheets, which is, coupled with the deteriorating economy, not compatible with increasing credit.”

Governments are urging European banks to keep lending to companies and individuals while requiring them to raise an additional 114.7 billion euros of core capital by June to weather a deepening sovereign-debt crisis. Instead of raising equity, most lenders across Europe have vowed to meet capital rules by trimming at least 950 billion euros from their balance sheets over the next two years, either by selling assets or not renewing credit lines, according to data compiled by Bloomberg....