Friday, August 28, 2015

Officer Randall Kerrick has charges dropped after mistrial.

August 28, 2015
By Blake Hanson

Channel 9 reporter Blake Hanson talked to Jonathan Ferrell’s family Friday morning shortly after the decision was announced to not retry Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer Randall “Wes” Kerrick in the 2013 shooting death of Ferrell.
Jonathan’s mother, Georgia, said she found out when she got a call Friday morning from prosecutor Teresa Postel with the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office.
Georgia Ferrell said prosecutors told her Attorney General Roy Cooper had looked over everything after a mistrial was declared last week when the acquittal-leaning jury deadlocked and he determined they would not have a retrial.
Georgia Ferrell was told presecutors didn’t think they they could get any other result....

Jonathan was shot to death in 2013 when he sought help by knocking on a door following an auto accident. Why does this sound familiar?

...North Carolina (click here) police officer Randall Kerrick was indicted Monday on charges of voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of 24-year-old Jonathan Ferrell. Kerrick, called to the scene after an unarmed Ferrell was seen knocking on a homeowner's door and seeking help after a traffic accident, fired 12 shots at Ferrell, striking him 10 times....

I saw the movie two nights ago. It is a must see film.

But, the video below is from their sound track of the song with the same name from it's first release in 1988. "Straight Outta Compton" (click here) is the first song in the album with the same name. It is hard to believe it took this long to make the movie. No matter. It is an excellent 'must see' film about success.

Donald Trump

He is touching a sentiment. I do not believe his enthusiasm and the content of the message will become old for Americans.

I consider that good news. Perhaps others don't remember the USA under Bill Clinton. We were attacked under Clinton, but, it resulted in trials and prison and not war.

There is another America that was abandoned in 2001 when there was a change in administration. We had a more peaceful America. We were the greatest country of all time. 2001 changed that and I am not talking simply about the attacks of September of that year. 

Fashion took on a really estranging focus. There was an introduction to 'Christiana' during those years. It was the beginning of the religious emphasis and a turn from the public domain. There was an intolerance that developed after 2001. An intolerance to anything in the USA that did not have the stamp of 'god' in some form or another. There was a rise in orthodoxy. 

The country got strange. About 47 or 48 percent of the USA population was estranged from being mainstream. The cronyism was incredible and the Republicans ran rough shod over ethnics and decency when it came to protecting the USA from elaborate deception. Our pets were under attack from pet food. The fracking took on a national agenda when Cheney's energy committee attempted to destroy the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.  

Everyone was wealthy or on their way to become wealthy. Owning two houses was nothing. Three was better. One for the city, one for the country and one for rental when not enjoyed at the shore by the family. The country lost it's middle class tone.

The USA does want to reclaim itself. Donald Trump is not far from the heart of this country as it was before we were demoralized and redefined. I do believe he loves the USA and remembers when the USA was engaged in happiness rather than ultimate productivity that left people a label called the working poor.

Donald Trump said the other day, "Let's have the election today." He means that. He is somewhat bored by the routine of politics. He is going to burn himself out if he doesn't take a few days off soon. He really wants this. To some extent he minds me of me. When Earth was headed into an impossible warming trend I decided I'd sit at a computer and carry the message myself. I was right, wasn't I? I remember the statement by one of the news agencies saying the issue of climate change has developed far more quickly than most issues do. I consider that a compliment. 

So, when it comes to 'getting things done' most Americans understand that. They are disappointed in their government for what is almost 16 years. The USA started 2001 with a treasury surplus and now look at us. The people want their country back and nothing short of that will be acceptable. 

He is a character. But, he is definitely looking for a return of the USA as it was, not as a vision to more disappointment. Life in the USA has become bizarre and unjust. Since when does the USA stagnate and lose it's credit rating? Since when is shutting down the government even conceivable? 

Donald Trump didn't find an opportunity when he decided to run for president, he found his own disappointment in the political party. Now. Tell me he is alone. There is absolutely no one else in the USA disappointed in the Republican Party. I would not lay real money on that bet.

The NRA should be a partner in reforming gun laws to end these killings.

The advocacy of Alison's father should begin with an investigation into the deaths of Alison and Adam Ward. At the conclusion of a thorough investigation, present it to the public.

This is the front page of WDBJ 7 (click here).

When the SBI of Virginia starts their investigation, they should consider including the FBI in gathering information. This is a hate crime.

All changes in public, private and government paradigms begins with the facts. The victims of the shootings in the USA need to form a coalition to lobby Washington for federal laws. They should hold regular conferences to move gun legislation forward. I would think computer programs can provide for the meetings of all the organizations attempting to achieve the same goal, namely, to end the gun violence and gun deaths in the USA. 

The gun organizations can form this coalition and provide a stronger base to launch their initiative. A coalition can have a mission statement that binds them together. They don't have to travel more than once a year or quarterly.

If there are enough states that pass gun legislation to prevent this tragedy, a constitutional amendment can happen. It takes 26 states to pass a constitutional amendment. There is a super majority in the US House and Senate to write the amendment and place it for vote on state ballots.

I don't know why the NRA should not be part of a solution. It is the NRA that is always out front to point out mental health as a reason for the shootings. Certainly the NRA has a method to end such heinous killings.

If the NRA is convinced mental health is the only problem, then the NRA should come forward in any investigation to provide vital information about their findings and effective methods to end the deaths. If the NRA is convinced a mental health data base would end all these killings, then they should be instrumental in funding such a computer center. 

The NRA and other gun organizations can be part of a coalition in a non-voting capacity. I would include everyone. I would include media representatives as well. The idea is to bring all the parties/stakeholders to a common meeting place to bring their facts and solutions. The coalition should be all inclusive delineated between voting and non-voting members. But, bringing everyone together should move a SOLUTION to common ground.

There should be no naysayers. No one knows the potential outcome from such an effort. 

There is no reason why any organization should give up their identity or fund raising status. As a matter of fact, the coalition should remain without funding to maintain the integrity and clout of each member organization. Each organization can carry their own expenses.

There should be an effort, a sincere effort, by everyone to bring about an end to these killings. There should be no objection.

The new coalition should have an organizing committee of victim families that come from the organizations of which they belong. This is not a public organization, it is more or less a private task force to bring the best of all organizations to bear in lobbying Washington, DC. The organizing committee can send invitation to all parties to belong to the coalition. The victim's families have to be the center of the organization so it's mission doesn't get derailed from it's organizing purpose.

It is a volunteer organization and the members may already be financially compensated by the people they represent. ie: The NRA have a staff. That staff is already paid for their capacity. This is simply adding capacity by their involvement. And if one gun organization doesn't show interest then another one will. A majority of Americans want to see change in gun laws, it is time to bring down the walls and grow common ground to facilitate that change. All organizations should be willing and motivated to bring such an organization into existence to end the violence. There are no excuses. Ending danger in the USA also adds to tourism and economic security.

"In Kind" donations from businesses such as meeting places and/or computer software that facilitates meetings can be the mainstay of the new coalition. All that needs to happen is for family members to call each other and begin the ball rolling.  

Four hurricanes along the ITCZ.

August 28, 2015
UNISYS Water Vapor Satellite of north and west Hemsphere (click here for 12 hour loop - Thank you.)

There is a fifth developing southeast of the Gulf of California. There is a lot of heat driving these storms. 

7 12.10 -121.00 08/28/09Z - - TROPICAL DEPRESSION
14 13.90 -143.10 08/27/23Z 80 982 HURRICANE
131A 17.20 -170.10 08/28/02Z 60 990 TROPICAL STORM
14A 18.80 -69.80 08/28/12Z - - TROPICAL DEPRESSION 

Four storms are all oscillating within 8 degrees latitude of each other. Now imagine one storm carrying all that water vapor and energy. The potential of any one of these storms accelerating is possible while the others dissipate.

That is the reality of oscillation in 2015. As one storm dissipates because of lack of water vapor at Earth's surface, even over the ocean, the unresolved energy is returned to the troposphere. That additional energy will be transferred to another storm with enough water vapor content to accommodate it. If any of the remaining storms haven't tapped into enough water vapor content to accept the additional heat energy there will be another rotation center manifested along the ICTZ.

Of the four named storms, Ericka in the Caribbean Sea has the most available water vapor and has a path that will continue to provide water vapor consistently

Why not over the Pacific? Because water vapor is water vapor and has a higher tolerance to accept heat. There is more room for water vapor molecules to oscillate with the 'space' between molecules of 'vapor.' Simply because the Pacific is water doesn't mean it has water vapor readily available to accommodate the 'transfer' of heat energy/calories. It takes much more energy to change water to vapor than simply transfer heat to existing water vapor. 

The image (click here) to the right is a cube of ice. As the temperature is increased by the learner the wider the space between the molecules polar covalent bonding.

It is the properties of water that allows it to accept heat. As the molecules accept heat they move farther apart. It takes significant energy to move water from ice to liquid.

Below is the heat requirement to cause a 'PHASE CHANGE' in water. Changing ice to liquid water takes far less energy than moving water to vapor (steam). So, when it comes to global warming and the conditions of weather, transferring heat into existing water vapor is easier than changing a molecule of liquid water to water vapor. 

In order for ocean water to become water vapor requires moving the temperature of the water to 100 degrees Celsius. That would mean the oceans are boiling.

The water vapor over the oceans, regardless, of the temperature isn't going to cause the oceans to boil and become water vapor. When hurricanes inject heat into the oceans the temperature than is incorporated into a large number of molecules and ocean temperatures increase.

The graph to the right illustrates the increasing temperature of surface sea water of Earth. This is real and accurate information (click here).

The idea water vapor over ocean water causes increased vaporization of the oceans is silly. There can be some water vapor created of surface sea water, but, never enough to transfer heat energy of Earth.

The dynamics of the current weather (weather and not climate) patterns is based in heat transfer and enabled by the physics of water.

Producing gentically indentical horns in a lab.

August 27, 2015
By Sarah Buhr

There’s a startup called Pembient(click here) that is 3D printing rhinoceros horns in a lab on the far edge of San Francisco. These are not horns that look like rhino horns. These are genetically identical rhino horns, according to the startup. Pembient just didn’t need a rhino in order to make them.
That’s good news for the very few rhinoceroses around the world. There are only five northern white rhinos left, and the Western black rhinoceros, which was thought to be extinct in 2006, is now officially extinct.
Poachers have been killing off these big, beautiful free-roaming mammals – nearly wiping them off the face of the planet forever – just to rip out their horns. The horns are used as daggers in Yemen, and in traditional Chinese medicine it is believed that the rhino horn has healing powers....

This technology is an extension of species protections.
Until yesterday (click here) there were six journalists killed in the USA between the years 1992 to 2015. The motives behind the deaths were investigated and decided. The deaths were related to the journalists work. Yesterday set a new standard for journalists working in the USA. Revenge is a new definition.

Of the six journalists killed there is one with an unconfirmed motive.

James Edwin Richards, Neighborhood News 
October 18, 2000, in California, USA
August 28, 2015
By Evan Hoopfer

Bill Hughes walked toward a room in the Tennessee Aquarium that looked like a supply closet.
"Guess you want to see the little monsters," he said, swinging open the door.
Inside is a wall of tanks containing different types of turtles. Two of the tanks contain five baby Beal's-eyed turtles that were born in mid-July, each about the size of a half dollar. In all the accredited facilities of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in the U.S., there are only 20 Beal's-eyed turtles.
And they're all at the Tennessee Aquarium....

The USA has the most endangered species on Earth. That is not a form of praise either.

August 27, 2015
by Alicia Graef 

Hawaii’s monk seals (click here) have become one of the most endangered marine mammals on the planet, but this week they got a boost with an announcement from the government that their protected habitat will be exponentially expanded in an effort to help them recover.

Monk seals were first listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in 1976, but despite protection their numbers have continued to decline since the 1950s. Today, there are only an estimated 1,100 left in the wild whose numbers are believed to be dropping at a rate of 3 percent every year.
They face the many of the usual threats marine life including limited food, entanglement, pollution, disease and development, which could be made worse as climate change continues to alter their environment and beaches they rely on to give birth....

We need "Conservation Rangers" in Indonesia to protect rare species.

August 26, 2015
By Jack Martinez

In a news conference (click here) yesterday, the Cincinnati Zoo officially announced plans to relocate an endangered Sumatran rhinoceros to Indonesia, according to an NPR report.

Terri Roth, the director of the zoo’s Center for Conservation & Research of Endangered Wildlife, told Newsweek that the news conference would let zoo guests and members know about the plans to relocate the rhino, named Harapan, so that they can visit him one last time. Zoo officials have obtained import permits from the Indonesian government, but await approval from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

Harapan is the only remaining member of his species currently living outside of Southeast Asia. The species is critically endangered, with fewer than 100 individuals estimated in the wild. As Newsweek reported last week, scientists now believe that the species is extinct in Malaysia, and only survives in Indonesia. Its habitat is threatened by development, and poachers hunt the animals for their horns....

It is foolish to send a critically endangered species to the wild unless there is reassurances of his safety. There should have been a breeding program even if it meant bringing a member of the opposite sex to the zoo.

...In recognition of the difficulty of protecting wild populations, (click here) in 1984 the IUCN/SSC Asian Rhino Specialist Group recommended that a captive breeding programme be developed, thus establishing a dual approach to Sumatran rhino conservation: protecting wild populations through the RPUs and running a breeding programme at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (SRS) within a semi-natural environment in Way Kambas National Park....

Given the ruthlessness of poachers to entice protected species out of protected habitat there needs to be Conservation Rangers assigned to these habitats.  

...In June 2012, Sumatran rhino calf Andatu was born making history as the first Sumatran rhino birth at a breeding centre in Indonesia.

Can Katrina happen again?

Climate Central (click here) has a rather good tool to understand sea level rise and the risk to coastal cities. 

The map to the left is found under "Surging Seas: Sea Level Rise (click here)

There are some alarming realities that are examined by this tool. As an example New Orleans is only six feet above current sea level. This website provides significant information regarding sea level rise and the danger to more than 3000 US coastal cities.

Superstorm Sandy provided an understanding of the storms since Katrina. The storms since 2005 have flooding capacity even when their central pressures and wind speed is not dangerous. 

Superstorm Sandy was a large storm in diameter and circumference. It was the size of the storm that carried enormous storm surge, not high velocity winds pushing a large storm surge. The storm surge with Superstorm Sandy was caused by the size of the wave and not the height of the storm surge. 

Said differently, Superstorm Sandy has much larger surface area that delivered flood waters over a short length of time. It was the large surface area of the storm surge that flooded the New Jersey - New York coastal area. It was similar to a saturation of the land. As the high water level came ashore it quickly saturated the coastal area and the water didn't stop 'washing ashore.' The shoreline received more water that piled on top of the water delivered before it.

Katrina and Superstorm Sandy have similar appearance to their aftermath, but, have very different physics. Katrina's surge was calculated to be 20 feet high while the Superstrom Sandy surge was wide and low. Katrina dumped water, but, Superstorm Sandy arrived like a railroad train delivering water that inundated the region. 

The physics of Katrina are not the storms of post Katrina. Superstorm Sandy is the profile of the storms post Katrina. Katrina cannot happen again, however, the danger to coastal cities still exists because of the continued capacity of large surface area storms such as Superstorm Sandy.